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  1. Wow even better! Think we can afford to lose against City as long as we beat these two teams
  2. Lets hope it stays 1-0. As it stands: 1 point behind west ham (we can finish above them) 3 points behind Leicester (we can catch and finish above them on goal difference)
  3. Nah I would rather we close the gap to Leicester to within 3 points and genuinely fight for 3rd place as opposed to just fighting for 4th.
  4. We badly need West Ham to win today. A Leicester win would be a disaster.
  5. Good not great (overall finishing was pretty bad) performance. I've been calling him a flop for most of the season but hopefully this is the start to prove me wrong in the final 10 games.
  6. It's funny people complain about his tinkering because you rarely then see anyone choose the same team in the next match thread. The way we are playing at thisstage of the season, its not possible to have a settled 11. Too many players are not consistent enough to keep their spot nor is it smart not to rotate in order to keep harmony and a fresh squad at this stage.
  7. We've struggled for goals since January last season when Tammy dropped off and we had to bring Giroud back. If not goals we have certainly struggled to create chances. It's the reason why we splashed the cash on Werner, Ziyech and Havertz who between them had a bucket load of goals and assists last season.
  8. I honestly don't know why we are talking about rotation/resting players as if that the issue vs wba. Had we lose against West Ham I would understand. It was a side in the relegation zone who we should be beating but a few errors from players cost us.
  9. In a final anything can happen. Would rather play City or Bayern in a final as opposed to two legs. Reaching the final will be just as hard as winning it.
  10. Before the red card he was shocking. Over hitting balls constantly. We went 1-0 up so I would say despite his bad performance, the rest of the team would have stepped up. A man down and that all goes out the window. Even worse with his performance which effectively leaves us down to 9 men.
  11. Cost us the win more than Jorgino and Tuchel imo which makes it easier because he's been so good all season. People make errors and it was his turn.
  12. Timo is definitely better than Torres. But when you look at excuses, you can say Torres already fell off at Liverpool after his injury. They were a Europa League team and we didn't realise the drop off. The problem with Timo is not just his finishing, it's his inability on the ball. His touch is horrible, always loses the ball and his cant connect well with crosses high or low, into the box. I never expected his football ability to be this bad.
  13. I think its harsh to put Rudiger in that category. I don't think the changing of managers is the main reason for this problem. We've just signed players who have not lived up to the standards expected of them. If we had kept Sarri and made exactly the same signings, it doesn't guarantee anything. We were all praising the board in the summer. We backed the manager heavily. The signings have all fallen short which is just so unfortunate.
  14. Good on the ball but my god his shooting is awful. His lack of goals from midfield is contributing to our blunt attack.
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