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  1. mclovin83

    Alvaro Morata

    Drogba was no stranger to falling over, but he was also very cute with it. He was strong as an ox, but chose not to be when the right contact was applied from a challenge. He must have been a defenders nightmare. Morata on the other hand never seems to use his strength and just collapses even if there is no hint of a foul. Very frustrating to watch.
  2. This is the team which I saw on line as being suggested to start. Would be baffled not to see Emerson & Zappacosta to be honest.... Other than that, fairly happy, but would obviously have CHO on the left if fit. Whoever isn't starting against Burnley from Barkley/Kovacic I would start tonight.
  3. This would be my chosen team, but with CHO in place of Pedro. I don't get the impression he will start CHO either, but I would love the look of that starting 11 (as a second string) if we did.
  4. Anyone who thinks he would have won gracefully is kidding themselves. He is so clearly desperate to keep the United fans on side as he knows his job depends on it. The way he stood in front of the Stretford end applauding for 30 seconds after one of his recent embarrassing defeats said it all. He's never needed to do that before as his brand delivered results...
  5. Jose Mourinho in his programme notes for the United V Juventus Champions League game last night: "Naturally it was disappointing and frustrating not to take three points from Saturday's visit to Stamford Bridge," Mourinho wrote. "We played so, so well that it was hard to take that we only got a draw. The boys were brilliant, we had control of the game and I have never heard Stamford Bridge so quiet in all my time in England. Obviously the bit about controlling the game is amusing in itself when you look at the stats, but no more needs to be said on that. The comment about the atmosphere is the bit which only further reinforces the opinion I have displayed on this forum over the last few days. It's a dig at Chelsea fans, plain and simple. Firstly it's obviously a complete lie. The atmosphere was not great (12:30 kick off's rarely are), but to suggest it was worse than any atmosphere he experienced at Chelsea Manager in his combined 5 seasons at Chelsea is ridiculous. Then there is the obvious irony. He says the Stamford Bridge crowd were "so quiet", yet we were clearly loud enough for him to hear us and make him react by giving it large to the family enclosure at the end. It clearly got to him and he bit at the time, and is still talking about it four days later. You have to ask yourself why he would still be talking about Chelsea fans in his programme notes four days later. Does he really think his teams performance was that great that it silenced the home crowd? Do me a favour. Look at the stats again if needs be. So why bring up Chelsea fans at all? What relevance do we have to the build up of a Champions League game against Juventus? By still talking about Chelsea fans four days later he makes himself look obsessed, reminiscent of a biter, jealous ex, lets be honest. I think he is still furious about how the game ended, the result, the way the stadium erupted in the 96th minute, and the fact he ended up getting jeered off. I think he was seconds away from doing his own celebration; fist pumping, running to the away end, thumping the crest... I am sure he had it all planned in his head and was seconds away from being able to be 'the man'...... but it got ruined and he is still angry. So, in true Mourinho fashion, he wanted to have the last word. Another dig at Chelsea fans. He is desperate to keep United fans on side, and he knows this will endear himself to them. He is not stupid. A lot will lap it up. It's sad that he is attempting to mock a fan base who once genuinely loved him, to desperately try and score brownie points with a fan base who are indifferent towards him. But he is a desperate man. Perhaps if he had thought more about Juventus in the build up to the game, rather than talking about Chelsea fans, his team may not have been so outclassed on the pitch...
  6. Thank you. I was singing it in the MHL, and I will sing it again. I believe you reap what you sow, and when Mourinho chose to go to war with Conte (behaving like a child in doing so) he took on the fans as well. He doesn't care, so why would we? The (currently fashionable) opinion that Chelsea FC and the fans alike should forever be in his debt for the trophies we won together is bizarre. We are no more in his debt that he is in ours. The ironic thing (that you allude to) is that the Chelsea fans who are now being branded as "classless" stuck by Mourinho when everyone, and I do mean everyone, had turned on him. We were singing his name when we were 16th in the league and looking in a worse state than we had been in for 20 years. Rival fans were loving his demise, the media were loving his demise, and Jose was picking fights with everyone inside the club that you could think of, and had of course lost the dressing room..... but Chelsea fans stuck with him to the bitter end. We had his back and showed blind loyalty. Can you imagine if Mourinho has United in 16th place; do you think their supporters would be singing his name? Most wanted him sacked a month ago.
