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  1. This is why December 22. is the day we must blow them away.
  2. Well you said first a false statement, then added a time period to it. If there is anything that Jose did do in his whole career, that is to win with teams that were considered as dark horses more or less, Spurs is one of those teams in the last few years believe it or not. Another thing, 100m euros in total for 2 season in Inter, that's basically nothing...his most expensive player he ever got in Inter was Milito for 25m euros lol he spent more while being here the first time, basically Essien cost more than his most expensive Inter player he ever got so no he didn't spend a lot in Inter but he did win everything he possibly could win there in just 2 seasons. Pep also walked in Man city that was already a top 3-4 team in the league, did it matter?
  3. I feel the same way, but if he actually starts winning what then? December 22, the day we must win, there is no other option.
  4. Had he replicated any of his success in manU, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But he's still the same guy that did all of that, show me someone that has a picture perfect track record? It's up to us not to underestimate Spurs, with or without Jose but specially with Jose, at this point he has so much to gain just by winning 1 game against us.
  5. It doesn't matter that it was 10 years ago, he does know how to win when he is under the radar and nobody expects Spuds to win ever. You said he always needed a big budget, never said anything about any time frame, so winning Champions League with Porto is always going to be the main reason why he made such a career, he didn't actually spend a lot of money in Inter Milan either. I agree that he hasn't been showing any real results in his last job but we must not underestimate Spurs, specially not now! It was him that ended up signing Ashley Cole, he made Maicon a world class full-back, he switched Ramos away from the full-back position he obviously knows some things and most of all he always knew how to make a good target man work, with Diego Costa, with Milito and so on...He will have Harry Kane now and this whole squad of Spuds that were already used to be dirty, this will only multiply now.
  6. With all due respect, he won the Champions League with Porto. Personally I believe that Jose could have done a great job in a less demanding domestic league, considering that for Bayern the Bundesliga is like a walk in the park, Jose could have created a strong Champions League squad there for example. I think that we should never underestimate our rivals, specially if they get this kind of ally in Jose that will most likely focus the most of his energy and time to prepare against us. Spurs KNOW who they hired, we shouldn't be so fast in thinking that Jose won't get what he wants, maybe he agreed to the job after those things were already discussed.
  7. People ask him about Chelsea all the time, his own constant bad demeanor towards us is the reason why people have different opinions about him, some still strongly respect him and others like myself do not. He could have been a great person, but simply isn't as great, I remember how for example Rafa Benitez was always loved by Liverpool even when he was here, there was no bad blood there at all, the problem is that Jose constantly puts himself in the spotlight in the negative way towards Chelsea.
  8. Just go back, see how he was offended by Conte, how he tried to attack one of our coaches, how he trashtalked the club and how he was almost always negative every time he said something about the club, he is not a legend of the club anymore, his ego is just too big. He on top of every bad thing he has said and done was always negative about Frank Lampard. Now he is a Spud manager, I should have seen it coming honestly. I knew there was something there, now I have the final straw, Jose never cared about the club he only cared about himself.
  9. He has been a main hater of the club in the last years, he showed that he never liked Chelsea in his heart by his words and actions. If it wasn't obvious a year ago, it's obvious now.
  10. Considering how much Jose hates Chelsea, this is the perfect job for me maybe...
  11. He got sacked so fast, so Spuds can say that he didn't quit on them but that he was sacked. He was going to resign by himself regardless later on. Laughable club, laughable fans.
  12. I would gamble and start the game with Mount ahead of Kovacic. An early goal and then call Mason to the bench, tactical surprise and 3 points.
  13. First Chelsea Hero: Marcel Desailly/Branislav Ivanović. Hard players that I loved watching, needed to include both. Club Signing That Excited You The Most: Claude Makélélé. Many consider the downfall of the first Galacticos Real Madrid due to him leaving. Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed: Adriano. The Brazilian was such a beast in Inter Milan back in the day, and later he got into some hard depression, but a really amazing player. I wish the club had signed him before the depression, maybe he would have been fine and he and Drogba at their prime could have been simply the most iconic attacking duo. Favourite Chelsea Goal: There are many goals that I find important, but the one that can define the club and for me personally a story where good wins over evil is the Torres goal vs Barcelona, it's a biased way to see it but that's how I see it. Fav XI: Cech Ivanovic Terry Desailly A.Cole Makélélé Kante Lampard Joe Cole Gudjohnsen Drogba
  14. He's still behind Kante and Jorginho, so my point is that there is no real reason for us to sell Kante but if you want to talk about selling someone, focus on players that are worse than the world class players that we have. In order to improve the squad Frank must get to know if he will be able to count on RLC and Mount in the future, I personally believe that both are good talents but sadly if RLC keeps being injury prone he could be the one to leave the team and then we could just buy another great player, without selling any of our key members of the squad. The way I see it, if RLC recovers there will be no real need to buy any new player for the central midfield, we would need to buy a winger and a left back.
  15. Gol15

    Mason Mount

    I think he should start against Man City. Another goal threat and a tactical victory.
  16. I find it funny that people actually talk about selling Kante. He has been our best midfielder for years in a row now. Just because he got injured recently, everyone forgot that he at his best is not only our best midfielder but the best player in the league as well... High quality players shouldn't be sold. Specially since we will have enough money for transfers in the summer. Sell someone that does less, Barkley is basically a year from his peak and he hasn't been good, Kovacic can't score a goal if his life depended on it... Leave Kante alone.
  17. If we sign Sancho, I can already see Hudson-Odoi warming the bench every big game while Pulisic and Sancho are playing. As it stands right now.
  18. Milinkovic-Savic is almost like a classic number 10, but he does contribute in defensive tasks. Very strong, great technique and he can score goals in multiple ways. I can see him having the number 8 shirt and scoring lots of goals. At some point Frankie will know if Mount and Loftus-Cheek are amazing, or not so amazing and if we are lucky enough to have both grow into world class attacking midfielders, we don't need to buy Milinkovic-Savic. As long as he doesn't sign for Liverpool, I'm fine with it. Kante doesn't need to be sold in any case, he's a key player and with this transfer ban we should have the big cash to buy a big signing if we need it.
  19. Well it's true he's 30 so that isn't exactly the policy...good point.
  20. Jorginho is by far our best player. Tactically he and Kante fit in every game plan. No way he can be benched in important games.
  21. I wonder if a big profile like Marco Reus would be willing to join us...talking about star players from other teams. He can play like Tammy and like Mount, maybe even go wide if needed, and hes just amazing overall.
  22. I find it hard to imagine that he would want to come to England, Real Madrid will probably sign him.
  23. Can't see anything wrong with this, if you want professionalism this is pretty much a normality. Who cares about who leaked it...

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