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  1. I agree. If there is no place at all for him under Lampard everybody involved should be happy. Maybe he picks up a Serie A titel. Man, Conte likes his back three.
  2. Yeah so good he cant get a game in front of Azpi a Rb playing LB. Can't wait to see more of him. 😉
  3. So what is the take away from Azpi playing LB? That our own two LB are not good enough to play there? Kind of a joke if you ask me.
  4. We may need to get senior players with Leadership qualities in January.
  5. Was Zouma just Ball watching?! Just stood there and looked.
  6. Man Mount always gets caught. Needs to control the ball better.
  7. Did he always play as a LB in youth?
  8. Imagine what people would say about Alonso. Was he at fault? Just missed the goal. Idk.
  9. The only good thing about this match is James.
  10. You could say Chilwell is not so special as one might think.
  11. I know some stats are a bit tricky to read but the point i wanted to make is not to show how "good" Alonso is or anything just that the stats suggest there is nothing special about Emerson. He is just a fine player but according to some people on here, he is the solution and rave on how good he was for the first few games he played. Yes he just came back from injury but he always comes back from an injury, you can't count on him to stay fit which makes it also more difficult for him. Also we make less crosses than Chilwell by half nearly. Do our LB not cross enough or are these instructions from Lampard? I haven't really watched Leicester this season so i can't say.
  12. Came across those stats on reddit.
  13. Don't you know? Because he is quicker than Alonso and he looks like a brazilian. I mean he rarely plays so we never really got a look how he is on a consistent basis. Some just still have hopes for him, for me he doesn't have the spark to be a winner/fighter.

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