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  1. I can foretell that Mendy will outshine Alison Becker in this league
  2. Patrice Evra received nine stitches from Hasselbank and he is ranting about it.. Reminiscent of Tyson’s biting Evanders ear off
  3. 3-4-3 is the way to go for Lamps..solid & compact.
  4. Mendy 10 out of 10 must be MOM. Kante was too casual and nearly miss-pass every time Pulisic missed two clear chances on goal. Silva has restrained Cavani Jorginho was ghosting Pogba. Werner was shocking today,
  5. Maguire was hugging Cezar in the choke hold posture.
  6. Because of our goal keeper Mendy who mended the status quo : I am sitting in upside position on sofa faving telly with my head hanging at feet position .Confidence. 😂
  7. It is all won in the midfield our two midfielders (Jorghino)Kova & Kante v 4 midfielder of Seville
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