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  1. In hindsight Tuchel got the approach wrong but I’ll let him off given how many times he’s got it right. Just outclassed today but we defended really well and they needed a bit of luck to finally get through. On to Juve on Wednesday
  2. Hate to say this but CHO is actually nowhere near good enough for us. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we should have snapped Bayern’s hand off when they offered £40m.
  3. Unpopular opinion but Timo offers us so much more than Mount does, I’d be starting him with Lukaku and Kai as our first choice front 3.
  4. That’s definitely the sort of game that would have finished 0-0 last season. Big Rom making the difference already
  5. In most games I’d be playing Timo and Havertz over him but he’s still got a place in the squad, not his best performance but it happens.
  6. I can’t remember what game it was but I remember once he just stepped up and smashed it instead of his usual technique. If he did that more often it would give the goalies more to think about.
  7. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/to-anyone-who-s-dreaming-01fecgzgjb41/amp?__twitter_impression=true&s=08 Great read if you have a spare 5 mins
  8. I honestly think it would be really daft to not send him to Dortmund on loan if the rumours are true. Proven track record of developing young players and Callum is never going to get much game time in his proper position, he isn’t a RWB. I’m yet to see what other people see in CHO to be honest so I’m really keen to see what he CAN do week in week out.
  9. Stunning second half performance from the lads after that shambles of a red card. All of them played for the shirt and did their jobs near perfectly. Superb management from Tuchel too.
  10. Chelsea's Faustino Anjorin to Lokomotiv Moscow could be done soon. The London club will get around €10m, the player has been offered a 5-year contract and about €2m/year. Ralf Rangnick is behind the deal. The German has been Loko's head of development department since July.
  11. Honestly if someone asked what’s the easiest draw possible for United, they’ve got it.
  12. I reckon we get rid of the UEFA player of the year for a mid-table academy reject and spend £70m for the pleasure.
  13. I think so, this is the first time in I don’t know how long that I’ve felt we could actually win all of the competitions we’re in. Our depth is top class and we might even possibly be adding to that. As you said, with both of the Spanish teams in decline it certainly elevates us, but you’ve missed off PSG among the teams to beat, on paper they’re certainly the strongest 11 in the world, but can they put it all together in reality? We’ll see.
  14. My main guess would be he’s a man child that wants to get recognised so he can get more YouTube subscribers/twitter followers. Unfortunately for him everything thinks he’s a massive idiot for this.
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