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  1. Everyone acting like Chelsea are some pony side who are gonna be lucky to avoid relegation at this point. Yeah, they are inconsistent and it is frustrating to watch but we can't act like they didn't just beat City and Leicester and also Liverpool before the break. They're not going to win out and with how our CBs have been all year, we all should've known that this type of performance was going to rear its head at some point. We can over take Leicester and stay on top of United. Additionally, hopefully CAS actually uphold some of City's punishment and they will be out of CL next season.
  2. what in the bloody f**k all was that f**king defending.... come the f**k on Rudi and Christensen been f**king caught out all match
  3. How are we so bad at defending set pieces? I mean, ugh ...
  4. You'd be surprised at the level the complaining can reach
  5. The pictures I've seen so far, if true, aren't really that bad. I would prefer "Three." on the front instead of 3, but other than that, I think its better than the current kit. The current kit definitely grew on me the more I saw them in it. I feel this kit will have a similar effect.
  6. Has there been any rumors about Jorgi leaving this summer? I know there has been the continuous link with Juve bc of Sarri but I don't recall hearing anything really credible. It's pretty odd that he hasn't featured at all since the restart. Maybe it says more about Gilmour and where Lampard sees him and less about Jorgi "falling out of grace." The next month will be telling for sure.
  7. Was really hoping they were going to have "Three." across the front instead of the "3" but the design of the kit isn't too bad.
  8. He just turned 19, I believe, he isn't going to have 9/10 and 10/10 every week. He's bound to have some set backs.
  9. Would welcome Alaba with open arms. Not sure how realistic it is, honestly
  10. Liverpool spent 572.88M Euros according to Transfermkt since 15/16... so this whole notion that they haven't spent all this money is horse sh*t. Of course, they haven't spent the amount of money that City and United have spent, but it's not like Liverpool are purchasing these great players for pennies on the dollar... We all knew that the sporting media were gonna jerk themselves off to Liverpool winning the title and claiming them to be the absolute no doubt best ever and how they "did it the right way" and all that garbage. We need to knock these Scouse bastards off their soapbox next season
  11. Watching the match today and could've sworn Liverpool were playing and not Chelsea. Never has a Chelsea win been more bittersweet. Sky, ESPN, and BT all just going nuts over them finally winning a league trophy in 30 years... congrats

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