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  1. Did anyone notice him looking at some of the others when they wanted to play sideways passes instead of a forward pass when they got near the edge of Newcastle box. I know for a fact he did it at least to Alonso. Incredible player, hopefully he can keep it up!
  2. Was that ref new to the prem this season? Don’t think I’ve ever seen him before and his control of the match was sh*te for the vast majority of the time.
  3. I’m wondering how long into the season it will be before we finally get punished for playing Luiz as part of a CB partnership. I love the guy but I really would be happier seeing Christensen Rudiger as our first choice partnership. I get you can’t really justify a reshuffle if the team keeps winning though. Am I right in ready that that Muto geezer who we were linked with plays for the Toon now?
  4. Probably not got much else to add myself, all of everybody's insights pretty much my thoughts. He really has caught the eye the few times I've seen him play for Dortmund for sure!
  5. I thought the August awards for player, manager and goal of the month were refreshing for a change. Wagner & Daniels in particular were well deserved in their votes.
  6. Cahill is/was/always will be overrated. I never in a million years envisioned someone I perceive as a bench player to be the captain of our club when JT left.
  7. There was me thinking he wanted to be sure to pencil himself in for WC next year. He is fast putting himself in a position where we might just let him rot in Lagarto for the rest of his contract. Why do it to yourself? I just don't understand this 'who's dick is longer?' contest...
  8. I agree 100%, not only have we had a lot less injuries season after season but we also get players back sooner than expected a lot of the time too. On the opposite end of the scale I have no idea what training/medical department Arsenal have but my God they are terrible. Are they using Shamanism to try and treat player injuries?
  9. Why do I keep getting prick teased?
  10. You know I've been keeping my distance until we sign some more players, been two/three weeks since I made that decision... Are we actually planning on signing anyone else? Just checking.
  11. Some players are irreplaceable, Hazard for us would be one of those imo.
  12. I'm glad you got the joke and the reference!
  13. Honourable to a fault some might say....
  14. Makes sense. How do we know that Matic didn't do the same?

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