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  1. Uhm, Kante coming back into the side means it's a different midfield... I just can't deal with this superior logic, you are right about everything once again.
  2. When Tomori was on form he looked sh*t hot, but he did have a lot of hiccups in his passing play. Which happens with young defenders. But when he's good he's good, he put in some amazing performances and it sounds stupid saying it given the mistakes he has made but I think he's the best on the ball out of all 4 of them. If you watch his earliest games, he was fantastic at playing it out from the back.
  3. Well first you say the stats are meaningless and you trivialise our good early run by saying "well it was against crappy teams and we got lucky", but when we started losing after we disrupted the midfield you say that's not enough evidence. Even though in another thread you were bragging that we've won 3 games in a row with Kante as our CDM. So when it's convenient for you to use stats, you'll do it, but when other people do it, it's misleading and not correct. If we didn't have that run between August-November we wouldn't be in the position we are now, it's because of that run against "the weak teams" as you point out, the Newcastles, the Southamptions, the same weak teams that we can't coincidentally seem to beat at the moment, that we are even in the top 4. Go ahead and report me, I can safely bet it will be you who's gone from here before me, since all you do is wind everyone up on here with your drivel.
  4. You mean those same teams that beat us and took points off us with Kante in the team? Great logic as always Gol, tremendous high IQ on display.
  5. He's not a good passer? You've clearly not been watching him play then.
  6. Just like against Leicester, he got the assist but I thought Willian was still woeful, and again today. At least he did show up when it mattered I'll give him props for that but I can't forget how bad he was besides that. Barkley and Kovacic didn't do enough to influence the game.
  7. I don't just see it all about Jorginho, but I am hoping this puts to bed that Jorginho is the reason for why we concede so many goals. I personally think he's much better than Kante in the middle. I can see why people don't rate him that highly, but who's better than him right now in the middle? Even if Jorginho isn't the best defensively, he at least offers much better distribution in the middle. And I know you're not singling out Jorginho, I probably got carried away there if I'm being honest. It was just how you were saying Jorginho isn't good enough, but Kante is the proven winner after seeing a game like that. But prioritse first, that back 5 needs an overhaul, lets forget about the midfield at the moment.
  8. I think it's fair to say he has a lot to learn, but time is on his side, I wouldn't be so eager to write him off just yet. He wasn't exactly getting the best service today, but even then you need to make your chances and when you get the ball, at least offer something. He was awful whenever the ball came to him, kept falling over more times than Morata.
  9. The thing is, what can we do about it? We didn't want to buy in January due to the inflation in that transfer window. So it doesn't matter, we have to play with a sh*t defence, the best thing we can do is play to our strengths which is the attack. Something we've stopped doing, right now there's nothing we can really do about the defence. Buying the right centreback is going to be a tricky job. A left back has to be a priority though, we can't go through the season with Alonso/Emerson.
  10. We shouldn't be changing the back 4 so much but when you see the way Rudiger-Christensen are playing, how can you not? Zouma has been a lot better than those two this season, so has Tomori. I would seriously rather go back to those two, even though we had our problems with them.
  11. Not quite as amazing as your ability to choke yourself because I didn't worship Jorginho when I mentioned a stack of other players as well. It doesn't matter if Kante is a proven winner if he's not playing well, playing on reputation is part of the problem. And people who thought replacing Jorginho with Kante would fix a lot of our defensive woes... Well it certainly hasn't, how many goals have we conceded now in the last 4 games? Why was he trying to win a header on the edge of the box against a 6'5 player that let them counter attack and score the winning goal? I wonder if he'll get the same blame coming his way Jorginho did whenever we lost a game with him in the midfield, I doubt it. I hope this is eye opening to a lot of people.
  12. I still like him and rate him but he has been awful this year it has to be said, injuries haven't helped but you can't just stay in a slump like that, you have to take the opportunity. There's a reason 33 year old Giroud is being played over him right now. I can't see him starting next game after that performance.
  13. Amazing how you find a way to make this about Jorginho after Kante put in another w**k performance.
  14. The harsh reality is, we've rarely had good performances this season with Kante in the side, as soon as Lampard had this obsession with accomodating Kante we started to lose games and our performances dipped big time. However, that's not just it, our defence is just really bad, it has been all season, but we were at least out scoring our problems and playing good football, now we're not scoring goals anymore, and our football was atrocious last game.
  15. Wahhh Wahhh always the victim, you were the one who tagged him the other day with a "gotchaa!! we've won 3 games with Kante as our holding midfielder, you're wronggg!!" Now you've contradicted yourself and said the last 3 results papered over the cracks, so which is it?

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