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  1. mclovin83

    Chelsea Together

    Not really sure what this group/movement will actually do?
  2. mclovin83


    I would be very surprised if he plays any part against Arsenal. I mean the game is tomorrow afternoon and he isn't even a Chelsea player yet. Can't think of many examples of players being included in match day squads within 24-36 hours of being announced by the club.
  3. mclovin83


    I read Higuaín would be able to play in the Europa League. That's a massive plus point. Would he be able to play in the League Cup? I read he would have to have been registered for the first leg, in order to play in the second against Spurs? Can anyone confirm?
  4. mclovin83


    Well I fully agree with you that transfers interest him. It would be both weird and worrying if they didn't to be honest. I have only seen the one quote some time ago though, didn't really know it was a 'thing'. I took it to mean he likes to focus on football rather than the transfer market, which isn't an uncommon theme for Managers. Perhaps it is how he see's himself or wants to be seen, I don't know. But if he is asked "would you like to stick with Morata, or do you want us to try and get a striker who thrived under you previously" then what would you hope/expect him to say? Of course he is going to give his opinion. I wouldn't expect I'm to reply with "Sorry, I would like to tell you, but 6 months ago I made a comment about not being interested in transfers, so I better not" If we had a striker who was even close to doing their job for the club then I would imagine he would have been happy to work with what he had. But under the circumstances, what manager would be happy?!
  5. mclovin83


    What narrative is that? I am aware of some old comments he made, but don't know what the word for word quote was. Is it something that has been repeated recently?
  6. mclovin83


    I see Chelsea are now caught up in a "SIGNING A PLAYER THE MANAGER WANTED" scandal on the forum. Assuming the 6 month loan deal happens; I think this is a great move, and under the circumstances, it's as good as we could have hoped for. Both from a business & football standpoint. Really odd to see peoples first thoughts are (along the lines of) "This is on Sarri's head should it not work out" or "Sarri has no excuse now" For a start I don't know why Sarri needing an "excuse" would even come into mind at the moment. He doesn't need an excuse. He isn't trying to get out of a PE lesson. More to the point, this is more a case of damage limitation by the club, to sort out a serious, serious flaw in the squad. A gamble was taken on Morata. I said at the start of the season I didn't think it was the right gamble, but never the less I understand why the club felt they had to try. But it failed miserably. Offloading Morata and replacing with a striker who might actually score goals isn't exactly a move of generosity by the club, more complete necessity.
  7. mclovin83

    Will we sign a striker?

    What's Hulk up to these days? Asking for a friend...
  8. mclovin83

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Yep, same. I am also enjoying watching us develop into a team that can comfortably play out from the back (vast improvement from last season) and press the opposition high up the pitch forcing them into errors (spurs away in the cup a great example). We are not quite there yet in terms of the attacking side of our game, but there is certainly enough to keep me interested and believe that with a few key signings (basically a striker who scored goals) and a bit of patience we could be playing the sort of football that we want to be and building towards something. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding in a couple of seasons time, when we consider what we have won, as to whether the project has been successful but in the meantime I plan to enjoy it. It will come with ups and downs and it would be boring if it didn't. Not just on this forum, but on social media generally, it does seem to have become quite 'trendy' and 'edgy' to find our current football boring for some reason.
  9. mclovin83

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Well this is embarrassing......
  10. mclovin83

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I am starting to find this thread a bit hard to read. There are certain people who have obviously decided they don't like Sarri, and that is of course entirely their right, but now just have absolutely nothing positive to say what so ever. It's got to the point where even the undeniably positive things are either somehow turned into negatives, or where achieved "in spite "of Sarri. I mean you could literally apply that sort of negativity to any scenario if you try hard enough, but I just find it a bit weird to want to. I guess it had just become a point scoring thing. I find both sides of the argument interesting when it is constructive though. I am personally enjoying the ride under Sarri so far and have by no means given up. I think there have been positive and negatives, but all in all we are probably about where we should be given our squad and the obvious flaws. I still think you have got to give him a season, a striker that scores goals, and then judge him come May. At the moment we are still 4th (a position I would take at the end of the season, and would have taken at the start), and are still in every competition. I am personally not finding the football boring (although I admit it hans't been mouth watering either), and am enjoying seeing a new style and ideas (despite some teething problems). It's been said before, but look at Pep and Guardiola in their first seasons for perspective, and remember their budgets in the transfer market. Basically, just cheer up and enjoy the ride!
  11. mclovin83

