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  1. Roughly 93% of Chelsea twitter would explode
  2. LMAO absolute scenes if this comes to fruition!
  3. chiefBlueCFC

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Chelsea will appeal, the appeal process will take long enough that they will be able to operate during the summer window and make signings. What will be interesting is how aggressive Chelsea are in this window.
  4. chiefBlueCFC

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    yep, you don't need to ask for streams ever again.. great site
  5. chiefBlueCFC

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    I know this won't happen but up front should 100% be Hazard, Higuain, Hudson-Odoi and in the middle should be Kante, Jorginho, RLC. The right side was dynamic once RLC came on in this match. I know it was Malmo, but once Barkley came off (beautiful free kick golazo) Chelsea looked different. Also, I know they were down to 10 men, but the way they linked up was more crisp. Barkley isn't technical enough for the style of play Sarri wants to implement with this team. He doesn't move the ball quick enough. He doesn't find space well at all, he doesn't have the vision needed and he is static in the final third. We are better with RLC in midfield and CHO on the right hand side. IT WAS COMPLETELY OBVIOUS today! CHO has to start Sunday but we all know that probably isn't happening.
  6. chiefBlueCFC

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    Now these boys need to take this chance they are given! Would've liked to see RLC in the starting 11 but its good he is back in the team. Hopefully he will be ready to go for Sunday!
  7. chiefBlueCFC

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    difference is: who is ahead of Foden? Its not over 30 wingers who have clearly slowed down. Foden has players ahead of him that still make a positive impact for City and he still gets minutes -- that being said, I would be curious as to how many minutes Foden has played as well.
  8. chiefBlueCFC

    Starting XI for the next 2 games

    Not Alonso, Pedro, Barkley or Willian
  9. chiefBlueCFC

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    It's actually quite baffling him saying this, He doesn't see any issue with any of the players that are playing essentially every match?
  10. chiefBlueCFC

    Zinedine Zidane

    Not sure why Zidane would come here.
  11. chiefBlueCFC

    How to fix the team

    They need to trust their youth system. Reece James, CHO, Jay DaSilva, Mason Mount, and Tammy Abraham for starters need to come into the squad next season. Do all 5 need to start 35 matches for us? No but they need to be allow to play with the first team. I would say goodbye to Alonso, Giroud, Willian or Pedro, Drinkwater, and Barkley. Christensen needs to be the main CB with Rudiger and Luiz splitting time with him and giving the majority of the time to Rudiger. Reece James can sit behind Azpilicueta and learn from him. On the left side Emerson should be the primary LB while splitting time with Jay DaSilva. I would extend Higuain for this next season but I wouldn't sign him permanently, and have Abraham behind him. If we can keep Hazard then he obviously will be on the left with CHO being the primary starter at RW with Pulisic splitting time with CHO and when Hazard isn't playing having CHO on the left. In the middle of the field I want to keep Kovacic as backup to Jorginho. Kante on the right of him and RLC and Mason Mount splitting time on the left. (I might've gotten my left and right side CM mixed up but you get what I'm driving towards). That leaves a backup to Kante and Ampadu would be a good fit there with Mount/RLC can fill that as well. Ampadu can cover multiple positions as well including CB. The only signings I would go for would be possibly a striker if you can go after Icardi or Jovic possibly. Obviously I see our academy as a way to get our sh*t together here.
  12. chiefBlueCFC

    Match Going Fans

    It's just the frustration of the entire situation. Sarri will not rotate players. His substitutions are completely predictable: Barkley for Kovacic or vice versa, Willian for Pedro or vice versa, and then Giroud for Higuain/Morata and then the occasional 6 minutes for CHO. Last night, the bridge is calling for CHO and he brings on Zappacosta for Azpi??? That is an absolutely baffling move! Was he giving up??? Was Azpi hurt??? Even if he was bring on CHO for him and drop Kante into the back 4 at RB for the last 10 minutes... We had nothing to lose at that point. But he brought on a defender down 2-0. No ambition it appears and while signing "f**k SarriBall" isn't a good look, you could understand why they felt the way they did. And the "bring back Mourinho" and "You're getting sacked in the morning" was ManU fans as has been pointed out by now. Sarri's actions are making it hard to stand behind him and support him when he does what he does. Things started so hot for us, and a bit of it was luck, but sometimes they don't look interested in playing a football match.
  13. chiefBlueCFC

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Sarri might not be the right man for the job. Lord knows he has not helped himself at all these past few weeks. But the club need to pick a direction and stick with it. They'll never develop an identity if they just continue to sack manager after manager after 1-2 years. I know a lot will say that it worked the past 15 years mostly. Well, yeah it did work. It helps when you have the leadership in the squad that we had. Regardless if you are Sarri in or Sarri out, they hired him to be manager and they need to stick with him and give him ample time to instill his style. But he's also got to help himself. You can't put Zappacosta on in the 80th minute down 2-0... I mean come on Sarri! Come on!
  14. chiefBlueCFC

    Please check your email address

    my god how many times do I have to save my settings to get this site to stop sending me notifications to my email? It never did it before until today and its sent me 15 emails. Is there hidden settings pages that I have to unlock to get these notifications to stop? Idk why this site all the sudden started sending them. Hopefully, I've turned them all off. goodness that was annoying.