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  1. Play him as a second Statiker.
  2. I thought the crowd booed Sarri for making the Substitution. The crowd applauded Ruben.
  3. And you believe we lost because of him? Penalties happen and we had very few this season, it was rather unfortunate after being already one behind. Sure there is blame on Alonso but only because of him? If we can´t even score one goal how should we win games.
  4. Well at least we had real chances. I can´t say this about other occasions.
  5. players just looked lost since second half. Nothing worked.
  6. not True. We had plenty of chances but don´t score.
  7. Maybe i am too harsh but Harzard plays like Harzard and not playing to what the system requires.
  8. We are playing rather well. It is just that we don´t score.
  9. Have to agree. Doesn't help he plays out of position.
  10. The thing with Higuain is he doesn't whine all day and stays on his feet thats the main reason why Morata was not well liked. Ability wise there is not much between Morata, Giroud and Higuain. Different players yes but it certainly helps to stay on his feet.
  11. You can phrase it how you want. You called him dogs**t and i can name other examples too on how you judged Alonso. But i guess it's a game of opinions. You have yours, i have mine.

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