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  1. Come on, if people were coming up with nicknames about Lampard, no way would that be tolerated on here. Obviously yeah, Lampard is a legend, but even any other manager without the Lampard situation, we wouldn't tolerate it. How many times have you personally told people off for using daft nicknames for our players (rightly so I might add), whoppers that use "Dross Barkley" "Callum Hudson-Odea" "Bambi Abraham" etc. It's just childish. I don't have an issue with what you've personally said about Tuchel or our recent performances, it's all legitimate criticism, we are f**king tedious with t
  2. I don't think any of us expected that performance and result. But you have to give more credit to the team and the way we setup. It's unfair to simply just chime it down to Atletico didn't turn up. What I'm saying is, Brutos would get slagged off by everyone on here for saying stuff like that about Lampard early in the season, after we beat Palace "It's because Palace were sh*t and didn't press us", but when the likes of Just and Spiller do it, it's perfectly fine. For me that's a massive double standard.
  3. Spiller just did it, twice, in the match day thread, and in here just now.
  4. I never rated that Kimpembe at all, but he was solid as a f**king rock in that Champions League final, looked like a different player.
  5. I sometimes think De Gea's saves look much better than they are because he's a smaller goalkeeper. When a keeper saves a shot by stretching as wide as he can, it always looks like a great save, well the likes of De Gea have to do that regardless due to their height. That goal from Zaha against us last season, it looked like a screamer at first glance, afterwards it was right at Kepa and he should've saved it. What mostly annoys me about Kepa, and it's not how bad he is in the air, it's how weak his wrists are. For me, Mendy should always play and that's that. I've gave up on Kepa complet
  6. How is it though? Lampard was here for a year 1/2, Tuchel has only just came here. It's not really a double standard, I'm willing to give Tuchel time first and see how he gets on next season. At the moment I don't think he wants to play with the back 3, but he thinks it's necessary for the time being, so I don't think we've really seen the style that Tuchel wants to implement just yet. I don't think wanting the manager gone is a grave sin, but to not give him a chance and start slagging him off when he's only 1 month into the job is ridiculous. Unless it's Rafa Benitez but we had v
  7. I don't think United are that good either by the way, when you watch them, they can barely play football. But at the end of the day, they keep winning, which surprises me. They're not going to win the league, I already knew that. But f**k me, they do kill games off, much better than we do. We can win this, but it's not going to be easy, and I wouldn't be surprised if we lost. Just due to the styles alone, we are pretty open when we lose the ball, United will take advantage of that. Lampard played for the point at Old Trafford (Imo a great decision, and a great point). I don't think Tuche
  8. No I'm saying because you put me in the same bracket as Brutos Yorkley. Am I not entitled to have a dig at people who go on about Tommy Tactics? I can bet you my life if we had lost that game those same posters would've been on here gloating about it, instead they were either quiet or saying "Atletico didn't turn up" that sort of rubbish. But anyway, let me just clarify a few things about my opinion on Lampard a second... Like I said, Arsenal was definitely the tipping point for sure, by then I knew the players stopped playing for him. That's been an issue within our club but the ma
  9. Mendy is actually the opposite of Kepa when it comes aerial ability. Kepa prefers to leave it even sometimes when it's in his 6 yard box. Mendy constantly tries to catch it or push it away even at times when it's not necessary. Like the penalty he gave away against Everton for example.
  10. Well if you're going to pin my opinion with others, such as Brutos, who I don't always agree with. Then surely I can do the same? And it wasn't just Arsenal, but that was a tipping point for sure. Not sure why you want to keep dragging this up, I've explained my position on it numerous times and I think it's fair. But considering you think Klopp and Lampard comparisons are the same, I can see why you don't get the argument about experience/records. so it's pointless even engaging with you about the whole Lampard saga. I believed in the hype, and then I stopped, I'll at least admit that my verd
  11. Mendy is an odd one, I think there's some good quality there, he's a monster in the air but he's also too eager to get the ball, and he pulls out some good saves. But that Atletico game he almost f**ked us at the start, a very nervy start from him. I prefer Kepa on the ball, but I can't stand Kepa other than that, so I'll always pick Mendy ahead of him. It's just a question of is Mendy good enough to be our number 1?
  12. You always get this carry on against Spanish teams. I just don't know why the referee doesn't take action against players who keep pressuring the referee. After every single incident Koke was in the referees face signalling a card, that should've been verbal warning for him, then a yellow, then a sending off. He didn't even get a warning from the referee. I can't remember any of our players behaving like that.
  13. It might sound daft but I think we still need better defenders.
  14. So you can't change your opinion now? This just a matter of the old guard looking after the old guard. People say things like "Dross Barkley" on here and you lot hit the roof and say it's disrespectful, but it's okay for you lot to keep slagging the manager off with petty nicknames. One rule for you lot, another rule for everyone else. People on here can keep bringing up Frank after a bad result and start with the "this is what you wished for" but if we say anything back it's being a "smug prick" as you put it. But yeah we're all the Xbox Brigade, Spoilt Brats, fickle bastards whatever e
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