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  1. Remodez

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Well, no. In order to loan someone out the player has to be registered with the parent club, if we can't register them then we can't loan them.
  2. Remodez

    Sarri - In or Out?

    I'm still backing Sarri. Never been a fan of sacking a manager after just one season unless it's a complete and utter meltdown of a season. Talking like relegation stuff here.
  3. Remodez

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Oh, I agree. The sub itself was fine but the player being Zappacosta is probably what makes it baffling. I think even Emerson at RB would have been a better choice. Unfortunately Sarri sort of backed himself into a corner there (slightly understandable, Zappacosta is a bit sh*t) and decided to gamble and hope for the best.
  4. Remodez

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Depends on what the manager thinks the issue is. If it's actually creating chances then they are more likely to switch fullbacks to change up the build up play, if it's just finishing then the additional striker comes on. I don't know how many times but Poch was praised by the media for bringing on Rose for Lamela v Newcastle and winning the game.
  5. Remodez

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Swapping a more defensive full back for a more attacking fullback is a fairly box standard thing done by all managers.
  6. Remodez

    Sarri - In or Out?

    After the way we treated Conte I wouldn't be surprised to see Sarri sacked.
  7. Remodez

    Eden Hazard

    No doubting his talent but his constant references to Real Madrid have sort of tarnished his legacy for me. Fully ready to admit that's just me being petty but I can't shake it nonetheless.
  8. Remodez

    Eden Hazard

    I actually don't care if he leaves. Might even force us to start being/building more of a team instead of relying on Hazard.
  9. Remodez

    Loan system

    We paid between £5m to £10m for Piazon 6 years ago and he's not improved in any regard apart from age. He doesn't even look like a Championship player. His contract is also up in the summer but assuming it wasn't, there's no way Maria could trick a club into paying £7m for Piazon.
  10. Remodez

    Loan system

    I think you are being extremely generous mate.
  11. Remodez

    Loan system

    Majority of those on loan are youth players from the academy. The reason it looks bad is cause, for whatever reason, we don't see the value in selling our youth and would prefer to keep loaning them out so each year as another turns 18/19 the loaned list gets bigger and bigger. Having said that, certain players really don't help themselves. I can't speak for the others but I know that Kane in particular refuses to leave Chelsea. He could have joined Blackburn years ago and would have developed into a better player than he is now. You would have to drag him out kicking and screaming before he leaves Chelsea. I admire his loyalty to the club and he's obviously a die hard fan but he's clearly never going to make an appearance for us.
  12. Remodez

    Krzysztof Piatek (Genoa)

    The last thing we needed was another unproven/high potential striker. We needed a sure thing and we have that with Higuain. Once he's been here for a year or two then we can look at getting the likes of Piatek for rotation.
  13. Remodez


    Nice theory but falls apart once you remember that Jose (or was it Conte?) already experimented with Willian in a center mid role and it was a spectacular failure. Different manages and tactics I know but I don't want to witness it again.
  14. Remodez

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Outside of the goal difference (which was only really affect due to this game otherwise ours would have been 4th best), this is exactly what has happened in my opinion which is why I am not concerned. I don't want to repeat what Yorkley has already said but we are in every competition, in a final, are the 6th highest with goals scored, which is about where we should be with the players we have atm and 3rd best defense in terms of goals conceded. The football has, overall, been an improvement over what Conte provided in his final season. I agree it's all gone tits up as of late but it's not cause for panic just yet. There's still plenty of time to smooth things out.
  15. Remodez

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Only 3 points worse? Would have thought it was more with the way people are reacting in here.