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  1. People keep saying this that he costs us week after week but thats not true. Its just easy to pick him out and point to "see how slow he is", there even was a grazy stat from 1-2season ago where we had an insane points per game with him in the squad and a bad one without him. When he is out of form he really can be bad but these are extremes that people often mix up.
  2. I get his faults but why so negative after a good win.
  3. I guess i am the first to comment after the game but i thought he had a very good display. His build up play for the goal was strong, first making an upfield pass to Kova, recieves it back while he sprints away from the opponents (yes away) and makes a dangerous cross into the box. Defensively he stood his own and made some of his classic "fouled by being not fouled" moves. Edit. watched it again, he made a pass with his right foot to Giroud who dropped it for Kovacic.
  4. What was going in with Ziyech? Thought he was overall poor and not positive.
  5. Save him for Atletico and i mean he just subbed Odoi. Zyiech for Mount i thought.
  6. He had a good first shooting chance which i thought he should have buried, yes but also difficult. One cross to Werner which he couldn't handle somehow, and one to James who was a bit surprised. The ball down the line from Werner was bad but he ahould have kept it in play. One where he was too slow to cross. Dont think you are very accurate. Oh 0-1 sh*t.
  7. I imagine because of the Cup game he sees him in more like the Azpi position but on the left. Idk if thats a good idea thou.
  8. As others have said idk what he really brings to the team BUT with him and Kovacic together it just works. Kovacic always has him to pass the ball to because Jorginho understands Kovacic and they seem happy so why brake them up. 🙂
  9. Idk if you are troll or not watching, but others pointed it out too that we look not enjoyable which i don´t understand at all. How can you not like what we saw in the first half yesterday? We look much sharper. As for Alonso you do realise how he created space for Werner to run down the channel and cross and therefore a goal? Thats clearly an instruction from Tuchel which i like. We have Alonso who goes more inside and troubles defenders there and we have CHO for the more traditional approach in a attacking sense.
  10. Revising? Everybody knows Back3 = Alonso and Back4 = Chilwell and Backbench = Emerson. If i read one more time he is sh*t in a back four i roll my eyes 360. Everyone so hung up with Alonso like he killed a person or something. I think it will mostly be a back three till the end of season as Tuchel pointed out "why change for the sake of changing" he can mix it up everybody knows this, and sorry for all Chillwell fans, yes he cost 50mil but i dont care if he cries in the bus for not playing as for Ziyech and others. Don´t get me wrong i would like all of them to play well and be a succes
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