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  1. He is not fast but Jorginho gets in a lot of interceptions which is more important to me in a DM than running around and sticking your foot in.
  2. Wasn't at his best under Sarri either but at least he was still putting in solid performances now and then. Not sure what's happened to him. Not sure I would sell him though unless we get an outrageous fee, he should just sit on the bench until Joringho is injured or needs a rest. I have more faith in Jorginho being able to sit in front of a defence than I do Kante.
  3. It's probably more of a pet peeve than a legitimate critique but it just feels wrong to me and small club-ish. Nothing to do with Silva personally, just the action of giving a new signing the armband in general. If the captain or vice captain are not available, you should give the armband based on seniority.
  4. With emerson you are banking on potential cause what he has shown so far is nothing. At least with Alonso you know you can get a good performance out of him by playing to his strengths.
  5. He's like Willian, expect he's actually good in the final third. Baffled there are fans out there that don't like him.
  6. A bit embarrassing seeing the reactions he got before the game had even started. Great performance today, one of the few that can walk away with his head held high. I'm sure someone will say something along the lines of "it was only West Brom" though.
  7. I'm happy the players are now showing more fight to come back and get a result, a massive improvement from last season, but I can't help but feel that with a better team selection/tactics we wouldn't have to keep starting a goal or two down.
  8. Not even going to comment on his performance, too early for that but giving him the captain armsband was a bizarre decision. I can only assume it was to boost his confidence but even still I don't like it one bit.
  9. I refuse to believe our defenders are this bad. There is something very wrong with the setup and coaching they are receiving,
  10. Well right now Arteta is experimenting, we will see how long that lasts, but last season say them play similar. I'm assuming he's looking go back to play more like that which is why they are looking at Joringho.
  11. I don't understand why people want him sold. At his very worse he's still a good squad player and gives you a different option. There's a reason Pep was interested and not surprised too see Areta is sniffing around too. Selling him any top 6 team is a bad idea, especially worse if we sell to either City or Arsenal as he will fit in very well under those systems.
  12. I think he had a pretty good game, by his standards, apart from that error.
  13. Well of course we can't say 100%. All sorts could happen, Mane could trip over his own feet, etc but going off what normally happens in that situation then the conclusion is Mane gets there first and takes it past Kepa. It's either Kepa gets the red, if Mane did decide to go down after reaching the ball, or Christensen does a foul to stop an even worse situation occurring and hopes to get away with it. The only problem I have with the sutiation is that Christensen doesn't even try to make the tackle seem like a mistake. He just full on rugby tackles him.
  14. Watching it live it looked to me like Mane was getting there first, taking it past Kepa and there as no way Christensen would have been able to do anything about it if he had let him go. I've seen the replays since and nothing has changed my mind.
  15. It was not 50/50. Mane was getting there first, no doubt about it.
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