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  1. To be honest performances like these is more along the lines of what I was expecting after such an injury. He'll come good without a doubt but he's gonna need more gametime to show it.
  2. CHO at least has potential on his side and can be excused given his return from injury and youth. I also think Lampard made a mistake in not giving Pedro more of a chance. Pedro isn't anything spectacular but he gives you far more consistent performances and is a goal threat unlike Willian who gives you about 2 months of good form/performances and ranges wildly from average to terrible for the rest of the season.
  3. He's not having a sh*t season and that's what I mean by singling him out. He's had a bad month or so, he's been fine for most of the season.
  4. I said Ake was better than Zouma and Christensen years ago and no one believed me!
  5. I'm not going to blame him solely for that goal. Zouma was simply not prepared to receive the pass, for whatever reason. It's a bad pass but if he was actually paying attention it would have been salvageable. The goal just sums up the lack of leadership/communication in that back line. It's hard to single out Kepa for the entire defence being bad,
  6. Is Emerson in the age of development? I think he just needs to play. He is a starter for Italy and Chelsea. Just recovering from injury and his form is down currently. That's what I meant by development. He needs a run of games to prove himself, he's not really had that since he joined. If he's not good enough by the end of the season then by all means sign Chillwell but he should be given a chance at least.
  7. He would do a good job in both roles, also allows us to give Emerson more chances to develop.
  8. We should definitely snap up Ake. Maybe yet another back up striker?
  9. I think he's been fine? I don't understand the criticism. As good as he can be with the changing of defenders and our attacking nature.
  10. Jose himself once said "Once you join a rival, the love story ends". I couldn't agree more.
  11. I hope the club gives him the mental support he needs, it's not his fault he's not good enough for us.
  12. Why on earth did he get picked over Christensen?
  13. He's been better than I expected so I'm happy.
  14. Nothing to do with height, I just don't think he has the ability to read the game well in center back in the same vein as someone like Ake who is also pretty short.
  15. If we are going to be having our full backs bombing forward and pressuring for the full 90 mins I would rather play Alonso as he's a far better attacking threat.

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