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  1. Reports say that Napoli will officially rename their stadium to Diego Armando Maradona, the lights will be turned on for the whole night as well
  2. Jorginho yesterday had a very similar defensive game like Kante did against Newcastle that is a worse team in comparison to Rennes, Kante has made us score yesterday just because he played more forward and that also rewarded him an assist against Sheffield which is his first of the season... Even if you want to be blindly convinced that Kante does better deeper, him being more forward has benefited the whole team as well, you probably didn't notice but Jorginho did press and delayed the attacks of Rennes forcing them to recycle the ball more for the whole game and if not for that corner we wou
  3. Kovacic should start against Spurs if you ask me. Kai is an insane player but he's still just coming back from having the covid virus. With Kovacic in the starting lineup we can win that game and it's our biggest game so far all things considered. It was acceptable to lose to Liverpool and to draw Man Utd but a win against Spurs would mean a whole lot.
  4. To me the second best player of all time after Pele himself. Unforgettable player, no matter where he went everyone were an awe just by watching him warming up with the ball. RIP Diego. This card/sticker used to be valued more than all others combined.
  5. Both Jorginho and Kovacic have played and can play there. Cold hard fact. Kante pressing higher up gave us results too, it would be silly to undermine that or to simply ignore it. We look in control against bottom feeder teams that's not really an achievement anyway, yesterday Rennes had their first shot on target after 39 minutes, had we taken all of our chances from the first half we would have gone to the break with having 3 goals advantage but Werner and Mount missed a clear-cut chance each from 5 yards.
  6. May be, I'm not sure now I guess I forgot about that rule...
  7. If we finish first in the group we will avoid Bayern, Liverpool and Man City. I think they are secure winners of their own groups. The other side of that coin is that we might get Atletico Madrid or Juventus and maybe even Real Madrid/Inter in case Borussia Mönchengladbach (BM) keeps their top spot. But we could still get a team like Ajax, Atalanta, Porto, Lazio which is not that bad and if BM loses their top spot we might get to play them as well. Or we could just get Man Utd or PSG...
  8. Like I said, he did well defensively but he was poor with the ball, not typical for him to have such weak forward passes. Rennes tactically overwhelmed us in the second half and they targeted our left side knowing that Chilwell and Werner will be tired. Hopefully we make adjustments for Spurs.
  9. It's Lampard's long term plan, Rice and Mount will be partners for England for years to come and I think he sees them doing well for us as well. I personally think that we can give Ampadu and Gilmour that trust instead of Rice but I saw more than a few articles that talked about how Lampard still wants Rice. Maybe the board won't support the Rice signing now that our defence has drastically improved.
  10. I would play Ziyech and CHO on the wings, if Werner is rested he can start in the middle or on the bench if he's still recovering but he was really one of the worst players yesterday so I hope he can rest before the Spurs game.
  11. I don't see why Kante simply has to play deeper, his press in the opposition half gave him an assist recently and that also made Ziyech create the goal chance that Giroud eventually scored yesterday.
  12. This game he was more forward and his press led to our winning goal, at that same position he made an assist to Werner in some previous game. He fits tactically there too because of our pressing as well.
  13. Actually the only thing he did good today was his defensive work. He was passing below 90% and didn't point to anyone to make a run, we didn't create anything in the whole second half we were saved by the press that won us the ball and Ziyech created a great chance that Werner missed but Giroud was there. In my book Ziyech is our best passer and best creator already.
  14. Tammy will get his chance anyway and he's the future but if we want Giroud to not leave in January Frankie must play him more.
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