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  1. Lol that will teach him. This has been posted on here before but this is one of my all time favourite Chelsea photos:
  2. Funny that you mention the Green Man. For the Spurs semi final a few years back and the Arsenal cup final the Green Man had crates of celery in the pub on standby
  3. Big week this week with 2 must win games. Must win on Tuesday to ensure qualification to the next round and must win on Saturday to ensure we go into the Spurs game with at least a 6 point gap.
  4. No i got the sarcasm was just pointing out that Wilson wouldn't necessarily be a bad signing
  5. tbf I would take Wilson as a back-up striker but i don't think he would come here for that role. I don't think Grealish is any better than what we have.
  6. This is the most important thing and the reason why it is so exciting. Rather than going out and spending around £40m on another Bakayoko/ Drinkwater type player the money can actually be used to strengthen key areas. We don't need to add depth, we need to add quality in certain areas.
  7. Left back and centre back for me. I love Dave but i don't think he is a good attacking threat from left back. I lost count the other night of how many attacks he slowed down by cutting back onto his right foot rather than fizzing it in with his left. I also don't think that Emerson and Alonso are anywhere near the standard we should be looking at. I think we will end up with Chilwell tbh, whether that is in January or the summer.
  8. He isn't? No mate he's a centre back. Left footed though so could possibly do a job at LB but if we were to sign him it would be as a centre back.
  9. Can't wait to ruin football again. Chelsea are back, hello hello.
  10. I do earn my tickets. I go to work Monday - Friday and use my salary to buy tickets. No one in their right mind is doing what is essentially community service for 100 hours for a 90 minute game of football.
  11. Agree with this. Also towards the end of the game he was coming and taking deep crosses and relieving a bit of the pressure on us. Something i have been crying out for him to do for ages!
  12. Vardy has 3 pens so if you take them away from him they're both on 11.
  13. These things balance themselves out and it's part and parcel of being a big club competing in different competitions. Liverpool actually have it worse this time around. 8.15 kick off Wednesday, 3pm kick off Saturday and then 6pm kick off Tuesday for an away game.
  14. The slack passing straight to the other team, his inability to make straightforward saves and misjudging the flight of a cross has nothing to do with the players in front of him changing. For what it's worth, that cross may have been unsaveable but he has not done him self any favours by not jumping and pulling his arms away from it. If he jumps and still can't get anything on it then fair enough but i think there should have at least been an attempt by him. We have been spoilt by 2 world class commanding keepers (3 if you want to go back to Cudicini) and unfortunately Kepa is not at that level at the moment. He needs to be more assertive in and around the 6 yard box. If you are under the kosh it takes a lot of pressure off if a keeper authoritatively comes and claims a ball into the box and drops onto it for a few seconds.

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