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  1. I'll be honest I'm pretty disappointed by the way Tammy's been treated. I know we have a lot of depth in the wider areas and in attacking positions in general. But, I've thought that Tammy has proved that he has something to offer to this squad. That being said, whomever we bring in to be the striker, we can't miss on the signing
  2. Gonna miss the match due to traveling. Happy to see Kante fit (I didn't even realize he picked up a knock tbh). Real pumped that Kova is finally back fit as well. Heard Kepa will start in goal. He's definitely rebounded really strongly this season, which is great to see! Kepa | Azpi Silva Rudi | James Gilmour (Kova is he's match ready) Kante Chilwell | Mount Werner Pulisic
  3. Mate, that was a solid shot on target from Jorgi did good to set up the goal
  4. Tammy our top goal scorer can't see the light of day but you leave Jorginho on the pitch - to his credit he does have an assist in this match - and you sub off Gilmour at half-time when he carried Jorginho all over the pitch dragging his useless ass along
  5. god I hate these f**king bastards, irritates me so much
  6. Yeah, that's definitely possible. I believe he got a little run-in around the semi-final as well.
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