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  1. Well it's all a matter of how a person feels, if you feel betrayed then you wouldn't come as you don't trust the government. After all he was living in London for more than 10 years and suddenly he wasn't welcomed, even if someone told him there was a loop hole it doesn't mean he would have the security of his own safety so he isn't a naive person that's for sure. I don't see it in that way, just by chance you and me could have been fans of that other club as well but I don't think that is how life works, for me nobody is in the world just by chance. He already proved over the years that he loves the club and that he isn't just a rich owner that wants to fill a big hole in his life by winning trophies with a club, at least not more than any other fan out there and that does make him genuine and more humanistic in comparison to other owners.
  2. Someone was probably hoping that Roman would stop caring about the club after the government didn't extend his visa, but he only showed how much he loves the club by personally making the phone call to Sarri. He will keep putting his own money in the club to keep it in a good shape now that nobody will be earning money since no games are being played, you can't say the same to any other club in the league part from Man City that is basically owned by another country.
  3. I can't see this season being valid if they wish to play the remaining games in July, that would be highy irregular.
  4. Wimbledon being cancelled for the first time since WWII doesn't work in Federers favour at all as he isn't getting any younger. This hurts also players that are in good form, mainly Nadal and Djokovic that probably wanted to win more while they are playing this well..
  5. Wimbledon is officially cancelled now. So every sporting event is over, only the Premier League somehow doesn't want to announce it.
  6. Over 4900 official cases and over 230 deaths, keep in mind that Sweden isn't testing everyone but just hard cases. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Hospitals are going to be overwhelmed in a week.
  7. I wonder if the pandemic will lower the prices of transfer fees, I think it should.
  8. True, the problem is that in a pandemic this means that it's too late since the virus has already settled in and maybe some deaths could have been avoided if the initial responce had been different. If the people running the country couldn't see it coming just by watching other countries, it's maybe a sign that our leaders are just not good enough, this isn't something towards Johnson only but most world leaders in the western world today as a whole.
  9. There are over 1400 official deaths in the UK and Boris made somewhat a big U-turn already from his first take on the pandemic and that's with having an amazing hindsight from both China and Italy. The whole reaction was like when a bad chess player prefers not to take any action against his opponent's moves, thinking that just because his king isn't in immidiate danger it doesn't mean it will be in 3 moves later on, Boris proved already to be a bad strategist. Any other policy that would have only been more strict, could have saved at least one of those people in the official numbers which means that the idea that the initial policy of doing nothing could at some point turn out to be the correct one, is 0 at this point.
  10. What goes around comes around...in more than one way apparently.
  11. If the 9 remaining games are to be played in July that alone makes the season irregular, it will look like pre-season with teams being out of shape and many results might not reflect how things actually are to say the least, add that games would be played behind closed doors and the season will be highly different from a normal season because 9-10 games played in such different circumstances is a large enough sample that would make the whole season very unusual. We might end up losing most of those 9 games as a result simply because we might just be one of those teams that simply couldn't adapt, after all our best players are our young players this season. Now you may think that it's still more fair to play out the rest of the games in these much less than normal circumstances and that any team that doesn't do well can only blame themselves because it's all the same for everyone but that still wouldn't make the real essence of a normal season, it would be just filling in some type of a form of it.
  12. Legend, real fans love him even when he's injured! Next season will be his best (in case there is a next season) !
  13. Look like a kiwi when you see through it half way.
  14. Well if you force everyone to play out around 9 remaining games in the summer the season could finish but like I said it's already not your regular season so it comes down to what are the priorities and how much you really care about this one season because those 9 games alone might contribute to the second wave of the virus as well. If the thing calms down but the second wave happens in whole Europe later on you can bet that Spain,Italy Germany,France they will also stop playing without having much thought about if one or two seasons got ruined. For me at this point the season is already finished as teams are not having training sessions so even if you force everyone to play behind closed doors it's just not the same, to just do it in order to follow this form of tradition that it should be finished isn't that important to me when everyone would look like it's pre-season and not the final push...
  15. Trump didn't have the majority of votes in pretty much every major city, including New York as a whole and if anyone knows that Trump doesn't care about the American people it's the people of New York.

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