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  1. I know it’s a completely different scenario but this squad is a lot younger and in terms of the league and the season in general we are in a better place than we were in 2012 when we beat them. No reason if we turn up as to why we can’t beat them.
  2. Jamesc88

    Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    Not sure how you can say that? Your claiming that if one player on our team dives once it influences the refs decision for the whole of the game being biased to the other team? If the ref did that then he isn’t really doing his job of reffing the game fair is he?
  3. Jamesc88

    Our New Stadium

    I like the idea of a new stadium presuming we don’t lose any atmosphere. However I have heard that almost 20,000 of the 60,000 will be corporate meaning virtually none of the increased capacity will be available to standard members or season ticket holders? Can anyone confirm that? Or has heard the same?
  4. Silverware is silverware and when we have won this before it’s been great. I think we should be naming a full strength team against Arsenal. Also if anyone can beat city then it’s us, and a day out at Wembley for a cup final is a great occasion whether you win or lose you want to be in cup finals competing for every trophy, so to disregard this just because it’s the “league cup” is a joke. Theres youth competitions to develop youth players.
  5. Tibo Dave Christensen Cahill Alonso Kante Fabregas Moses willian Morata hazard I would usually go for a 352 but I think we need to go at arsenal and I don’t think they will be able to handle Willian Morata and hazard especially with Fabregas pulling the strings behind them.
  6. I love both of the cups and everything about them. The away allocations are buffers so 4000 of us up in Norwich is going to be great. COYB
  7. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some rotation due to the cup semi final soon after. Willy Rudi Ampadu Dave Zappacosta Drinkwater Fabregas Kennedy Pedro Batshuayi Willian
  8. We should bring on Willian for Moses if nothing changes, he will get the beating of maitland Nile’s
  9. Is it just me who thinks bakayoko was a bit of a waste of space in the first half? Didn’t do anything defensively or going forward?
  10. Think we will get win in this one. I think Willian fully deserves to start so we will go for a 3-4-3. I would also go for Drinkwater in midfield with Kante. Have been really surprised by Drinkwater since we signed him. COYB
  11. Jamesc88

    Alvaro Morata

    This is exactly what I think. How many people genuinely sung that song to offend Jewish people? I don't think the song should be sung again but I don't think any bans need to be put in place.
  12. Jamesc88

    Alvaro Morata

    I understand both sides of this. I get that the term shouldn't be used and everything like that but at the same time of spurs want to give themselves that nick name then the chant is only indicating that morata hates spurs. The chant in no way is designed to be racist towards anyway. However I do think that the chant shouldn't be used again at any other games and both spurs, Chelsea and all fans should get rid of that chant from football. Also I'm not looking for an argument from anyone just putting my views out there and by no way am I racist. I just wanted to hear other people's views.
  13. Jamesc88

    Alvaro Morata

    Hi Everyone I just wanted to see what everyone has been thinking about the reaction to the morata chant that was sung at Leicester using the word that spurs fan call them selves all the time? Apparently there will be bans for any fans seen singing the song? Which means the whole away end is expecting a ban I'd imagine?