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  1. I think there's more money at stake if they play it out, there will be huge short term losses to void it, but there will be even bigger longterm losses if they carry it out.
  2. Argo no matter what teams are going to suffer, it's already happened. Yep, clubs like Sheffield and many lower league clubs are going to suffer, the ones that made big progress this season and clubs that are surviving day by day on finances. As much of a dick head this sounds, I wont pretend that I'm not enjoying the idea of Liverpool not winning the league, but I'm putting that aside in this debate, and I just can't see a feasible way of how we get this season finished without causing a big stifle for years to come. If we postpone next season at the expense of rushin this season out, that's going to f**k up things, no matter what clubs are going to get screwed over, but I think voiding it causes a shorter effect than playing it out.
  3. Playing out the season at this rate will only have a big knock on effect for years to come, whereas if it's voided it could potentially start again in September when things have cleared up, if they have by then. Trying to play it out at this rate will be a stupid move, because you're only going to be pushing everything else back, by the time we start playing it, it's going to go through June and August, players have stopped playing have to get them fit again, contract situations, etc. I think the smartest thing to do right now is void the season instead of cramming it all in and causing a big knock off effect for years to come.
  4. Jesus Christ! I'm glad I never seen that.
  5. Slojo


    True, but I remember even during the 2011-13 period when we were pretty shaky at the back, I mean probably still better than Arsenals defence have ever been, but Cech was still brilliant, especially in 2011 he was our player of the season I believe.
  6. What did the EU do for Italy again? Italy, Spain, Germany and France all have higher current cases than we do, so lets stop point scoring and trying to put this on Brexit and the EU. I know you're not happy with the current state of affairs and have a lot to say on the matter, you're angry and I completely understand it. But just remember if you go down this road you won't have a leg to stand on the next time you're telling others off for making light of serious events or laughing at the other sides misfortune. But yes you are right, others with the virus are obviously in more danger, many people working on the frontlines in the NHS, but someone on here told me we need to stop playing the blame game and come together, and they're probably right, as it should be here, so please keep safe, we can't lose the most miserable git on this forum!
  7. I agree, but either way it's not the point, this isn't the time for gloating or scoring political points. I'll even admit I've downplayed this virus but it can impact a lot of close people around me and that's what I've come to realise mostly, so I don't care who it is, I'm not going to make light of people getting it, even if Erdoğan himself gets it. I haven't seen any of my elderly family members since and I'll keep it that way until it dies down, I've been doing my best to self isolate. I'd feel like a murderer if I gave it to someone vulnerable.
  8. You really can be such a nob at times when it comes to politics, get a grip. Problem with this is, reverse the roles and your side is outraged, you know full well you would be fuming if people were celebrating or making light of Corbyn getting it. But one rule for you lot and another for everyone else isn't it...
  9. Slojo


    Stats can be misleading, they were trying to replace Cech for years and he became 2nd choice keeper. Maybe not woeful, but by expectation I would definitely say so, Cech was brilliant here, even before we sold him, watching him at Arsenal it was like he was a completely different player.
  10. At the moment definitely not!
  11. That'll actually be quite fun, like a club world cup, just a shame we've got no chance of advancing.
  12. I know football is really unimportant right now, but it's good to see Roman get some publicity at least. Especially after so many of all the big british business owners have acted like absolute cretins with no regard for human life. And guess which one is banned from the country? Hopefully they start to rethink their plans on stopping Roman from coming here, or is that wishful thinking?
  13. Not at all, but why this "oh well it could've started anywhere so it's ok" mentality? Because it started in China for a reason, and thankfully a lot of those reasons are being highlighted now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not moralising here or gloating that we're better, I'm just saying if you look at the conditions in China and Wuhan you can see why a deadly disease would start there. Obviously the most important thing to do is quarantine, but China must take responsibility here, and I hope people don't let them off the hook if it's ever finished.
  14. Of course Mike Ashley wants to keep Sports Direct open and calls it an "essential service" lmao... Jesus Christ, easily one of the most scummiest owners in Britain that one, there's three things humans need now, food, water and a lonsdale tracksuit, I've heard it all. Sports Direct was actually my first part time job, and I didn't realise how bad it was until I started working elsewhere.
  15. But why can't China be blamed for it? I'm not understanding. Obviously things aren't 100% yet, but it's very very likely it's came from Wuhan and started in China due to their conditions and diets, there are somethings you shouldn't eat, especially in bad conditions. Plenty of diseases have came from Chinese origins now, and I doubt this will be the last if they keep going the way they are.

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