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  1. Pulisic’s place in the side should be and deserves to be off the cards totally, he’s our star man. Pulisic will cut inside and drift anyway, as per any patterns in play, no reason why Werner shouldn’t be able to adapt to this and start together. In the end, if Werner is to flop due to these circumstances, then so be it.. he cost £10m more than Sir Danny Drinkwater when it all comes down to it.
  2. Well, however way you wish to word it... Wish the supporters that voted considered what that particular season represented with the focus on the academy boys and relying on them, with Mount rising to the top of that pile and his name being the one to best ‘represent’ the campaign in the history books with something as coveted as POTY. Also, we took a lot of flack for Kovavic getting that award from other supporters (and rightfully so) as how the great have fallen; Hazard to Kovacic ffs.
  3. He’s just not a guy who deserves his name forever on our history like that, Mount should have got it as he was the best of the youth (which defined the season) Kovavic was consistent but didn’t define what that season was all about, and Mount is an academy boy who broke ground better to have that name in stone than this average journey man squad player as part of Chelsea history. At least Willian (as much as he frustrated us) became a stalwart of sorts and earned stripes.
  4. It’s an abysmal failure on all fronts, highly rated but nobody was ‘seriously’ moving for this little midget, no re-sale value on the fee, 7 year contract, and he really wasn’t making waves at the time, just a decent shot-stopper in a nothing side. Very concerning for our scouting infrastructure and decision makers at the club. I get the angle of ‘smoothing out the edges’ and potential but this really isn’t a club for developing and if they were to play that card... a top scout could have sniffed out a better option.
  5. Grealish would slow the play down too much, not fast moving enough, he’s a special player who has that bit of magic in him but not for us. And let’s not forget, we have our best pound for pound talent in Pulisic in that position anyway.
  6. And in regards to the Athletic, apparently they do have insider sources. Apparently.
  7. 😄 Direct from the horses mouth, Jody Morris’ instagram, then he deleted it, mentioned everything I just said (minus Mourinho’s name) but it was during that spat with Mourinho if you recall.
  8. Yea, agreed. The scouting and identification of Kepa and the executive decision to pay the £72m should be treated internally as a ‘scandal’, even worse than the time Mourinho (according to Jody Morris) came into the board room and pitched an idea to ditch the youth setup totally and focus all resources on first team spend. Difference is, whoever pitched Kepa, was listened to... and that is worrying, as it’s a flop on a catastrophic level, this would destroy a medium sized club to the core 😄 with us it’s written off, swept under the carpet. The Athletic (beyond their pay wall) have apparently d
  9. The ship has sailed, now he’s signed that massive new contract, Brighton can pull silly numbers out of the hat, before that... we could have potentially done a Cahill fee-wise & caliber wise but this ones done, very naive guy, could have held on to his lesser deal and engineered a move to a top club.
  10. Another worrying thing is his penalty technique, it’s non-existent. If we’re competing for trophies, it’s another factor along with his decision making that’s going to cost us. We should have just gone mad and activated Oblack’s release clause and be done with it because the reality now is we’re still essentially in the goalkeeper market with Mendy, the position isn’t sorted.
  11. Looking at the body language of Kai isn’t much better, guy looks and is most certainly a shy guy, new country or not, people have praised his mental strength (which we’ll soon find out) but from a behavioural perspective he looks like a deer in headlights. Werner not much better although seems more brooding, coming from Germany or any country to here and this English dressing room always going to be hard to stamp authority... Ballack was a very very special character in the game full stop. Got my PHD in footballer psychology from the university of ronaldo7streams.net btw, if anyone intere
  12. The really crazy thing about Christensen is that for years he was the most highly coveted defender at youth level, who are these experts?!?, Jody Morris was speaking of him like the 2nd coming of Christ; swear the scouting at this club is just ran on ‘vibes’, Mad...
  13. Still hold a grudge against him for taking player of the year away from Mount last season. The history books having his name there, a mere ‘squad player’ right down to his essence, just doesn’t look right, especially next to the names of the last 20 years.
  14. I take your point about Klopp, wonder how he would have utilised him.. or maybe that could have failed, because it’s not like Liverpool play with two centre forwards like he’s used to.
  15. Havertz seems a shy lad, mentality fragile type like Morata, Werner (although bad body language atm) seems a bit more resilient.
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