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  1. I thought he was starting to come into his own when he got sick. Hopefully it doesn't hurt his progression. But you are right that there is usually a learning curve coming into the Prem from outside of England. With so many injuries at the beginning of the season Lampard had to play him in positions he is good/decent at, but not his best position. It seemed he finally got to get a run in in that position so, I'm hoping we don't see him out wide or up top and if we do it is because of the fluidity of our attackers being able to play across multiple positions throughout the match. Kova
  2. It's his first game back after having COVID, let's cut the lad a little slack.
  3. Probably should have Werner on the bench for Spurs so he isn't completely exhausted after 25 minutes. The bloke has been playing 90 minutes continuously for a few months now
  4. Werner is clearly tired. You can tell by his play in this game and I would've liked to see Ziyech come in for Werner instead of Callum
  6. That goal has been coming... Chelsea have been lackadaisical and don't have much energy... not in attacking mode just trying eek out a 1-0 win and it bites them in the butt
  7. thats a foul on Giroud in what universe? Bc it shouldnt have been in this or any other one
  8. Want to see Frank make a change here. Get Kante on for Kova or Jorginho
  9. Sevilla 1 nil up. I believe if that holds, both us and Sevilla would be through, with the next match day the decider for the group more than likely,. Let's finish business here first however.
  10. Rennes did a pretty good job of controlling the play at the end of the half. Would've have liked to see our boys take back control. Let's get an early 2nd half goal and give a few boys a rest and give Havertz some minutes to get ready for Sunday
  11. This announcer on here just said numnumnumnumnum as Mendy caught that cross LMAOOOO
  12. Callum's form is making Frank have a tough decision when picking his attackers. Ziyech, Werner, CHO, Tammy and Giroud all playing well right now
  13. CHO getting the start his hard work has earned. He has been playing better and better each time out so I'll be looking forward to seeing him in the squad. Kova and Jorginho in middle so I'd expect Havertz to come on around 60-65' minute for Mount to give him a bit of a break and not have to play a full 90 again. Kante as a emergency sub if Kova or Jorginho have a shocker. Would also like to see Giroud get some quality minutes as well. We are allowed 5 subs in CL, correct? Feel like that was approved for this season but I'm doubting myself as I think about it further. COME ON CHELSEA
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