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  1. Really impressed with him so far, that goal he scored that was offside was absolutely brilliant.
  2. Our transfer ban was political, it's obvious. If our owner wasn't Russian and had close ties with Putin I doubt anything would have happened to us. Every club does exactly what we do, it's a complete farce.
  3. How do Spurs manage to keep their players? Eriksen has been there for about 2 years too long, he must know he's going to win sweet f**k all there.
  4. So far all I've seen is one tweet, and somebody already mentioned it here, it was some random troll account with a footballer avatar with v13 or something at the end of his name, so clearly gets banned a lot. And he used a racial slur against Tammy Abraham, that seems to be the tweet that's surfacing around. Why even pay that so much attention? Tammy wouldn't have been none the wiser of some random loser on the internet trying to get attention, but now he's going to think there are actually a lot of our fans that hate him because he's black and that he's missed a penalty. I really can't buy into this media hysteria, if it were chants that would be something else entirely, but this is just one idiot (or maybe several) that have said some racist comments, we don't know who they are, what they are or if they're even Chelsea supporters. Now we've got headlnes everywhere, KickItOut taking action and Macus Rashford giving Tammy support, which is nice yes, but I really think it would be better in this case to just not give this person attention. That's not to say ignore racism, but I hope people can agree with me on this case that we just ignore trolls like this, it's really counter productive.
  5. His long range passing was quality, that ball to Abraham at the end... Gorgeous
  6. Twitter is a cesspool, there are troll accounts with footballers as avatars that say edgy stuff for likes and RT's, always anonymous. It isn't just exclusively Chelsea either... The thing is Tammy will now see that as the headline and he'll actually think a lot of Chelsea fans hate him for the colour of his skin, when it's not the case at all, he missed, so what? It's a learning curve. This is just media instigating as usual, I know that might seem that I'm being ignorant but I seriously doubt Tammy would've known about this if Sky and everybody else weren't making headlines because some idiot behind a fake avatar said something. If there were actual racist chants at the game I could understand, but this is scraping the barrel.
  7. Reading some other forums and they've all been really impressed with how Frank is having the teamplay, so it's not just us. Even on RedCafe a lot of them admitted they were being outplayed before the 2nd goal finished us off. I thought we were brilliant yesterday, the lack of quality at the back is still showing though, but we really should've won that game. No matter, I think Abraham is a good player and this shouldn't finish him off, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have gotten to penalties in the first place. I hope he's more clinical than that game showed though, but some parts of him I'm impressed about. Mason Mount is also a lot better than I thought.
  8. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11785966/tammy-abraham-kick-it-out-call-racist-abuse-of-chelsea-forward-disgusting Maybe I'm being ignorant here, but it looks like they only look for stuff like this when it's our team, because racism and Chelsea is a narrative now. There aren't even any sources just one former striker who said "why is Tammy getting racist abuse", so on Twitter? I'm sure if you go on Twitter you can find racist abuse against anybody from any team. To me it seems like the media are making a mountain out of a molehill, a few stupid trolls are not the fanbase.
  9. So f**king unfortunate... Oh well, great performance but a loss. I'll see how we do against Leicester.
  10. A bit sad when I prefer watching American streams compared to our own British TV. I heard they're still banging on about the penalty on BT.
  11. Hope we win pens because we really should've won this.
  12. Right, please do not concede right after the break....
  13. What a soft f**king foul, he went down like a minute later.

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