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  1. I agree and I also think that this year's shirt is "weak" so it shouldn't be hard to make a better one. It looks better than this current season's one with both the logo and also written under it. 3 points as usual, thanks in advance.
  2. Gol15

    Mason Mount

    He played maybe more than 25 games this season as a starter. That's a lot. Sadly Barkley can't step up so we have no replacement for that position till RLC gets back. If only Kovacic could shoot a bit more regularly like he did against Valencia he could be the one to replace Mount but he naturally plays more deep.
  3. I think we have found our solution to the attack problems. Ollie Watkins!
  4. Exiciting season over there, 3 teams fighting for the title now.
  5. Where is your independent source that proves that Lampard is wrong? You lost the plot.
  6. At least I'm doing something right here, welcome mate! Jorginho can't dribble like Kovacic but he influences the game at a much higher level. When Kovacic learns how to shoot more often we can talk about his game improving.
  7. That's against Hull. When will you make a statement that isn't 100% wrong? Still waiting 😄
  8. They can't lose a game and have a full squad full of depth, yet they secured Minamino even before this window started. We act like we have no urge to sign anyone, like we are in a better situation than Liverpool. We need some better scouting.
  9. 2 clear cut chances against Hull and nobody can finish. 3rd chance in a big break away, nobody shoots the ball and the attack is ruined. Frank is correct, you as usually, are wrong.
  10. Jorginho made Kovacic look good. That much is obvious when Jorginho does most of the job. Cmon Hull is not even close to a good team, they put whoever on Kovacic and he was out of the game for 45 minutes. I don't even blame him for the goal Hull deserved a goal anyway but the performance was bi-polar and Coco knew it would happen.
  11. Can't dominate Hull as soon as someone pressures him? Has a lot to learn from Jorginho that's for sure...
  12. Lampard said he was happy with Billy Gilmour, called him as the best player on the pitch when he came on. I wonder if he can add the quality that we lack coming from the bench...
  13. Considering the fact that Frank wasn't sure if Tammy will be ready for Leicester City and that we basically don't have a backup for Mount I think that it's evident that we do need reinforcements and the board should be able to see it. Maybe somehow the club just doesn't have the funds.
  14. CHO should still start the next game, maybe the way he was predictable was due to the instructions he was given. Pedro just isn't good anymore. The rest you mentioned should be back on the bench, starters are Reece and Azpili as full backs, Tomori did well though so it's up to Lampard to pick the CBs I don't know who would be the best to start against Leicester since Christensen has been decent recently.

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