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  1. Furthermore, why did they proceed to sell tickets to members/general sale for the game when they must have known full well there was a risk that ST holders who had effectively already bought and paid for a ticket, would not be able to attend due to their balls up in the MHL. They should have held seats back in other areas of the stadium to accommodate those in the effected areas of the MHL. Utter shambles.
  2. Complete & utter shambles by Chelsea. Beyond embarrassing. How they have got themselves into this situation honestly beggars belief. The stadium has near enough been closed for 17 months now, and here we are less than 48 hours before the first home game kicks off and the club can't even guarantee that everyone who bought a ticket (and paid for it in May, in the case of ST holders) can attend. You honestly couldn't make it up. You do wonder what sort of morons are actually in charge of decision making at the club. How did they get themselves in this mess of a situation. Like so many people, I have waited patiently to return to Stamford Bridge after 17 months, and have been looking forward to this day passionately for that full term. There have been so many things that could have prevented me going on Saturday; from having Covid, to government restrictions, to all manner of family issues that modern day life represents...... but no, the issue that has put thousands of fans attendance in doubt, is that the multi million pound organisation that is Chelsea FC, didn't manage to fit all the new seats in time. After being closed for 17 months. They can try and blame the contractor all they like, but the buck stops with them. They placed the contract. It's their operation and responsibility. It should have been finished months ago. They have left it to the last minute and it's gone tits up. They shouldn't have started it if they weren't 100% sure they could finish it. An absolute balls up of epic proportions, and one the club should be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of.
  3. I might be the only person who doesn't mind the 3 logo at all. It's a bit different. In fact, I am going to say it is an improvement on the Yokohama mess (complete with touch of red that has been a sh*t stain on our last few kits). I am a fan of the leaked drafts I have seen for all 3 kits (not the knock off palace lookalike pictured above). One last thing; they are called shirts, not jerseys. Thanks.
  4. That is quite a statement. Can I query what data you are using to arrive at this conclusion?
  5. It's nauseating, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were told to mention it in their first interviews. Has a new Liverpool signing ever not mentioned their world famous karaoke signing support?! I think it says a lot that he moved there, and is still adored by the majority of Chelsea supporters.
  6. Regarding Mourinho's comments. I don't entirely disagree with what he is saying. It is still a young team, and as a unit, we still have plenty to prove against the top sides. If anything it was a rather obvious opinion to give rather than it being anything radical on his part. Losing to United twice wasn't good enough, and Frank & Co would say no different I am sure. We certainly have competed against Liverpool twice though, and could have won both games. The fact that we are even being compared to the top sides speaks volumes about what Frank & Jody have done in such a short space of time though; at the start of the season there was talk of us being mid-table. Top 6 was a dream, top 4 was unimaginable. I do feel that Jose praised Frank through gritted teeth somewhat. The once 'Chelsea man' has never seemed more disconnected from the club as a whole in my opinion. Is is sad to see in a way, but he very much chose this path when he went to United and decided to go to war with Chelsea at every possible opportunity. I have said it before, but he could have at least tried to maintain his legacy as having a connection with Chelsea fans, but that has long since gone. As for Jody's reaction, I think he should have known better than to get drawn in to be honest. Jose is doing what he is currently paid to do; give his opinion. Jose has nothing to lose, and furthermore will enjoy any sort of spat played out in the media. It will make him seem relevant, which is pretty much all he can hope for as an out of work Manager who has turned to punditry. We on the other hand have everything to lose; momentum, confidence, concentration, mentality. It's all been flowing very nicely, the last thing I would do is get involved with Jose over social media. Immature and unnecessary.
  7. Because Frank played it down to a room full of journos? Did you honestly expect him to come out and reveal all the details of what went on behind the scenes?
  8. Imagine being so sore about a debate on a public forum, that you wake up the next day and the first thing you do is log on and post this.... I'm so glad i'm not 'that guy'.....
  9. None of what was speculation? "It" ? That's pretty broad, you might want to quote what you are specifically rambling on about before you start patting yourself on the back about anyone changing their mind. If you try really hard I reckon you might be able to find a post of mine where I specially referred to some things being speculation, and some things not being speculation... imagine that?!
  10. Exactly. It reeks of a panic sale, i.e. £8M is better than getting nothing and keeping a potentially disruptive presence at the club. Why would we choose to sell to a direct rival? Why has he not been linked with any other club? It just doesn't stack up...
  11. You just don't what happened and you are assuming. The two could very well be in great terms but Luiz just decided he is not playing second fiddle like he did Conte's second season or like Cahill did last term. That would be why I said "I find it unlikely" as opposed to "this did/didn't happen".....
  12. Well it isn't, but ok. I personally find it very unlikely that the club would have chosen for this to play out as it did, with us seemingly panic selling a senior player to a direct rival for £8M on transfer deadline day. But yeah, we are all entitled to form our own opinion on what is most likely to have happened...
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