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  1. So what line up and tactics would you have gone with? Personally I would liked to have seen RLC in for Kovacic, and CHO in for Pedro, which would have represented our most attacking line up. Other than that, I was happy with the team. I thought we looked more of a threat with RLC, but CHO was no major improvement on Pedro when he came on in my opinion. I agree, I would also have thrown Giroud on and put more balls into the box, especially in the final quarter of the game when we were struggling to penetrate them. I thought his subs were alright yesterday though, although if I would have introduced RLC at half time. Wolves are a good side, came with a game plan, executed it very efficiently, and took their one chance. It was a frustrating game, but I didn't personally think Sarri did too much wrong. It was just one of those days. I get some people have no faith in him though, and on occasion he certainly doesn't help himself. I have criticised him recently, but like I say, I didn't think he did too much wrong yesterday and wouldn't have said the reason we lost was him bottling it.
  2. It's not ridiculous at all for the point I was making, which was simply that the better team (on paper), doesn't always prevail in a knock out competition.
  3. I personally think we will most likely come up short for top 4, but I certainly hope we give it everything until the end though as there won't be much in it, I am sure of that. So yeah, I don't go along with the statement that we have "nothing to lose". I agree yesterday was a must win, we needed those extra 2 points in the hunt for the top 4. Out of interest, in what makes you say Sarri "bottled it"? What was it he did yesterday that was him bottling it?
  4. Well gee, thank you for clearing that up for everyone. The top 4 is going to be hard, but still entirely possible. The Europa is there for the taking, and even if you think there are "better sides" left in it (debateable), that doesn't really mean a lot in a knock out competition. Pretty much every side we faced in 2012 was a "better side" and look how that one panned out. I am all for playing the youth, but to suggest at this point that we have nothing to lose is plain stupid.
  5. Surely you recognise that scoring goals in the premiership is a tad harder than scoring goals in the championship? I am all for Abraham coming back to us, don't get me wrong, but that wouldn't have been the right play for me, at all. Would you have wanted him to be our first choice striker (basically the Higuain role) or would you have seen the benefit of bringing back as having him as an impact sub late on in games?
  6. Are "Chelsea together" still a thing? Complete bunch of knobs that lot; hope they disappear as quickly as they surfaced when they thought they could get a bit of exposure for their fan channels/YouTube accounts etc.
  7. Sounds really bad at face value, but history suggests that this is likely to be reduced to a one window ban. I am certain we will appeal, which probably means that one window will be next January. Not really a disaster if that is the case. Worst case scenario we bring back some younger players out on loan; James, Mount, Abraham etc and actually play the likes of Ampadu, CHO, RLC etc. Starting to get on board with the ban to be honest... ;-)
  8. You would think it's nailed on.....but you wouldn't bet your house on it would you. Such a shame to see our chances of persuading him to stay in the summer wash away before our eyes, all while we are persisting with out of form and ageing players in lieu. One of Sarri's biggest and most unforgivable f**k ups in my opinion...
  9. I was there last night, albeit I left on 75 mins (the earliest I have ever left a game in my 25 years of going). I thought the "f**k Sarriball" chants were harsh and embarrassing.... it's just counter productive, but I suppose if you want the Manager sacked perhaps it isn't. The atmosphere was generally flat after we went 1-0 down, but it is reflective of the mood at the moment. On the other hand, United had the best turnout they have had at the Bridge that I can remember (loud and consistent signing throughout), but then again it was the best night they have had at the Bridge in 20 odd years, so to be expected. All in all, a night to forget as soon as possible, for many reasons...
  10. Probably not when said attacking fullback has barely played a minute for the first team all season, for a good reason. I think it would also be behind bringing on another striker (Giroud), or an attacker likely to unlock a defence (CHO or RLC). It was a bafflingly bad choice of substitute and did nothing to change the game.
