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  1. When he's in a position of just staying back, playing it simple, he's good. But when he's playing with Jorginho and he's going further forward he's woeful.
  2. I'm still not a big fan of Werner out wide like so many others are. If Pulisic is fit, the left side should be his position.
  3. Lol just imagine if that was United or Liverpool.
  4. We aren't playing our best but tbf, Rennes are still a good side, we're winning.
  5. Last 15 minutes terrible. Poor game from Jorginho, Chilwell making sloppy passes, Tammy isn't playing well, he's not coming back when the team needs him to.
  6. That's the 2nd time Chilwell has done that now, he needs to sort it out.
  7. GET IN!!! now that was a good pass from Mount! Great take from Callum.
  8. Looking good but Werner has missed more sitters than he's scored goals since being here. At least he does score though.
  9. No team was great in that game, but the referee decisions definitely helped Arsenal, and the horrible sending off completely determined the game.
  10. That's a disgrace. He was the same guy who didn't give Alonso that blatent penalty until it was VAR checked. He should be banned from refereeing Chelsea games.
  11. The 82 million pound bargain strikes again, best player in Europe.
  12. That was due to injuries and a shocking referee performance, one of the worst I've seen in a cup final.
  13. I agree, but it's a shudda wudda cudda. For example if we had Mendy earlier in the season, I fully believe we would've won the West Brom and Southampton games for sure, both those games we lost due to terrible goalkeeping. That would've been 6 points instead of 2. But again, like I said I agree, people can't underestimate Tottenham. Son and Kane on the counter attack are just lethal.
  14. Honestly, take away Bruno's penalties and he's probably scored about 2 goals.
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