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  1. I guess he will take Azpi and probably Alonso off to save for the Leicester game. Would kinda make sense with how many fullbacks we got.
  2. I think he had a fine game too. Calm as you said.
  3. Important games? Every game is important we can only get three points per game. Don't understand what you try to say. From your point of view there are way more "less important" games and therefore those are more important, or not?
  4. At least he had one last good game with us. Can't really get my head around why Emerson is still ahead of Alonso. But yeah feels like Conte knocked on the door.
  5. Mh i like that Pulisic is in the starting line up but why not Kovacic and is Alonso still injured (not even on the bench) ?
  6. Damn can't watch it but hope the best for our lads!
  7. Emerson is in his third year with us and he got a total of 3 assists and 0 goals in the Premiere league. Yes a LB shouldn't really be counted on those stats alone but when he plays we also conceded quite a bit. And no wonder in the Europa League with weaker oppositions he looks better.

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