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  1. The days of simple blue shirts are long past unfortunately but as an old fart who vaguely remembers the 1960's I actually quite like this shirt. The video absolutley nails it from that aspect. Brought back memories of the Kings Road and the swagger we had back then.
  2. Much to my surprise I thought that too.
  3. Looking at it again this how I see it. Kepa is making himself available for a simple back pass from Zouma and we clear it. Zouma has a brain fart and passes it to Jorginho who is immediately put under pressure and tries a back pass without even looking where Kepa is. That goal was 20% on Zouma, 80% on Jorginho and 0% on Kepa who did well to prevent an own goal. Gutted to lose to this lot and the first time they've done the double over us in the league since the 2003/2004 season. It's the Chelsea way though, always keeping us in suspense. Looking forward to the FA Cup Final now.
  4. That was 100% on Jorghino, Kepa well to prevent an own goal.
  5. That's a pretty sh*t attitude he seems to be conveying there.
  6. I've only had the benefit of seeing the highlights on Match of the day but obviously pleased with the result. The 1st goal was exquisite, the long pass by Thiago, the one touch control by Mason and the perfect pass to Havertz who took his chance well. From the highlights the standout for me was some superb goalkeeping by Mendy, top drawer saves. We have a tough run in but what a position to be in. An FA Cup Final, a Champions League Final within sight and a possible top 4 finish.
  7. The MK Dons beat us all too it years ago. As for the rest of us it's not the first time its been mooted by a long way.
  8. He was trying to avoid stamping on Masons face according to the half time pundits, they didn't even mention the blatant foul on the same player just a little while after. To really add insult to injury Reece James later gets the first yellow of the game for a perfectly fair tackle on the Fernandinho thug who has already escaped 2 and a probable straight red. The standard of refereeing in this country is shockingly bad.
  9. I don't see anyone saying it's a poor pass, just saying Ziyech did well to get a ball going slightly behind him. Me included.
  10. Ziyech did realy well there, that pass was going behind him.
  11. I can't stand Richards, his ott laughing grinds my gears. Unless I missed something the half time talk said it wasn't a stamp on Mount and the 2nd Fernandinho foul on him wasn't mentioned, nor was the Reece booking for a perfect tackle ?
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