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  1. The camaraderie of the Shed End is outstanding. Who needs the likes of Buck and Gourlay when you have our fine upstanding spirit behind the club?
  2. Breaking news: Chelsea's new stadium is being built as we speak. I need some more Lego bricks though
  3. The Samsung Arena. Well if they're going to put in a substantial amount into the project then they would have every right to expect their name in lights so to speak. People might not like the idea right now but if Arsenal fans can get used to The Emirates I'm sure we could get used to whatever ours would be called. The bottom line is it wouldn't be Stamford Bridge so it wouldn't be as if we were renaming our current home.
  4. I've been very impressed with him. Yes there are aspects of his game which need to improve but given this is his first season in English football he's done a damned good job
  5. There's a nice stadium complex that could easily be expanded not three mile from where I live. Shame it's in Northamptonshire
  6. Where there's love there's Hope 4 Aimi

  7. Don't Aye-ayes have big bug eyes and long pointed fingers?
  8. I like the lad. As mentioned by a few his crossing needs to be worked on but another thing I think he should work on is to cut inside the opposing defender every now and then rather than always try to go round the outside. He got shepherded (is that a word?) a couple of times today because round the outside seems to be his only option at the moment. Reminds me of Gary Locke in that context - never ever cut inside which meant defenders always knew which way he would go.
  9. I was going to give you a nasty look but I see you've got one already

  10. They played the radio commentary this morning of the equaliser and the winning penalty as I was driving home. I welled up and had to pull over to recompose myself - soppy old git! PS - Did I really hear Alan Green say "Come on Didier" as he went to take the penalty???
  11. What's on my mind? Far too much grey matter that's what.

  12. I don't mind us shipping some players out as long as we have replacements/alternatives lined up ready to come in
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