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  1. If there's one person I'd like to replace Hazard this season it's Dybala. Not in terms of positional replacement but someone who has the ability to play as a deep forward and link up with play. Having a front 3 or CHO Dybala Pulisic would be quite exciting and I think he would adapt well to Sarris system. I've always found our strikers just getting lost in play this season. They have to come deep looking for it as we just go side to side and only on a few occasions we are pretty direct. With Alergri going this season I guess he's more likely to stay but I imagine he would be a perfect Griezman replacement also.
  2. Utd after Zouma according to L'Equipe.
  3. Michy to Valencia is picking up some pace. Real shame if that happens, I think he can be our main man this season. Do we get someone in to replace him or are we looking at Morata, Giroud and Tammy this season?
  4. What a difference a day makes. So after the news I guess it will be something more like this. Kepa Azpi/Moses Rudiger/Cahill Christensen/Luiz Emerson/Alonso Jorginho/Drinkwater Kante/Kovacic Fab/RLC/Barkley Willian/Pedro/Moses Batshuayi/Morata/Giroud Hazard/Odoi I am sure there will be outgoings and I guess Bakayoko will be the first on his way. I don't expect us to sign anymore players unless Willian leaves but I think that ship has sailed. We look stronger in midfield with Kovacic and hopefully he will have a point to prove. Hopefully patience is shown with Kepa, De Gea wasen't seen the same way as he is now when he first arrived in England. My only worry is goals and i'm sure the same thought is shared amongst others. I'd like to show faith in Morata but I fear he's going to show much of the same as last season, Giroud is a useful player but he's not going to be that out and out goal scorer we need. Then there's Michy, I think he has to be given a chance. He got given it at Dortmund and he produced the goods. If he gets sent on loan then we must bring in someone because I don't think Morata or Tammy will be up to the task. Then again, is there anyone who can we can bring in? That guy may of just signed for Milan.
  5. Can only really see this happening if Willian leaves. If Willian stays and Michy leaves then maybe we will be after a striker instead. I want Morata to succeed here but I'd be more confident with Michy leading the line but I found it worrying that he didn't get pre-season minutes last night.
  6. Rumours Bakayoko has been approached by AC Milan for a loan with an option to buy.
  7. What if Sari got hired earlier and what If he signed Tibos replacement was signed before the world cup. We would be in no rush to get a replacement in and we would have time to negotiate a price for him. Now we are left in limbo and we are likely forced to sell. Stoke will no doubt overprice Butland to take advantage of the lack of time left in the window.
  8. It's extremely unprofessional for his part and he hasn't helped this situation at all but the writing has been on the wall for a while now. We have failed to prepare for this outcome and the club should of known that there's a high possibility that this could happen and now we are forced into a panic buy. There's plenty of blame to go around and a lot of it falls on Tibos shoulders but as a club we've had a summer window to act and we haven't.
  9. He's gone AWOL because we probably told him that we are going to get a replacement in and we haven't. It's a lack of professionalism on his part but the board should of been prepared for this situation. The signs were all there that he's wanted out for a while due to family reasons and we have had plenty of time to get a replacement sorted and have this run smoothly. Now we have a couple of days to get a replacement in and it's a good chance that the replacement will be a championship keeper who has not been picked up by anyone else. Real Madrid have taken advantage of our incompetence, they have a quality keeper who he's going to replace. There seems no sign of movement for him and we failed to pay what Liverpool paid for Alisson. After that Mourinho season, Conte worked wonders. Then we sold Matic, Costa and replaced them with a one season wonder in Bakayoko and a super sub in Morata. Now we are on the verge of selling Tibo and Hazards contract situation remains unsure and even more unsure now with Tibo forcing a moving. We have lost a title winning spine and there's a very strong chance that our best player will be gone next season also. The situation we are in now is down to poor management from the board. We've replaced top quality players with average and we are doing the same with this deal. If history tells us anything Sari won't get the time either. Lets hope he does and he can work wonders like Conte did. I usually don't like to moan but the signs have been here for a couple of years.
