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  1. I don't buy into the agenda against Chelsea but there are certainly some issues with the refeering today and the use ( or lack of ) Var. Martinez clearly handling the ball outside the area wasn't even reviewed, nor replayed on the live BBC coverage.
  2. After such a promising start from us it's all falling to sh*t now
  3. He's not Edit: My apologies I thought you meant Willian. Kante is on the bench.
  4. Steady on boys, we haven't won anything yet. Qualifying for the Champions League and reaching the FA Cup Final is probably more than most of us would have hoped for but save the celebrations for when we beat Arsenal in the Final.
  5. I had a bad feeling the drink breaks would lead to something like this
  6. Are we ? I haven't seen one single post where that is the case.
  7. Only Liverpool and Man City have picked up more points than Everton since that game.
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