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  1. i imagine it will be the same back 4 since Rudi isn't ready to play (i'm guessing with that assessment) and the only changes will be Jorginho, CHO, and RLC start for Kovacic, Willian and Barkley. Maybe Higuain for Giroud, but the way Giroud is playing I think they should let him start against Burnley.
  2. Especially with the potential transfer ban, I think Olivier should have expected to not be able leave. ESPECIALLY after scoring 10+ goals in a cup competition! It's too bad that it took him as long as it did to get going (not that he was playing bad in the league, he just wasn't scoring). I mean even if we can make transfers, I think Giroud will be needed next year as we transition to a new striker + Tammy. (I'm assuming Tammy spends next year with Chelsea). Hopefully our transfer ban is delayed at least so we can go after a Jovic or someone along those lines, so we don't have to rely on Giroud as much. I do think he is a very serviceable backup.
  3. We're through, and that's what matters. But, DAMN, that was not a good half of football. Gotta be better. Frankfurt are gonna pose a serious, serious threat and we play like we did second half in the semi final, we might get ran off the pitch
  4. I think they don't exist because he is chain smoking bogies to get his fix
  5. conceding a goal in the first 15 minutes of the second half... A Chelsea staple in 2018/19 ugh
  6. He has improved dramatically on the ball this season under Sarri. Absolutely bossing it more and more
  7. It is rather annoying that constant persistent fouling of Hazard isn't punished more. How many matches do we see Hazard get repeatedly kicked and nothing happens to the opposing team.
  8. Oh he did miss it... it was an own goal... haha and now he should have a hat trick inside 27 minutes... this match is drunk

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