    Sarri's system, Jorginho and our progress

    Funny, because I pretty much thought the blue print for successfully beating Chelsea was the complete opposite; i.e. pressing high up the field and allowing Jorginho absolutely no time on the ball what so ever to dictate play. When Spurs comfortably beat us in November, this was key. Ps- I didn't mean to be personal by saying your statement was dim; it's a view I have seen expressed by others as well. No offence intended.
  12. mclovin83

    Sarri's system, Jorginho and our progress

    I am sorry, but that's a really dim statement. For a start, that is not how Tottenham play. They expansively outplayed us last time the two teams met. They could have scored 7 or 8 goals- let's keep that in mind. Do you really think they decided to gamble on the fact that we wouldn't convert a chance, and therefore decided to change their entire philosophy and camp in their own half, at home, against their bitter rivals?! All to protect a slender 1 goal lead, with a further 90 minutes to come away from home? More crucially, they never looked in control, or even remotely comfortable. Do you really think it was their game plan to consistently lose possession in the middle of the park under our press, and hoof it out of play repeatedly, and fail to be able to provide an outlet for a counter attack? All part of the plan? Let's be honest, Spurs nicked a 1-0 win, with a very dubious penalty decision. If it had been the other way round I would have loved it. No shame in nicking a 1-0 win, but let's not try and pretend it was some master stroke by Poch to be outplayed, out-muscled, and hanging on for dear life at the end. It wasn't. And it won't be in the next leg either.
  13. In summary: We played well, and were by far the better team. Complete role reversal from when we met in the league. Spurs looked uncomfortable for the majority of the game and were hoofing it out of play under pressure- good sign. Never the les we look toothless without a centre forward. How we can expect to score when we often have nobody in the box is beyond me. This needs sorting out immediately. VAR was a farce. It should never have been allowed to come into play, as play had already been stopped by the lino. Even with VAR it is a wafer thin decision, and one you feel we have been very unlucky on. All in all, last night wasn't a great advert for VAR; the general waiting around whilst the powers that be scratch their heads and generally look a bit clueless was embarrassing, and something I really hope doesn't become a regular feature in the sport. It won't be better for it in my opinion. Goal line technology is one thing, VAR as demonstrated last night, is quite another. Hudson-Odoi once again looked the part. Him and Hazard either side of a lethal striker and I think we might really have something there. We should try and keep him at all costs. Kante looks to be settling into his more advances role well. His contribution should in no way be underestimated, just because he is a few yards further up the pitch. Kepa- a moment to forget. He has been immense this season, but Kane played for that and Kepa took the bait. Yes Kane left a leg in and dived like a salmon for effect, but that was always going to be a penalty, and we would have demanded one had the same happened at the other end. I was actually expecting a red card once the decision had been made. Alonso, Barkley and Jorginho were the standout poor performers in an overall very impressive team performance. I am not jumping on the bandwagon, but I think the time has come that Emerson should get a run of games in the first team. I thought Barkley was awful in midfield, and to be honest should be bottom of the pecking order for those midfield slots. I don't really know what his role is supposed to be in that midfield, but surely he isn't fulfilling it. Overall though, despite defeat, it was a very encouraging performance. Game on at the Bridge; it has the potential to be a classic night, and I have a feeling the crowd are going to be up for this one.
  14. mclovin83

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Really? I thought he was awful to be honest. Gave the ball away numerous times in our own half, and offered nothing going forward what so ever. I have tried to convince myself since we signed him that it was good value for money on the basis there is potential there, but ultimately whenever I watch him it reinforces my original belief that he just isn't good enough for us.
  15. mclovin83

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Meanwhile Sarri says Hudson Odoi is "ready" and that he is "the same level as Pedro & Willian"