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  1. Simple but perfect. Looked fantastic from the stands and had to get one for my lads birthday it looked like it was selling quite well in the shop.
  2. Link all the membership together. log on 10 minutes before they go on sale (don't help but I kid myself it does) have as many devices as you can trying to get through if all 4 of you are trying you stand a better chance but with all of that it's still a lottery and if you do get in will probably be crap seats FF or worse in Harding lower. Australian supporters club or hospitality is your best bet
  3. Good finish by big Tammy . Nice little ball by Willian is worth a mention
  4. Just got back home and still bouncing . What a game that was it had everything happy with a draw after that first half so pleased for the team the passion and spirit in the second half was brilliant
  5. You will pay stupid prices using a 3rd party site . Ticket exchange or even this forum put an early request in for the game you want to attend
  6. Cone


    He had the look of a very unhappy man in his job
  7. Was trying to hold off on my vote until the end of season. But we just seem to be going backwards under his management it's just the same thing over and over with him being so stubborn to not try slight changes . So out for me
  8. Super Frank . Nice guy as well had the pleasure of meeting him many years ago at an England game
  9. Had a bit of a mare tonight in the champions league
  10. Hope Kepa is dropped for the rest of season now and a massive fine . Make the little sh#t learn some respect
  11. I just can't see what jorgo does that is so special that nobody else can do
  12. Don't think Jorginho was much better doesn't seem to have a forward pass in him
  13. That should have been a pen for that pulling on Christiansen

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