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  1. Kante in team 36% win percentage and 71% without him
  2. I honestly don't think he was anything better than average. He made their left back work but his overall threat in attacking positions seemed tame.
  3. I just can't fault Frank until he has at least a season and a full window but my god this team is very bad.
  4. We've suffered from this kind of performance many times this season. It's too common to be a fluke or freak result
  5. Annoying seeing Arsenal and the rest of the big 6 come from behind or win with 10 men. For years even a decade we've never been able to consistently manage to do either.
  6. We don't have to win this game. A draw means all we have to do is win our final game to go through.
  7. Must win already to make a statement. The squad is good enough and we have home advantage.
  8. 3 years ago Liverpool were bang average 8th place team. Look at them now. We just need to invest better, aim high and show patience.
  9. I was so much happier beating Everton and Pompy than losing to Utd in a clge final.
  10. Bloody hell as I'm reading his farewell, my mum sticks on classic fm. *tears*
  11. He's leaving and I feel sick at the thought.

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