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  1. The problem with Fifa is that they downgrade our players for the ‘averages’ of the team, even though Spurs have 3 players in the top 20 the rest of their ratings will be lower. That’s why we see this kind of retarded sh*t like Christensen, Rudiger and Mendy’s ratings; if they do it ‘right’, we become too overpowered for what they think we should be.
  2. City with the easiest draw as per usual of course.
  3. We’d be playing in home colours, just like when leading up to the final people were saying the pink shirt would be worn.. of course not. Marketing disaster for a club to celebrate a historic European night in colours not synonymous of the club, unless we absolutely have to i.e facing royal blue shirts
  4. I’d like to think Haaland would justify it in comparison, with his profile and importance to a side but yea maybe that’s just wishful thinking.
  5. Great player but not right for us, also.. Insigne literally sacked his agent (Mina Raiola) because he didn’t want to leave Napoli. He’s like a god in Naples and at the time Raiola found a club who wanted to double his wages but he turned it down. Safe to assume Napoli will find a solution with him.
  6. The fact this is only on 23 pages says it all, there are obvious stumbling blocks. Such a shame as United will be a lot stronger next season with the Glazers reaching into their pockets now and will look to improve on their 2nd place finish. Haaland would be such a statement signing and everything rides on this transfer window with no release clause.
  7. Golden generation of Chelsea players Terry, Lampard, Ashley Cole, J. Cole.. accomplish nothing with England, generally disliked. Fast forward to 2021, a team without any Chelsea players historically beat Germany and the whole country is in love with them. 😅 It’s a Chelsea thing.
  8. Again, it depends whether you care or not.. but just from reading the room (the nations football fans and pundits) this is the situation for Mase, not my opinion; takes a bit of grey matter to to see the perspective I was writing from.
  9. The entire country in unison regarding Mount’s omission from the squad and England being mediocre with him and brilliant without him, pundits don’t even want to utter his name. Big season coming up now, a chance to really prove himself over 38 games and go one step further to impose himself properly stats and influence wise; he’ll need a big one to prove the entire country wrong, especially if England get to the final.
  10. Yea, it’s a number of things, various factors but they do love a northern soul, the hero Grealish, Maguire, Walker etc.. that kind of personality/character and the media follows through with it all. It’s cultural, traditional club bias, Southgate probably gets looked down upon when he visits cobham as a bang average figure in the game. I was born in this country, but I just can’t bring myself to celebrate without ANY Chelsea representation, especially after the injustice of Mount’s situation.
  11. There is and will be a LOT of anti-Mount stuff now even amongst the bigger accounts online, the hate for him and the agenda will grow really strong after this.
  12. Maybe I’m just odd, but as an Englishman I’m not happy, none of our champions league hero’s in the squad, total agenda and the ridiculous illogical isolation of Mase & Chilwell.
  13. Mason Mount being abused on twitter, most hated player in the country.
  14. Yea that Cho contract really f**ked us, Marina disasterclass right there.
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