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  1. Yep, we could have easily won the league cup and club world cup, we were in 7 competitions that season, the Europa League was a good win from Rafa but for christ sake we had Swansea in a semi-final then we would've played a Championship team in the final, and we got knocked out the Club World Cup by some Brazilian side... I also think his tenure here is overrated.
  2. Just look at his tenure at Madrid if you think he's capable of top flight football.
  3. Even though I can bet this is a statistical fact, why am I still finding this so hard to believe?
  4. Loves playing the victim also, he's tried to leave them twice for better wages. Hazard has never acted like that and he's 1000000x the player Rose is.
  5. And to top that off, this guy isn't even in his prime yet, nowhere near, we get a great youth prospect who can improve as the game goes on. What do we get out of playing Willian and Pedro?
  6. To think Spurs also had Kane out and still managed to score 3 away goals, quite impressive.
  7. To think Spurs also had Kane out and still managed to score 3 away goals, quite impressive.
  8. Can't believe you celebrated that, I know it's Spurs but do you really want City winning the quadruple and being less focused on the league? Not like Tottenham are going to win the CL anyway, they'll probably bottle it against Ajax
  9. Hey listen, anything to stop Liverpool from winning the league, amirite?
  10. Good solid tactical change from Guardiola around the 60th mark, I wish our own gaffer would do the same.
  11. I hope Spurs do go through, I can't stand them but I don't want City to win the Quadruple and it would be better for City to not get too distracted from the League.
  12. Spurs still only need one goal and that all changes, away goals are so decisive.
  13. We could've signed Aguero for 40 million the season before easily. It should've been done.
  14. United have spent about nearly a billion since Ferguson left, and they still have Phil Jones and Chris Smalling starting, what on earth has gone wrong? They aren't even regular starters for England for crying out loud. That really is one of the biggest mysteries in football for me.

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