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  1. They should have, after all we live in the Roman's Empire...
  2. Mount's hattrick for the win. First hattrick since Pulisic and Tammy some seasons ago.
  3. We are witnessing Kovacic entering his prime. 27-29.
  4. For me the biggest annoyance was the poor defending as soon as we lose the ball, simple counter-attacks killed us too many times. Tuchel made sure that stopped happening.
  5. Against small teams he's great. But then again against the top teams he's also great. Maybe just great regardless.
  6. It's still a big game for us, we should aim to win against Man U.
  7. Even if we fail to win a single title this season, at least we have a top manager to hang on to. Top 2 in the league would be a massive upgrade considering that we haven't been able to challenge Man city for the title in quite a while.
  8. How dare you? Money isn't dirty at all, no studies have been done to show if money is more smelly if it comes from a desert instead of Siberia so you are a racist towards paper bills sir and they have feelings too so prepare to get canceled!
  9. Fergie won't be able to hold off the sacking of his friend for much longer... But the odds say his other friend has some chance of becoming the new player-manager!
  10. I'm guessing that we'll see just how good we are when the games against Juventus and Man United come along.
  11. I think you need to re-read what I said Bob. There is this amazing difference in what you say and what I say.
  12. There is this big point that you make I think, small clubs often have a big scorer that carries them. Shearer, Vardy, Kane, Henry... But then don't really win titles maybe an odd shiny thing here or there...
  13. He's not actually human he's a superhero, place of origin can be only one
  14. I don't think we need him at this moment. Mount, CHO, Werner, Pulisic all on the left hand side...
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