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  1. Not the worse squad player to have in all fairness., just keep him away from the starting XI.
  2. We've fallen for this before already, lets hope we don't make the same mistake again. Appreciate his time here but its time to move on if we are going to improve.
  3. He has to play simply cause he allows us greater ball retention. Not suggesting he would have prevented us from conceding but he would have at the very least taken off some pressure from our defence.
  4. I still believe he is a very good defender but he requires leadership from his CB partner. Doesn't help that his left back generally leaves him isolated but I'm not going to blame Alonso, that's his most likely how he's instructed to play and he plays is very well for the most part.
  5. Is Jorginho going to serve the longest suspension in PL history?
  6. That was probably his best game since at the club. I'm actually surprised he had to brain capacity and vision to make that first time pass for Pedro. Perhaps there is something to him playing further back instead of butchering our front 3.
  7. He is literally just a Brazilian Marcos Alonso, which is fine as I like Alonso but I would have thought we would be looking for a left back that's a bit more defensively solid. No way should we pay £40m for him, Porto are just trying to save face after their recent transfer mess ups. A player like Telles is worth £30m max, with his current contract situation an offer of £20m would be more reasonable.
  8. You would be hard pressed to find a better back up striker but I was always under the impression that he was looking to be a starter/more regular play time which is why he left Arsenal.
  9. Not sure why we are breaking our 1 year rule for over 30 players for Willian. He's lucky he's even being offered 2 years!
  10. I see no reason to keep Zouma, at least Christensen and Tomori still look like going on to be top players either with us or elsewhere.
  11. A player like Christensen is never going to struggle playing in a 3 at the back system, he could do it in his sleep. The problems start to arise when in a back 4 and I think this supports my view that he lacks confidence, either in himself or the whole defence when playing in a back 4 cause when he just does what is natural to him he puts in performances like this.
  12. I'm prepared to get laughed at but I honestly can't think of a wing back as good as Alonso, his movement when he plays there is just a joy to watch. His shots are always so crisp as well, has really good technique.
  13. I have no problems keeping him for the odd run out against league 1 and 2 sides in the cups but I doubt he would be happy with that.
  14. Individually our center backs are fine (Not a fan of Zouma personally but he's not been as terrible as I expected he would be), it's just the only combination that actually compliment each other well for the system Frank wants is Rudiger and Tomori. The others are just awkward when paired together. Our right backs are very good no complaints there but the left backs are just dreadful.
  15. He still offers far more to the team than Batshuayi ever did. In the big games with Tammy out, I would go with Giroud everytime.

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