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  1. Gol15

    That Sterling Incident

    No they are not, I told you that Antifa wouldn't even exist if the nazi movement wasn't to be on the rise so they will never be equal, they never were. Fascists do NOT advocate for equal rights, nazi ideology doesn't want a fair society where all are equal. It's very important to understand that as long as a person is "not willing to stand by a side" and labels both extremes as the same, that person is by default more right winged oriented. Otherwise if you clearly see that the far right is wrong you would never try to justify them nor try to make the other side look equal to them. If you really find that both sides are equally bad, spend 30minutes on this video which shows how the centrist view is always going to be leaning towards the far right:
  2. Gol15

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Sacked in the morning, third season, December. Predicted by many.
  3. To update; Eden still at the top with 9 goals (also 9 assists apparently). Morata has 7 goals Pedro has 6 goals Ruben Loftus Cheek has 6 goals (!) Maybe he should play as striker since he's tall and strong (108 minutes per goal, 645 minutes played, like a super sub). Kante has 2 goals and 2 assists (probably his best scoring season yet) Giroud has 5 goals and 4 assists.
  4. Gol15

    Mateo Kovačić

    He's doing his role, it looks like what Sarri wants he has been accomplishing.
  5. Malmö Chelsea can't believe I actually thought it would happen Carvalho lol
  6. I wouldn't be so sure, Bayern has an old squad while Liverpool looks hungry to win something this year and their team is stronger compared to last year where they reached the finals. On top of that Klopp knows that Bayern all too well. Maybe it would be better that Liverpool stays for the next round in the CL just so that they lose some focus in the Premier League.
  7. Selling Matic that was 29 year old for 40m was a great deal, but he wasn't rubbish before that he did his role well otherwise nobody would agree for such a high fee rival or not.
  8. Mourinho will be happy with a draw. No other reason why Lukaku would still be in the game.
  9. Hope Liverpool loses so nothing new.
  10. Just a week ago Man city fans were saying how they don't have a team anymore because Aguero is injured and ignored that they also have the first choice striker for Brazil's national team, today all is forgotten and suddenly Jesus is better than any other striker in the league.
  11. He gets fouled a lot, but I don't think he's diving he's like Hazard if you kick him he will go down he won't try to fake it out.
  12. Lozano has beein involved in most goals of his team, saw somewhere an insane percentage, he has everything that a players needs to produce goals and PSV is currently ahead of Ajax in their domestic league, he's strong with both legs, can finish can cross can run and pass as well. We need a player like that, young and skilled that wants to prove himself, Willian and Pedro don't have anything to prove anymore.
  13. 2 goals from free kicks, sad really we can't score normally against a much weaker team and I don't say that to disrespect them but it's true, anyway I don't care that much I'm more sad that Rangers lost and are out of this competition we got that first place in the group but we are not that dominant.
  14. A lot of these Champions league teams fight till the very end every game, our team lacks some character and consistency so it's good that we spend this year building up our squad.
  15. Gol15

    Nicolo Barella

    I heard about this today, they say he's worth €30-40m and that a few other teams want to sign him like AS Roma and Juventus. Apparently Sarri wants the deal done before Christmas.