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  1. You forgot how depressive he was? He blamed everyone but himself. He lost his charisma. I guess yes, in and after the second season he went full prick.
  2. So if Allegri comes will he put Alonso up front?
  3. What a season that would be. His work ethos is just amazing.
  4. Only because the others were bad that doesn't make him good. In comparison thou, yes. The point is, he played like every other season.
  5. But this was in Jose's last season if i remember correctly. Really everybody was s**t, only Willian played like his usual season but because every body around him looked bad, he then looked like the only good player. And he put 2-3 freekicks in, so that helped.
  6. very good performance.
  7. Can we all stop witht this "Kante never played in that Position." Yes he never really played in that position but also not in his current one. I think every body knows what it means when someone says, "he played DM". (not just you but in general)
  8. i agree. Got everything except pace but if you make the right runs you can negate that. If would just seem "naiv", "out of order" for the public and if it doesn´t work Sarri looks like a joke figure.
  9. You really want to say he was that awful apart from the goal? It is not like Azpi has a world class performance. I know it is easy to say Alonso is sh*t even before he enters the field.
  10. f**k yes Alonso! Waiting for the rebound like a real striker!
  11. the last games without him were so amazing, right, right?
  12. thats the bigger bummer...
  13. yes, you can say so if you want. I just can´t believe we are still 4th and United, Arsenal not taking advantage.

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