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  1. While the attacking side of our football has been great to see, as you've said. The defense is typically the last piece of the puzzle to come around and it is quite obviously the case with Chelsea as well. The positive is that we have improved defensively overall as the season has progressed. I'm not sure you can say that about the set pieces tho; hopefully that changes soon though. This will be a great test to really see where we are at. Where we can really compare ourselves honestly to one of the best sides in all of the world. While I know we can knick a result here, no one thinks that we are better than City, but I think we can see our end product being on that similar level to City and Liverpool. We may end up being luck. But, hard work and relentless energy will help bring luck to our side. Up the Blues, my friend. Here's to 3 points next weekend.
  2. I feel like I learned a while back that we need to give players a full year in the premier league before we start to judge a player, typically. It seems that season 2 is where a player really starts to make their mark in the league if they are going to. Of course, that isn't always factual and some players make an impact immediately, but it seems like it is pretty consistent with the physicality and competitiveness of the premier league overall. Thought both Kova and Jorginho have made real strides from last year to this year.
  3. Kova and Jorginho have really come on in their second season in the prem. I would say being available for every match and performance wise it is hard to overlook Kova, Jorginho and Abraham. So out of those three I think I would lean towards Kova slightly over Jorginho. But as I typed that, I was flip-flopping back to Jorginho over Kova so... really it can either one of them honestly.
  4. I feel with the academy kids proving their selves with Frank, we should be even more pragmatic and identify one or two players that can improve the squad overall and go after those players. I think of someone like Sancho as just an example. I feel like the middle of the pitch is not where we need to reinforce ourselves as of yet. I think LB is a position that needs to be examined and also an additional winger to push Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi. I don't think Milinkovic-Savic
  5. We purchased Pedro for 27M and Cesc was 30+ as well. But for me, its gotta be Ashley Cole, right? 7M for the best left back in the world is tough to beat for sure. I couldn't remember all of our transfers so I did a little perusing here if anyone cares: https://www.transfermarkt.com/fc-chelsea/alletransfers/verein/631
  6. Yeah it was an odd transfer when it happened, and how his time here has played out makes you wonder who wanted this purchase,
  7. My question is: what do we do in midfield? Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante and Mount: all have made their case to be undroppable this season... What would your midfield look like? I think for me I would play Jorginho, Kova and Kante in midfield. All three can win the ball back very well and can protect the back line. They don't offer the goal threat Mason does, but I think winning the ball and the ability to defend the midfield areas will be incredibly important against City. <----- Breaking news, that.
  8. Kovacic is making it incredibly hard for Lampard to not select him in the this team. He's been absolutely fantastic in the middle of the pitch this season.
  9. I think by the end of the season (assuming transfer ban sticks) our starting XI will look like: Kepa James Tomori Zouma Emerson Jorginho Kante Mount Pulisic Abraham Hudson-Odoi One thing is going to be apparent is that there is going to be fierce competition for spots in the middle of our defense and in midfield. Tomori, Zouma, Christensen, Rudiger are all viable options at CB and you can also throw in Azpi if we play in a back 3. In midfield, the likes of Jorginho and Kovacic are proving to be hard not to select with the way they have been playing. Then throw on top of that, Kante's return and I haven't even brought up Mount, Ruben, Barkley, and Gilmour. It is a good problem to have, up to seven players that can compete for 3 spots (well, it CAN be a good problem). I would really like to see Chelsea go hard after Sancho this summer. With the way Willian has been playing, adding a singular winger and a LB should be enough to really make this squad even more competitive and dangerous. A winger group of CHO, Pulisic, Sancho and Willian is a solid group.
  10. I will be very intrigued by Frank's team selection tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how much he rotates for this match and also how much he doesn't rotate given the fact that it is Man U. Cabellero James Tomori Guehi Emerson Jorginho Barkley Kovacic Pedro Michy Willian Subs: Kepa, Mount, Giroud/Tammy, Pulisic, CHO, Zouma, Gilmour, Azpi (that may be too many subs but, whatever dress everyone) If Barkley is still injured and unable to go, then I would put in Mount. Also, not sure how fit Emerson is but I think I remember Frank saying he is close to returning. Would be interested to see Billy Gilmour get some time against this lot, idk if that will happen or not
  11. As you all were saying about Willian... lol **i may have been thinking it**

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