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  1. If we manage to get a proper CB and a new good and more classical DM I would be happy with that even if we don't get to sign Haaland.
  2. He (@Slojo) thinks that Lampard was mostly focusing not to lose the game that time and that we played for a draw. It's probably the only game that Lampard played with a back 3 this season - at the start of the season Man United were on a good run and they looked very dangerous on the counter, I also believe that we setup to not concede a goal and that Lampard made the correct decision at the time. We must also keep in mind that the refs are almost always in favor of Man United's point of view, Sir Alex Ferguson may be retired but he's still out there somewhere in the shadows...
  3. They only do it because the hate towards our vice-captain is larger than the love they have for the club itself, plain and simple. Every time we win it's cause the opposition let us win, basically. There is a lot of effort, work rate and tactics going on that goes unnoticed, specially when we win the ball back for example but people don't pay attention to details, thus came the discussion about how Lampard would have had the exact same results as Tuchel. We'll see the reaction after our first loss but this isn't a double standard, some just have specific narratives and agendas.
  4. We should be confident going into this game specially after our victory over Atletico. This is a clash of two teams playing well overall and getting the results so I think both will want 3 points. It's obvious that we must respect Man United and play with high intensity from the start, after all they have scored the most goals in the PL and they are the second best team so far. IMO Tuchel should save T.Silva for Liverpool since our current backline without Silva did a good job against Joao Felix and Suarez so no reason to rush him back since the very next game is equally big and impo
  5. Be careful @I Am Gay 4 Diegod if you post some nice stats about our squar or our players you will be mocked in due time. People here prefer not to see the game from an analytical point of view.
  6. Jorginho is a clear starter so it's either him + Kovacic or him + Kante because Mount is also a clear starter. In our last match against them we played Jorginho-Kante and it finished 0:0.
  7. At some point we will create a whole lot, maybe this is the game where we score a lot, you never know sometimes it just clicks. Anything can happen in this game but we do look very stable defensively.
  8. "They [Timo and Kai] fit into any plans, of any manager." - Tuchel 2021.
  9. I don't see any issues either, for me guys like Haaland want to be the best and they are cold blooded. This is why I fear that Man City will sign him because they need a new "Aguero" and it would be crazy to go from one of the top 5 strikers that the PL has ever had to potentially another new one directly right after... IMO if we sign this guy it would be one of the biggest steals that we have ever done.
  10. We have no reason to be afraid of them then...
  11. Lampard played with a back 3 against them and we played a draw at the start of the season, Kante started that game.
  12. True story. I thought that he maybe knows those players of Atletico but I'm probably wrong... I think his dad played in Madrid or something like that, not that it matters for his experiences though.
  13. He's a bit younger so he might need some time to adapt but the risk should be low for a top player in general...
  14. Either that or he's chicken.
  15. For me he looked very comfortable out there, it's not like Atletico managed to exploit anything there on his side. Maybe because of his experience from Spanish football but I thought him and Kovacic were so comfortable throughout the match.
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