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  1. Well it is easy in hindsight. Could have been a disaster too.
  2. The last two chances from Bats and Mount came from his crossings. Those are the obvious ones. Tammy would have buried those.
  3. I don't think opposing fans dislikes Conte for his celebrations. Yes yes, very much so.
  4. People hated Conte for the same reason "over celebrating". Depends on with side you are, if he is your coach everything is good i guess. Thou i have to say Conte never directed his celebrations towards another Manager. Klopp takes it way too personal 🙌🏼.
  5. Bit of both for sure. The defensive organzation needs work.
  6. He played in a two with Matic. He for sure had defensive duties.
  7. Noooo! Everybody can have their opinion but there is a certain point and you crossed it!!!
  8. Christensen is a fine player and under Conte he was also good till the Barcelona game. Only then the mental part of the game took over him and he lost confidence. If he can stay strong and the erros which will happen doesn't get to him he is going to prove that he is chelsea material. With Rüdiger by his side he can learn much from him.
  9. Why you feel i addressed it to you (or people in the forum in general)? I was more talking about rival fans and the media. Gosh can't write anything and not offend anyone.
  10. i was more thinking of the media and likes...
  11. But funny everbody said "Hazard gone = NO GOALS" and look at us now.
  12. Overall we were better defensively than the last games, more compact and good attacking play. I just can't get my head around what happens to us in the second half? Was it this time because of Zouma? What is happening at half time?
  13. I have to see it again but i looked like 1m the distance from him to Ball.
  14. Exactly. Don’t understand the criticism. He could react better after the block.

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