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  1. Cabelero seems to be taking a few risks with his distribution
  2. Because the oppos are wearing white socks, ridiculous I know but there it is
  3. Oh do **** off you tiresome fool
  4. Luiz has his shirt ripped off his back and nothing given ?
  5. This game is proof of just how little time players get on the ball in the English game. So far we're holding up quite well.
  6. Ashley Young really is a nasty piece of work
  7. Playing our way back into it
  8. I'm feeling quietly confident, I think we'll edge it 2-1.
  9. OGS has the weirdest accent.
  10. I was referring more to the 2 old geezers trying to rap !
  11. So glad to finally be able to watch a big game on terrestial tv here in the UK but wtf was that introduction all about on BBC1....
  12. Sorry to say I have to agree.
  13. Barkley like Bambi on ice there but a goals a goal !