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  1. Obviously, I don't think it's just about one player, I'm using him as an example. We paid 50 million for him and we could potentially be putting that to waste in just one season because once again we are changing managers.
  2. A bit depressing, we spent a lot of money on Jorginho, what happens now? What if the next manager we bring in doesn't want to play with a regista or has absolutely no role for Jorginho? Ughh... Just please try to pick somebody that would follow in Sarri's footsteps or who wants possession-attacking football. And who I'm seeing on the bookies, I'm not liking one bit.
  3. There must be somebody else than Lampard and Rafa surely... Please leave Lampard alone, and don't even touch Benitez.
  4. Replace Jose with Gerrard and you've got yourself a deal!
  5. I don't think so, Guardiola and Poch were their first choices and both declined, Guardiola declined on several times I believe. So Sarri was 3rd choice.
  6. To be honest, when he first came, I never expected 7 years, did any of you? I thought 3-4 and he's off, especially with the way he was talking at Lillie and his ambition to play for Real after. I think he really liked it here, good luck Eden. However, I think many of us will be wanting him back instantly when the season starts, I expect us to struggle a lot without him.
  7. Tbf I don't always agree with @ForeverCarefree but he's far from a troll. I doubt a troll would have nearly 20,000 posts on a forum and still be around.
  8. I know they're human beings, but at the end of the day, you're paid ridiculous wages to perform on the big screen, enough attention seeking. People will call me callous on this subject but it is what it is, I'll take it, I think some footballers today love playing the victim.
  9. I defended that f**ker for months and months on end when he was making Chris Sutton look like Thierry Henry. How can he blame the fans when he was out there missing sitter after sitter? At least with Torres he did play in a team with little creativity for a while where it was difficult for any forward in our team, Morata was getting played in by Hazard almost every week and putting it wide. That Arsenal 2-2 game was almost unforgiveable.
  10. Most successful sides have a lot of the ball, there is definitely a strong correlation there. It's a good job that we are undertaking this approach, we just have to be better in the final 3rd and more clinical, we don't break teams down quick enough and when we do get a chance we miss it.
  11. Of course it is. https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/2/Seasons/7361/Stages/16368/TeamStatistics/England-Premier-League-2018-2019 Looks like according to whoscored which is pretty reliable we've had the 2nd best possession in the league just above Liverpool, we were 6th last season in possession stats, only 4% behind City. To say our possession hasn't improved would be a lie if you go by the evidence online, I think Sindre is wrong here.
  12. Costa tried to get himself out of this club for months mate, I don't know why so many people forget this, he on two occasions he tried to leave us and he isn't exactly setting the world on fire at Atletico. I don't want him back here just so he can go missing again when he can't be bothered to turn up.
  13. I can't find any stats for last season, but on the Premier League site and WhoScored it says our possession was 60%, which is not bad considering Cities possession was 65% on average last season and they dominated the league then. The only stat I can find for last season in the Premier League is this https://www.express.co.uk/pictures/sport/15900/Premier-League-possession-statistics-2017-18-sportgalleries Which was just over 50% under Conte, seems about right to me but I don't know how factual it is.
  14. So we just went through a big year of transition, adapting to 4 at the back and possession style football to go straight back to a guy who's very much like Conte?

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