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  1. Kovavic, Jorginho, Gilmour and even Kante in my opinion are not holding midfielders. It's cost us this season that we haven't brought someone in and we bought luxury players. So many times we've looked so open this year. That midfield tonight was so lightweight. Our main structure of play comes from overlapping fullbacks for the cross and we bought Timo Werner? I so wanted lampard to succeed but I think it's all done now. I hope we don't bring in an interim. Bring in someone like Tuchel now. See if he can turn it around. This league is so open and top 4 is still up for grabs. Look
  2. I've always backed Frank. I want him to succeed but unlike other clubs we are quicker to pull the trigger. We've spent alot of money on quality players. The problem is for me is that I don't see any sign of improvement in the way we play and our discipline. It's hard to compare coaches right now as Frank is still very much a junior in the job. Pep has a style and even with a side ravaged with covid and injuries they will still play his way. Most top coaches have an identity. How do Chelsea play right now? I want him to stay and get time but I wouldn't be surprised if something happens ov
  3. I could see Barkley being the one to force this move, Euros end of this season and he needs constant game time to get in the England squad. Though I can only repeat what others have said, Im surprised it was him and not RLC.
  4. I expect us to play with 2 8s in a 433. --------------------Werner---------------------- Pulisic-----------------------------------Ziyech -------------------------------------------- ------------Mount-----------Havertz---------- --------------------- Kante ------------------- Chilwell-------------------------------------Azpi ------------Zouma------------T. Silva--------- --------------------- ?????? ---------------------- I see us setting up something like this. We're going to have a lot of competition for places now and apart from the keeper my only concern is if Ka
  5. Its been reported now that we've given up looking for a replacement and Giroud is staying
  6. Why don't we just promote Giroud to 2nd choice. He offers more to the team than Michy and we have obviously left it to late in the window. Instead of panic buying let Giroud play his way into the team.
  7. I think there's a few fingers pointing at various different people tonight but this has been a long time coming. The kids are not good enough yet but some of them have been our star performers this season. 3 of them played in the championship last year. My finger is pointing at our recruitment over the last few years. Our squad is mentality weak, lacks creativity, strength and personality. Our only world class player is playing in a position to hide the limations of jorginho. We lost huge players over the years in Hazard, Costa, Matic, Fabregas, Terry, Cahill and Cortouis and replaced som
  8. The Standard reported he's on crazy wages and he would need to take a big pay cut. If we kept him on the same wages as he is now at PSG for 18months it would cost us around 50 million all together including a fee.
  9. He's probably looking at one last big pay cheque and a decent length of contract. I don't see us giving him either of those.
  10. We should be looking at his international team mate Andrea Belotti. We were heavily linked with him when we wanted Morata and he went off the boil a little after an injury, he's back in form again now and hes much more than a goalscorer to their team. Its pretty obvious Werner is the number 1 target it but I fear the club will lose out on him because he's outscoring Lewandowski right now and if a club like Madrid or even Liverpool come calling in the summer I don't think we can compete unless we offer him obscene wages. Frank has mentioned no knee-jerk signings but it's tough in January b
  11. What I see happening. Ake and one of Werner/Dembele in January. Sancho for the summer. Pedro, Giroud and one of Alonso/Emerson sold with Ake in mind as cover for LB.
  12. Think we need a little perspective. First game of the season against Utd is tough fixture especially since they have a lot to prove this season. We were never going to come out flying, this team needs a few months to find it's rhythm and build confidence. Though I did think the initial line up was a little odd, Pulisic should of started as he's one of the fittest out there in terms of match fitness and a pivot of Jorginho and Kovavic against that team was suicide. Kante surely could of had 60 minutes in him. We needed that bit of strength and security in the middle of the park. It will b
  13. Pretty much this. We have no choice but to keep him around.
  14. If there's one person I'd like to replace Hazard this season it's Dybala. Not in terms of positional replacement but someone who has the ability to play as a deep forward and link up with play. Having a front 3 or CHO Dybala Pulisic would be quite exciting and I think he would adapt well to Sarris system. I've always found our strikers just getting lost in play this season. They have to come deep looking for it as we just go side to side and only on a few occasions we are pretty direct. With Alergri going this season I guess he's more likely to stay but I imagine he would be a perfec
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