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  1. We have been good in big games but in the smaller games we didn't manage much and as time passes by the squad's fitness level gets worse. We simply must win against West Ham and suffer more against Real Madrid, any other tinkering and resting players for Madrid would put us at risk vs West Ham and that's simply unacceptable.
  2. Well to be fair you have to get your own house in order before changing the whole system with UEFA so in a way it's good that the fans protest against their owners, I think Gary Neville said publicly that those people should be out of the game first and foremost. This is also interesting for us because our owner has been one of the best in comparison to those in question that barely watched a few games of their teams but if a club like Manchester United and Liverpool gets a new owner for the better that would be a good thing for the game but at the same time it will be potentially harder
  3. Was doing fine till the huge mistake that almost cost us the game. At least now we know that Mount can't play that position.
  4. As long as he doesn't get rid of the backslick he's fine.
  5. That's exactly what they managed to be and all that without even doing much either. It's not even to their own full credit or their own fault that a few people got extremely blinded by the huge amount of greed. When a 3 billion plan to challenge the biggest football organization crumbles in a few days it's clear that it was just a bunch of deluded people involved that thought that they can play chess with the big boys... I find it amusing that Florentino Perez casually appeared in an interview yesterday night in order to try to bluff his way as if everything was fine and that their plan i
  6. Must win West Ham, Leicester, Arsenal and Villa. Not sure how many times I've said it...
  7. You think that was a bad team? Most of those guys are standard first choice for Man City, let's not undermine our win now. They needed to rest some players but their backline and midfield is still elite.
  8. I thought that Mount can do that role but nope he was a bit lost... We got lucky, usually after making huge mistakes like Zouma and Jorginho did that kind of stuff used to be enough for the opposition to win, this was supposed to be the first error leading to goal by Jorginho he just got extremely lucky there and it wasn't due to anything other but himself he knew there was a player coming and still lost the ball. Our subs were a bit underwhelming but Giroud could have done better after a good pass by Chilwell I think.
  9. We simply must win these games... Looks like Tuchel doesn't know how to do it yet which is a bit concerning. 3. Leicester City 56 4. Chelsea 55 5. West Ham United 55 6. Liverpool 53 7. Tottenham Hotspur 50 8. Everton 49 We just missed a huge opportunity and now the difference from 3rd to 8th is only 7 points.
  10. Pulisic has been pretty terrible too, few minutes ago he had Werner cutting inside the middle and instead of passing he just went there with the ball... Didn't show up tonight for some reason, can't make a decent cross.
  11. I really hoped that by this point in time we would have had a penalty... Can't believe we can't win this
  12. Bro if he can't pass and can't hold the ball he's not good enough and that already happened vs West Brom. I just argued that his bad game isn't an excuse for T.Silva to get 2 yellow cards so fast.
  13. Those Brighton shirts are really, really irritating... Guess that means they do their purpose.
  14. The only way he keeps a clean sheet, the power was in his backslick all along...
  15. The situation in here looks pretty dire, I officially declare the release of new pictures of the 3 kittens of the @Malta Blue family as our priority moving forward.
  16. Aye he's like a short spear today isn't he (that's what she said)
  17. Havertz is a much better player than Werner. In fact he's generational look at him already as the spear of our attack at 21.
  18. Need to isolate Pulisic to take on his player like we did for Ziyech there.
  19. I think I'm not alone when I say that Ziyech is really soft once someone gets closer to mark him...
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