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  1. Exactly...you have only seen a few minutes of them on TV...qualified to judge better than a man paid millions to do so and that sees them every day, tries things in training with them and gives them those few minutes you see on TV? I do't think so. RLC hasn't been woeful, Kenedy hasn't been woeful but RLC has to do enough to displace the options of Fabregas, Mikel, Matic and Ramires...Kenedy has the small obstacle of Hazard, Pedro Oscar ahead of him, none of which are lighting the world up but I am sure if the youngsters applied themselves better on the training pitch the manager would have stopped reading his paper long enough to look up and see it. You people who believe Jose is too stuborn to pick youngsters and in the next breath are saying the players have fallen out with him are just looking for anything to complain about, if he fell out with the players he'd play anyone in front of them, if the youngsters were better than the establihed players he'd play them, do you think he wants to lose games? Top manager, a few out of form players and not strong enough options to replace them, he's the one who must decide when to give up trying to play them into form and try other options and he will when those options show him something that says they're ready. You carry on complaining while he tries his nuts off to sort it out.
  2. alternatively you judge without seeing the players...great manager you'd make. Mourinho's job and reputation are on the line here, if he doesn't think the alternatives will do any better, I'm sure he has valid reasons. what happened last time you watched some of the youngsters train with the first team boys? did they look good enough to you?
  3. The thing is though, if you ignore media bullsh*t and peoples uninformed opinions on here the most likely reason he and the other main culprits who are not doing what they did last season are not doing it is poor form, he's trying to kick them and himself up the arse to help rekindle some form and show people that it has nothing to do with tactics or player discontent. Yes there's an argument for Jose picking different players if these are out of form but Jose is a better judge of the options form than us or the journo's.
  4. Say what you like about Cescs form this season but he deserves this just in case any one anywhere still puts any stock on the rubbish that gets written. The Secret Footballer has published a written apology to Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas for accusing him of leading a dressing room revolt at Stamford Bridge. The apology related to a story written in November claiming the Spain international, aged 28, was organising a “mini-revolt” against Blues boss Mourinho. In an official statement that was presumably demanded by Fabregas’ legal team, The Secret Footballer acknowledged that Fabregas was not behind the alleged mutiny and claimed that the former Arsenal man in fact has a good relationship with Mourinho and is happy at Chelsea. The Secret Footballer is a professional footballer who wrote anonymous articles for The Guardian newspaper. He has since published numerous books and operates a website through a limited company (The Secret Footballer Ltd.). It was an article on the website that appears to have got him in trouble with Fabregas’ lawyers. The apology, which was published on the website, reads: “In an item published in the Secret Footballer’s Diary on 2 November 2015 it was claimed that Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas was the leader of a mini-revolt against manager Jose Mourinho. “Our information on this was incorrect. Cesc Fabregas was not organising a dressing room revolt and has an excellent relationship with the manager. He is very happy at Chelsea. “We regret our error and have apologised to Cesc Fabregas.”
  5. I worry about Diego's attitude, worry about his fitness and worry about his commitment but I'd love to see how he conducted himself if he had real competition for his place before I gave up on him. He looks to me like he feels he doesn't have to bust a gut, he's not appearing highly motivated by success but I have a hunch his ego would force an attitude change if there was actually another viable option, an option that came in and performed. Perhaps then we'd see a player determined to prove himself again instead of someone who acts as if he's done enough and can coast through games picking fights here and there. He's a bit slower for sure but it looks more a fitness thing than a player who's legs have gone and again that will be down to attitude in training and in his life in general.
  6. How good could he be if he was playing for the manager? quality and great to see his form dip behind him.
  7. I'm personally leaning towards the argument you mention here and if that argument stands up then your last paragraph is really shown to be wrong. Are you arguing with yourself or saying you don't agree with the argument mentioned above?
