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  1. Dunno, I can't remember...
  2. I had an unforgettable idea this morning regarding the piss up. I wish I could remember what the f**k it was...
  3. Le, followed by oh, followed by fer, followed by ter, followed by yur. Nope, can't get it ?
  4. My case comes up next week...
  5. I've been away irrigating the desert. It takes a long time on your own...
  6. Nope, nothing to see here...
  7. If it is 2003 then I reckon CFC are about to go on a roller coaster ride. I also predict that this forum will be taken over by loads of Johnny come lately characters. Lend me one of your crazy pills please...
  8. If only I still drank...
  9. Thank you. I can't stay for too long because the tablets soon start to wear off
  10. The old ones are the best.
  11. Old boys? I resemble that remark!
  12. The camaraderie of the Shed End is outstanding. Who needs the likes of Buck and Gourlay when you have our fine upstanding spirit behind the club?
  13. Breaking news: Chelsea's new stadium is being built as we speak. I need some more Lego bricks though

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