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  1. Jorginho seems to be a touchy subject, just always had the thought that he’s a bit of a cult player. Doesn’t offer enough from a defensive standpoint and didn’t today either imho, would be very worried if Kante got injured and we had to rely on Jorgi, can see now why keeping Amps wouldn’t of been a bad idea, but feel Billy will force his way in again at some point. I’m by no means saying I dislike Jorginho or anything, just have my concerns. 😬
  2. Seen salty spurs fans saying easy pass, absolutely cracks me up how bitter they are. Class assist and a very solid performance from him.
  3. Definitely starting to get a bit fishy with United, just wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were being given a helping hand, they are the premier leagues golden boys after all.
  4. Should really of scored more, sloppy at times, but controlled the game and clean sheet again.
  5. Why has Frank made no changes, players are tired Frank and James is hurt, c’mon man.
  6. Homophobic troll, probably a Liverpool fan or something.
  7. Absolutely brilliant that time, well done Timo and nice finish Tammy.
  8. Werner is giving me flashbacks of Morata today haha.
  9. I’ve no idea what Werner is doing either, so strange today.
  10. No idea what Tammy is doing. Sloppy half despite the easiness of it, bad finishing as well.
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