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  1. I hate seeing the Mahrez chance. Frightens the hell out of me still to this day.
  2. Great footage. Cant wait for the 2021 version. No commentary just allows you to take it all in.
  3. The game is on YouTube on BTs page I believe. 2012 cannot be topped due to everything that went on but this second one right here, I feel so much more prouder. Fully deserved and respected. No one can say we got lucky or anything. A clean triumph with no controversy.
  4. I hated the 2012 trophy lift. Bosingwa ruined it. Could barely see Lamps and Drogs. I've only really watched it a handful of times. Dave's lift on Saturday though! 10/10. I've watched it 50 times already. Love it.
  5. Funny how mad football is. Arguably our greatest ever manager considering our history. Winning is in this clubs DNA.
  6. I've had two hours sleep!!! Can't believe it! We are European Champions AGAIN!!!! DESERVED!!!!
  7. Make no mistake this half will be tough!!! Pep has made obvious selection errors and if he's smart he will change the positioning of some players.
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