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  1. Didn’t see this one coming, saw him in a villa shirt and thought it was a mock up fake, good luck to him.
  2. Getting a sh*t ton of abuse on social media because of the miss, he’s the scapegoat to so many people (particularly foreign fans), who seem weirdly validated because he missed, so so strange.
  3. Thanks mate, need to drink a lot to get over that, but never mind.
  4. Ah well, nothing like a birthday loss to spurs. Day ruined, cheers lads. 😂
  5. Just don’t know when we’re supposed to get better tbh, no sign of it, piss poor again.
  6. Hopeless second half, on to the penalty sh*tfest.
  7. Proved people wrong two seasons ago, people who said he’d never be good enough, if he gets back to his best he’s absolutely better than Barkley and Kovacic imo. If he’s going on loan hope he does rediscover his best form, going to be a lot of teams sniffing round him though and wouldn’t be surprised if he was sold.
  8. Not really surprised that Alonso was trying to sulk on the coach, very good under Conte & has his moments, but time to move on. Would rather keep Emerson as back up, don’t rate him at all tbh, but at least he doesn’t throw his toys out the pram.
  9. Once Ziyech is fit, Willian will seem like a distant memory. Shame he and Pulisic are still out, will be vital for us when fit no doubt.
  10. I’m pissing myself watching Fulham in fairness, they’re hilarious.
  11. Fulham are a joke, may as well just forfeit the league. 😂
  12. Agree with this 100%, but then do we not need another right winger? I know Havertz and Werner can play on the wing but that’s hardly ideal, anyway doubt we’ll bring one in now.
  13. Willy Caballero: 5 Reece James: 5 Andreas Christensen: 6.5 Thiago Silva: 3 Marcos Alonso: 1 N'Golo Kanté: 4 Mateo Kovacic: 4 Mason Mount: 7 Kai Havertz: 6.5 Timo Werner: 4 Tammy Abraham: 5.5 César Azpilicueta: 6 Callum Hudson-Odoi: 7 Olivier Giroud: 4 Frank Lampard: 3 West Brom: 5
  14. Not a fan of him or Emerson tbh, would sooner loan/sell both and have Castillo or Maatsen in the first team.
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