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  1. You don't take Jorginho off for a poor 45 mins and leave Gilmour on. He's been good under Tuchel and he's important to the way we play. If you take him off you risk his confidence taking a turn and he's likely going to be important for us in the CL final and the run in. Gilmour is young and has time on his side. He's not starting the CL final, he's playing now because of the fixture congestion and the risk of not injuring Kante. Its not hard to understand the manager picking someone with experience to get them back in the game. I was fully expecting Gilmour to get subbed. The problem
  2. I think the problem is there's not alot of finished articles out there. In terms of age and price. Lukaku, Halaand, Kane? You either spend big on one of those or you risk buying someone like Andrea Belotti who could do it but there's a risk as he hasent had that challenge yet. Though why would you spend 30 - 60m on a striker when you can just stick it out with Tammy? If we dont sign one of the big 3 that I mentioned I dont see us buying a striker next window. Though you do have the you have the Aguero options, 2 year contract and likely on big wages but there's no sizeable fee attatched.
  3. Its leaving your domestic league behind and having no respect for your rivals. Being apart of this elite group pockets us revenue that the likes of Leciester, Wolves and co will not be able to obtain. It destroys our league. We are currently not a guarentee to have Champions League football, same with Spurs and Arsenal. The arrogance of the club to think we are better than the 14 other clubs in the division and the rest of the EFL and join this selective few is astounding. We deserve to get booted out. There's no defending this.
  4. Which is the problem for me. Why should these clubs have the right to be permenant in this league where the others have to work for it. Everton, Leciester, Napoli, Valencia? All these clubs and some that are struggling financially. We pocket ourselves an extra 400m a year while these clubs dont because they are not seen as an "elite" club. Its astonishing arrogance. We've heard reports of the likes of Madrid and Barcelona rack up debts over the pandemic. This is them saving themselves while not giving a sh*t about the others. The gulf between these clubs and the rest of the league will wi
  5. We should get booted out of the champions league and deducted points. To think as a club we have a right to be in this elite group no matter what is a disgrace. It's not even remotely fair to the rest of our league. We pocket 400m a season where the likes of Leciester don't because we are a super club? Rubbish. I feel for players and staff whos hard work could be about to go tits up.
  6. Official club statement has been released. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/04/18/club-statement Madness.
  7. Any team predictions? Im interested to see who starts up top. Im expecting it to be Timo and Mount as inside forwards but I am curious if we will see Havertz instead of Giroud. Judging by his recent press conferences I dont think we will be seeing Tammy start. Werner - Havertz - Mount Kante - Kovavic Chillwell James Rudiger - Christensen - Azpi Mendy I'd like CHO to play but im not sure if we're going to have a little more defensive thinking wing
  8. Anyone can beat anyone in this league and Burnley have showed that. I'm not getting carried away by beating them. A few weeks ago it would of been a nervy game for us. Like the Fulham game. It was encouraging to see us control and dominate the game. It gives us confidence going into the big game on Thursday now and hopefully we can repeat that performance against a Spurs side without Kane.
  9. We are currently a team out of form finding our way under a new manager and they have just come off two big wins against villa and Liverpool full of confidence and they didnt have a sniff. It was an impressive dominate performance.
  10. They have just come off with 2 wins against villa and Liverpool. It maybe Burnley but it was pretty impressive how we dominated them like that.
  11. Like it or not some managers seem to believe they can get a tune out of Jorginho. Lampard made him vice captain in his first season and when Kante is back that midfield likely won't appear again. Gilmour is not going to start tonight as he's likely going out on loan. He wouldn't of started under Lampard either. That pivot frustrates me but it has a safe look about it when you have 3 at the back. He admitted he went with experience tonight and there's no doubt that Mount will be a very important chelsea player going forward. If Mount consistently impressed Lampard in training he will like
  12. As someone who was very much Lampard in. Tuchel has had 1 session. Those chances will come when he's had more sessions to work with the team. Give the guy a break. When Pep came into the league most games were like the one we saw tonight. All the possession without the bite. If we can control teams like that after 1 training session and improve on our chance creation im all for that sort of football. If Lampard was taking the team tonight the game would of been alot more eventful but likely we would of gone done on the counter by Neto again.
  13. It's gonna take a few games to see what the plan is. From what I can take away from that game is that Callum looked bright and I wish thiago silva was 5 years younger and he was with us for a long time. Comfortably one of the best cbs in the world even at his age.
  14. Tammy has come out and defended Rudiger and calling it nonsense. Ignore the chelsea twitter community. Alot of nobodies seeking their own fame and thinking they are important to the club and the fan base.
  15. Id be shocked if the likes of Mount and James don't get game time. Frank established them as England internationals. Tuchel can't be that stupid. The only one I fear for is Tammy because of the competition he has in his place.
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