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  1. Attitude makes a world of difference but this only helps so long.
  2. I think this was behind him but nearly everytime Tammy doesn't get the ball where he wants it or it is sightly misplaced he moans looks at the other players, standing still in shock instead to run after the ball. So fruatrating.
  3. So excited for tomorrow. Love the progression we see each week and from last season. Our new signings really show up and Lampard doing a good job so far. Let this team grow together.
  4. Idk if you can say that so easily. The new players help a lot for sure but Lampard also changed his approach, he is also learning by doing and it seems those massive holes between defense and midfield are no more.
  5. This is a good formation and shape,and has nice balance to it. Mount is so much better in midfield. Kante great to.
  6. I mean i watched him since he joined Salzburg which is not much longer just a year more but once he started to score he never stopped, there was never a period of 3-4 where he didn't score/assist. Salzburg is kinda my local team so i saw players like Mane, Minamino and all the other talents that went abroad there. I get that it is the Auatrian league but i can compare him to others and he looked lile a level above a Mane for example and he was already freaking good here. Thats how i come to my conclusion.
  7. If you saw him play then idk why there is any doubt at all. He is lethal fast strong, he got everything. He banged in the goals for Salzburg in the Champions League, for Dortmund and this over a prolonged period of time. He is superb.
  8. Back three and no Alonso. He must be crying in the bus.
  9. Mount is on the bench!!!! What is happening...
  10. Idk kinda want Spurs to win against United just for the injustice in that Brighton game.
  11. Good match and also good performances from everyone although the attack with Tammy and Werner needs a change. We looked fine but Palace didn't really challenge us we will see how we cope with more pressure and quality against us.
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