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  1. It's a shambles that we haven't managed to put back to back wins for so long. If we don't manage to do that soon then we are in trouble and two games without a win starting at Everton would be a disaster. We are due a run asap
  2. I dont mind the colour scheme but design it so if doesn't look like Palace
  3. I think the squad he has is just terrible. Sarri is a master tactician and struggled in similar fashion. Difference is that he had Hazard and Higuain after Jan. We are in so much trouble. No goals in this team and that is the worst part. Worst than our defensive and goal keeping problem.
  4. Why didn't we at least loan a striker in January?
  5. Absolutely terrible striker. Pound for pound the worst we have had.
  6. I feel sick and angry. How can you be that bad of a striker. How did we get into such a bad state???? There is zero goals in this team. Painful absolutely painful. The winter break was of no benefit to us.
  7. He won't be missed. I feel like he's way off where we expected him to be at this moment in time.
  8. Such a gift for us. Same goes for next week. No Kane and Eriksen sold (albeit replaced). However a man up against Arsenal was a gift and we bottled that. We are so inconsistent that I cant even predict tonight's game.
  9. If Tammy can reach a level of Defoe I'll be happy. Despite his age, he doesn't look like he will develop into a player that will lead us to glory. Same goes for Mason and Cho for their own reasons. RLC and Reece seem the real deal. Maybe it proves that physicality is crucial these days.
  10. Well that good 2013 scouting was mostly down to Emanalo, who was made a scapegoat by 90% of the fans just because his face didn't fit. Now look he's gone (rejoice) and we are nowhere near better off. Prime reason why fans would make bad owners.
  11. Kante in team 36% win percentage and 71% without him
  12. I honestly don't think he was anything better than average. He made their left back work but his overall threat in attacking positions seemed tame.
  13. I just can't fault Frank until he has at least a season and a full window but my god this team is very bad.
  14. We've suffered from this kind of performance many times this season. It's too common to be a fluke or freak result
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