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  1. We’ve won in blue socks before, off the top of my head anyway. On Jose’s 2nd return we beat Spurs to lift the League Cup in all blue.
  2. We have a near perfect record in this home kit against City, 3/4, good omen. Chelsea shouldn’t be dressed as Crystal Palace on any significant fixture in the clubs history.
  3. Thank f**k for that, no pink!.. never made sense anyway, especially since we’ve been playing City in home colours.
  4. There is talk he could get the cut from this 33 man England squad in favour of TTA, Walker and Trippier, I know the competition for that place is high but that would be mad.
  5. https://talksport.com/football/883182/harry-kane-transfer-chelsea-roman-abramovich-tottenham/ Interesting interview with Carlton Cole regarding Roman and his personal policy with Tottenham. Absolutely no chance it seems.
  6. Wrong side of 30 for us anyway, plus an injury record that is due a long long stretch out, top player but as mentioned it would be typical of us to make him a flop, not settle in and get startled by betraying his boyhood club.
  7. The old Chelsea kit back after defeats (men & women) in the ugly af premature one for next season, superstitious-Tuchel gets his way, someone isn’t a fan of Stevie Wonder.
  8. Loser DNA this squad, back to back f**king finals lost, very worrying for our future that this core are so used to losing when it truly matters. Mason Mount... 2 finals, twice a loser, as for the rest of a youth, losers in the adult game, it’s all they know in finals.
  9. Absolute group of losers and bottlers this lot, let Lampard down and now Tuchel. Mount, James, Hudson-Odoi the lot are a generation of losers at the moment, their youth is just losing finals.
  10. Hopefully it makes them complacent, not to get into the habit of comparing everything to 2012 (as every Chelsea fan is doing aha) but Bayern had the title wrapped up long before the CL final, which essentially had them playing non-competitive football in the run up; whereas we will have to be in a rhythm of needing to be top gear.
  11. How is the current one ‘horrid’? 😅 it’s simple and classic, no nonsense. Only talking point is whether people like the 3 sponsorship but that’s about it.
  12. Bad omen wearing it for the final, considering we did the same for Moscow, shame as this seasons top is actually nice.
  13. Actually hope we lose or draw, which is a mad thing to say when we’re still competing for top 4 but the last thing you want is Tuchel using every tool and trick in the book to beat them at this stage.
  14. I did fear that history favours the better positioned side when two clubs from the same league meet, Bayern/Dortmund, Liverpool/Tottenham, Real Madrid/Atletico and of course us in 2008. However, In 2003, Juventus were the top dogs in Serie A, top of the table by a big margin, essentially already champions, AC Milan who were 3rd and 10 points behind beat them in the Champions League Final at Old Trafford.
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