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  1. He might have been a cult figure in Naples but even that is gone now, he sold out to the dark side.
  2. From what I see online, it's done, we got our very own super hero as the new manager, super Frankie Lampard the legend...
  3. Remember when Jose wanted to physically confront one of our assistant coaches when he was visiting at the Bridge? Remember when Jose told Conte to be quiet when we beat ManU 4:nil? Remember when Jose said that he would feel embarrassed to win Europa League because according to him it's for small teams, that year we first time won it with Rafa? Only to feel like he's over the moon when he won it some year after that... So many examples of why respect is a two way street, fans that remember Jose as a whole person from start to finish don't want him back, be sure of it.
  4. We don't need Jose. Period, let's move on, I can't see Roman wanting him either, no way this is going to happen.
  5. Yes I did put my vote on here but; Whatever happens happens, it's totally irrelevant what position we are given that it will be the first season with Frankie if the reports are correct, with a transfer ban and with a few young and inexperienced players! We're fine even if we finish below top 6!
  6. It's never 100% one sided, Sarri didn't make things easier for the fans when he had no will to properly explain what he was doing, he was instead talking about how he doesn't see football in the way where you need to win a game, for him other things mattered more, at the time when nothing was working game after game...and stuff like that. Going back to Italy basically him saying to us to f**k off, because he wanted to commit to us and to change the way we play and yet as soon as another club came asking he was super fast to forget why he signed a contract, and that's not any club but Juventus which should be for him a no-go since he had left a good legacy in Naples, he is basically becoming a new Higuain, going to the biggest club and showing that he's just like the rest. So no wonder everyone that has had a relation with Napoli spoke out against Sarri going to Juventus. I won't be alone blaming him that he went to Juventus, that's like if Pochetino was to come to us just 10 times more dramatic, Sarri already said that he somewhat sees Napoli as his ex-wife that he can't be together again but needs to continue his life somehow...
  7. I don't agree with the article...If you point out that Chelsea has been winning the most and then somehow try to find a problem in that it's a flawed argument from the start of the discussion. The fact is, now we are getting Cech in adminstration which is one of our legends and you know that sooner or later it's going to be Frank Lampard taking the manager job so I don't see anything wrong with the club doing business for the future. Sarri came here and is leaving because Juventus wants him, not because Chelsea would sack him so that fact also crushes this theory that we would have kept firing people left and right no matter what happens. The most silly thing is this: "So what are the options? Well Chelsea can continue to bumble along as they are, hiring and firing, spending and hoarding, winning and losing. It is a proven model and they can keep on doing what they know, until Abramovich finally decides to pull the plug and suddenly the money dries up and the club starts to drastically free fall." Every other club also hires and fires, spends and hoards and wins and loses, and even if Roman has been the best owner it doesn't mean that the club would suddenly go on a free fall to oblivion if Roman wasn't present in any way, with him Chelsea has built up one of the best academies and we don't need his money every year, fact is we have been spending on bad transfers and still won silverware so this argument of "you're only good till Roman gets bored of his toy" is at best laughable.
  8. If we get Rafa then you just know that the fanbase is going to be extra negative and whiny from the first game of the season till the last.
  9. Not needed, not for the price over 35m. Never had an end product, he's great if he can run with the ball, great in small spaces but not good enough for the price that Real Madrid wants. Sarri rates him but he's going to Torino...
  10. To pass the salt when in David Luiz restaurant or similar activities...
  11. Good backup for Drinkwater at least.
  12. He didn't sign any new contract yet. He can leave for free soon enough. That's the problem, the only problem. Like I care if he signs for 80k or 100k it's all the same, a young lad getting a lot of money because he has big potential, the only problem is not signing a new contract at all, so no point in complaining that the world is an unfair place or whatever...
  13. "One day I will be able to sit down over a beer and talk about or laugh with pride about my missed penalty that set up my header to win the league against Palace or those goals against Tottenham, Arsenal or Liverpool."

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