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  1. It was a ridiculous decision. Var is getting so many things wrong again this season despite the fact the refs can now view a monitor and change it.
  2. No worries, so was I and I apologise for my tetchy comment 👍
  3. Maybe you should read my post again. I said we have been 'spoilt' by the fact we've had some great goalkeepers in the past.
  4. I can't agree with that at all for the simple reason the stats show that Kepa has the worst shots saved ratio in Premier League history, and by quite a distance. Caballero may not be an ideal replacement but he was only ever intended to be a back up anyway. I actually feel sorry for Kepa in a way, It's not his fault we paid a world record fee for him and maybe that put too much pressure on him right from the start. However he hasn't done himself many favours since, the League Cup Final tantrum being a prime example. I think it best for all concerned if we just cut our losses and say
  5. I haven't seen the whole clip just this still, but from that alone I have to question our defensive positioning. There are 2 unmarked Southampton players in the box, neither being played offside and 2 of our players yards behind without a hope in hell of getting near them. I really want Frank to succeed here but unless he brings in a coach capable of drilling defensive tactics into this side soon I fear for his future.
  6. Saintquin is a Southampton supporter. He was referring to their away kit, not ours.
  7. Post of the day for me and one I can totally relate to. Thanks for cheering me up.
  8. That was very noticeable, he made no attempt to dive for any of them, not even the wrong way.
  9. I don't buy into the agenda against Chelsea but there are certainly some issues with the refeering today and the use ( or lack of ) Var. Martinez clearly handling the ball outside the area wasn't even reviewed, nor replayed on the live BBC coverage.
  10. After such a promising start from us it's all falling to sh*t now
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