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  1. I saw him playing better than Fred and Matic what have they offered the whole game? LOL
  2. 94% passing, 3 tackles, 2 clearances...bullied? How can someone be so biased against a player is beyond me.
  3. Even though I mostly bet on Chelsea to win and haven't got many points, I feel that you guys should wait at least an extra day before making predictions because it might be due to the recent game, let some emotions to settle down.
  4. Well Michy is a striker he should have put it on target at least. Or he could have tried to not take the first time shot like he did if he knows that he can't put it on target. The one thing he was good at was taking those chances, that was his biggest strength.
  5. The plan B we have is to play the 3-4-3/5-2-3, and I don't see any reason why we would have played that formation this time. Against Spurs we won with that formation though, so maybe we can do it again, although I think Jose is going to be prepared for it this time around.
  6. Ronaldo and Messi would have scored from that chance though, Messi is left footed and Ronaldo's left foot is actually good when it comes to finishing he's automatic from that position. I mean Michy should be able to put that shot on target at the very least.
  7. Last time Giroud started the game was against West Ham and he was the worst player on the pitch for 50-60 minutes. Christensen has been a starter and has done a good job in his last 10 games, he only went off after he was hurt and that knock probably affected him right before the first goal. I don't see any other argument needed to be defended here.
  8. We have very little end product and a very shaky defense. Which are the two things that matter most in this game. Var ruined us tonight but we are lacking quality in the most important areas in the game.
  9. Lampard can't do much when Abraham,Pulisic,CHO,RLC are all injured and when after 10 minutes Kante gets injured as well. No manager would have done better like this.
  10. Just show how many points and opportunites we actually wasted...
  11. Bayern will destroy us I think, and Spuds? I have no confidence at all, I thought this winter break will make us play better and we'll be more fresh, instead I see more players getting injured and our attack struggling even more than before the break.
  12. For the first time since 1987-88' Manchester United has won both games against us in the league.
  13. Insane really...What have been become after the winter break?
  14. We must win against Spuds again. What are the odds that everything bad happens to us twice in a row?
  15. Poor decisions: They should have a player less that scored one goal We should have been up with 2:1 That's a win isn't it?
  16. This isn't at all Lampards fault. They should have had a red card. We scored 2 goals.
  17. 0:2 at home, 4:0 away. Can't remember last time this happened
  18. 2 shots on target = 2 goals We had 1 shot on target = Michy still playing past 60 minutes.
  19. Every single big decision going to Varchester United.
  20. Nobody can pass to Michy. He was never that great as an all around player but now he can't even get to have the ball in his feet and he's missing clear chances can't put a shot on target which was the one main reason why he was getting chances.
  21. All those players missing and yet we still losing like most of them are playing, same sucker punch to lose a game always.
  22. Lampard wanted a January striker = didn't get it. Sarri wanted a January striker = Got it Conte wanted a January striker = Got it Now it's all choking that we have nobody to score clear chances, I feel sorry for Lampard he has been talking about the same thing whole season long and still didn't get backed.
  23. Now their 5-3-2 is perfect for the second half. We are simply not good enough for top 4, specially not without Kante,Abraham and others that are injured...

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