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  1. That is such a bitter comment. Just because you have the most money it doesn't guarantee anything. When he took over from Rijkaaed, Barcelona were on the wane. He brought them back up. Not many other managers would win 4 out of the last 5 prems with city in the fashion they have as Pep has done playing such attacking football. The guy is a genius.
  2. Let's just put this to the side. No matter what Tuchel did, losing to City is a strong possibility. They are coached by the best manager ever imo. Don't worry and lets move on.
  3. Exactly this. We won the game that mattered. Still a long season ahead. We must win the next league game.
  4. It's been bad but not terrible. We just gave city far too much respect. Wrong approach.
  5. Honestly don't know what I'm going to get from Havertz game by game. Needs way more consistency in his game. That chance where he completely missed the ball was worrying for a baller of his supposed quality.
  6. Mount not in sync with the game and Havertz is so frustratingly pedestrian.
  7. We win this if the likes of Mount and Kai can get their act together. We've fought past in the last two games but Rom will start needing some help.
  8. Super League and well Uefa like Fifa are just a corrupt organisation who have zero popularity.
  9. I think Saul should start. He got a rude awakening to the Prem but he's experienced in the CL. Mind you if he flops here his confidence would be shot.
  10. Possible injury picked up. Due to have a thing scan.
  11. If Lukaku really is a top 2 striker then there is no way that we shouldn't win the Premier League this season with a minimum of 20 goals from open play from Lukaku
  12. Average players going for record prices (even in relative terms). Lukaku is a great striker but not top top tier for example yet he's the most expensive striker in the world. Kepa the most expensive goalkeeper and again not top tier. When Roman first came there were so many great players from a number of clubs to choose from. Now even with a 200m transfer kitty, you'll struggle to find the quality out there to spend it on.
  13. Think you are being VERY VERY harsh. 1. We already have a stacked squad 2. There are not many options out there for us to improve our first 11. The talent pool in football is at an all time low in my 25 years of watching football. 3. We can't afford to end up like Barcelona by paying over the odds for players just because at the moment we can The only signing I wish we made was Halaand. But seeing the fees reported. Over 250m all in, that is just ridiculous.
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