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  1. That, Spider-man 2 and Gran Turismo 7 all look unreal!
  2. This is harsh on Remy tbh. He was only ever signed as a back up and did a decent job for us in that 14-15 season.
  3. Noel Fielding hiding himself as a banana in a fruit bowl is probably my favourite ever TV moment.
  4. It's quite long winded and tbh i haven't had the time to sit down and really get into it. Probably played it for about 6 hours in total and feel like i have barely scratched the surface of it. I am hoping to get right into it over the Christmas period!
  5. I got slated towards the end of last season for moaning about Sarri never going over to clap/ acknowledge the away fans, and i used Lamps celebrating Derby beating Leeds in the playoffs and how he celebrated with the fans as a comparison. I loved seeing that yesterday, and i imagine everyone in the away end did as well.
  6. Agree with this. Also towards the end of the game he was coming and taking deep crosses and relieving a bit of the pressure on us. Something i have been crying out for him to do for ages!
  7. Vardy has 3 pens so if you take them away from him they're both on 11.
  8. The slack passing straight to the other team, his inability to make straightforward saves and misjudging the flight of a cross has nothing to do with the players in front of him changing. For what it's worth, that cross may have been unsaveable but he has not done him self any favours by not jumping and pulling his arms away from it. If he jumps and still can't get anything on it then fair enough but i think there should have at least been an attempt by him. We have been spoilt by 2 world class commanding keepers (3 if you want to go back to Cudicini) and unfortunately Kepa is not at that level at the moment. He needs to be more assertive in and around the 6 yard box. If you are under the kosh it takes a lot of pressure off if a keeper authoritatively comes and claims a ball into the box and drops onto it for a few seconds.
  9. It's not the size of the army it's the force of the attack!
  10. "Chavs with no hope of increasing their stadium capacity and a chairman who cant even enter the country, they know their time is past." Just come across this on the Spurs forum. You've got to laugh. How many times has our time been past in the last 10 years?? Playing some of the best football we have played in years, with the best youth prospects in the country regularly playing, a bright young manager who is only going to improve. Sat third in the premier league a head of last years champions (and 12 points clear of Spurs all the way down in 14th) But yeah our time is past 😂
  11. I think this opens up Poch to United and i think that makes United a much bigger force than they are at the moment.
  12. Final straw as far as i'm concerned. Could stomach him at United but my respect for him as gone now he's at that lot. I would go as far as saying he has destroyed his legacy with Chelsea now. He might win a cup or two with them but it won't be sustainable long term. Also it's inevitable that when we play them in December he will remind us that he won 3 titles with us as if that's an insult. Chelsea has 2 premier league titles without Mourinho. Mourinho has 0 premier league titles without Chelsea.
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