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  1. We will win, we always perform well regardless of form in these kind of big games.
  2. Bit of an extreme reaction but I understand the frustration behind it.
  3. In a game where none of our defenders played well it takes a special level of bad to make Zouma stand out. I keep repeating myself but he's just not good enough. I feel like he keeps getting into the team more for his height than his actual defending ability.
  4. I'm a fan of Jorginho and have defended him multiple times but there's no defending his performance today. Absolutely shocking, his worse in a Chelsea shirt yet.
  5. No matter our form going into the match, I'm always confident when we face the big teams. We won't get battered, most likely be a 1 nil that can go either way.
  6. If it's not already then top 4 should be the clubs main priority. We don't have the quality offensively to challenge for the CL. We had a very winnable game here, no need to change what has been working. You rest Jorginho v Atletico and Man Utd, not Southampton.
  7. I wouldn't sell him, just keep him on the bench until we need him against the likes of Atletico, City, etc.
  8. Wait a second, how on earth have West Ham snuck into 5th place? Only 1 point behind us with a game in hand
  9. Not sure why Tomori wasn't above him in the pecking order under Lampard, he's never going to be anything more than average at best.
  10. He's not terrible defensively. He's just slow, there's a difference. His interceptions and positioning is top notch, just in this league you need pace to go along with that.
  11. Why he did not start? Has Tuchel come out with a reason yet? I'm not saying Joringho starting would have made Zouma be any less stupid (Perhaps might have done if rumours of his leaderships qualities are to be believe but I doubt it), just saying there was no reason to change what has already been working so well. If he is tired then you start him and take him off around 60/70 mins, as much as I like him Jorginho isn't someone you bring on when you are looking to change the game/grab a goal.
  12. I assume he put Zouma there cause it gives him better passing options which suit his limited ability on the ball.
  13. I've never been a fan to be honest even though he has put in some good performances in the past. He's a decent squad option but should not be a starter for a team that wants to win titles.
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