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  1. Lose to Leicester and going by Roman's history, the sack could come for Frank and although it would be sad to see, I would understand and agree with the decision. We are a club with ambition and Franks contract tenure is a project. As with all projects, there are intervals where you review if targets have been met or are on course to being met. A defeat in our next game will confirm that we are well below where we need to be. Make no mistake, top 4 is the absolute minimum. Yes Frank did amazing last season to achieve Top 4 but he was under no pressure to even achieve that. Regardle
  2. Play as Chelsea meaning slow, static, predictable and laborious? You can't expect space but you sure can create it.
  3. Exactly this. City can play any team in the league with no striker and still cause damage because Pep has them moving the ball quickly Even Liverpool used to spam crosses without a target man and succeeded because they transition into attack at speed. Lampard needs this team adopting the same approach.
  4. When people talk about confidence, you would think that a whole week off and also scoring in a cup would bring him back to life.
  5. Won't make a difference. Even when teams are missing their star striker, we still struggle and lose.
  6. When a manager leaves any club it always ends in tears, that's why they leave 99% of the time lol. But in our regards it usually ends in tears on the back of some respectable success with the exception of AVB.
  7. Sought after by who? Us and Bayern looked like the only options. You're talking as if his name is Neymar who was known worldwide with everyone anticipating where he would end up. Holding onto that tag as Generational talent is laughable as I'm saying he hasn't shown an ounce of being one.
  8. So what's hindsight got to do with it when I'm just stating the facts? Its not like I said we should never have signed him, I'm saying I don't get this tag as a generational talent. As for being the most sought after, I dunno, this time last year I had never even heard of him. Not many people did.
  9. No disrespect to you and I've seen many fans label him as this 'generational talent', I quite frankly see it as BS. He's shown nothing of being the sort since making a big move. People who I've seen in the past that can be labelled as such are Rooney, Kaka and Hazard. Havertz is just hype so far.
  10. Favourite all time player: Eden Hazard I haven't been excited or enjoyed watching a footballer play as much as him. Favourite match: Beating Spurs 4-2 at WHL in 2012 the season after winning the CL. Atmosphere was electric from both sets of fans for the whole 90mins. Incredible game. Favourite goal: Drogba against Spurs in the FA Cup semi. Had no right to do what he did. Only a world class big man can score that kind of goal. Favourite away day: White Hart Lane as mentioned above. Favourite moment as a supporter: I would say watching us lift the Prem against Wigan but it h
  11. This isn't actually correct. You're including all his prem goals but you haven't included all his appearances where some of his goals have come off the bench.
  12. We spent £200m because Roman wants us to Challenge for the top honours, plain and simple. That is the standard set since he arrived. And to be fair we still managed to make Kovacic move permanent and had a new player in Pulisic. Imagine if the rules were so strict that we couldn't do that. Regardless, there are only 3 or 4 clubs capable of spending such money in a window (transfer ban or not) and luckily we are one of them thanks to a great business model and ambitious owner. With regards to our signings, yes if they performed to how we all hoped and expected, we would be challengin
  13. I'm all for giving Frank time and it's not like I'm demanding he win the title or at least put up a challenge (which Ole is doing). But the fact is we didn't spend £200m to miss out on top 4 and fight for position with mid table clubs who don't have a fraction of our budget. I just can't see how anyone can think we will be successful under Frank in the coming years if we end up going backwards on a year where we had none. Just think of the excuses we would be making for Frank if we spent £20m in the summer, whilst sitting in the same position we are now. It would be "the board didnt back Fr
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