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  1. The guy is an animal...but he's the pride of uefalona...
  2. Most Ball Recoveries in the Premier League this season. Jorginho - 84 Romeu - 79 Ndidi - 78 Hojbjerg - 77 D.Stephens - 77 Lerma - 74 Rodri - 74 Rice - 74 Westwood - 65 Doucouré - 65 Mind the gap. Jorginho vs Newcastle: Touches - 114 Successful Passes - 94 Pass success - 92% Accurate Long Balls - 6/7 Chances created - 2 Key Passes - 1 Ariels won - 3/4 Tackles - 5 Interceptions - 1 Recoveries - 10 This is his mom: She raised him and showed him football. Nice guy, hard working professional, example on the pitch and loved by all managers he worked for, Frankie loves him. But then some troll comes here and starts lying how he plays bad. That could have worked last season since he was new and a scape goat, but he's now starting to be a favorite for many fans, you know real Chelsea fans.
  3. This is why stats are important as well. If you don't see that Messi has been playing in 1 system his whole career where the team is built exactly for him he obviously will look like a much better player. But when you notice that he prefers to have the ball in his feet all the time, (or otherwise he won't feel like playing) when you notice that he comes deep to get the ball so often it all affects the perception of how people will see him. Because Ronaldo has adapted to multiple teams and has played equally well in multiple systems it doesn't look like he's that good as Messi even if his stats are similar but if you look a bit deeper you can see that Ronaldo has had a broader repertoire of football skills overall. So it all comes down to who do you prefer, more variation or more of the same. I would pick Ronaldo over Messi, not because he knows how to play better than Messi but because he can give much more to a team overall and still put up the numbers, the same argument I can give about Drogba, having him on the pitch brings more than just good numbers, he was a great leader that could hold a team together through the toughest days.
  4. Kante seems to be out of this game. This is going to be tough!
  5. Tammy maybe getting a better contract: https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/chelsea/transfer-talk/news/chelsea-to-hand-abraham-new-deal-worth-gbp100k-a-week_375841.html
  6. And you're nominated to be sacrificed! PS. Nobody is forced to have the same opinion but yours is very far from any objective facts.
  7. I think he's waiting for Zidane to get sacked. Other than that, he was very open in the recent years when he showed that he has no real love for Chelsea.
  8. Last game the team created a lot of shots/headers from corners, that shows our set piece offense is improving, that might influence the defense as well.
  9. I don't even smoke jokes on you!
  10. Can you prove that he's having the exact same performances this season in comparison to the previous one? I will need a peer-reviewed quantitative study as a reference, thanks in advance.
  11. HahH! Your petty excuses don't fool anyone...Our forefathers at 21 were capable of running away from big beasts and were ruling the world while having 8 kids and only one spear and possibly a semi-working bow, all that without paying child support! Tomori has no future we must push him off a cliff now before its too late!!
  12. It's crazy how Liverpool act like they are the home team...in every game. I want them to not win the title even more now.
  13. Hopefully Arsenal can get a draw or lose tomorrow and we are 4th.

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