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  1. I dont use social media and im glad I dont
  2. He has when hes played as a winger... Mount is an awful winger and doesnt belong there.
  3. We've already seen it at the brighton game when cho was benched to play mount as a winger
  4. Isnt there some local boozer you need to be down downing Stella right now? Alchy
  5. This is turning into a circle jerk between Asswin and Dicky, im out. Its clear Lampard loves Mount, no matter how awful he's been at times hence why he always plays him no matter what the position. Probably would put Mount in as a CB over Tomori if our defenders get injured
  6. https://www.teamtalk.com/news/lampard-chelsea-board-73m-rice-transfer Lampard wants rice, the board dont. Simple.
  7. you think Lampard doesnt love Mount?
  8. Off he goes on another loan to Turkey... f**k me we really are loan merchants arent we? Its becoming so embarrassing at this point
  9. Yes they did. Thiago Silav isn't going to be around for too long, but by that time he would have already had an impact on the real future of our defence in Mbuyamba, Sarr and Christensen. Lampard loves Mount, he'll probably do anything to keep him happy.
  10. Good move by the board saying they dont want Rice. Lampard probably only wants him because he's Mount's friend. We have a leader in Thiago Silva now, which makes Rice surplus. Especially with the amount on midfield options we have. Would much rather get Ampadu back into the team next year instead of wasting 80m on Rice.
  11. I hope so, was let down when he didnt play the first game of the season but hoping he's a guaranteed starter throughout the season
  12. Decent game but was underwhelmed. I probably just expected too much from this new group of players, but 3 points so i'll take it for now. Lamptey played very well, but Reece showed us why we kept him, he was excellent. Its tough to keep onto 2 good, young RB's at the same time because they just wont get enough gametime and neither wants to play as the backup. Hopefully we still have some sort of buyback clause though, cause in a couple years time we will definitely need another RB cause we can't survive with just RJ. Defence was actually decent tonight, RJ and Christensen being the standouts. Alonso is painfully slow, and Zouma was decent. Werner was great I thought, despite not getting a goal he looked lively and made great runs. Havertz on the other hand didn't look so great, but i put that down to him being on the RW instead of down the middle and adjusting to the prem.
  13. Don't even have the teamsheet yet, but you went ahead and created a thread lol. Guess you just wanted to be the first to do it right?
  14. Ah I see, makes sense. Yeah its very shady, there is no way a a club like City get this level of "commercial business" because they are a small club worldwide

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