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  1. Frank is very persistant with the tinkering, but to be fair, with the current injuries we have, you can't really lay the blame. Our best LB out, our wide players out, the goalkeeper situation, Silva's fitness and quarantine. Lots of factors, I can't blame the setup besides Christensen and Christensen was one of our best players so...
  2. The stats were bizarre and they were clinical, but that's still no excuse. We shouldn't have been 3-0 down at half time. Even though I agree, we were playing really well, that's why I was gutted with the scoreline mostly, we did all the right things just a shambles at the back as usual. Regardless, we can't paper over the cracks, we've got problems in our defensive organisation, off the ball we are awful, no two ways about it.
  3. I think that's a bit of a silly criticism tbf. Although yes, he did have a poor game, but he still scored the most important goal of the game. The criticism about his celebration is just silly.
  4. Am I the only one who still thinks he's played well despite the two mistakes?
  5. Besides those two mistakes in both games, Silva has been solid imo
  6. You're a great dude cRyptic, but we can't let that paper over the cracks, that was a terrible performance today and getting a point is not something to be proud of here, we should've won this.
  7. Look, I'm delighted we came back, but I'm not going to let that paper over the cracks. We were f**king woeful today, and we shouldn't be getting just a point from this game.
  8. Because we have the mentallity of children, as soon as we go an extra goal down they give up. It's the same reason for why whenever we go 1-0 up we sit back and usually concede almost instantly.
  9. Just collapsing, mentally we are like children. Whenever we score we sit back, if we go 2-0 down we give up, always a mentality with this team lately and nothing has changed over the summer. Pathetic...
  10. Oh ffs... Such a shame man. We were actually playing well, it's always silly individual errors at the back that cost us.
  11. We're actually playing really well, shouldn't be 1-0 down.
  12. Reece James could've had about 20 assists already in his Chelsea career, but no matter how much he puts it on a plate our players miss them.
  13. Just get Alonso off at HT, he's going to have one of those games.
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