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  1. That's the criticism I always heard of him. Maybe he'd compliment Matic and Cesc nicely but I don't know if he has the end product we'd need there. He's fantastic on the ball though so if Jose could get the best out of him he could be a bargain.
  2. Perfect response. Thought the wording of the criticism was a little bit off but it's obviously worked and I was dead wrong. Hope he backs it up on the pitch and if he actually listens to Jose then he could become a hell of a player. Sky really is the limit.
  3. I've been a fan of him for a while. He's a nice player, he's got all the tools but I think the criticism has been his ability to put it all together. I'd be intrigued to see how he did in our team.
  4. He was good against Everton in February, not excellent but he got the winner. He was good against Stoke and his pressing led to the goal. He was good against Arsenal, worked hard. He was excellent against Leicester. He was good against Palace and Sunderland. Have I missed any?
  5. I'd expect any player to have a dip in the new year when coming to a new league. Matic's performance dropped. Fabgreas's performance dropped.Costa's performance dropped but he also suffered injuries. Willian is in his second season and after 80-odd games for us he finally put together a run of good (not excellent) performances. You can either look at that as 'turning a corner' to borrow and Arsenal fan's phrase or a blip. At the age of almost 27, the latter is far more likely isn't it?
  6. A player new to the league and unfamiliar with the lack of a winter break had a downturn in form after Christmas? Apart from Hazard, JT and Ivanovic I don't there's a single player in our squad whose performance didn't drop after January 17th. Despite that Sanchez got more goals and made more 'defensive actions' than Willian in that period. To his credit Willian created more chances but I think being a set-piece taker boosted that stat. Over the course of the season though, Sanchez outperformed Willian in almost every aspect both attacking AND defending. But Willian did have a few
  7. His speech after the trophy presentation was an amazing moment to witness and his shout-out to Lamps was beyond classy. Legend.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. That bbq place does look pretty good though.
  9. Can't say I'm surprised but looks like it sprung up towards the end of the six nations. Oh well, one last watering hole although the menu looks decent. Don't think I've been to that one. Last time we went it would've been one near the Webb Ellis I think. Not the best in the world but was a last minute thing and all we could get on a matchday.
  10. Oh they've retained the sticky, purple (I think) floors. It's handy if you need the loo straight off the train but it's a weird old pub. Think it's got a beer garden out back and a massive patio where they have the bbq going sometimes out front. The Webb Ellis is on the left if you're walking down to the river. Some cracking Indian restaurants around there though. Maybe a brief holiday away from the Bridge won't be so bad, but the residents will probably be having fits. Hopefully the new Tory MP will be favourable towards us.
  11. Albany probably wouldn't. There's the one right on the corner opposite the Cabbage Patch....think there's a club above it called The Loft. Anyway that would be ok because it's a bit of a sh*thole but it's really spacious. The Webb Ellis is a Wetherspoons now so it's pretty standard. Be interesting to see the situation with drinking in the stadium. At the moment you can take drinks to your seats but they charge you £1 per plastic glass and you have to return it to get it back. As I said, only a rumour but taken with all the other mutterings it's certainly got legs.
  12. The Bear is on the main street just up from the Barmy Arms. Pretty good for sport on tv and food before a game. Hadn't heard of any trouble but not too surprised. Usually the 7s is a haven for stag dos because it's usually fancy dress and an all-day piss-up. The station can be horrendous straight after a match or gig but if you let it die down then it's no bother. Most of my family is down in that neck of the woods so it's probably going to be much easier than the Bridge in all honesty. Fingers crossed.
  13. Rest assured, it's still very good for over-age drinking too. So long as you're not in a desperate hurry for the loo on a matchday. If it's true though, I don't know how matchdays will work. But going to The Bear before a football match will be weird. As long as they have the hog roast vans open then all will be good, skip the queues at the station to have a few down by the river and then over to Kingston for a few. The residents will love us.
  14. But a mate of mine reckons that in 2017 you might be ordering a pint before a match at the Cabbage Patch, Webb Ellis or Barmy Arms.
  15. Nothing official but all the rumblings are that it's coming. Put it like this - none of the apartments in the Village have reached the open market for a while now. Not going to be an expansion, going to be a rebuild with egress over the cemetery and us displaced for a time. Basically the club is getting it's ducks in a row.
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