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  1. should have hit Havertz earlier Werner... in midseason form already...
  2. rlc and puli with the all black boots... looks so odd this day and age
  3. Exactly why I’m also willing to pay it
  4. Trying to decide if I should watch this match or not
  5. Like would it be nice if he was 6’4”? Yeah of course but height doesn’t mean quality defending. Really think the height thing is being overblown
  6. thanks I knew there was roughly 14 people ahead of him that I was forgetting
  7. 100m for someone to sit behind Mahrez and Sterling
  8. I'm digging the yellow top and black shorts... Chelsea trying to confuse Haaland into showing up thinking he's still playing for BVB
  9. Comparing Grealish to Eden...
  10. We are going to start Earring Brautwurst Holland at all 11 spots
  11. that performance confirmed the quadruple for me.
  12. it is preseason for everyone. commentators are a little rusty clearly
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