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  1. Something like this maybe plenty of pace out wide feeding of Giroud Kepa James Christensen Zouma Azp Kante Kova Cho Kai Werner Giroud
  2. Like this line up looks pretty strong . Maybe James in for Azpi though because if the injury . Really looking forward to the game COME ON CHELSEA ... Shed end super 6 league open. pin = VATWUV
  3. Hello all I've created a shed end super 6 league if anyone is interested in joining it PIN is = VATWUV
  4. I've gone for 2nd We have a pretty big squad and that will help this season with it being more condensed we have a lot of options . A couple of injury's to key players could decide it for Dippers and Mancs
  5. No matter whatever happens today I think Frankie has had a good season . Cup final and a possible top 4 under the circumstances we have had this season is a lot more than most of us was expecting.
  6. Desperately need to win the next 4 games to give us a fighting chance in the last 2 games now after that embarrassing effort last night. I just cant see where United are dropping points atm and Wolves are bang on form as well.
  7. Absolutely useless embarrassing defensive performance
  8. Embarrassing defensive play school boy stuff that was. It was put in the same place as the corner before it
  9. Not the ideal result last night I was hoping United would drop points.
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