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  1. Chelsea's statement: https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2019/04/16/--chelsea-welcomes-liverpool-statement-on-incidents-at-anfield
  2. Anyone watched the first episode yet? No spoilers but i thought it was a decent start. Plenty of scene-setting which is understandable.
  3. Just read this.. The idiot on twitter saying "Chelsea fans threw coins in response to the flare being thrown". Key words being "in response to". Offended by everything, ashamed of nothing.
  4. My view on this, if we win the EL then great. Credit will have to be given to Sarri AND the team for achieving that. It's not like i actively want to see us not win just so I can have a go at Sarri. If he manages to turn it around, then fair enough. Unfortunately though IMO i haven't seen anything to suggest that will happen.
  5. I've given my reasons a few times over in the past, i can't be arsed going into all of them again. I do think the "he has won nothing" argument isn't a great one - but then again from what i have seen the majority of people on here haven't been using that argument. I've also given suggestions of who i would like to replace him, it's up to you whether you take them seriously or not.
  6. One thing that is really bugging me at the mo is those that are Sarri in moaning that those that are Sarri out are fickle, or disappointing or whatever term they want to use I supported Mourinho, Conte, Di Matteo all to the end. 3 blokes IMO who deserved a bit of patience and perhaps one or two of them were unlucky to lose the job when they did. Me personally i have seen nothing from Sarri this season to convince me he is the right man going forward, and 2 wins against Brighton and West Ham is not enough to convince me otherwise. Just because i don't support this manager doesn't make me a better or worse fan than those of you that do. Those of you that do support him, fair enough you must have your reasons but just because some of us don't agree with you doesn't mean that we are fickle or bad fans.
  7. Have you not just spent however long saying that managers dont win you finals?
  8. This is the photo that was doing the round yesterday on twitter. Frankly I think it’s disgusting that this hasn’t been picked up by the media.
  9. If City win the FA Cup then whoever finishes 7th will qualify for Europe so there’s still that incentive. Agree with the rest of your post though.
  10. I’ve been Sarri out since probably about January and still am. Changing my mind based on a few games would be “fickle”. Also; how many times have we conceded straight after half time this season? It’s happened far too often for it to be a coincidence.
  11. Much the same for me as well to be honest
  12. I’d like to think I started the trend of keepers playing out from the back 😉
  13. FarCry games in general for me are very easy and very boring. 3 and Blood Dragon were brilliant. I had both 4 and 5 but never actually completed them due to getting bored with the gameplay and storyline.
  14. Absolutely love how direct he is. He wants to beat his man and get a shot away, or get a cross in. Unlike Willian/ Pedro who will beat their man, and then try and beat them again.

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