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  1. I mean he's not been directly at fault but he's also been caught out on the counter like everyone else.
  2. If he doesn't bring his workrate he's just a waste of space unfortunately. Was a bit embarrassing seeing him with the number 10 after that performance.
  3. A bit naïve with the constant pressing, especially considering we don't really have that many players at the moment. Either need to reign it in or finish the chances we make, which isn't likely with our current strike force.
  4. Good thing you aren't in charge then. A win and a good performance there will provide some much needed confidence boost.
  5. Emerson has played the majority of his career as a wingback or further up in left midfield. There's nothing wrong with Azpi, the system of constantly pressing high up the pitch does not suit him and just leaves him isolated.
  6. I would have thought the pressing system would work for Zouma and his recovery tackles but he looks even worse somehow.
  7. That's going to happen when he's told to keep pressing high up the pitch for the whole match.
  8. Christensen is a bad example as he has actually proven himself at the highest levels when given the chance. His problem is entirely down to confidence and a lack of run of games.
  9. An average Luiz performance is still better than what Zouma can provide and I really don't see Zouma getting any better, prior to his injury I would have agreed with you.
  10. We will regret not taking the £40m. In no universe is he worth that much, he's a £20m player at best. It feels to me like he's in the team purely to make up the numbers, not cause he's actually good enough.
  11. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.
  12. Legit don't remember anything positive about him.
  13. Wait, Everton are offering £40m? I had no idea, of course we should sell in that case.
  14. It was against Andorra mate, he's not a starter. I don't think we have a choice but to keep Zouma with the incoming ban so I suppose there's no harm in giving him a go but I don't think he's good enough to play at a top team. A team like Everton is good for him.
  15. And he's gone. Goodnight sweet prince.

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