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  1. RIP Willian's mom thoughts are with him and his family
  2. I've voted, its so so close, hoping Conte wins this first of many
  3. I generally am happy he's back, he generally seemed likehe wanted the move and you can't deny he's motivated I'm very happy
  4. Wonder if we will have a surprise signing hoping so, I can't work out why their was a helicopter going to the training ground if it wasn't for Luiz
  5. Hoping we bring in a new striker can't see it happening though
  6. I hope we buy a CB, LB and maybe another creative
  7. Yes could deffo see another striker coming in, question is though who?
  8. Really hope this happens, be a great LB for us
  9. So happy about this welcome Kante, I think we will get 3 maybe 4 more players a fullback, cb, another cm and striker
  10. Looks good player fit in well and hopefully have good connection with Hazard already so hopefully do well for us
  11. Yess so glad he has signed a new contract, hopefully will get more chances
  12. Terrible news but I know he will come back stronger than ever and wish him all the best for his recovery, we will miss you for the rest of the season Kurt :(
  13. Is this the first time Costa will play against man utd on Sunday remember reading the other month that he is always suspended or injured for the games
  14. Maybe he has a surprise up his sleeve lol
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