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  1. If you would have read my post you would see i said the same thing about "trying".
  2. Haha nearly voted wrong. Had to read the Question again. Azpi, Giroud and Alonso stay for me they all have their use and have still something to give for the team. (tactically, leadership, experience) Willian can stay one year max. if he is okay being a bench player. Pedro i like him but i think he has to go and bring in fresh blood in those positions.
  3. I said back then that CHO contract haggling with the club set a bad precedent for other youngsters. As others said we should not be suprised about this.
  4. Yes Kepa did come out more to catch or punch but he never looked assured. There were at least two instances in the first half where he was a bit shakey. Nevertheless he improved in this area and at least he is trying to get better there but idk why a 70mill. keeper still needs basic "in Box Training", it's like he never had to deal with this part of the game till now but as i said at least he gets better.
  5. Good linking up between Alonso and Pedro. Both had a fine half. Only thing was the backpass from Alonso to Zouma which was a bit too light but Zouma should have just kicked it high. Also Frank cleraly changed something with the setup. We have much more structure. I see much less of that headless chicken pressing.
  6. Because he is soooo good. They had an injury crisis so Alaba became a CB and a pretty good one it seems.
  7. Haha noticed that too with the fouls.
  8. Really? I would say he is among the best condition wise. If you refer to the Fimino clash, his acceleration is just slow and therefor a bit clumsy if he tries to get up to speed. Best defensive showing from him this season, never looked out of place and won some good headers in our box and up the half way line.
  9. This comes into my screenshot collection.
  10. So we stick with the back three, idk? If so Willian in for Barkley and maybe Tammy for Giroud. Do you reckon RLC could start?
  11. They have more quality and experience what do you expect? We just have to hang in there and maybe get a goal.
  12. Agree if there is any chance to sign Alaba do it! So far thou he is excellent as a CB and the press/teammates in Germany hail him as the defensive leader in the Bayern back line. Despite all that he really isn´t happy with that position as there were numerous debates in club and especially the national team to move him into midfield and now he plays CB. Alphonso Davies now got his LB spot, so some questions will be answered in the summer about that.
  13. You mean the Arsenal game where Emerson was taken off bc he was so bad as a WB and then we switched to a back four and won? I don't think it was the system that failed.
  14. The rules are only a back four is allowed except you are italian then a back three is also an option. Not but really why not more often?
  15. You got a good gut! I was just going to write you about that.
  16. Great game from Mason Mount today, really stepped up.
  17. It is not like we were good defensively with out him. Give me a break.
  18. Your last few posts were just complaining about him, i don't even know why i reply you. You would much rather have Emerson in his Position? Good luck!
  19. He can play poor all season if it means we win. Also he is not so bad you make him out to be and he scored a goal which are important in football you know.
  20. Someone should be fired for that! No Foul, unbelievable.
  21. Then why not play a back three?! Beacuse there is a certain stigma and you should always play with a back four i guess? Mh...
  22. Good good. Just don't post any stats linked to the game and we are fine.
  23. I just fear he is not built to be a top defender. I would much rather see him as a CDM, a six or something in that direction.
  24. But you also have to look it this way. It was his first real chance in a long time to show what he is worth and he took it brilliantly. He did exactly what he was asked to do would be no good if he tried every minute a risky ball or running out of defence with the ball.
  25. I would still play three at the back anyway even if Jose expects it. He doesn't know how to deal with a back three as it showed against Conte, the Spurs game and yesterday against Leipzig. But i like your idea with left winger Alonso.

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