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  1. Hello after a long time. I've been reading regularly but I am not posting as much. Sorry for my english mistakes in advance, it is not my primary language ? And I hope i write this in the right topic.. So my prediction for the following season: KEEPER: Kepa, obviously. DEFENSE: To the left I would give Emerson the advantage over Alonso, but it's nice to have some width in this position. On CB the main man is Luiz, with the unknown long absence of Rudiger, it is likely Christiansen to take his place. How much will Zouma play? The question is - I did not fully follow the previous preparatory games ... Did he play and how? To the right Azpi will be burned-out again, Zappacosta can play cups and get minutes towards the end of the already determined matches in PL and CL. ATTACK: I deliberately skipped the middle, because I have most concerns / combinations there. To the left Pedro and Willian will interchange, the right wing is probably reserved for Pulisic. I would try (at least from the start) with Abraham, replacing him into the classic 65'-70 'with Giroud. How much playtime will Lampard give to Michy if any at all? MIDDLE: If Kante is healthy, he is clearly cemented in the first position. I liked Lampard's first press conference when he laughed and told the journalist that he certainly knows where Kante will play :D Now comes the interesting part. Lampard obviously counts on Kovacic to play regularly next to Kante. He spoke very nicely of him for the past few days and I have the feeling that he can get "cemented" in the first line. Now, how about playing Jorghio behind the striker ?? Or vice versa, Kovačič behind the striker and Jorghinh next to Kante. Then there is the question where Barkley comes into the equation? Mount is another choice, but I do not think that he will get real chances except for maybe cups and possibly a few minutes in PL and CL. This is how I would do it: Kovačič near Kante, Jorginho / Barkley behind the striker. Our "creative" Italian with two goals and no assist in the previous season might even work well this way. Similarly, Barkley (because he is too slow in my opinin for the CDM) could be useful in front because he has a good shot from a distance. What do you think? The combination in these positions is really huge, so I really wonder how Lampard will do it. It is true that Kante is not perfectly fit, so from the beginning of the season we can probably expect Kovacic and Jorginho on CDM and Barkley behind the striker.
  2. So what is going on with his fella? Surely our defense is not near close to being rock solid and stable as it used to be, but that is why we have a "suppose to be" WC goalkeeper on goal line in the first place! I used to laugh at moments when Mignolet saved nearly impossible, and 10 minutes later conceed from an "easy-to-save" situation. But damn, Courtois is not far from the same problem! Truly unbelivable what is happening. I was always very calm when Cech was still in the blue shirt, now i know we are going to conceed every single game! Most possibly from a stupid not even the most sufisticsted playaction of the opposed team! And sry for my english, got a bit rusty through years :-)

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