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  1. What do you mean realistically? If we can sign players like Havertz then I don't see why we can't land similar quality at the back.
  2. I mean his personal strengths. He needs a leader next to him telling him what to do, keep his passing options simple (successful passes doesn't really mean much for this reason) and take advantage of his aerial abilities by making him the focal point when attacking and defending set pieces.
  3. Still think we can do better but if you play to his strengths then these are the performances you can get from him.
  4. Don't think thats a fair assessment of RLC. Majority of the times he has performed well when given the chance, same can't be said for Barkely. Even when RLC has had bad games he's not been as bad as Barkley on a bad day.
  5. Sorry but even at his best he would have been nothing more than a bench player. I never understood why we paid so much for him.
  6. I forgot about him to be honest.
  7. We all know Barkley is a good mid table player, that's his level and he will never get any better. Ruben has more potential. I know he's approaching mid 20's and just got back from a injury but an average RLC performance is still better than an average Barkley performance based on both their times here. Ruben isn't getting into the squad cause they are relegation candidates and you need to have the players to support Ruben/give him freedom. Not a luxury Fulham can afford, I'm still not sure why he picked Fulham to go to on loan. Someone at the club should have talked some sense into him.
  8. Ruben would develop better with us than dropping down to mid and lower table team. I would prefer to keep him over Barkley at any rate.
  9. Not going to lose much sleep over his sale. Should make a good amount of profit too.
  10. Fulham was always going to be a strange loan destination. He needs to be at a mid table team, strange that he himself opted to go to Fulham if reports are to believed.
  11. It's funny seeing some Arsenal fans defending Willian with the famous "most key passes and chances created" line that I've had to argue against so many times when he was with us.
  12. Well I said Tomori or Christensen would be better off playing and learning alongside Silva and tonight has only further cemented that. Zouma will not get any better than he currently is, Tomori and Christensen have more potential. I would be more willing to accept mistakes from those two as I can see there is something there, they just need to be consistent.
  13. I'm sure if you look through this thread you will see games where he was actually good for us. My memory isn't good enough to list of games but he had good games last season.
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