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  1. Lozano has beein involved in most goals of his team, saw somewhere an insane percentage, he has everything that a players needs to produce goals and PSV is currently ahead of Ajax in their domestic league, he's strong with both legs, can finish can cross can run and pass as well. We need a player like that, young and skilled that wants to prove himself, Willian and Pedro don't have anything to prove anymore.
  2. 2 goals from free kicks, sad really we can't score normally against a much weaker team and I don't say that to disrespect them but it's true, anyway I don't care that much I'm more sad that Rangers lost and are out of this competition we got that first place in the group but we are not that dominant.
  3. A lot of these Champions league teams fight till the very end every game, our team lacks some character and consistency so it's good that we spend this year building up our squad.
  4. Gol15

    Nicolo Barella

    I heard about this today, they say he's worth €30-40m and that a few other teams want to sign him like AS Roma and Juventus. Apparently Sarri wants the deal done before Christmas.
  5. Good to see youth is getting more involved, totally deserved.
  6. Gol15

    That Sterling Incident

    Well I know you didn't, you said that this stupid behaviour is not right and I agree, if you have at least half a brain you shouldn't allow yourself to behave like that in public and even less if you know it will be on cameras, it's just that I feel it's a bit exageratted to punish that fan the way it was done...ban all of them for life if they are racist and can't control themselves drunk or not, but why destroy their whole lives as well, these people are from a different time and yes it's 2018 so everyone should be nice but it's not "1984", yet...
  7. Gol15

    That Sterling Incident

    Is it a normal behaviour for a society that when a fan shouts at opposition players, he loses his job the next day because of it? Yes or no Punish the mean middle age man by taking away his job and put publicly all his info as just a hint that nobody should ever hire him again, because he didn't show normal social behaviour at one point during a football game. Is that normal? Yes or no
  8. Gol15

    Elseid Hysaj

    Why not wait till the summer for this one and sign a striker in January instead?
  9. Gol15

    That Sterling Incident

    Didn't know he lost his job that's a bit too much considering that fans all over the world swear at players and nothing happens, but the Spurs fan that did a worse act of throwing a banana simply said "no I didn't mean it" and he's fine. If they did that to every single fan that shouts, no country would survive I think.
  10. Gol15

    Mateo Kovačić

    All 3 of them deserve to play, IMO RLC the most. But all are still not in their prime years and can improve, if all 3 can accept to be in rotation then the best decision on paper is to keep all of them, I would value Kovacic above 35m though. We do lack stability in midfield and maybe Sarri would prefer to sell for example one of the two (that have a contract) sign Kovacic and bring a player for his own taste but having in mind that he said that he doesn't want to be too much involved in the transfer market I have a feeling that it will be the players who will decide if they are happy with their current roles or if they want more. Maybe RLC can try to play as a striker, he has 3 goals in the league and 3 in Europe, he's strong and tall...and we need a striker so a win-win if it works.
  11. Gol15

    That Sterling Incident

    Ofc it's blatantly worse it's not even a competition, but because it's towards Aubameyang that is not an English international things got quiet very fast and the fan just needed to say something in the lines of "No, I'm not trust me" and it was over. I still think that the video showed more than just 4 people shouting, there were more on the sides and some in the rows behind them, all somehow abusing Sterling and someone from the media took advantage of that to push the narrative that Chelsea is racist and just ignored the situation that led fans to react like that towards Sterling. But Sterling responded with a clear message where he blames the media that also wrote about him in a bad way in comparison to somebody else that happens to be of a different skin color. So it's safe to say that the media wants people to fight each other as they benefit from drama, I'm not saying that there is no racism, if anything racism has been on the rise in Europe and also the US where people openly support right winged public figures and call them by another name, but the media often has the agenda to be unfair and to just cause more trouble, they will never want to report that Roman and Chelsea as a club have been doing great work to fight antisemitism over the years and that as soon as you see a game at the Bridge the first thing you will notice is a banner that says about how Drogba is the King of Chelsea, they will ignore everything that doesn't fit their narrative and will always just look for things to make the club look bad, thanks to those overly angry fans in the front row their job got easier this time around.
  12. Gol15

    That Sterling Incident

    I don't believe there is a free society anymore if we are to go deep into it.
  13. Shows a lot of man city "fans" doesn't it, they almost sound like Pep needs more money for more players, delusional really. While at the same time we didn't play with a natural striker the whole game.
  14. Funny how some man city fans are openly saying that they lost because Aguero was injured...As if they do not have the first striker for Brazil's national team on the bench...
  15. Gol15

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I just think it's wrong to say that if he stays that he would only do it if Real Madrid doesn't want him anymore. Otherwise I agree if it happens that Sarri plays him as a cf and if he's not willing to play as a false 9 then obviously he should decide what is the best for him, I think that we really need a striker and that this problem can be fixed with around £80m.