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  1. There is a big fox balloon as support for Leicester
  2. If it bothers us imagine how it must feel for our opponents!
  3. Ndidi & Kante could arguably be the best defensive midfield in the league.
  4. Billy won't have the space to play if Tuchel gets to sign Verratti. Jorginho will still have a role when a new DM comes if he stays in the team simply because there must be some rotations going throughout the season, be it Rice or Ndidi. I don't understand why would Tuchel want Verratti when we already have 3 short midfielders playing that role, Gilmour, Kovacic and Kante.
  5. Tuchel did turn the season around and we have been getting good results but I must say that at this point it will be disappointing if we miss out on CL football next season. We have 2 ways to do it, with 2 games or win the CL final so if we fail at both it would be falling short and basically underperforming, specially considering that we have already beaten Man City twice already and on top of that we will first play Leicester in the FA Cup final and then in the PL so it's pretty hard for me to think that it would still be a good season if we lose the CL final and also one of the two rem
  6. There are some rumors about Tuchel wanting to sign Verratti from PSG. In that case we would have another player like Glimour, Kovacic and Kante and Billy would be the odd man out... Not sure what will happen in the summer but I fear that Gilmour will be overlooked like Tammy.
  7. We lost 2 PL games under Tuchel, in both of them Rudiger didn't play and those loses (WBA, Arsenal) were mainly due to our own mistakes with the ball or our own defending, Werner playing or not it's still Jorginho that lost us the game vs Arsenal for example so it makes no difference but if there is player that was missing it's possibly Rudiger.
  8. Billy doesn't really play the Jorginho position, we don't really have a player that sits deep part from Jorginho. So while the decision to remove Billy from the game looked strange, it would have been a bigger risk to ask him to do Jorginho's role. We clearly need a new DM. Now that Kovacic is finally back I hope that Billy is still going to be in the mix as he has been doing fine overall.
  9. Just shows we have an unbalanced squad. Can't use Ziyech properly while having 2 players in the midfield + Mount. I said it a few times this season that for me Ziyech is our best passer but I'm pretty sure he can't really adapt to this system, it was clear that he was bought to play in a 4-3-3 just like he did for Ajax. I still think that our finishing has been terrible, specially after watching Werner the whole season. This can cost us everything, specially in the tight games where we must take our chances.
  10. Every time I see a highlight of Dortmund it's basically scoring from a counter-attack, so much space.
  11. Best scenario win the FA Cup and the CL, worst scenario lose the FA Cup, CL and lose or draw both remaining PL games. Maybe something in the middle happens but hopefully not the scenario from Conte's second season where we failed to get CL but won the FA Cup.
  12. We have showed up while under pressure and in the most important games so far so hopefully we can continue doing it.
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