  8. If Emanalo is the one in charge of signings then the squad that won the league six months ago is the squad Jose knew needed two or three players, two or three players of his choosing and not just decent players shipped in to bolster the squad. I think Jose made the board aware of his ideal targets and didn't get them, obviously this is my opinion and I can't back it up with any proof but that's like most opinions on the ins and outs here, If Jose didn't get the players he wanted but Emanalo brought in players anyway then instead of Jose being slated for virtually the same squad looking completely f**ked now that won the league six months ago, perhaps he should instead be praised for getting them over the line and making them champions now we see how f**ked they really were. There are always two ways to look at these things and the truth likely lie somewhere in between but if I had to bet on the theory that is most likely nearest reality I'd stick with my own.
  9. The thing is with Emanalo, if he is identifying players and going after them, it isn't a matter of saying he doesn't know a good player or even that he doesn't sometimes come up with a bargain, it's more that the manager here (more than at other clubs) should be identifying those targets. With Mourinho it isn't just a case of getting in a good player for a position we need to strengthen, it has to be a player that Jose feels is right for the squad and can play that position the way he wants him to. Obviously all managers at all teams would like to be in full control over ins and outs but here we have seen that being good isn't enough for Jose, you have to be able to play the way he wants and if you can't even if you are one of the better signings, you will be gone. I think to improve and really having a squad of players the manager can trust then he needs to be the one identifying the players he wants and the owner after all this time should be trusting him and financing it. I'm not even knocking Emanalo he's brought in some good players and some have been snips but he shouldn't be the one to make the decisions in a Mourinho team, I'd have no problem with him suggesting players and Jose having the final say which could be the case but my gut feeling says it isn't so for me he needs to either step back and do the managers bidding or leave.
  10. They're on about Jose being in contact via equipment they saw on the bench as well, they really won't give up for a minute. What with Costa's "assault" and Jose's illegal actions maybe they'll try and get some points off us next just so they can print that we're in the relegation spots.
  11. Costa is a shadow of his in form self but had Butland not got his trailing leg to his shot today he might have started to get some belief back, we need some proper competition for his position as it really is hard to picture Remy or Falcao leading the line for more than an odd game here and there. Surely he can't have lost it over the close seaon and definately the form of Fabregas early last year flattered him but competition for his place is the only way we'll find out for sure.
  12. I think we'll all appreciate Hazard if he comes off the bench tonight and gets on the score sheet...could really give us the kick start we keep thinking about. I'm happy he didn't start and it will be a good pointer to his mindset if he comes on late and performs.
  13. I watched "no escape" last night, surprised me that Owen Wilson played the main role fairly well in what isn't a comedy and Pierce Brosnon with a dodgy English accent was pretty good as well, no Oscars for the lads but quite decent action film with some edge of the seat moments.
  14. Hazard likely has a bit of a sulk on because Jose has told him he expects more of him, perhaps he has lost some form and it's giving him the hump because when he tries things they are not quite coming off, hence playing it safe more than he used to...it happens when confidence is low and sometimes players gradually get some form back by doing it. The whole team isn't playing badly at all, Azpilicueta, William, Zouma, Mikel, Begovic, Loftus Cheek to name a few are all playing well, do people think there is some sort of split in the dressing room and these players are all cuddly with Jose while the out of form players are out of form because they don't want him there? If so why does Ivanovic get so much stick from people? he obviously is getting on alright with the manager yet his form is arguably one of the worst. People twist everything to their own agenda and the media always get there man because of the unrest they cause, if everyone gave the idiot press the disrespect they deserve and got on with supporting the team without guessing what might be the root cause of losing a few games we would likely be better off for it. I hope Roman is sitting with his cornflakes and orange juice in the mornings on his Yacht, laughing his nuts off at the headlines in the knowledge he's gonna see this one out with the man he knows is the best choice for the club.
  15. I'm not sure in Edens case he needs to prove the manager wrong, I'd say he needs to prove him right as Jose (as we all do really) knows Eden can do more, I can understand Eden feeling he needs to get his attacking play back to a decent level but he gets paid to do what the manager asks and Jose really likes players who work hard without the ball, it's ok being tagged as the next Ronaldo Messi or spoken about in the same breath as those players but the only way I can see Eden really being as big an influence on games as those two is if he can be nearly as good as them going forward but better defensively, then that is really some player we'd have there.

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