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  1. Exactly and we’d all be a lot happier right now, it’s like he has a sponge for a brain at times.
  2. Nail on the head, there is no pace at all and even though Sarri says on a weekly basis we need to improve, we need to move the ball quicker, nothing changes and that is a big concern. I just don’t think we have the personal to play the Sarri way, we have a few players that suit the system, but not enough, the one thing Sarri needs is time and we don’t give managers time at this club, I hope that changes, give him another window to replace some of the aging players. Having said that, I still think we’re creative enough and hard enough to beat this season, that we’ll get 3rd/4th spot.
  3. I’m not sure we’ve played Sarriball for quite a few weeks now, that simply wasn’t good enough, albeit with a bit more luck and composure it would have been a different story. Alonso was unlucky, Willian was poor, a few players are noticeably dragging the side down.
  4. I don’t know what’s happened to Ross, can’t even pass a ball.
  5. Not been clinical today, Willian’s shot was so poor.
  6. Disagree, Azpi has had Bernard in his pocket.
  7. This was always going to be a tight game, I wouldn’t say we were as rubbish as some people are making out. I am concerned though that Everton have matched as and we haven’t found another gear yet, hope we find it second half. Don’t know what Rudiger or Morata were playing at, stop falling over.
  8. Cahill gets a lot of stick these days, but at one point he was literally shoving Christensen in to position, who seemed completely clueless, hope he gets his act together.
  9. The Bate coach must be on something, not starting Tuominen.
  10. We got very lucky, a win is a win though and a clean sheet somehow, strolling through the group.
  11. Sarri can’t honestly think that bringing on Hudson-Odoi or Ampadu could possibly cost us the game, don’t get not just giving them 10 minutes.
  12. Oh my God, our defending.
  13. Pleased for Giroud, really needed that.
  14. They look jet lagged and they’re making me feel jet lagged, need a much better second half.
  15. Giroud and Eden, please stop these endless flicks, thank you.