  11. Very bleak situation at the moment. Still very disappointed with last night. If this result had been in isolation, you could argue that we were a bit unlucky; I did actually think we played well in the first half for the most part, and United were pretty much limited to their two chances which they took. Deserved winners, but I wouldn't say we were dominated. We were punished for defensive frailty's, but I don't think we were outplayed throughout. I am not saying it was a good performance, I am just saying under different circumstances there would be a few positives to take. But this result isn't in isolation, we are getting beaten left right and centre at the moment. Last night we just kept the deficit to two goals as opposed to four or six. And we never actually looked like winning, that is the real worry. I am conflicted with what to do with Sarri. I want to say he should be given more time, but the writing seems to be on the wall now. He has presumably lost sections of the dressing room; perhaps not in a rebellion sense, but it's hard to believe the players are still buying into his philosophy. In addition to this, he has undeniably lost the backing of the match going fan base. I have never seen a Manager recover from the former, let alone the latter. Sarri would have to be the first, and there is zero evidence to suggest he can do it. If we were willing to give him another two seasons and a squad overhaul then perhaps, but we have to be realistic here, and that is a risk I can't see the club taking whilst he is getting jeered by his own support every week. Unfortunately Sarri does not have a decorated CV to fall back on; he was a risk when we appointed him, and one which unfortunately looks not to have paid off. I am not against Sarri and what he is trying to do. My posts over the last few months are testament to that, but he is not helping himself at the moment. I would be inclined to support an argument of giving him more time if he was doing any of the following: 1. Showing flexibility. There is no plan B. We do the same thing every game now, and are getting pummelled. He looks like he doesn't know what to do. 2. Demonstrate that 'Sarriball' is possible to implement with this group of players. If we were playing attractive football but getting beat, then patience would be easy to call for. We are not, and it just doesn't look like it can work at the moment. 3. Playing youth. If we had the likes of RLC, CHO and Ampadu in the starting line up, and you could see something growing, it would be easier to get on board and be patient. He is wheeling our the same underperforming players week in/week out, despite results. 4. Demonstrate the ability to change the game. His in game management is probably the worst I have ever seen. It's got to farcical levels now. Last night was the most absurd set of substitutions I have ever seen, and he looked like a village idiot on the touchline as a result. Sadly, he is doing none of the above, and as a result, it's hard to buy into what he is trying to do. I am conflicted though. Sacking him just puts us back to square one. And who would we actually bring in to replace him? Presumably an interim Manager until the end of the season, which will see us coast through till May with no identity, no long term plan, and no reason for any key personnel to want to stay. And in the summer, who would we land for the permanent position? Who would come? And what happens when the going gets tough again? There isn't a quick fix or a positive answer to these questions, but what I would say is that we are fast approaching the territory for Sarri where anyone/nobody would be better than having him in charge, which is a sad but (in my opinion) accurate reflection of how bad the situation has become...
  12. I agree he still has a lot to prove, but on the basis of the statement I have highlighted, he is already ahead of Barkley and for me he should be getting selected on that basis. I have no issue with Jorginho & Kante being in the starting 11, but I do believe the remaining slot on the left needs to contain a player who can provide a real threat to goal, with direct pace and power. RLC has shown he has that in his locker. He looks like he can cause teams problems, which Ross Barkley really isn't doing with any sort of regularity.
  13. I feel this is almost a 'last throw of the dice' for Sarri in terms of team selection. Surely, he won't pick the same old starting 11, after the City debacle. I would hope that CHO, RLC, Emerson, Christensen & Ampadu all take a place in the starting 11. If they perform, then they should keep their places, simple as that. This is an absolute must win for Sarri.
  14. This is pretty much where I am with it all at the moment. I bought into the idea of the football that Sarri would bring when we appointed him, and I am not giving up just yet. He isn't doing himself many favours though; team selections, subs and handling of the media all leave a bit to be desired for me. But the players can't get a free pass. We've seen it with our last two Managers when they didn't fancy it, and I am not having it with a third Manager. I am still not 100% that 'Sarriball' will bring us the success we have been accustomed too in recent years, but I do believe that if and when it does click it would have been worth waiting for. When that time comes we will see just how competitive we can be playing this way, but I would like to find out. I for one, also really did like the idea of a long term project in terms of what we were trying to achieve, one that would perhaps be fitting for a former player and club legend to inherit in maybe 5 or so years time when he is ready to step up and take the reins... The other options is keep sacking Managers every 1-2 years and chop and change our style each and every time. I am not convinced Frank would be so attracted to that, and I couldn't blame him.

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