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  1. Realistically we should be spending about 200 million. I don't think we will though, but we should at least spend a 100 mill in January at least.
  2. That was the worst display of passing from our CB's I've seen I have to say, those long balls were so frustrating, near half of them went out for a throwing. I can't work out what the problem is but I can see something missing, nobody is in the middle. Mount isn't having any impact at all, he's a ghost in games like this. Bournmouth deserved 3 points, they had all the best chances in the game. Possession means f**k all, besides that Emerson sitter we did absolutely nothing.
  3. Sarri left a sinking ship let's be honest, so how are we underperforming? All of our senior players were underperforming last season and now they're a year older. A looming transfer ban and losing our best player who used to pretty much win us about 30 points a season on his own. You really expected us to get top 4 before the start of the season? Reaaaalllllyyyyyyyyy?
  4. Thank you, I can't get behind this argument that we should be giving Lampard the axe, it's ridiculous. We've overachieved massively, it's really bitter if we don't finish top 4 considering how good we were before the international break, but we need to have perspective. There are a lot of positives for this season, much more than negatives, I've been impressed.
  5. Great post, if anything Frank has overachieved massively with this side.
  6. Mount and Pulisic aren't in superb form, probably time to bench them.
  7. I think we should go back to Jorginho-Kovacic again, since Kante has came back we've been complete w**k.
  8. I really don't know what's happening, what's the problem and why are we playing like this? 😞
  9. And it was another set piece, water is wet. Ughh, it's annoying seeing us play like this after it went so well. We've got some really hard fixtures up next. It's obvious we will slump out of the top 4, we're going to have to surge and recover our old form in 2020.
  10. I still can't believe Emerson didn't score that... jesus christ
  11. How many has Rudiger given away now? Horrendous.
  12. Sick of these long balls, they're not working.

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