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  1. No Emerson is done at Chelsea, he has the engine yes but is positional sense is not good enough and panics under pressure. His longest run was 1-2month of football once in 3-4years?While Alonso lacks concentration and is sometimes too calm at least he wont get bullied, has a sniff for goal and can put a shift in. (He even played in back four against Man City, last year i think. 🙃) Your idea with LCB and of course the false three is worthy thou.
  2. Well a bit pointless now. Looking forward to watch football but at the same time it feels so bleak.
  3. I think he will still do a job for us as a LWB or trying him in an advanced position but Emerson is just not made for the Premiere league. He is faster but most of the time a worse defender.
  4. They are favourites but we shouldn't make ourselve weaker than we are, as Tuchel says next game is always the most important one.
  5. Not at his best but was still okay and gained vital experience.
  6. Is it true he wanted to go and was held back? Maybe he was convinced to get a sniff with the new manager and wanted to stick around.
  7. What i wrote is not my opinion just an observation from Tuchel and if you read a bit further i wrote he will only select players he has given a chance so far and Gilmour is not one of those players. Yes he tinkers a lot but with players he knows (from his point of view).
  8. Oh oh i remember a game i think under Sarri where he did score from a wide position. I don't think it was a top 6 game but it was a good goal.
  9. He said it on Chelsea TV again that now is not the time to experiment. The players who got a chance so far will also have a chance to get some minutes and Gilmour is not in that bracket. I know that is difficult and unfair to him but that is what Tuchel thinks. He didn't really know him beforehand and while he is technical good brave Tuchel doesnt trust him for his physic and being a youngster (few minutes under Lampard too). Internal pressure is building up to get top 4 and i would be surprised to see him this season again. I think it's just bad timing for Billy and i am sure he w
  10. Neville is so biased some things he says are laughable. Although i would be very mad if this was our play.
  11. As he said in the press it will be difficult for other players (Tammy, Gilmour, Giroud, etc.) to come in the side now as we are in the closing stages of the season. I am sure he wants to give them opportunities but he is a calculated person therefor he is not going risk something new for what i already knows.
  12. Sry to ask this so blatanly but you are a woman because i assumed otherwise. Just curious if that is appropriate...
  13. They got some good melodies, maybe sometimes too moody but i am that too!
  14. Then i have to try and listen to them, always happy for new suggestions. I would say i am a very melodic guy in general music wise. Like to watch drum/bass/guitar covers as i play a bit of guitar myself.
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