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  1. Floyd25

    That Sterling Incident

    Some triggered person on Twitter got very angry with me, for suggesting it’s not clear cut what was said, but if it was racial abuse, then the fans deserve lifetime bans. That was enough for someone to insult me and call me a racist apologist hahaha, I guess innocent until proven guilty is a concept lost on modern society. You are not a lip reading expert my friend, neither are Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright, or Gary Linekar, who seem desperate to push this narrative that racism in football is on the rise, even when in this case they have no proof. Listen, if it’s proven that it’s racism, the idiots will get everything they deserve, until then stop calling it racist abuse without proof.
  2. I can’t believe how good we were second half, Azpi, Luiz & Kante magnificent. Proved me wrong today and I’m happy to eat my words, proud of the work ethic.
  3. This could go either one of two ways, get more of the ball, press hard and look for a second goal, or sit back in our shell, defend and likely concede.
  4. Well, what a goal and very unexpected.
  5. No, completely disagree, think he’s done very well up against Sane and got the better of him.
  6. Accidental collision from sterling to be fair to him.
  7. Azpi’s best game in months so far, so at least that’s a positive.
  8. Ref playing for City as well I see.
  9. Alonso is giving me a headache.
  10. Some of them haven’t got the quality to play how he wants.
  11. More like the players have shat a brick and forgotten what Sarri told them to do.
  12. Exactly and Morata will continue to play regularly, because we aren’t likely to sign a striker in Jan, we have to put up with his disgraceful performances for the rest of the season.
  13. We have a blend of players who aren’t good enough to play in Sarri’s system and some that have already given up on his system. New manager, new style at least attempted, results similar, league position at the end of the season, probably the same.
  14. A lot of issues, a lot of dead wood, a painful performance and we won’t make the top four, unless something drastic happens. Apart from that, we’re all good.