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  1. Remodez

    Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!

    No. Should have sold him after his Stoke loan.
  2. Remodez

    We've got a new Kepa

    The shot going through his leg was the only really bad moment I've seen from him so far. Even after watching those highlights provided above, I still think Kepa has been good so far. Not £70m good but you would be hard pressed to find a player that shows such value for money in a short period of time.
  3. Remodez

    Andreas Christensen

    I have no idea who this imposer is but it's not the Christensen I know.
  4. Remodez

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    He's never going to play for us again. Makes it all the more strange that we didn't just accept the Dortmund offer.
  5. Remodez

    Andreas Christensen

    Both ideally but I've always preferred Ake as his passing is more adventurous and he can play multiple positions.
  6. Remodez

    Andreas Christensen

    City have like 100 players and manage to keep them all happy cause they rotate frequently.
  7. Remodez

    Andreas Christensen

    I think we will regret it if we sold him. I love Luiz but it would be very short sighted to rely on him. Problem is we, in general, don't rotate enough. There should be more than enough games for Christensen here.
  8. Remodez

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He's been subbed in twice in 4 games, that's more than I thought he would get so promising signs so far.
  9. Remodez

    Marcos Alonso

    I think this will be a similar situation to Mata and Dave where they just don't fit the way Spain play as they are too direct. I might be proven wrong though.
  10. Remodez

    Lucas Piazon

    I'm pretty sure Blackburn made an offer for him about 4 years ago after a very good loan spell but he signed a new deal with us instead. I remember seeing an interview with him and he was talking about how much he loves the club, a real proper fan living the dream of being a Chelsea player. It made me sad. He's, technically, our longest serving player. I hope he gets rewarded for his loyalty at some stage, even if it's like 10 mins in a dead rubber game. Just giving him 1 app will mean the world to him.
  11. Remodez

    Lucas Piazon

    Todd Kane in particular is never going to leave, you'll have to literally drag him out the club kicking and screaming. Admire his loyalty but he should have accepted reality quite some time ago. Won't be surprised if he's still here at 30 going out on loans.
  12. Remodez

    Tammy Abraham

    £25m???? What? I know it's Spurs but that's a lot of money for Abraham.
  13. Remodez

    Lucas Piazon

    Wasn't it Emenalo that was pushing this hard and actually scouting the players to be recruited? Not surprising that we have started to drift away in that case.
  14. Remodez

    Lucas Piazon

    We do make a profit in the long run but it's just that, a long and cumbersome process. Don't quote me here on the accuracy of the numbers but using Piazon as an example, we paid £5m for him with bonuses taking it up to a potential £10m. No idea what those bonuses are but I think it's safe to say he has not triggered them seeing as he's barely played for us so we will stick with the £5m figure. When you take the into account the loan fees each club would have paid for taking him on loan each year, it does add up. I highly doubt Viteese paid a loan fee given our connections so we can ignore them and focus on the 4 other loans Piazon has had. We could have got anywhere from £1m to £3m in loan fees from them, which is already half way to paying off his transfer fee. When he's sold we could probably still get £5m for him, he's a decent championship player afterall, at the very least he's not leaving for less than £1m in this market you would imagine so we would have still made a profit overall. I can see why it's done, it's a safe reliable method but it's a business model that could do with some huge improvements.
  15. Remodez

    Lucas Piazon

    I think it's a poor reflection on modern football but I don't particular blame the club, they don't force the players to accept these terms. They are free to leave if they really wanted to escape the loan farm. As touched on above, my main problem with it though is that if you're going to do go ahead with this business model then you should be as efficient/effective as possible instead of settling for tiny profits. We should be targeting pretty much sure things like we did with KDB, Lukaku, Tibo, etc in the hopes of getting huge profits afterwards instead of wasting money on the likes of Piazon, etc.