  10. We've got ourselves into this mess by not selling him sooner. All the signs were there and It's the same with Conte. We should of sacked him earlier if our intentions were always Sari. Now we have Butland as the favourite to step in, there is no time to pursue other targets. Butland is the easy option. We've have got into a habit of leaving things to the last minute lately and we are interested in replacing the best keeper at the World Cup with a keeper playing in the Championship. That's the reality of the situation. We should of sold him a lot sooner and been more vigorous in pursuing someone like Alisson. I am not ruling out Butland or whoever as a success for us but we've left it too late and that is becoming a common theme. Whoever is handling transfers for us over the past couple of seasons needs to buck up or step down. It seems we are trying our hardest to save money in certain situations and then we go blow it on signings that take us backwards and not forwards.
  11. Apparently the official premier league website have him listed as on loan to palace again this season. Here's the link https://www.premierleague.com/players/5179/Ruben-Loftus-Cheek/overview
  12. I am generally happy with the squad we have now. Of course wanting more signings is understandable and I really don't think the board have helped Sarri that much apart from Jorginho. We should of employed him earlier and not messed around with that whole situation with Conte. My worry is that he won't be given time and the board will expect instant success with him. Top 4 will be the toughest it's ever been this season and the EL is not an easy feat, If the board are not patient with him after failing to back him in the transfer window then the board need to look at themselves a little. As much as Willian frustrates me sometimes, I don't think we can let him leave. There's not a lot of replacements out there that are attainable for us with so little time left in the window. This is my predicted line up if Courtois leaves which I think is looking likely. Kasper Azpi/Moses Rudiger Christensen/Luiz Emerson/Alonso Jorginho/Drinkwater Kante/Bakayoko Fab/RLC/Barkley Willian/Pedro/Moses Batshuayi/Morata/Giroud Hazard/Odoi That's a pretty decent squad on paper and our first 11 could rival anyone but as soon as injuries creep in then we are looking quite vulnerable. Kante worries me, yesterday we didn't have any energy in that midfield. He's such a big difference to have in any team and he's a bigger miss for us than Hazard. Once again though, if one of the best GKs in the world leaves us. Are we weaker or strong than last season? In terms of signings over the next couple of days I am not expecting much apart from a Goalkeeper. Kasper seems the obvious choice as Leicester have a replacement already brought in. Anyone else would be a bonus, but they would have to be of certain quality. There's not point stockpiling players like Zappacosta and Drinkwater. That's nearly 60m on 2 players that won't feature that much this season. Martial would be a big signing but we would need him to play through the middle and that would mean one of Michy/Giroud would leave. So who knows what will happen over the next couple of days. -
  13. Whoever we sign. I imagine his distribution will be a big factor. Whatever we do, we can not go into next season with Caballero as our number 1. That would be a disaster. My vote goes for Kasper as a short term fix if Courtoiis leaves.
  14. With the new manager in place you could argue it's the perfect time to change that if he wants to leave.
  15. If they did offer around 200m for him then I would be in the camp of selling him. I think he's been a fantastic player for us but if he wants to leave and we should sell him now and avoid having it drag on like Sanchez and Arsenal. The timing is not ideal but we have a new manager, I'd like to him to build around players who are going to be here for the next couple of seasons (if he doesn't get sacked) It's tough too buy a replacement for him and it's also tough to put trust in the board to replace him with quality. I do think there's players out there that can fill his boots and certainty players with the potential. They don't have to play in his position but we could potentially sign someone just as effective elsewhere. If he did leave, others would need to step up but signing someone like Martial and giving him a long run of games I feel could be an effective purchase for us. Will he have the same effect as hazard? Doubtful but I think he's enough to achieve our goals. It really depends how the board use the money if we sold him. We could buy 2-3 top quality players with huge potential with that sort of money. This is all if he wants to leave that is. Different story if he's unsure. The big big players are a bit unrealistic for us, it's tough to buy the likes of Isco because he's an important part of that squad and will require a huge fee close to Hazards. The only one I would test the waters in bidding on is Dybala, with their Ronaldo purchase they surely need to clear up funds. Though it seems like we are helping them with Rugani and Higuain. If he did get sold now for a huge fee and we bought 2 £60 - 100m quality players for the amount we got for Hazard and they had time to grow with the rest of the squad under Sarri for his time here. I dont think that's a bad thing. Liverpool got lucky with Salah but they spent wisely with the Coutinho money they received.

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