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  1. Only Liverpool and Man City have picked up more points than Everton since that game.
  2. How far out of the quadrant was that ball placed for the corner ? See it almost every game now.
  3. Kinell....as he was running through I said out loud watch Barkley feck this up.......doh
  4. Makes you wonder doesn't it, the ways the injuries are piling up this season ?
  5. Really enjoying this game so far. Gilmour looking good, Kepa making 3 successive close range saves, proper cup game.
  6. It's exactly this sort of pontificating bullsh*t from officials which is killing the game. First reaction was a red card but then goes on to watch it over over again and talks a load of bull before defending the ref and var, whilst at the same time saying they were wrong. Managers and players are apparently contracted to come out and speak on camera within minutes of the game ending. Occasionaly they say something which upsets the powers that be and are punished for it with a fine or ban or both. It's about time the referees were held to account and questioned about their decisions post match.
  7. I hoped Michy might be a decent backup striker but it's looking more and more obvious that he's not. I can understand some of the calls for Giroud to start but there is no way he can play a full 90 minutes so it made sense to bring him on later given we needed a goal. It's just a shame the one he scored was ruled offside by a fraction of a boot.
  8. They make some valid points but Burley and the other fat pundit look and sound p*ssed to me.
  9. I heard on the radio today that it's the first time Man Utd have done the double over any team in a season without conceding a goal since the 1964/65 season. Horrific stat if true.
  10. What on earth are you on about ? We've just signed a top quality player at a bargain price in todays market and we get him in time for next season. Fantastic bit of business by the club.
  11. As much as I would like to find fault with this post I just can't and have to agree with everything said. We've waited years for the academy players to be introduced and now it's finally happened it seems they are not mentally up to the task. Not in anyway saying they are bad players and there is certainly some talent amongst them but it's the mentality to fight, battle and make their mark that seems to be lacking in so many games. There is no leader. This bunch have been given a rare opportunity to show what they're all about and so far they are faltering. The reason for that can't all rest with the players though, the coaching must play a part and perhaps the mentality installed at academy level needs looking at. On a positive note, still 4th in the league and into the next round of the FA Cup so not all bad.
  12. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/kits/68037/sh*t-football-kits-colorado-caribous-rodeo-fringe-1978.html
  13. I could only listen to the commentary on Radio5 this evening and one thing they said quite often is how we lack a real leader on the pitch and it's hard to disagree. We don't have a player in the squad capable of taking that mantle and I think that's part of the problem. It's really quite astonishing we are still 9 points above Tottenham and 10 above Arsenal and still in 4th place.

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