  7. He was yards away from him wasn't he?!
  8. I think what Ianni did was unnecessary, but ultimately it wasn't exactly a shocking scene was it. He basically celebrated at Mourinho. Wow. It's playground stuff. Equally, Mourinho didn't need to jump up like a man possessed and try and 'have it out with him' there and then. I think it was all heat of the moment stuff, and by all accounts it has been dealt with already. I think it's pathetic if any further action is taken on either front to be honest. But it's 2018, and if there is even a hint that someone, somewhere, could be offended then you better believe action will be taken!!!
  9. I feel obliged to respond to this one, as it is something I have seen a lot of since the game from everyone ranging from Chelsea fans, to the media, to rival fans. I have even seen Liverpool fans outraged and offended on Mourinho's behalf. This is a fan base who have loathed the man for over a decade, and who refused to ever give him any credit or respect as Chelsea manager on the grounds that Chelsea's success under him was "bought". A fan base who have sung the very words "f**k off Mourinho" in every game they have ever come up against him, are now jumping to his defence when Chelsea fans do it. It's almost as if they couldn't give a sh*t about him, but that this is just a nice big stick to beat Chelsea fans with. As someone who used to worship the ground that Mourinho walked on, my take of the situation is this: - In a nutshell respect is, and always will be, a two way street. Juan Mata was applauded by the "classless" Chelsea fans every time he came up to take a corner, and again when he was subbed off. Zola was given a hero's welcome every time he returned as West Ham Manager. So there are two examples of former players and Managers, who have joined rivals, and still been given a hero's welcome on their return. - Furthermore, Jose Mourinho himself returned with Inter in 2010, knocked Chelsea out of the Champions League, and didn't receive any 'abuse' what so ever. -Before we get into why he may have received 'abuse' this time around, let's just get that in perspective. The 'abuse' consisted of approximately 10 seconds of "f**k off Mourinho" in the 96th minute in response to Mourinho seemingly trying to attack a member of the Chelsea dugout. At the time it was unclear who or why he was trying to attack anyone, but it certainly appeared he was the aggressor, as he was being physically restrained whilst going in the direction of the Chelsea technical area. - As I said before, respect is a two way street. It was always going to be difficult to continue to love Mourinho whilst United Manager, but not impossible. In my opinion, Mourinho has made no effort what so ever to maintain his legacy as a fans favourite at Stamford Bridge, and in fact has shown it a complete disregard. Lets break that down... - After the 4-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho took the defeat very badly (to say the least). He was outraged that Conte celebrated the 4th goal, and attempted to give him a telling off (obviously in full view of the camera, not behind closed doors). This then continue for the following season and a half, with Mourinho going to war with Conte in childish fashion, resorting to making references from anything ranging from match fixing to hair loss. It was as petty and disrespectful as you can get, and Conte deserved his criticism too, but Mourinho didn't need to go to war with Conte, he chose to. - After victory at Old Trafford under Mourinho decided to wait until the camera was on him once again, and then proceeded to thump Manchester United crest several times to the camera. Now I am not one to get precious about something like this, after all he was Manchester United manager, but again I would ask why he felt it necessary to do this? If he was interested in preserving his legacy as a Chelsea fan favourite, then I'm thinking after inflicting defeat on his former club (and the fans that once worshiped him), he may choose not to do this. - Upon his second defeat at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho got involved with the Chelsea fans and chose to gesture to them with his three fingers to signify the three titles that he won with us. Emphasis on with us, not for us. This was apparently in reaction to negative chants which were reported to be "You're not special anymore". Fairly tame stuff, and something you would think he may be able to rise above, Hell, he could have even hit back in his post