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  1. Defensive problems are due to lack of leadership from Silva today offensive problems are due lack of communication between ziyech & the other two.
  2. Yes but still a bad referee can influence the mode of the game
  3. This is what I feel like Our players think they are going to win just because we are Chelsea ! nonononono You need to put in a shift & a good fight for wins. hope it will not be more than 6/0
  4. We were not going to win with Anthony Taylor on the pitch.
  5. Mendy has become a goal receptive counter machine 😢
  6. Oui ! :“ Manchester sh*tty , you are nothing special we lose every week”😃
  7. It is scandal 😂 even the sky commentators are laughing at us.
  8. Christensen bottled it again he is a nervous wreck referee could not call for VAR
  9. Watching the live stream on my tv by a French speaking commentator he is so excited averages 30 word/sec so much fun ooooooh la la
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