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  1. Calm down. I think most Chelsea fans are well aware of the issues/concerns surrounding a possible appointment of Frank Lampard. These concerns are well documented in this very thread. It doesn't mean to say that the same fans can't be excited at the prospect of a club legend taking over. Lampard is a intelligent, hard working, well respected club legend who has extremely good knowledge of the English game, and who has worked under some of the greatest Managers in footballing history. He is adored by Chelsea fans, and has a good connection with the owner. There are no guarantee's in football, but whilst the lack of experience is an unavoidable flaw in his credentials, there are plenty of reasons to believe he could be a success. per Guardiola had 4 seasons of lower league Management prior to taking over the Barcelona first team in La Liga. They put their faith in him and look how that panned out. Stop getting your panties in a bunch and focus on the positives as opposed to the negatives and you will have a lot more fun this season 😉
  2. No offence, but this post reeks of someone who doesn't get what football is all about.
  3. I mean if there was a prolonged period in 2007 where Chelsea were unable to fill away ends as you suggest, it would have been well documented at the time, and thus would be fairly easy to find something about it on the internet. If, however, it was a one off game up North which probably wasn't even "half empty" then, yeah, you won't find anything on it. and it wouldn't be worth bringing up in the first place. Sorry, but as someone who has followed Chelsea home & away since before 2007 I know full well that bar the odd game here and there, we have never struggled to fill away ends in 2007, or any other season,
  4. Have you experienced the atmosphere at the Bridge recently? If you think it is better now than in 2007 then you need your head examined. Don't recall us ever struggling to sell out away games- examples/evidence needed on that one. A CL group stage game against Rosenborg if I remember correctly? It was a one off as far as I recall, and in no means reflective of the feeling towards Mourinho at the time, probably more to do with the ticket pricing which was subsequently reduced for group stage games in the following years.
  5. An interesting take for sure. What I would agree with is that Jose has done absolutely nothing since his departure in 2007 to suggest that he could ever have been our man for the long term. There has always been a bit of a "what if" about it for me though. I just wonder if we as a club had handled him differently, whether he could have been our Ferguson.
  6. Couldn't disagree more; this is (for me) still the most ridiculous, unjust, and unforgivable sacking of the Abramovich era. We were not playing "dire" football really were we. Sure, we were going through a bit of a purple patch, but nothing compared to some of the situations we have been in since then. As Coco pointed out, his trophy haul in his first stint speaks for itself. I don't recall the dressing room being an issue at the time of his sacking (the spine of the team was the old guard who always adored Jose), I always thought it was much down to Jose & Abramovich not seeing eye to eye.
  7. Do you think that Giroud, Higuain or Michy are good enough? If not, then (assuming the transfer ban stands) I don't really see what we stand to lose by giving him a chance next season.
  8. Yeah, the whole thing stinks. If Chelsea were to make a 50% contribution for the travel costs of the 2000 (or so) fans who bought tickets, it would be circa £1M. The anticipated revenue of a club who reaches the Europa League final is around £40M I understand. Like I say, there is plenty they could do if they wanted to.
  9. I know it's trendy to say these sort of things in some circles these days, but it's mostly adults on this forum and you will just embarrass yourself. Twitter is probably more for you kid; go get those likes...
  10. I know it's trendy to say these sort of things in some circles these days, but it's mostly adults on this forum chief. You will clean up over on Twitter pal- go get those likes kid..
  11. Haha we haven't had one of these types on the forum for a while, jokes
  12. Piss poor statement from the club on the official website; it pales in comparison to the statement from the supporters trust which was a lot more hard hitting, and a true reflection of how Chelsea fans, and the football world feel about such a ridiculous scenario. The club statement appears to me as an afterthought which they felt they had to write, with the main priority being not to upset Uefa. It's a whole lot of waffle without really saying anything at all. A lot of "we understand" and absolutely no "this is what we are going to do about it" There is a lot the club could do if they put their hand in their pockets and offered subsidise packages for the supporters going. It would actually be a drop in the ocean if you consider the sort of figures we would be talking here stacked up against the return for reaching the final. But instead, they teamed up with Thomas Cook to rip fans off by charging just shy of a grand for a return flight. This entire fixture, and everything associated with it is disgusting, shameful, and embarrassing. A sad and telling reflection of where football is in 2019.
  13. https://chelseasupporterstrust.com/4183-the-europa-league-final-in-baku/ Fantastic article which hits numerous nails on the head.
  14. The 'size of the club' has never been more irrelevant than when discussing why only 2000 tickets have been sold for Baku. ITS IN f**kING BAKU !!! I can't believe we are even having this conversation to be honest. Arsenal, for all their faults in terms of support, have a massive, massive fan base who sell out everywhere they go, and they have returned 2000 of their 6000 allocation. And for them, it is 100% the biggest game of the season. Is anyone actually stupid enough to think they have not sold out because they are not a 'big club' ?

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