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  1. This is harsh on Remy tbh. He was only ever signed as a back up and did a decent job for us in that 14-15 season.
  2. Didn't we very briefly use a Russian sounding song too when Roman first took over?
  3. Noel Fielding hiding himself as a banana in a fruit bowl is probably my favourite ever TV moment.
  4. It's quite long winded and tbh i haven't had the time to sit down and really get into it. Probably played it for about 6 hours in total and feel like i have barely scratched the surface of it. I am hoping to get right into it over the Christmas period!
  5. I got slated towards the end of last season for moaning about Sarri never going over to clap/ acknowledge the away fans, and i used Lamps celebrating Derby beating Leeds in the playoffs and how he celebrated with the fans as a comparison. I loved seeing that yesterday, and i imagine everyone in the away end did as well.
  6. We'll see. Hope i'm wrong but no way he ends up here IMO.
  7. We bid £40m for Modric and it got rejected, Spurs sold him to Real in the same summer for £30m. I don't think he will have to sell to the highest bidder at all.
  8. I would bite your hand off for him at Chelsea. No way Levy or Mourinho do any business with us though.
  9. Lillie Langtry at West Brompton is nice and not too rowdy.
  10. Lol that will teach him. This has been posted on here before but this is one of my all time favourite Chelsea photos:
  11. Funny that you mention the Green Man. For the Spurs semi final a few years back and the Arsenal cup final the Green Man had crates of celery in the pub on standby
  12. Big week this week with 2 must win games. Must win on Tuesday to ensure qualification to the next round and must win on Saturday to ensure we go into the Spurs game with at least a 6 point gap.
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