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  1. He also clearly knew exactly who's idea it was he just doesn't want to say. It was obviously Kennys, he supported it fully I remember.
  2. We aren't getting a cleansheet anyway, they're lethal on the attack, but they have lost a lot of their defensive unit, I can see it being goals galore.
  3. I've been hearing things about this lad, he's bossing his Charlton loan at the moment. How has he played for the U21s?
  4. Drogba was never the most clinical infront of the goal but he was easily one of the best strikers with his back to goal. He's one of those players that would've been world class in any setup or team, the amount of players that used to score around him due to his link up play was never ending.
  5. @yorkleyblue is not an argumentative person, go debate about it with him if you disagree.
  6. Then why don't you bloody attend the game and get us a clean sheet.
  7. I still don't know how they get away with that to this day, it was a criminal injustice. They just backed a player because he was one of their own when they had no proof. It was a disgusting decision by Kenny, and lets face it, it was him. I hated Alex Ferguson at the time but I couldn't help but agree with him strongly on the case of Liverpool when they wore those shirts. Suarez is a reprehensible human being, always has been. And as much as I disliked Evra as a player I couldn't help but feel sorry for him with the way he was treat. On top of all that Suarez refused to shake his hand afterwards, an absolute disgrace, after everything you did you're the one who decides not to forgive? Piece of sh*t.
  8. Huge game, really difficult, I won't be too upset with the team if we lose this one, it's going to be an absolute battle and big European games like these are new to a lot of these players. So if we do end up getting outplayed and beaten, it's not the end of the world, keep that in mind.
  9. All of a sudden our draw against Sheffield doesn't look so bad, they put in a very good shift against Liverpool and were extremely unlucky not to get a point, now they just beat Arsenal away. Maybe I was too hard on the team after that match.
  10. We saw times where Cesc was a liability in the middle defensively, the Swansea game in his first season here they were demolishing us in the middle. But the Spurs game finally did it and after that the whole setup was changed. I think with Cesc it was just purely about pace, he was incredibly slow, I don't think Jorginho is anywhere near the defensive liability Cesc was, but last season he certainly was. This season he has improved immensely, he seems to have fit right in the team and he's already commanding it like a captain, I think he's definitely more settled and that's a big factor.
  11. I don't think anybody has said that. They're just concerned. If anything he's actually getting away with a lot of criticism.
  13. I'm pointing out mistakes he keeps making and something he needs to cut out of his game. I've already said he has high potential and he's a solid defender... When Christensen made that mistake against Barcelona, he kept making one every game after, and it was a big setback on his potential here. Have I written him off? No, I've quite clearly said he's a solid defender but I'm concerned in the mistakes he's having in his game... If you want I can just say positive things from now on, would that be more suitable for you?
  14. Yep pointed that out earlier, wasn't that when Maguire fouled him and Marshall scored on the other end? I never heard anything about that, and I'm pretty sure that was the goal that put the game to bed when we were chances away from equalising. You'll hear about this nonstop.
  15. It was never really the gap why I written City off, it's just with how sh*t Liverpool play but they still manage to get these points. It's worse than the Ferguson era.

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