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  1. I thought he played well, besides the own goal in the 2nd half I don't see what he did wrong. People were discrediting him for doing stuff given space because it's merely "expected" of him, even though every other midfielder besides Jorginho couldn't do the same. Nobody copes with pressure better than Kovacic in this side, he should be starting games.
  2. This game was a perfect example of what Frank has been saying. But I still don't think we've been creating enough chances for the possesion we've had in most of our games in the past two months. There's more problems in the side than just us not finishing chances.
  3. I wish you could see my reaction whenever I read your posts, I piss myself.
  4. But the problem is, I keep seeing people say no more Zappacosta's, Drinkwaters, Bakayoko's, Morata's. Yet all those players were signed in the summer, not January, they weren't panic buys, they were just awful signings.
  5. That goes without saying, but we NEED a LB, we can't finish this season without one or we're going to regret it big time.
  6. Disagree with the Alonso bit, he looked back to his oldself in that 2nd half, defensive liability. Kovacic made a terrible mistake but I thought he had a good game, besides that he didn't do anything wrong in the 2nd half.
  7. Are the people who are against "panic buy" signings still believing we don't need any this month?? I'm interested.
  8. He's good but you can tell he lacks physicality big time, gets pushed around too easily.
  9. Honestly I don't think we've been that bad, a disappointing 15 minutes into the 2nd half, and just loads of chances missed. It should've been more comfortable but that's what happens when you miss chances.
  10. He has glimpses, he's a bit rusty but he makes some terrible mistakes, I don't know what all that was about there.
  11. OOoffff I thought Gilmour was gonna score there
  12. Come on Willian ffs... We know Alonso isn't that fast.
  13. Well we obviously can't score a set piece without conceding one, it's only fair.
  14. Excellent play by Barkley, he can be really good in those positions.

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