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  1. 4 weeks ago I was worried that we might underestimate them! Now that is out of the question so we will win 😄
  2. But hey, we can't play worse than that...Only better!
  3. The last game we lost but you could see a lot of positive things: Our possession can end up having the ball in the final third very fast. Even without taking shots we managed to almost walk inside past the goal line, sadly Emerson shot right at their keeper. This is the best version of Zouma that has ever been, he was really great. When Kovacic came on he made an important tactical foul for a yellow card, that was really missing from our players and it looks that we won't allow fast breaks through the middle anymore. Dave is putting overall better crosses, so is Emerson. Our bench looks stronger now as we have the options with Tomori,CHO and Mount can play as a winger as well, the only weak sub looks to be Batman.
  4. Maybe CHO could start against Spurs, if he does well there, his confidence would be sky high.
  5. He just looks too good, 19 years old sure maybe he will need time to adapt like Pulisic but other than that, the risk that he would struggle physically in the league should be 0. Last season 12 goals, 14 assists and 7motm won in Bundesliga. He's simply going to fit right in with Tammy, look at how much he tried to deliver the ball to the box: This season he has already 8 goals and 8 assists and 4Motm in the league, 2 goals and 2 assists in Champions league...
  6. This last thing has a lot more going on, it's not just about high expectations or whatever. It would have been a very important fixture even if we were currently 9th in the league. But being 4th and with other top managers and pundits saying that we have good players and that it's hard to find players that are better than the ones we already have changes the expectations anyway.
  7. These losses we could take as we still have a decent amount of points. But losing the next game would be really, really bad.
  8. Sancho is a must buy for me at this point, can't go wrong, really needed signing.
  9. Here it comes! A month ago I said we really must not underestimate Spurs. I started to get a bit scared after Everton. Now I'm really carefree since we lost again...We got nothing to lose, we can only play better, not worse! Though make no mistake, this is a huge game still, Jose wants to win this one, Spurs want to win and say that they are for the top 4 and not us. If we win, nobody will remember Bournemouth and Everton.
  10. Jorginho and Zouma were out best players today. After Jorginho got replaced, we lost it.
  11. Great foul by Kovacic, we were missing these type of things.

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