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  1. Full support for Frankie! It takes time to make a team so I'll just enjoy Mount and other becoming our new stars in this process, Roman will give Frankie a full season regardless of results and then we're back in the transfer market where we really should get a new right back and centre back.
  2. I expect a hard game, I'll be pretty much ok with a draw here, Leicester is a tough team.
  3. An attacking player: Mario Götze/James Rodriguez/Zaha : max100m A winger: Hirving Lozano/David Neres : max100m Right back: Thomas Meunier : max50m One or two centre backs: Jose Giménez/Daniele Rugani/Nikola Milenkovic/Alessio Romagnoli : max200m
  4. I feel sad for Frankie the most I think. He said he lost this cup twice, in two different ways. The second way we lost just repeated itself so I know he probably got deeply sad about it.
  5. Lampard will make winners out of these kids. This is the time the fans need to fully back the whole squad, the whole club. f**k everyone else.
  6. The missed penalty will be his battle scar. A great excuse to keep training hard and keep trying even harder till the day he can redeem himself. I got you Tammy just don't give up, the fans are right there just keep building up the passion,the love, the hate whatever you call it.
  7. This man is cold. 2 penalties and almost a goal in extra time he's ice.
  8. He did win a penalty in extra time though. I think this will only make him work harder, a decent battle scar for the future redemption.
  9. Kepa was so close to save 2 shots. Oh well...not much to say.
  10. But Lampard didn't win it. And he wants to win be sure of it. No excuse.
  11. Wtf is this sh*t now? This cup doesn't worth? Doesn't have any value? Friendly? Really? Lampard and the squad wants to win this very much. 3rd time we got here, we better win it.
  12. We do need a centre back as soon as possible, our depth is not good enough for a top club anymore.
  13. I just don't understand how can someone be so contradicting to himself. If you are a fan of Chelsea you accept the players. The majority of them are not domestic and come in all forms and colors. If you are a fan you accept the owner that isn't local either and is jewish. So how can someone be a racist and a fan at the same time, how can someone ignore so many obvious contradictory ideals? Some people in this world need to look themselves in the mirror and use their brain more.

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