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  1. Yeah probably, so you say there is a chance?
  2. Classic Tammy goal! I don't see most of our attackers scoring that.
  3. Kepa shouldn't gamble there. Just go for it, there was enough time to asses the situation.
  4. Do at least one good deed a day.
  5. Ziyech wasnt't feeling it i guess.
  6. http://allsportsmedia.live/live/
  7. Are we talking about the Chalobah under the Conte season?! Still remember that backheel assist to Moses who smashes it in and does a backflip on the spot. That was great!
  8. For real? School must have been hard for him...
  9. Have to say the referees are really good so far and consistant to another. They let the game run, dont buy into stupid antics and var is only really used for offside and very tricky situation. They dont examine every little dispute.
  10. Really so bad? There were already some exciting games, players are uo for it. I mean i support Austria which are not that often in a big Tournaments so i guess this makes everything a bit more exciting.
  11. Is Mbpappe out of the question?
  12. Thats stressfull man. Good game from Chilwell so far.
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