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  1. A matter of time?! True, a loooong time. Good game from him thou, and IF he can put it in the back of the net even better.
  2. So i expect this line up: Kepa Reece AC Tomori/Zouma Alonso Jorginho Kovacic/Kante Pulisic Kenedy Barkley/Mount Bats Maybe a bit too offensive, a bit scared with Liverpool´s attack.
  3. Where is Barkley? Only time i see him is when he makes a mistake or a wrong choice.
  4. I think the both played together second half against BMG. I thought they were okay.
  5. Ah now i see it. We played against the former Red Bull Salzburg Coach.
  6. Great save by Kepa! But what was that by Barkley?!
  7. Good interception by Alonso no good finshing from Mount thou. No shooting boots for today i guess...
  8. Really? Salzburg just can't defend a high line and one long Ball is enough. Bad defending on their part. We rarely string a few passes together.
  9. Apart from the last 2 min it was pretty dreadful.

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