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  1. They are doing a job on us tonight. For all the money we’ve spent going forward we really do lack imagination in these situations. Callum is the only one who can make something out of nothing right now.
  2. I meant more as in our attacking midfielders. We potentially have 7 to fit 2 positions. I know we have alot of games coming up but 7 of those players are young and ambitious and want to start every game. Mount, Havertz, Werner, CHO, Ziyech, Pulisic, RLC Its a good problem to have and Tuchel seems to handle it well though its still a problem. RLC may get sold or loaned but I think Callum will be the likely one not to feature alot this season unless a few injuries pile up.
  3. Could we see a change in system for Lukaku? Potentially 2 up top with Werner and Havertz/Mount in behind. We are so top heavy in terms of attacking talent and its going to be a tough job for Tuchel to keep people happy.
  4. This worries me a little. In previous seasons we have had Giroud to fall back on. Werner/Havertz as a back up striker doesn’t fill me with confidence against teams who like to sit back. If Lukaku picks up an injury we then we have no natural number 9 to cover. We are quite comfortable in defence now that chalobah is coming through. We need Kante/Lukaku cover.
  5. Though Lukaku is not everyones first choice. Haaland seems out of reach and Kane is not happening. So who else is out there? I think he's just our only option.
  6. I think the problem here is that we can't get rid of the likes of Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Barkley and Bakayoko on the wages they have. I can only see us getting a fee for one of Emerson/Alonso. We are paying for bad recruitment. If we want funds to sign top players then our youth has the most value. Ideally he would of been a good replacement for Silva/Zouma the season after next but you cant blame him if he wants to play consistantly. This also maybe a controversial opinion but I think if we employed Lampard without a ban he would of signed players instead of promoting youth. He knows what its like first hand to be at a club that demands constant success.
  7. I get he has some limitations like his pace but I think we should be looking further forward in terms of what’s costing us games. Kai, Mount, Werner, Ziyech and co numbers were pretty lacklustre in the league for the quality they have. Jorginho was top scorer with 7 goals. We were solid at the back when Tuchel come in and Kante and Jorginho were apart of that. Top 4 finish would been more comfortable if our attacking players turned up more often. If we signed a midfielder it would be to have the quality to cover Kante not Jorginho. As Kantes injuries are catching up with him.
  8. Jorginho is currently undropable for Italy he's so vital to the way they play. He's literally the first name on the teamsheet next to Donnarumma. Sarri, Tuchel, Mancini, Lampard all played him and he's won a number of trophies with us. His italian teammates think he be should in contention for the Ballon Dor and Veratti calls him untouchable. Mancini built his Italian team around him. I dont think anyone has a convincing argument that he's not a quality player. I just think he's not your typical holding midfielder and when things go bad he's the easy scapegoat.
  9. Close to signing for City for 100m apparently.
  10. Don’t want to derail the hakami thread but agreed. We have some amazing young players but let’s not call them world class. There’s a very good chance they will be in a few years. The only world class player we have in my opinion is Kante. He would walk into any team on the planet. Others wouldn’t. We have a team full of potential.
  11. I don’t get the love in for Declan Rice personally. No where near Kante in terms of ability or Jorginho in what he brings to a team. I’d even say he’s not close to Kova. Gilmour has a bright future. Jorginho has his faults but he controls the way we and Italy play. He’s a big part of us winning the champions league. He’s showing his quality right now and proving his doubters wrong. I’m not saying we should not go for him in the future but I don’t think Rice is better than what we have now and certainly doesn’t warrant the fee.
  12. No doubt he'd be incredible but If he smashes our wage structure then that's asking for trouble. He's younger than most of the squad and could be paid twice as much. As a fan it would be great to see him at the club but isn't this just asking for trouble? I guess its the way football is now, Aguero would be worth this much in his Atletico days. He's got an elite mentality and a dick of an agent. If he has that Barca, Madrid dream then he could be off in a few years when his contract runs down. The Donnarumma situation is just an example of how we need to avoid his agent. I still think we'd be incredibly competitive with a different number 9 for a fraction of the fee.
  13. I still think Belotti is the best option that’s currently available. Mourinho is after him. Will likely cost only 20 - 25m. These days that’s not a big risk. He’s a bull upfront. Consistently scores in a poor side and when Torino were good he put in a great season. He’s their captain and has leadership qualities. It will be interesting to see what happens at the Euros. There’s going to be a few lesser big names that will shine and Belotti could be one of them if immobile has a weak start. If we want someone to score 15+ goals a season then he’s a no brainer. This is all if we can’t land someone like Haaland and if Tuchel still doesn’t rate Tammy.
  14. Apparently we are interested in Saul Niguez from Atletico.
  15. I think that's going to be the problem with any Premier League/English striker. We may have to pay over the odds for an Ings/Watkins and you may aswell just keep Tammy. If we can't buy one of the big guns we should likely shop in Europe or just keep what we have. Why buy Watkins for like 60m and sell Tammy for 35 - 40? Doesn't make sense to me.
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