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  1. He is absolutely vital and the stats reflect it. Played the most through balls in the league by quite some distance. The only thing I'm concerned about is that he won't be here for much longer so we should really be building up Christensen's confidence with regular games next to Luiz so that he can eventually take over when Luiz leaves.
  2. Didn't Ruben himself say Sarri pushed him to do better or something along those lines? Sarri definitely had an impact on his development, can't take that away from him.
  3. That's why he needs a good run of games to build up his confidence cause he wasn't like that in Germany and Pep wouldn't be a fan of his if he was.
  4. Surprised no one is talking about Jorginho after his performance yesterday. He was fantastic
  5. You can't drop Luiz though until Christensen is fully developed. Luiz is a vital part of the system Sarri wants to play.
  6. Eventually once Christensen has developed the confidence and has regular game time under his belt that would be the case but Luiz is too important to the system and how Sarri wants to play to be dropped.
  7. I think he can consider himself unlucky to have been benched by Rudiger for so long. Rudiger is good but Christensen has the potential to be much better.
  8. I said from the start he seems like he's just there to make up the numbers and move the ball around with minimal fuss and now near the end of the season he's not done anything of note that's made me change my mind. I can only remember him making one great pass the whole time he's been here. He's a squad player being forced into a starting XI role cause our other options are so bad.
  9. The fact that he even starts for us is very concerning and tells you all you need to know about the quality currently in our midfield. He's simply not good enough. I have no idea what Southgate whispers into his ear before the game starts that turns him into an actual good footballer. I can't fault Barkley too much though cause he does try his best and gives it 100%.
  10. Or maybe they know Sarri is gone so don't want to keep Higuain?
  11. I don't think he's been bad personally and with the players we have I think expecting him to be racking up goals is a bit much. He's the only striker we've had since Costa that actually looks like he wants to score, gets into good positions and can actually create a chance for himself. I recall him being a bit unlucky with good saves on a few occasions.
  12. Well said. It's an old and lazy argument that fails to take into consideration that we are unable to help youngsters take the next step in the most crucial stage of their development.
  13. Surprised to see so many people who want him out this passionately. I long accepted that we would be in for a rough ride to begin with but it would be worth it in the long run and I hope the board see it the same way otherwise what was the point of hiring Sarri in the first place. The only critique I would have of Sarri is the handling of CHO but we don't know what has gone on behind the scenes there.
  14. Not to the same extent which is why he was less affected. Rudiger's concentration and reading of the game is much better than Zouma's ever was. Rudiger can also pass a ball.
  15. Zouma relied on his speed and strength rather than defensive ability so he was always one injury away from fading away into averageness.

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