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  1. Man, if only the academy would produce a striker that can score double digit goals in the premier league that we could've used as a backup striker...
  2. Imagine we will see a front three of Havertz Mount and CHO/Ziyech. Really hope he gives the opportunity to CHO but imagine he will roll with Ziyech. Wouldn't mind seeing RLC get a start in midfield as well.
  3. For nostalgia purposes, I would love Eden back at Chelsea. Just don't see where he would exactly fit in with the squad and the recent injuries as he ages doesn't bode well for him either.
  4. Injuries are dum and I hate them but I like wins and three points
  5. Christensen said "Listen here Rom, this is how you do it mate!!"
  6. Pretty sure Werner is being played out of position and he is the greatest defender on the planet... its the only explanation that I can muster at this point
  7. Not sure if anyone knows this or not, but Chelsea play soon
  8. Taylor again. Might as well start with 10 men and a brentford penalty
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