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  1. What's was the story behind this? Never heard of this
  2. How do you mean? I find with FM there is alot of trial and error but when you get it right it is so satisfying.
  3. blimey that's been in the pipeline for ages hasnt it?
  4. To be fair it's not like City were completely dominating before he came to England.
  5. Cech Bosingwa Cahill Luiz Cole Mikel Lampard Kalou Mata Bertrand Drogba
  6. Me too mate really looking forward to it. Yeah staying in an Air BNB not far from the Etihad, think it is about 20 mins drive from Heaton Park. Coming up on the Friday and home on Sunday, with trips to 42s in between as well!
  7. If a coach/ manager is shown a red card, would he serve a touchline ban?
  8. Where have Hilario's trousers gone?!
  9. Istanbul. Not great but still a bit more easily accessible!
  10. That save he made at 0-0 from Giroud was incredible.
  11. I watched this in a pub not far from the Tower of London last night with my dad and my brothers, we were outnumbered in the pub by Gooners probably 80:20. Safe to say we outsang them all night.😎

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