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  1. I’d personally be going all out for Lukaku if we can’t get Haaland. I’d truly believe he’d still be here banging goals in if he’d chosen us instead of Man Utd a few years back and we ended up with Morata. It’s always going to be made of fun of when you sign an ex player for a load of money but I don’t think that should put us off. At the minute he’s in the top 5 strikers in the world and he’s in his prime, knows the club and knows the league.
  2. I think a lot of people are forgetting Tuchel has only been here for 2 months and just suffered his first loss. There’s no excusing today’s performance because it was crap all round, including Tuchel’s decision making, but hopefully he can learn from this and pick ourselves back up which I’m sure we will. If we’re being honest, some people still haven't got over Lampard getting sacked and if Tuchel was taking over from Sarri you’d be singing his praises at how solid he’s made us and chalk today down as ‘one of those days’.
  3. To be fair when you speak absolute rubbish it’s no wonder they’re ignored
  4. Worst performance from him in a Chelsea shirt. Usually he’s criticised for no reason but fully deserved today, like every other player he was complete toss today.
  5. Pathetic embarrassment from the manager down to all the players. Big wake up call for tuchel
  6. We’ve been pretty poor so far. Gilmour definitely been our stand out player so far for me.
  7. Great article, well worth a read
  8. First time I’ve seen this thread and I’m actually in disbelief there’s any Chelsea fan that thinks he isn’t one of the best owners in world football or questions his ambition given how much we’ve just spent on players. After Frank was sacked I watched The Kick Off podcast and there was Rory Jennings telling True Geordie that he doesn’t want Roman as the owner anymore. I can only think if I was a Newcastle fan and I had a Chelsea fan complaining about the owner I’d have thrown him out of the studio.
  9. What a brilliant performance from us today, could pick out a handful of players but shout out to Kante and Kovacic, thought they were both incredible tonight. Loved seeing Mase, Thiago and Jorginho celebrate in the stands too, this squad seems really together at the minute and I’m loving it.
  10. It’s a good job we have Kepa, otherwise Chilwell would be the most overpriced player we have. Had an absolute stinker today.
  11. Barnsley is a good shout to be fair. But Leeds ship goals against any decent team and we couldn’t even get one. Really toothless in attack unfortunately, it’s a shame we probably won’t get Haaland as he’s the sort of player we’re crying out for.
  12. Complete and utter sh*te. Worst we’ve played under tuchel
  13. I’d take Ziyech off for Werner, quick transitions is the easiest way to beat Leeds and Ziyech slows the play down too much
  14. If I’m honest I don’t see VAR ever being compatible with football. You can sort out the offside rule or the handball rule but while VAR is about we’ll never be able to properly celebrate a goal without having it in our minds that it could get chalked off. I also follow my local team and it’s so good being able to watch a game and fully celebrate a goal, unfortunately that’s been taken away from us
  15. Great half, still can’t get my head around that offside
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