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  1. Just saw the news about Peps mother passing. RIP and prayers to the Guardiola family. I honestly hope the lot of you are doing okay. Some trying times we are all living in. Not sure if there is anything a random dude from the states can do for anyone but if there is anything I can do, please let me know.
  2. Absolutely awful. Hopefully he is able to make a recovery. My girlfriend and I are saying goodbye for the foreseeable future as she is moving into the Oncology floor at her new hospital. Not really looking forward to the time apart. My dog will probably enjoy my unfettered attention tho
  3. I'm ready for this bullsh*t to be done and it may only be just starting... Hope everyone is staying safe and smart.
  4. I don't understand that they are going to play it out regardless. So, they're going to force players that have signed contracts with clubs (like Ziyech) or players on loan to play for their previous clubs. What if play is halted until next fall? We are still gonna play the last 9-11 matches of this season then? They gonna force Pedro, Willian etc to play for Chelsea when their contracts are up, they're a year older etc etc? I get it if they're able to start resuming matches soon. But I feel like if the season would extend past June 30, you can't continue. It would have to be called then.
  5. Jesus man. Just call the season and let everyone get healthy. Premier league, champions league, Europa, FA etc is not worth it... Get better soon Callum! And everyone stay safe
  6. Since this is behind a paywall, I will share it. Normally wouldn't do this but feel a lot would like to read this. Chelsea players were ordered not to attend training on Thursday after someone close to the squad complained of coronavirus symptoms. Sources have told The Athletic that the situation developed on Wednesday night and a decision was made to cancel Thursday’s session early in the morning before any of the players had arrived. The person experiencing the symptoms — a fever followed by a dry cough, which can lead to breathing problems — had not been diagnosed with coronavirus as of Thursday lunchtime. It is understood that the club’s training base at Cobham in Surrey is being thoroughly cleaned as a precautionary measure and there are no members of staff in the building, including head coach Frank Lampard and his backroom team. Training is set to go ahead on Friday and Lampard’s press conference ahead of Saturday’s trip to Aston Villa is planned to take place at Cobham from 1.30pm. The club’s preparations for the evening kickoff have been compromised, though, and their travel arrangements are now at risk. The team were going to drive up to Birmingham on Friday to stay in a hotel overnight, something the squad do regularly for away matches. But now there is a strong possibility they will have to make the coach journey on match-day instead. The game against struggling Villa is an important one for Chelsea’s bid to qualify for the Champions League via a top-four finish. They lead Manchester United, who are in fifth, by three points with nine Premier League fixtures to go. Chelsea are full of confidence after beating Liverpool 2-0 in the FA Cup fifth round and then securing their biggest victory of the season with a 4-0 triumph over Everton in the top flight last Sunday. The dressing rooms at Stamford Bridge were thoroughly cleaned before the latter match, while access for camera crews was also limited. This is standard practice across the Premier League, The Athletic has been told. There is a strong possibility that the Villa fixture and other English football fixtures will be ordered to be played behind closed doors as action is stepped up to control the spread of the virus. Spectators have already been barred from the second leg of Chelsea’s Champions League match against Bayern Munich in Germany next Wednesday.
  7. This isn't football related, but personal for me: My work had a meeting on potentially banning travel on Tuesday and I was pretty irritated with the outcome, and in all honesty, I still am. We do a lot of travel in general but specifically into and through Seattle (we are sending 3 people there over the next 2 weeks) lately. We're a small company (15 employees) and they've basically said they value money over anything else. I'm not particularly overly worried about the coronavirus personally, given my age and lack of preexisting conditions, but we have a decent amount that are a little older (60+) and have those preexisting conditions. We have the ability to do our jobs remotely instead of in person and I understand the agreements in place with clients, but I think it shows a complete lack of remorse and an attitude of "it won't happen to us." I like that I get to travel and I enjoy getting out of the office but it's just bothering me a little that it feels like they're not taking this seriously. The NBA has suspended its season. UEFA is considering postponing CL and Europa and potentially domestic leagues as well. Yet, those that don't want to travel aren't being afforded the opportunity to not travel. Maybe I'm not considering all the things that they are considering, which is entirely possible, but it's just bothering me. Everything about their decision seems to be incredibly shortsighted.
  8. I liked the actual result of the match much better, if I'm being honest.
  9. 9 players... unreal... I was gonna guess the starting XI but I don't even know who to pick bc its been so hard to know who is and isn't fit.
  10. Chelsea 1 - 1 Everton Demba Ba to run out of west upper and score a rabona from midfield at 23' - Mount with a nutmeg of Carlo and the pinpoint cross pitch pass to Ba - VAR unable to confirm offsides on Norwich so goal will stand and be credited to Azpi.
  11. So positive news on Kovacic so far... gotta think they give him a rest for a bit and maybe we can see Gilmour get the playing time his play has warranted. I didn't get a chance to watch the match closely yesterday, but every time I did venture in to watch Gilmour looked outstanding. That tackle he had in our own box in the second half was superb... Willian's injury is just freaking icing on the injury freaking cake, man.
  12. Billy Gilmour has been more and more impressive he's stepped on the pitch... He's gotta be really pushing for a spot in the XI in the premier league..
  13. How in all that is holy, did that not go in lmao

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