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  1. West Ham, Everton, Bournemouth and now Southampton. Pathetic spineless bunch of w**kers
  2. Yeah you're right tbh, he's brought nothing to this game.
  3. This bunch of mugs have made last week's win away to Spurs meaningless. Embarrassing.
  4. Everybody is awful but Azpi, CHO and Abraham are especially terrible
  5. Jorginho should be playing Mount isn't good enough Kepa is a fraud Willian back in his natural form Abraham may aswell have been on holiday
  6. Right, I've gone past the point of being angry at that game so I feel calm enough to write how I actually feel. Conte HAS to go TONIGHT. How dare he come to my club and embarrass us like this. How dare he field a team worth in excess of £200mil+ and claim he's had no money to spend. How dare he slag off our board for lacking ambition and then not field a striker against the best team in the league. How dare he have the audacity to claim we have no ambition, and wait until the 89th minute to bring on a £70mil striker. The writing's been on the wall for months but now the time has co
  7. The move was too early for him, looks nervous anytime he’s near the ball.
  8. For the price it’s a pretty good signing, as a stop gap I’m happy with it. If it gives Morata a kick up the arse it’ll be worth it.
  9. Does anybody remember how sh*te we looked without Kante? That’s exactly the reason why he’s irreplaceable and why, in my opinion, he’s the most important player in our squad.
  10. Very good signing, in terms of a RWB he's exactly what we needed. Buzzing, hopefully there's a few more coming.
  11. Ironically the reason we played the way we did on Sunday is because the board is doing a terrible job in the transfer market.
  12. Bild in Germany are claiming Conte is getting sacked after a fall out with the board and is being replaced by ex Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel. Funny.
  13. He looked quality today, he needed this loan move and hopefully next season he comes back ready to challenge for a start.
  14. We need to hurry up and get this one wrapped up, with no Fabregas or Bakayoko against Spurs we'll have to put him straight in
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