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  1. Not racist, but he definitely has a bias towards young english players (mostly white)
  2. Thank god for Marina right? If she didnt have a say in the signings we would have ended up with the likes of Dunk, Rice and Maddison
  3. We've given Frank a season and a half to implement some sort of style and we still have nothing apart from cross and inshallah with no signs of real improvement. Would be a massive waste to just give him more money to spunk up the wall in bringing in Rice and whatever other white english player he wants
  4. Its more a case of which players he'll blame because most of his usualy scapegoats didnt even start
  5. Never want to see any of them play for us again in all honesty. At least we know for sure Kante wont be playing the next game
  6. Dont get ahead of yourself, we would have still been sh*t and people would have just put all the blame on those 2. Im glad they were subbed on after we were already getting battered so they wont get scapegoated
  7. I need Lampard sacked immediately. Im getting angry watching the way we are playing in all honesty, no tactics no nothing. Just players running around like headless chickens
  8. What I would do to go back to having players like an Essien or Fabregas. We really should have tried to go for Partey and Aouar when we had the chance
  9. What the f**k was that from Mount hahahahaha? What an abysmal shot, get him off the pitch NOW
  10. At least Kante is suspended for the next game, thank god he wont play.
  11. How much you wanna bet that Mount wont get subbed off in midfield first
  12. Making subs wont even make a difference anyway, no way we're coming back from this game
  13. Hes an utterly sh*te manager, has no idea what hes even doing
  14. The cause of all our problems is our garbage midfield. No creativity whatsoever and all those 3 bums can do is just pass side to side. Mount, Kante and Kovacic all need to leave the club
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