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  1. The man turned 60 so he prefers comfort, specially since his cigars got banned. You need to look deeply into his little eyes and only then you'll see sunny Naples and best quality lemonade.
  2. Mostly pass the ball around, that's how it seems.
  3. Every time we had a chance to gain a lead over our rivals that slipped up he blew it, every time and at least 3 times this season. If it's so hard for him to win Burnley then we don't need Champions League at all, very simple. This is the man you want, go ahead lets play Europa League every year.
  4. Well if we don't win this, no point of being in top 4 at all.
  5. Feels somewhat special that we play on monday's now, best for last! 3 points tonight thank you!
  6. Gol15


    About Crespo, I agree with what you said but I think that it's insane how much money he was getting from our club while doing nothing for us, he was getting £1m per game with us and while he was on loan somewhere else we were still paying for half of his wages so that he plays for another club...wtf was that all about?!
  7. Gol15


    I also want to point out that losing De Bruyne because Jose didn't want to give him the freedom that he wanted was more damaging than some of the bad transfers that we made because the club couldn't recognize a young talented player that is willing to take the ball, take responsiblity and make things happen even without proper experience, only because Jose has always been so rigid. But on the other side, we sold Matic to United for £40m! I don't even want to point out what their fans were saying at the time but OK Bakayoko didn't work out as the subsitute player so someone didn't scout well enough, either way it was still on paper a very good move since Matic is doing worse and worse ever since he left us. I think it's more important to find the right person for that role of the Director of fooball and if that takes 6 months more I'm fine with that, someone just needs to say to Sarri in both English and Italian not to try and sign Higuain and Kovacic permanently.
  8. Gol15


    Morata and Bakayoko were meant to be starters and it just didn't work out. I can live with that. Alonso was good a few seasons back, Emerson is doing well now. Kepa is a good signing, at the time when the prices are a bit overblown so not much the club can do there, Jorginho is bought to help Sarri implement his football so the club didn't ask twice how much so that factor is there as well... I think we did have a Director of football when we signed some of these players, doesn't matter anyway that's my point, we signed Pulisic that is projected to be a world class player so that's good news. I don't like when people act as if we always used to sign amazing players and nobody ever flopped (Veron,Zhirkov,Mutu,Shevchenko...) or as if nobody ever robbed the club massive money for no real reason (Crespo,Falcao...), sure the club will need to rebuild but we are in a good position to do so without spending £600m like City did in order to stay at the top.
  9. Gol15


    We are totally fine, had a few misses in the last few years but that happens to every club here and then. Now we have a great academy thanks to Roman and we're getting Pulisic that is going to be a star player.
  10. Sarri doesn't have much in his sleeve but to play 4-3-3 with or without a false 9. Having the best player in the league and using him as a false 9 is sad as well. Maybe if we were to play a 4-2-3-1 we would have more options in the counter attack and an actual plan, this last game was very bad it was obvious from the first 20 minutes that we simply don't know how to score a goal, nobody in the box, 2 wingers trying to cut inside against 3 players guarding them...Yes Liverpool is better but we didn't really try to test them today. Higuain, the gamble signing of Sarri is slowly proving to be a big mistake, Giroud looks better out there on the pitch but Sarri doesn't trust him for big games. If Sarri wins Europa League he should stay and continue working with the team, if not then I will vote Sarri out once again.
  11. Clueless vs Liverpool, but he should be mostly out if we don't win Europa League, so I'll wait till the end of the season to cast my vote.

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