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  1. If you saw him play then idk why there is any doubt at all. He is lethal fast strong, he got everything. He banged in the goals for Salzburg in the Champions League, for Dortmund and this over a prolonged period of time. He is superb.
  2. Back three and no Alonso. He must be crying in the bus.
  3. Idk kinda want Spurs to win against United just for the injustice in that Brighton game.
  4. Good match and also good performances from everyone although the attack with Tammy and Werner needs a change. We looked fine but Palace didn't really challenge us we will see how we cope with more pressure and quality against us.
  5. Seems like a good bloke and good match from Chillwell!
  6. While i am happy they try to adress the problems idk if Barry is the right guy. He barely got any experience, he is 34 and his only other coaching spell was at Wigan who were great at defending? Frank should surround himself with some veterans. Frank Jody and Barry all are inexperienced and idk if that is a good mix.
  7. Rüdiger for Dier swap? Anyone? No really, thats a bad joke if he goes to Spurs as other have said. Idk what goes on in that dressing room but Frank could manage that better, he seems to deal better with young than senior players.
  8. I am kind of baffled. Always positiv when he came on, good squad player and Frank ships him out?
  9. I mean you always got the feeling Lampard never rated him. He just had to play him last season because Emerson is worse and Azpi at LB is not a solution. Players can feel when they are not wanted and Alonso knows as soon as Chillwell is fit he is out of the team. It was a bad night of him but you can see there is always so much space down the line, same on James side and he gets the benefit of being young and homegrown. Idk seems like a situation where everbody is losing and only Frank's ego und the media wins.
  10. Why play Kante and Kovacic in the middle? It just doesn't work.
  11. He has to mix up his penalties because keepers know now he will make that little jump. This technique relies heavily on the keeper to do the first move but when the keepers doesn't move it leaves Jorghino stuck making it a gamble to score.
  12. No i feel the same but when you say stuff like this some people get very defensive over him. In that pre season he was phenomenal and i thought for sure he would start under Sarri right away but somehow he didn't and since than there were some ups but mostly downs from him. He has to convince me again.
  13. Haven't seen Christensen lately, maybe he hits the gym now. But yeah it's tricky.
  14. So 4-3-3. Or 4-2-3-1 with Kante and Jorginho pivot.
  15. Ok this is my last take on this. My comment was not against the CDC report although i haven't read what it exactly says but more about that you can't differentiate between going on holiday and not caring about pragmatic health advise to the everyday stuff you have to do to get get money food and some freetime.
  16. I see the same line-up although i hope Frank doesn´t play favours here. Just have a feeling Mount will get the nod over Kovacic but if he really thinks Mount is best for the balance of the team i will go with that.
  17. If you end your comment with "agree to disagree" don´t spout some stupid comment beforehand. You are right though it´s not worth to debate it here.
  18. Ampadu joggs back and than made the unfortunate tackle.
  19. That is a scrappy second half but also many youth players there.
  20. That was a good half for a preseason game. Some should have showed more but overall pretty good passing, shape etc. Low block and big guys from Brighton so it was difficult but we made a goal, lets hope for more in the second half.
  21. What was wrong with Alonso? thought he linked up well like James. RLC lacks confidence has to show more intent but you can see the quality and good positioning.
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