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  1. I dont think you can compare this game to West Ham for example, clearly Wartford were not up for it but our players did goot too.
  2. Have we ever tried Kovacic as the so called regista? Wouldn't he combine Kante and Jorghinos attributes the best. Maybe the overall shape doesn't work, something more in line with Conte's midfield pair (Kante Matic) could work. I don't like the regista approach, too depended on one player, split up the duties of this position.
  3. I as a defender on corners wouldn't be happy with him in goal. Did he ever catch it mid air, punch away or control his area? It's like he put on the wrong kit and he is the most expensive goalie. I know the price tag is not his fault but come on, you would expect he gets better with time but no. Cant hear the phrase "for X goal he could not possible saved it". When was the last time he truly made a world class save, not many for sure.
  4. He is so clumsy. Everytime the ball gets to him he is Bambi on ice, nearly falling over, barely getting it under control. Further there were at least two times a cross came and a simple tap in was required. At the beginning of the season he ran, pressed like a madman but now he is strolling around making bad runs too.
  5. We are always better after the first break. Thats a plus.
  6. Further the "injuries" from Pulisic and Christensen. Possible that there wasn't a doubt if they could start, the unexpected i guess. (speculation)
  7. I think the Kante Kovacic Barkley combo could work well.
  8. See what you wanna see i guess.
  9. Good to see that he really listened to Lampards plan. He is not dumb and probably knows his weaknesses and if he is as concentrated as yesterday then we have a fine player in our squad.

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