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  1. I'm just saying that you shouldn't automatically assume that a player isn't good enough physically just because he knows how to play with the ball or because he's not as tall as you would have hoped. Apparently the one bigger French signing which didn't work out for us was Bakayoko, a player that had a great amount of tackles per 90' prior and that is 6'2-6'3... He couldn't pass the ball nor hold on to it, too slow on the ball for the PL. It didn't matter that he's strong and tall. In general I think that the players we bought from Arsenal in recent times e.g. Giroud, Fabregas have worked out for us... And we won 2 European titles against our PL rivals.
  2. Seriously, Arsenalification... How is that even a theory when we just won the CL again? I wonder if you have ever watched him play, not being taller doesn't automatically mean that he's less physical. Here he's 21 y/o in a sandwich and still tried to score with a header against Wolves: Here he's stopping Messi from scoring from a free kick by jumping: A pure defender like him that is comfortable being at any part of the pitch in order to tackle, close down or pass the ball is much better than your standard 6foot4 CB that is afraid to leave his area around the box and that would be outside of his depth if he needs to stop anyone that has pace.
  3. If it happens it will happen in the next 6-7 days. If we don't get him by the end of the first week of August we won't get him at all.
  4. This is coming out next year, rumors are that @Munkworth didn't spend all his money on socks just so that he can pre-order this one. I think that playing as an animal is really nice, there are not so many developers that tried to make a game like this. In gta 5 you can eat some special plant and "turn into" an animal for fun but nobody has ever tried to make a full game like this that is from the perspective of a cat or whatever... There is this youtube channel about which animal is the overpowered choice for a particular imaginative game server, fun concept if you ask me, I would be interested in an open world type of a survival game where you choose to be an animal and just go for it without magic, guns and superpowers though some animals basically have superpowers so there's that...:
  5. Yes, the showdown between the two would have been so intense to watch but sadly Conte looks like he hates to work in his own country... I never forgot when we won against Man United and Jose went to Conte and told him to stop with the celebration and then someone was called a clown and the other a senile...
  6. I think that the board is really willing to sign a new striker, F. Romano and I think someone else also said that we will sign a striker, the question is just who that will be. Tuchel wouldn't be happy going into the new season with a weaker squad with less depth that's for sure. It looks like nobody is going anywhere but that will change once Marina sends the final offer and IMO our new striker will be known by the end of next week because most teams want to have their squads ready to go for the new season so if we manage to sign Haaland it won't be at the very end of the transfer window but either in the next 7 days or never. Man City has problems and they simply can't splash out this window, Real Madrid and Barcelona are broke but all that won't last for much longer, we took the advantage and got Havertz but the whole European Super league scandal and the pandemic has really put in question if the biggest teams really can keep their status going and if that should be a given - we are still on the rise and this situation reminds me of when Inter Milan took the advantage of the calciopolli scandal at the time when Berlusconi got weaker and when there was a change of a legendary generation taking place, that resulted in them dominating Italian football and winning a historical treble. We are the team that has transitioned and that now has a strong core of younger players, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man City don't have that yet. If we manage to do what we're apparently trying to do this transfer window, it's very possible Tuchel's words will get quoted 100 times over, meaning that nobody will want to play us and other fans will openly talk about how we ruined football. After that the world can end as far as I'm concered.
  7. Looks to me like both Manchester clubs have been doing that but only one is winning titles...
  8. Good luck trying to create something against us when Jules is running at you and Kante is right behind you! He's one of the best younger defenders that anyone can think of and Sevilla has been known for years now as a tough team to beat in Europe, he was 20-21 years old when Sevilla knocked out Wolves and Man United and won the Europa League with him in the starting lineup in all of those big games including the final. This kid walks into our starting lineup with T.Silva in a back 4 formation, as a pure defender he's really good and he isn't shy to go into any duel with anyone that wants to take him on and on top of that I can openly say that very few CBs can run with the ball as good as he does. The last that I'll say is that he's really a top athlete, stat-wise you won't find a player in La Liga with more headed clearances in his age group U23 than him so his height doesn't seem to be an issue at all.
  9. Marina will calm them down for 30m + Zouma. If Tuchel wants him and if he's fine with replacing Zouma in order to get him then let's go, finish this fast because Kounde is a great pure defender and pretty good on the ball. Also thesooner we sign him the sooner we can sign a striker, be it Haaland or anyone else.
  10. @axman2526 Well I check, turns out he played in around 3-4 games so it's a pretty weak sample. I'm sure the coaches are aware of the weakness of Kepa.
  11. I'm bored in a train but still too lazy to check, I do remember that Kepa didn't concede a goal under Tuchel in the first few games though...
  12. We'll see, with Tuchel it looks more like we are strong because of the system and not because of a particular player, Kepa did play under Tuchel and it took some games for him to concede the first goal, I think the first one he conceded under Tuchel was the crazy goal in the last minute vs Porto?
  13. Our away kit almost looks specially made for Haaland just in case he misses BvB.
  14. True but before Real Madrid I thought he would be a good solution for us, he made me look bad but that's nothing in comparison to how he made D.Luiz look:
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