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  1. Was trying to hold off on my vote until the end of season. But we just seem to be going backwards under his management it's just the same thing over and over with him being so stubborn to not try slight changes . So out for me
  2. Super Frank . Nice guy as well had the pleasure of meeting him many years ago at an England game
  3. Had a bit of a mare tonight in the champions league
  4. Hope Kepa is dropped for the rest of season now and a massive fine . Make the little sh#t learn some respect
  5. I just can't see what jorgo does that is so special that nobody else can do
  6. Don't think Jorginho was much better doesn't seem to have a forward pass in him
  7. That should have been a pen for that pulling on Christiansen
  8. Brilliant team performance passion and desire and a sprinkling of skill so pleased for the whole team especially Kante he was immense second half . Enough said I need a beer or three
  9. No I did take a quick look a few years back
  10. Welcome Not based far from you just down the road in sunny Nuneaton
  11. Cone

    Random Rumours

    I think Wilson would be a good option he's strong fast holds the ball up he will bang in the goals for a top side with more of the ball and chances coming his way
  12. Was kind of ironic from Redknapp he was highlighting our blocking and then 10 seconds later for the Pedro goal he says the defender should have just followed his run and put his arm across and block him
  13. They are auditioning for the sky pundits position
  14. Not many stand out candidates today but I think Ruben had the best moments for me
  15. Apparently we have given Derby permission to play both Mount and Tomori against us
  16. Will take the draw but could have and should have won our mistakes got them back into the game still unbeaten happy with that
  17. I'm no expert but it looks like Paul Allen is well and truly out of the equation
  18. Luiz as well for me I thought he was immense ruddy not far behind
  19. Very enjoyable game unlucky at the end but a draw is probably a fair result . Thought our defence looked a lot more solid today and worked as a team very well .
  20. Started off very good dippers getting back into it at the end of the half but Willian is having a shocker
  21. Looks a talent for sure he would fit in our midfield nicely if he gets the chance
  22. Scored again today lovely looking free kick https://twitter.com/brettsims10/status/1043507878399811586?s=20
  23. I don't think we will see many changes of the starting 11 for this one maybe 1 or 2 at most. Start fast win the game nice and early then we can give a couple a bit of rest .

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