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  1. If we don’t reach the Champions league it was all for nothing, at least with Frank We had the right players exiled.
  2. The most infuriating thing is that he’ll start again, and that’s the problem with having a managerial merry-go-round, Frank knew how bad he was but then the nightmare starts all over again and Tuchel won’t be that cut throat with him. Marina is too cheap and won’t put football matters ahead of financial ones, so Declan Rice still off the table... adding to the misery of it all.
  3. Love the yellow, but that’s about it, what were they thinking applying two patterns like that?, just unnecessary; stick to one pattern or none at all.
  4. I understand not everyone is a leader type or highly charismatic or ‘one of the lads’ or however you want to put it, but this doesn’t look great to me.
  5. Remarkable start, maybe the links to Donnarumma will die down now.
  6. You disagree with dkw being clueless to uk perception then based on this post which is right, as for ‘whatever the reason is’.... social class/not being flash enough/ etc etc, he’s not had the same plaudits as the aforementioned. Only now is it seeping in as mentioned but I feel there is still something about him not resonating with people and for all the wrong reasons of course. In the end it doesn’t matter it’s just a peeve of mine when in-house appreciation doesn’t quite filter out as it should, so tired of the twitter/ social media accounts (yes I know.. shouldn’t read them but still) with
  7. Not seen much of that myself, although aside from this forum I mainly gravitate towards more neutral venues and voices online, I see the debates on Maddison, Grealish & Foden, Mount is always bottom or discredited. At the moment, Mount is most famous for being a teachers pet and people are still furious Southgate mentioned his name when asked about Brumy hero Grealish. There is thankfully now a bit more respect going his way but it’s a long way before he will be fully accepted.
  8. Anywayyy.... Hopefully the agenda from the non-Chelsea lot does die down in time for the Euro’s and we’ll see less of the teachers pet stuff, maybe Mount can crash a Range Rover or something to appeal to those twats. Frank did nothing wrong but is still hated by many because he is perceived to be middle class in a working class sport.
  9. Seems to be a problem here (uk) than other places, something in the water, whether that’s press or just the culture. Non-Chelsea people don’t want to praise him, anyone who comes across as schoolboy, or teachers pet or had a good upbringing gets snubbed. I think that whole forum/online discussion thing of people who take single words out of posts and magnify them seems to be one of those things, would look so ridiculous in a real life conversation between people.
  10. I was talking about social class, you’ve misunderstand the entire thing as did the other poster before you. Mason will suffer the same fate as Lampard with Gerrard in never getting the plaudits due to the football culture we have here. Gerrard was born on the bluebell estate in Merseyside, Lamps with a silver spoon in his mouth. More extreme example but who you are and how you came to be always seems to seep into everything, sheltered and ‘perceived’ teachers pet Mount has had it too easy for onlookers who want a hero, someone who’s not had it so easy.
  11. He’s northern and quite a ‘lad’ flashy cars, getting in the press, drink driving etc. Mount is an upper-middle class schoolboy, a PC gamer geek who was sheltered from day dot in the Chelsea system, Jack took the school of hard knocks in Brum and worked his way up through the football league. It’s just all about perceptions.
  12. It’s a shame non-Chelsea people will never rate him, too much of a school boy, well spoken, well mannered, good upbringing. Football usually dislikes those types, hence why Lampard had his own issues with gaining respect he deserved in the community. The culture kind of celebrates those gritty Grealish types with a bit of northern edge to them or a council estate Foden ‘come good’ story, even though vulgar types like Maddison is out posing with Ferrari’s, Grealish is crashing them and married men like Foden is out banging prostitutes.
  13. He’s got the perfect character for the clubs climate like Didier, Frank etc had when the owners throwing all kinds of big money players their way to compete with, elite mentality and undroppable.
  14. Just hoping they amend the badge and just have the yellow border around it instead of all yellow, few alternatives to this surfaced which reflected that.
  15. Earliest leak we’ve ever had I think, bit more of a radical design like with the 2019 effort, yellow line on the sides too from the looks of it. Glad I bought this seasons as aside from the sponsor I’d say it’s pretty spot on, prefer the rounded collar on that too in contrast to the v-neck on this.
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