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  1. Probably Heinz, but still yea, go f**k yourself. At least your boyfriend scumworth finds you funny I guess.
  2. Yea just carry on winding me up when I’m not in the mood, you really are a massive c**t.
  3. Okay c u later c**t, go f**k i yourself whilst you’re at it, dick head.
  4. Hahahaha, we can severely lower expectations again, we’ll be scrapping for 5th. Ah who cares anymore, I’m done with this team.
  5. Players don’t get booked for diving anymore? Okay then.
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me at all, boringly predictable.
  7. Werner ducking out of challenges and Havertz giving the ball away.
  8. No fluidity, no creativity, no pace, nothing. What’s the point in focusing on the left hand side again and again?
  9. Yea fair enough, can’t even tell you how desperate I am for us to challenge again though. So if I knee jerk myself on here I apologise, I’m just gutted after that.
  10. No more delusions of grandeur after that, absolutely shambolic performance, last seasons Chelsea are back, good times....ah I’m so f**king done.
  11. I hope it’s not another 45 minutes of that, please God.
  12. Dreadful performance, back to spamming Reece James crosses, back to defending like clowns. I don’t get Havertz, maybe he’ll come good but just don’t see it at the moment, most we can hope for is a point.
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