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  1. As much as I would like to find fault with this post I just can't and have to agree with everything said. We've waited years for the academy players to be introduced and now it's finally happened it seems they are not mentally up to the task. Not in anyway saying they are bad players and there is certainly some talent amongst them but it's the mentality to fight, battle and make their mark that seems to be lacking in so many games. There is no leader. This bunch have been given a rare opportunity to show what they're all about and so far they are faltering. The reason for that can't all rest with the players though, the coaching must play a part and perhaps the mentality installed at academy level needs looking at. On a positive note, still 4th in the league and into the next round of the FA Cup so not all bad.
  2. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/kits/68037/sh*t-football-kits-colorado-caribous-rodeo-fringe-1978.html
  3. I could only listen to the commentary on Radio5 this evening and one thing they said quite often is how we lack a real leader on the pitch and it's hard to disagree. We don't have a player in the squad capable of taking that mantle and I think that's part of the problem. It's really quite astonishing we are still 9 points above Tottenham and 10 above Arsenal and still in 4th place.
  4. It's really quite amazing that we are still 4th in the league given some of the poor results we've had, especially those against teams in the bottom half. Before the season started I would have said being in the top 4 would be beyond expectations given the circumstances of a new manager, transfer ban and giving more game time to the younger players, something I think most of us wanted to see anyway. The impression I'm getting though as the season progresses is that tactically we are falling short and it needs changing. Ultimately that responsibility is down to Frank and Jody and I hope we as fans can give them some patience to make the transition. 4th is still a fairly good position to be in.
  5. This recent run is indeed really quite a concern. Before the season started my hopes and expectations were a realistic top half of the table finish and a decent run in one or two of the cups. So far we've done better than I was hoping for with regards the league position but the slump in form is gradually eroding that, the home form is particularly worrying. It's been a very long time since Stamford Bridge was considered 'a fortess' but even so we should be doing better at home than this. The youngsters seem to be struggling and none of the senior players seem able or capable of leading the way at the moment. Fitness levels seem to be an issue as well, too many players looking tired, leggy, lethargic this early in the season is not a good sign with the busiest period still ahead. I really hope Frank can turn things around pretty soon. The January window should be interesting now we are allowed to make some signings.
  6. If that was the official response from the club I'm not so sure it was a wise one to be honest. If CAS have ruled in our favour we should leave it at that and move on. Stirring the Fifa hornets nest with a reply like that could come back to bite us in the arse. I have mixed feelings about the lifting of the ban. Some squad changes are needed but nothing major please, especially not in the January window. The current side have exceeded my expectations so far this season so let's not upset the applecart too much. I have every confidence in Frank to keep a cool head and make the right decisions.
  7. What a game. Only had the chance to hear the commentary on Radio5Live but if anyone can tell me where I can see the highlights I'd be very grateful.
  8. I may be wrong but I don't think we can sign anyone in January, thats still a part of our two window ban.
  9. Is that your idea of an intellectual counter argument ?
  10. Only got the Radio5Live commentary to go on but it sounds as though we are playing some great footbal. Does anyone know if the highlights are going to be available later on tv in the UK ?
  11. Not blocked in the UK though so fair play for once to BT
  12. I know us fans can be somewhat blinkered and biased when it comes to poor refereeing decisions, but the amount of very questionable decisions given in Liverpools favour throughout this season is beyond ridiculous. It seems to have stepped up a gear or two towards the end of the season as well.
  13. Pleased with the starting line up apart from the obvious lack of a target man up front.
  14. Gutted. 4 years ago I made a life changing move and during the clear out I donated 8 Chelsea shirts from the 80's and 90's to a charity shop.

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