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  1. Bloody hell as I'm reading his farewell, my mum sticks on classic fm. *tears*
  2. He's leaving and I feel sick at the thought.
  3. We got lucky to go in at 0 0 during the break. Should've immediately taken off Willian and brought on Giroud. Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrgh so frustrating he cannot make the right calls.
  4. Crikey, just read about a black fan being abused in Prague. I've seen him on a Chelsea YouTube channel in the past so it's definitely not a fake. This is ridiculous and sickening. What I want to know is why no one stuck up for him. The racists still exist within our club. Such a sad thing to read.
  5. Can this club go one year without a racist shaming caught on tape??? At first I believed that there was an agenda against us and that every club has it's share of racist fans but now it's becoming too frequent and ALWAYS US! For those that do not know I'm referring to a video of our fans in Prague calling Salah a bomber. It's getting harder to defend as the rap sheet gets longer.
  6. Right but that's a different topic and not really a sound argument to say why Hazard is not in the same class. To put it nicely, you sound really sentimental.
  7. That doesn't include the amount of times Jorgino gave a loose pass.
  8. We beat Spurs with 3 of their best players out. Remember that.
  9. Club is a shambles. We aren't even that good anymore challenging for titles. I could understand our philosophy then but not now.
  10. Can't say he's chasing the money. Good for him.

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