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  1. Anybody who thinks Lampard needs the season is absolutely deluded. He has absolutely no clue what to do tactically in this game. If we replace him now with a tuchel or allegri theres a chance we can mount a title challenge, if it gets the season we won’t get top 4. So I know a lot of you feel loyalty to Frank, as I do too, but we’ve got to be realistic, the man is totally out of his depth
  2. Hate wanting to see Lampard gone but damn, some of the football we’re playing is dire. Apart from spamming crosses we look clueless.
  3. Mate we haven’t played well most of the season, these run of results have been coming, we’ve battered a couple of relegation fodder teams but anyone above mid table we’ve been shocking. Even tonight we tried to be boring to get a result and we got out worked by a team that barely stayed up last year. It was fine last season when our squad consisted of youth players and players who had been at the club for a long time but he’s got a new squad of top players and he’s in way over his head. We need a top manager in urgently before this season is a write off.
  4. I’m actually so gutted at that team. Happy we’ve got Pulisic and CHO playing but god I just wanna see us playing some good football and we just keep going back to the well of bang average players like giroud, Christensen and mount
  5. Yeah proper manager might sound harsh, but by that I mean an experienced one. Lampard served a purpose last season (albeit with 12 losses) and got us into the CL. This season he has got, in my opinion, the best overall squad in the league. You mention previous managers and I do understand your point but managers like Jose, Carlo or Conte would be rubbing their hands with this squad and I would say we would be close to winning the league even this season. With Lampard I’m wondering whether we will even get top 4. I massively hope I’m wrong but I can’t help but think any more time wi
  6. I really hate saying this but I can’t wait for Lampard to go. I really wanted it to work, having a club legend back at the club and going on to do great things is something every fan wants, but it’s clear to see that he just isn’t good enough at the moment. Playing players out of position to cater to his favourites, no plan b, poor tactics and poor subs. He’ll always be a club legend and one of my favourite players ever but to play the way we are playing with this squad of players is painful, we need a proper manager to come in and steer this squad to the trophies that it’s good enoug
  7. West Ham, Everton, Bournemouth and now Southampton. Pathetic spineless bunch of w**kers
  8. Yeah you're right tbh, he's brought nothing to this game.
  9. This bunch of mugs have made last week's win away to Spurs meaningless. Embarrassing.
  10. Everybody is awful but Azpi, CHO and Abraham are especially terrible
  11. Jorginho should be playing Mount isn't good enough Kepa is a fraud Willian back in his natural form Abraham may aswell have been on holiday
  12. Right, I've gone past the point of being angry at that game so I feel calm enough to write how I actually feel. Conte HAS to go TONIGHT. How dare he come to my club and embarrass us like this. How dare he field a team worth in excess of £200mil+ and claim he's had no money to spend. How dare he slag off our board for lacking ambition and then not field a striker against the best team in the league. How dare he have the audacity to claim we have no ambition, and wait until the 89th minute to bring on a £70mil striker. The writing's been on the wall for months but now the time has co
  13. The move was too early for him, looks nervous anytime he’s near the ball.
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