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  1. Sry if you really think we are losing games because Alonso isn't take the knee then maybe ask your workgroup for advice.
  2. But you want to relate these two things nonetheless.
  3. The 3-5-2 didn't work today and he probably should have sticked with Harvertz or Ziyech in a 3-4-3 but that is hindsight. Our wingbacks weren't able to push up mostly bc we lost the midfield battle. Lukaku seemed lost too only Werner was able to do something. I think we should not bin the 3-5-2, for now it was the wrong game bc Man City are kinda special and had the perfect set up and performance from the players further we were on their revange list.
  4. Yes he hasn't played well but everybody wasn't at his best today. But not because of City. His record is good against them, scored the winner last season and under Lampard held his own in a back four.
  5. I am amazed this midfield three cant a sniff it seems.
  6. Wait a few more minutes. They can't press all game like that. We just have to sit it out and go on the counter and as we already know we can defend pretty good.
  7. Is everything ok? Clearly you just want to wind people up or really believe in what you wrote. Why didn't he use Chilwell instead? Because he was not f***ing needed. Dont get me wrong he is a good but this has nothing to do with him. Tuchel thinks Alonso helps the team more so be it.
  8. Come on! What you expects him to do? Do nothing and risks that Mendy won't get up from his stumble, risk that the Liverpool player behind him nicks it? It was just bad luck and everything happened in a split second. He defended well against those PACEY liverpool forwards and everybody said Alonso would get destroyed. Most of the time he was the only attacking outlet besides Lukaku and nearly gave him an assist. He wrestled with two Liverpool players for the lead up to the Kovacic chance for example. I see this often with unpopular players like Alonso, Jorghino etc. they make a small mistake and it is the same generic complaint repeated over and over again.
  9. Calm down for a minute. It was just one game and the two offenders played great.
  10. He is not. It's always best or worst no in between.
  11. Yes we did. Ball from Alonso to Pulisic to flick it in with his head.
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