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  1. We need a win for so many reasons.... Having 1 over Jose, stopping their "title challenge" etc etc... Cant afford to lose, and I dont want a draw either.
  2. Have to be critical of him, he does miss a lot of easy chances... But then he goes and scores or assists a goal thats so much harder! Still a fan of him, and Im sure he'll be bagging goals, just needs to be more lethal
  3. Dont expect anything other than a win, we should be dominating games like this. Excited to see CHO play, and also a massive surprise in MF with Jovacic + Mount. Have those 3 ever played together before in midfield? Havertz on the bench is good to see, and why is Werner being played on the left? Hope this is just temporary and he goes back down the middle once Pulisic is back
  4. Never know with our track record when it comes to signings
  5. Me too, I was a massive doubter of Chilwell but he has proven me wrong for sure, been a great signing. And for 45m? thats doubly good! If we did sign him for 80m like it was initially reported, i'd still be a bit doubtful, but for 45m he's really proved hes worth it so far. Though in my defence, I did say we should go for Reguilon as our main choice, and he's been just as good for Tottenham. Even Telles was an option and hes been good for Utd as well.
  6. Not a massive fan of Allegri, would rather us go for Tuchel or Ten Hag if Lampard were to leave. Maybe even Poch
  7. Good, he needs the game time and atm he's not good enough to be starting.
  8. I know this season is almost like a one off, but I really am liking the weekly champions league fixtures. Really speeds up the process and dont have to wait for weeks/months for every fixture
  9. Looks like Barkley could be moving on a permanent deal, but not sure if it'll be in January. Will probably need to wait until the summer to see the permanent transfers, but i suspect there will be a whole load of people leaving.
  10. Agree, especially when you consider that games like this last season is when we really struggled. We always dropped points to these kind of teams, and now we're sweeping them aside with relative ease. Of course the real tests are yet to come, but in all fairness we generally step up to the occasion when facing better teams. Even if we dont win, we perform fairly well most of the time
  11. Exactly, we actually have an excellent squad. It'll improve further once we sell more deadwood and bring in a couple more quality signings
  12. The difference in quality in our squad now vs last year is actually astounding
  13. Not surprised that changing 4/5 of our regular back 5 has made such a difference in our defence... Thiago Silva and Mendy have had the biggest impact, but Chilwell and James have equally been excellent. We should really look to sell a bunch of these excess players and promote a young LB and CB to play behind these 2 if we are to rest one of them.
  14. What a simply world class defender and player all round... It is borderline criminal we got him for free
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