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  1. The fact that everyone knew that we have no chance is something real that happens to every player. Clearly they all kept playing it's not like they gave up but what I'm saying is that the way the game was going affected the mentality of the players and clearly that influenced his penalty taking this time. We were always against the wind, I never said that he gave up I said that penalties are a mental game and Allisson was confident while Jorginho was lacking his usual confidence.
  2. It's not an excuse, it's just the truth. Game was lost after the red card, on some level every player knew it. Everyone was poor today, Jorginho had a much better last game but it still doesn't make it any different that we lost the game by Christensen's blunder, which isn't the first time that he has ruined us either...
  3. Everything that happens in a game affects a player on some level, the game was over after the red card that much was clear for me as a fan let alone to a professional player. Penalties are a mental game as well and make no mistake if Liverpool wanted to they would have stuffed us even more, it took them less than 5 min to score once the second half started and we kicked it off...
  4. Lampard should give him a chance. It's ridiculous that even when both of our two wingers are injured that he doesn't play. Lampard is not using Havertz in the best way and Mount is a hard worker but he simply isn't a winger... If CHO doesn't get a chance now when does he get to start a game? In the FA Cup?
  5. It's a mental game as well, by the time we got the penalty he knew the game was lost anyway and that probably played a big role as well.
  6. Routine loss. Time to forget about this game and to look forward. We will be able to compete with the best once we fix our defense and keeper, our midfield is fine and our attack will look amazing once our wingers are back.
  7. That's the problem for me, he always makes a big blunder he's just not stable enough and because of it I can't see him becoming a world class defender ever.
  8. Rudiger had 1 bad season, Christensen was bad his whole career.
  9. And once they come back someone that is currently playing will be injured after Lampard overplayed him...
  10. Game was over the moment Christensen decided to play rugby. No excuses anymore, it's incredible that he managed to spend so many years at the club anyway.
  11. The fact that Alonso had a decent game shows how poor Kepa and Christensen actually are, at least Alonso is more focused in big games.
  12. Well our 2 weak links lost us the game. We can't compete with the best yet that much is clear.
  13. It's his individual mistake once again, he has always been hiding behind the fact that he was young, but he keeps making terrible blunders so the way we set up can't hide him anymore.

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