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  1. He’s decent but never worth the hype Chelsea fans give him. If he wasn’t one of our ex academy players/Mount’s mate we’d laugh at the £70m valuation
  2. £70m is a lot of money to pay for someone just because he’s Mount’s best mate
  3. Absolutely loved when he jumped in on the Havertz interview and said something along the lines of “he deserves it after a tough season, he’s gonna be a superstar” leading the way and bigging up the youngsters. Love this guy
  4. I still can’t believe we’ve done it, I was nearly in tears when the final whistle went. 2012 was special because it was our players at the end of their careers, this is our players at the start of theirs. I’m so happy, have a fantastic night everyone.
  5. Last night it finally dawned on me that we’re in the Champions League final and it’s today. Now I’m starting to get nervous
  6. Rice is good, but it’s annoying people speaking about him like he’s all of a sudden making us title contenders. We have an array of attackers that haven’t scored more than 6 goals in the league all season so maybe we should be looking at that rather than what I personally think is a very good midfield.
  7. VAR will never work because it takes away the pure ecstasy of a goal, no longer can you celebrate a goal without thinking there might be something that could lead to it being disallowed. The enjoyment of watching my other team in the lower leagues where if a goal goes in you don’t have to hold back makes you realise just how much VAR is taking from our game.
  8. Controversial opinion, but Brendan Rodgers is making them a top 4 team. Pretty much any other manager has them hovering around mid table.
  9. Pre-COVID I’d have said no chance would levy sell to us. But if we are the only team that would offer the money they want can they afford to turn that down?
  10. Had some time to breathe (and sober up) after the loss. It’s probably the most gutted I’ve been after an FA Cup final loss and I’m not really sure why because I like Leicester. I think I’m really disappointed by the manner we lost, we didn’t look up for it at all pretty much the whole game and Tuchel, as good as he’s been, needs to realise we can’t keep making 5/6/7 changes every game especially when our games at the minute are all important. Not to mention that last minute disallowed goal that imo should have stood.
  11. I just feel so dejected, we weren’t outplayed but we didn’t win. Fair play to Leicester it was a stunning goal
  12. Really wanted him to become a top player for us but I really don’t see it right now. He’s still young so I’d happily loan him out next season where he’ll play every week and then we see what he can do.
  13. Rare swing and a miss for Tuchel, strange subs today
  14. Tuchel got all the subs wrong today. Shocking and arsenal are a shell of themselves, they’re terrible
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