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  1. Not blocked in the UK though so fair play for once to BT
  2. I know us fans can be somewhat blinkered and biased when it comes to poor refereeing decisions, but the amount of very questionable decisions given in Liverpools favour throughout this season is beyond ridiculous. It seems to have stepped up a gear or two towards the end of the season as well.
  3. Pleased with the starting line up apart from the obvious lack of a target man up front.
  4. Gutted. 4 years ago I made a life changing move and during the clear out I donated 8 Chelsea shirts from the 80's and 90's to a charity shop.
  5. Please does anyone have a link to the Hazard goal.....I'm stuck with just a R5L commentary here.
  6. Whoah there......I'm as fed up with Sarri as most but come on.
  7. To be fair it looked very much as though he got the player first.
  8. I can't ever watch this enough. Thanks for sharing it.
  9. Cabelero seems to be taking a few risks with his distribution
  10. Because the oppos are wearing white socks, ridiculous I know but there it is
  11. Luiz has his shirt ripped off his back and nothing given ?
  12. This game is proof of just how little time players get on the ball in the English game. So far we're holding up quite well.

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