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  1. He’s young, he’ll get better. As some have said, he probably shouldn’t play every match. But against a team like WBA he should be able to step in. Idk what the resolution to our defense is, but the we are incredibly weak defensively. Personally, If I was starting James I would put Azpi on the left for more stability at the back. And allow the back line to operate as a make shift back 3 if he goes forward. he’s been caught out of position too many times and it’s frustrating absolutely. Hopefully with Silva’s leadership those kind of errors will smooth themselves out as he matures and
  2. Alonso on his day is solid. But man, when he is off, he is f**kING TERRIBLE
  3. give it time... give it time. Not the finished product,,, woosah woosah
  4. Frank needs to do better selecting his team. Alonso is a liability as a LB but we’ve known that for 2+ years now (has frank figured that out yet??) I don’t know where Kante fits in this team at times. He doesn’t move the ball quick enough and is too eager to go backwards (That may be a little harsh and might just be my frustration showing). Maybe in a 4-2-3-1 next to Rice where he would have more freedom to roam and be a disruptive force? 3-3 to West Brom is embarrassing. Onto the next...
  5. I really wanna see Havertz Tammy and Werner together on the pitch. The connection that Tammy and Kai had midweek was special; really enjoyed watching that one. ---------- Cabellero James -- Zouma -- Silva -- Alonso ---------- Kova ----- Havertz ---- Kante Mount -- Tammy -- Werner This obviously could easily transition into a 4-2-3-1 if need be. Honestly, I'm just hoping to see Mount, Havertz, Tammy and Werner all on the pitch at the same time.
  6. I don't think there is any fishy business going on, but there are times when you look at the draws that play out over time and it makes you wonder if something isn't going on.
  7. I stated - in CHO's thread mind you - that he was obviously pressing to make plays yesterday and was trying to do too much. He needs to let the game come to him a little more and not press as much. You are right, Callum is incredibly gifted; maybe our most naturally gifted youngster. He'll be fine tho, he is coming off of a major career ending type injury. A lot of people need to remember that, if you ask me. He just needs more time to get his footing under him. I have to say tho, Mount did not have a stinker yesterday. Should've had a goal, but when Mount isn't on his game he doesn't su
  8. Callum really forced the issue tonight. Understandable, he's trying to make a big impression. Really needed him to relax and let the match come to him because there were still goals out there even with the 6-0 win.
  9. Would like to see Tammy up top with Werner to his left, Pulisic to his right and Mason and Kai behind him. Need a proper no 6 for that to work however. Regardless, as many have pointed out, Tammy and Kai seemed to really understand each other on the pitch tonight. I wanna see more!
  10. Seems some are looking for any chance to call him out... the kid (he's still a kid) hardly puts a foot wrong and when he does he usually makes up for it by continuously working his gd butt off
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