match interview with something along the lines of "Chelsea fans can say what they want about me, but I will always love them for the faith they showed me in my darkest moments". That would have been an example of him acting like a 55 year old man who was taking the high ground and directing his comments at an entire fanbase for their loyalty over the years, not a select few who chanted something in the heat of the moment. Instead, he decided to go with this: "The fans can call me what they want. I am a professional. I defend my club. Until the moment [Chelsea] have a manager that wins four Premier Leagues for them, I’m the No1. When they have somebody who wins four Premier Leagues for them, I’ll be No2. For this moment, ‘Judas’ is No1.” In my opinion, it was childish, petty, and drove a wedge between many Chelsea fans who probably never sung a bad word about him. He chose to refer to himself as "judas" despite there being no such chant. At best, his comments were super defensive, at worst they were inflammatory. - He has made various comments about United being a bigger club than Chelsea during his time there. I actually don't care about these comments- United are a bigger club than Chelsea, but once again I would question why he needs to go on record spelling it out. One such example is ""Chelsea is a big club. Liverpool is a big club,” Mourinho said, before adding: “Manchester United is a super big club.". Basically, he could have said that United were the biggest club in the world, but he chose to mention Chelsea and make it clear that United are bigger. - On Sunday, (albeit under provocation), he decided to try and chase down the Chelsea assistant Manager to physically confront him for celebrating. People can make their own minds up about whether that was justified or not. After the incident he walked over to the travelling United supporters and applauded them. He then turned to the Chelsea fans (the family enclosure I will add) and did his three finger gesture again. Here we have a 56 year old man, a multi millionaire no less, getting involved with hand gestures to the family enclosure because he didn't like a chant directed at him. he could have been the bigger man, he chose not to be.... - In his post match interview there was no positive words to say about the club, as there never has been in any of his post match interview (win, lose or draw), and he chose to say United controlled the game (despite having less possession, less shots, less shots on target, less corners and less passes). No credit given at all. I quote Mourinho himself "When you go to your direct rival the love affair is over" This was obviously reference Lampard moving to City, but I think this is the way he see's it; Mourinho has well and truly moved on- he cares about United, and himself. He doesn't care about preserving his legacy as a Chelsea fan favourite. I think that is clear. He is happy to go to war with anyone and everyone at the club, from Conte to the fans. And that is what he has done. Had Mourinho chosen to behave differently, I am certain he wouldn't have been subjected to the 'abuse' he has received.
  10. And you only have to go as far back as the season before to see another exhibit; United 3-0 down but their main man Howard Webb stepped up awarding two penalties to get his team back in the game, the second of which was literally as soft as they come- but he was always going to give it.
  11. Remarkable really, especially given that their 3-2 win under Clattenburg included an unjust sending off (Torres for diving when it actually should have been Evans getting a second yellow) and an offside winner from Hernandez. I don't want to be 'that guy' but they didn't deserve that victory, they were gifted it from the joke of a ref that is Clattenburg.
  12. mclovin83

    We've got a new Kepa

    I am normally very critical myself, but this actually sounded mint when the whole away end was blasting it out at Southampton. It's better than just chanting a players/managers first name over and over again which has become very popular these days!
  13. mclovin83

    We've got a new Kepa

    "He Kepa, you knooooooow, He's better than f**king Teebo!"
  14. It really shows how both teams have progressed/declined since the start of the season, that people think we can just turn up and win this one with ease. We come in confident form, of course, but we would be foolish to write off United. They will try and stifle us, and probably attempt man-mark Hazard & Jorginho out of the game. They will be most dangerous when lumping balls to Felaini, which they will do a lot I am sure. If we win convincingly I think it will be the final nail in Mourinho's coffin.
  15. mclovin83

    Alvaro Morata

    We all remember the 'Torres Taliban' And we all remember Torres winning The Shed End player of the season calculated by the match ratings thread circa 2012. Good times...