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  1. Very frustrating... dropping points to 10 man Arsenal. Need more play makers in this squad.
  2. He's a constant threat to all life along a defensive back line. Can't let a maniac like that run free
  3. Dont think Isco would be a good signing for what we do. I don't think he's reliable enough defensively to play in the middle, pressing high. Offensively, the guy is incredibly talented but don't think it works out well for both sides, personally.
  4. Great news. Now its time to lock up Tammy.
  5. I've been pretty good. I've won countless premier leagues, champions leagues, europa leagues, fa cups, carabao cups, community shields and super cups on FIFA 10 - 19. Not to brag too much or anything, but I'm kinda a big deal
  6. Every time I hear or see Gabigol I think of this:
  7. I think we need to realize, and remember, that CHO ruptured his Achilles in April. It's an incredibly difficult injury to deal with and recover from. While his tendon might be fully functional and technically healthy, he said it himself, he doesn't have full confidence in it yet. He still worries about getting kicked or stepping wrong. It's part of the recovery process, gaining the confidence in the muscle/tendon to make the necessary cuts and movements required in football. If he has been thinking about his ankle, and lower leg as he is playing, of course that is going to effect his playing. Think some of you all need to give it a rest on CHO and let him gain confidence and realize we probably won't see CHO fully back to being himself until next season.
  8. Okay, this match is on Saturday. I definitely thought our FA Cup tie was on Saturday and got up and got ready and then realized that the match was the following day. Amazing, let me tell you.
  9. Ah, I couldn't remember if it was Maatsen or Lamptey that is the LB. Took a stab in the dark lol
  10. What I'd like to see tomorrow: Caballero Jame Christensen Guehi Lamptey Kovacic Gilmour Pedro Barkley Hudson-Odoi Batshuauyi See a some rotation, with the lads that are looking to be leaving potentially to get some match time. I could also see Lampard not having a lot of rotation as Not Forest shouldn't be taken lightly, but we should still see some rotation regardless. UTC

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