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  1. Thank you for your feedback Hazard STAY; I really appreciate you taking the time to read my past comments. Take care x
  2. Exactly this. It appears to me that it was as much about PR and brand promotion as it was about "raining awareness" I am not really sure what it has achieved, but I am certain that the same could easily have been achieved from various other methods that didn't involve dragging the squad to a different continent and playing a match on a sub-standard pitch injuring one of our players in the process.
  3. "bigoted" ? Because I disagree about the need for a mid season friendly game of football? You really are 'that guy' aren't you, lol. "Little man" ? That's a clear example of sizeism on your part there buddy; that's not very nice :-(
  4. Shame you couldn't find more than 27,329 fans to witness it eh.... An embarrassing turn out, for an embarrassing event.
  5. I would like my football club to put football first, and we didn't. Either way, there are plenty of ways we could have made a difference (financial or otherwise) without compromising the most important game of the season, and probably next season. However you try and spin it, it was a ridiculous thing to arrange before our season had finished, and we will now pay the price. There is a reason why Sarri himself, as well as the fans, were complaining about it prior to it happening. If you play any match friendly or otherwise (on a sh*t pitch) then you increase the chances of injury by a considerable rate. It was f**king stupid, no two ways about it, and now RLC will miss the final and potentially a large chunk of next season. On the positive side, at least world peace has now been achieved as a result of a friendly match of football in front of 27,000 fans.
  6. Hindsight is not really a factor here; everyone had concern about this game before it happened and for good reason. Those fears have now been realised and we will be paying the price for some time. As for the "need" for the game; there will unfortunately always be narrow minded people filled with hate and a friendly football match isn't going to change that. Notwithstanding this, I get that it is for a good cause, but it is the timing that is the issue here, not the game itself. There are also 101 other effective ways to raise awareness that wouldn't have risked injury to our players a fortnight before our biggest game of the season. As much as I love Roman and everything he has done for us, it was f**king stupid and if it was his call (which it probably was) then this was one of his most stupid decisions whilst being owner of Chelsea and he too should be embarrassed.
  7. RLC is a massive, massive loss for this game. I don't want to overplay it, but I just get the feel he could have been the difference from winning and losing this game. He has been one of our best players in recent weeks, and his goal threat & all round physical presence in midfield would have been an asset against a weak Arsenal midfield, and one that we have no replacement for. Kovacic or Barkley I guess, but at most they "do a job", I can't see either of them being potential match winners in the way RLC has been in recent weeks. It's such a shame that I feel the momentum and feel good factor following achieving our third place finish has dwindled as a result of losing RLC, and suddenly confidence is at an all time low. Truly great work by all at Chelsea FC to make this happen.
  8. I noticed this on the 5th Stand App also, there in so mention of it at all but instead a couple of videos of players saying how great they now feel going into the final on the back of this game. Do me a favour. It's a complete and utter farce of a situation, and we have potentially done massive damage to not only this season, but also next. All for a pointless friendly, in a different continent, before our season has finished. They should be f**king embarrassed.
  9. I know our transfer policy is questionable at times, but I don't even think Chelsea would sign these guys to use them as squad players.
  10. Agreed. The club have shot themselves in the foot with this one, and it's painful for all involved, especially the fans. Football was not the reason we were playing this ridiculous fixture, but ultimately it is the factor that will now pay the price. As I say, the club should rightfully be highly embarrassed this morning.
  11. Unconfirmed reports now surfacing that RLC could be out for a year. This ridiculous fixture may potentially contribute heavily to us losing us the biggest game of the season, and have a major negative impact on next season as well. Embarrassing for the club to say the least.
  12. This one isn't on Sarri mate. He openly opposed the fixture, but had no choice but to participate. I am sure the board didn't pick the team, but I am also sure Sarri was obliged to give a certain number of big names a run out. With hindsight it's easy to say this person or that person should have been fully rested, but an injury to any player expected to start the final would have been greeted with the same response. It was a insanely stupid fixture to arrange prior to the biggest game of the season, and that's on the club not Sarri. The potential positives (staying fresh and sharp) were always going to be greatly outweighed by the potential negatives (injury to key players) and we have come a cropper, bigtime. It's not Sarri's fault though, and to try and pin blame on him is just a bit odd really...
  13. What a weird stance to have. I can't remember ever thinking anything like that before a cup final before, regardless of how we have been playing. Odd that you probably "won't bother" watching it, but yet 'bothered' to log onto the match day thread to tell us. Enjoy your summer off pal ;-)
  14. I wouldn't say we were "sh*t" against Bayern, we defended with our lives and showed grit and determination..... but we weren't a great side that season if we are going to be honest, and we didn't play great football. One of the worst sides of the Roman era, without doubt. To win knockout competitions you need that bit of luck, and in 2012 we had the previous 10 years worth of come all at once. No shame in that. It's always fine margins in these sorts of games, and we could have, on another night, been eliminated in every round of the competition in 2012 and not really claimed we were hard done by. Just the way it goes. It's telling that the same team got eliminated in the group stage the following season, including getting well and truly battered by both Juventus and Shakhtar away. Those games were not pretty if you recall. Every dog has it's day.... But yeah, although the circumstances are different, I think comparisons are reasonable. It's about winning in knockout competitions, and if you end up winning the tournament nobody cares how you managed it.
  15. Earls Court & Battersea both had fantastic potential as sites as far as I am concerned. I can't help but think we should have gone all out to secure one of these whilst we had the chance. As much as I love the idea of staying on the current site at SB, the restrictions (and resulting insane costs) combined with the need to play at a temporary home (for what would probably end up being 5 years) makes it seem nearly impossible to see it ever being an attractive all round proposition. The idea of the club relocating somewhere further afield is grim, and will presumably (hopefully) always be blocked by the CPO.

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