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  1. No thanks, would rather Havertz and Milinkovic-Savic
  2. Kante and Barkley would be my 2 choices from our current first team squad. Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Pantic, Musonda from our current loan players. I would also sell Jorginho, but only if we plan on signing Milinkovic-Savic, otherwise I'd keep him
  3. If we do sign him, Willian is surely out the door? Hell, even CHO's place would be starting look very suspect.
  4. Was playing well at Vitesse and up until then, easily one of our most promising players I remember and was destined for great things. But for some reason, as soon as his time at Vitesse was over and he was getting loaned out to Championship clubs, he could hardly get games and wasted away. This is the problem with some of the loans we do, we just end up loaning players to clubs where they never really get a chance to play and it completely ruins their confidence and momentum they built up. I can almost say with 100% certainty that if he lhad been oaned to a prem club where he was guaranteed playing time, he could have easily been part of our squad today and a key member. But instead he was loaned out to worthless championship clubs where those idiotic managers never play loaned players like him.
  5. Shame about his injury, really wanted him to feature in more games this season
  6. He still has high resale value, if it doesn't work out we can sell him.
  7. It probably is time to sell Kante, he's not the same player he was before. Makes more mistakes and much more injury prone. Also probably the last year where we can cash in on Kante as well and get a good juicy sum for him.
  8. Are you serious? lmao
  9. Not interested in Chillwell and Rice personally. Onana as well is not even that good, not sure why people are hyping him up all of a sudden? He plays in a farmers league for the best team, his job is made much easier than it is
  10. Possibly not all in 1 window, but we are pretty strongly linked with Savic right now, so its likely he could be our next target after Havertz is confirmed. Though it all comes down to how many players we sell and how much funds we raise as well, but I expect next 1-2 windows to be busy as well, but not as busy as this one. Also you laugh, but we have already signed 2, with Havertz looking highly likely to join as well, and we still have a few months left open of the window!
  11. Great lineup. But I would sell Kante and Zouma (and a few others to raise funds) and sign Milikovic-Savc to partner with Kovacic and Skriniar to partner with Tomori
  12. He still could be, if he gets us Milikovic-Savic!
  13. If we sign Havertz (who can also play on the wing) is there any point in keeping Willian? Maybe as a good backup option, but I can't see him getting much game time
  14. seriously, matic? The guy who was so bad for us his final season and someone we havent missed or wanted in 3 years? I think Milinkovic-Savic would be a good signing to sit deep, but as far as im aware he has been playing a bit of a number 8 role as well
  15. Yeah he's the real deal... But as you said, only when fit. He seems to be back from injury now and its going well, but if there is another big injury before the end of the season which puts him out for months again, i would rather just sell him, because he has become so unreliable.

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