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  1. He should start from the bench he played all games and got hit many times. I don't want him to get into any risks so that would be my choice to rest him a bit. Barkley has recently been good and Mount is a key player, yes I do expect them to lead or whatever, Kante and Kovacic are injured anyway so Gilmour gets to start...
  2. Kepa James Zouma Rudiger Azpilicueta Gilmour Mount Willian Barkley CHO Giroud Yea
  3. The Hazard money is gone that's for sure, we did sign Pulisic and Kovacic and now Ziyech. The Morata money is gone as we signed Werner. Moses, Drinkwater, Emerson, Zappacosta, Michy, Christensen, Rudiger should be sold but you can't expect us to sell and find replacements so fast either, it's a risk to be in a position where we only have Zouma, Tomori and Ampadu. Anyway if Kante is now injury prone and if Jorginho will never play we could sell them both for 60m each that's obviously 120m, 10m we got for Pasalic and we should be able to buy a good CB and LB but then we wouldn't sign Havertz.
  4. With Kante being injured we only have Gilmour and he doesn't look like he can play 20+ games yet. The good thing is we will get Ampadu back so even if Kante becomes injury prone we can rotate Gilmour and Ampadu there.
  5. There is no sign that he is getting sold to another club at all. Lampard said he is in his plans and Jorghy's agent was pretty clear when he said that ever since Sarri left, Jorginho hasn't been in contact with him and he also said that nobody can afford his fee at this time period anyway as he has been playing well in PL and for the Italian national team as well. By this time there would be some real gossip about a club that would buy him but there is none, Juventus bought Arthur in a swap deal and paid around 10m so they solved their problem. We already know where is Pedro going and we're not sure about Willian but we already have Ziyech as a replacement + Werner and we are only linked with Havertz at the moment, the only midfielder that has been linked to us has been Sergej Milinkovic-Savic so if there is something going on it's kept as a big secret and that's highly unlikely unless Marina outdid herself. Kante was overplayed and as I feared he got injured. I already made the prediction that with Kante being injured Gilmour walks in the starting lineup so lets hope he does well.
  6. I hope we win Palace cause Sheffield could be a whole lot of trouble for us, from now on we will have more away games than home games as well.
  7. We would know by now if he is moving just like we know about Werner. There is no reason to hide such a thing... Lampard simply changed the tactics (whatever that means)
  8. Lampard said that he's still counting on him. But Gilmour is also ahead of Jorginho at this point so it makes no sense...If the club wants ti sell him his value will down down while he's not playing so that's counter-productive, unless Lampard actually just wants to get rid of him no matter what.
  9. Mount and Barkley are a thing now
  10. So there's this Mount passes to Ross, Ross into space for Giroud: Chelsea with the lead!
  11. I'm still waiting for manU to drop a few points someone of the lower clubs will remind them that they are not that all hot
  12. Well done, I was actually thinking about putting 3:0 but it was such a stretch to expect a clean sheet, you got the hardest part right so mad props!
  13. Props to Azpilicueta we look way more stable when he's there on the left even when it takes some time for James to adapt to the flow of the game. A new LB is for me the most important signing now.
  14. After what happened to Kante I think Chris needs a rest, he's playing really well but as a result he's getting kicked and fouled and he did come from injury so I hope Lampard doesn't overplay him now he should be protected from burning out as well.
  15. His end product has been vital to us even before the virus break and he just keeps contributing in the final third which is really what he lack, specially since Tammy and Mount stopped making plays together.

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