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  1. And he's gone. Goodnight sweet prince.
  2. I have no problem with Willian staying, just keep him away from the starting XI.
  3. I'm assuming he knows Sarri is staying otherwise it would be a strange decision to sign before knowing who the new manager is and if he fancies you.
  4. He's not spreading his arms, he's pointing and shouting at a defender to watch out for someone behind him or something.
  5. I know it's Spurs but how is that a penalty? Very harsh.
  6. Can't say I blame him if he does indeed want to leave. Only ourselves to blame for that. I don't really care who the next manager is to be honest. As long as they have the same passing/attacking philosophy it's fine by me.
  7. Always said he's a good player to have as rotation so I would have no issues with buying him.
  8. I'm constantly surprised at just how bad our off the ball movement is. Painful half to watch.
  9. Disappointing to see that the first thing BT Sport decide to cover/mention is his reaction yesterday but I'm glad to see Fabregas there clearing things up by backing up what the club statement said based on his experience with Sarri and putting a firm end to that pointless conversation.
  10. This winds me up whenever I see it in regards to our players out on loan. They are sent out on loan to impress. Abraham has done that. Twice. He may or may not be good enough but the least he deserves is a chance to prove himself in the first team squad.
  11. Mate, no one would be laughing at her cause she is a woman. They will be laughing cause she has no experience in the mens game whatsoever. Not even at youth level.
  12. It already has. Corinne Diacre. She at least had playing experience and started off in a less high pressure environment to make up for her lack of experience in the mens game.
  13. If she's deemed the best applicant then I might as well put in my application too, at least I have experience coaching a mens team.
  14. Names being branded about here makes for dire reading. They are all managers with a completely different playstyle to Sarri and the way Roman wants us to play. So yet again we will be uprooting and destroying everything we have been working towards for another short term "fix".
  15. If he actually gets sacked then it would be an embarrassing look for the club. There's not much else you can ask from a manager in their first season.

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