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  1. After 3500 minutes played by all means he should be our guest and become important. He's still not that different than how he was under Lampard, still missing chances but getting some assists.
  2. We faced A minus Mahrez in the FA Cup and they faced our B as much as we faced their B in the PL so it's even.
  3. The Kante song is nice and for a second we had a nice combo song of Kante + Bakayoko
  4. The Blue Fortress is up and running and looks unbreakable (part from that one game)
  5. James took on several players (Mendy, Zinchencko, Ake) and nobody could stop him. Great crosses and runs but little support at times so he was ahead of the curve. This is huge because when City puts 2 players on Chilwell, Mount or even Pulisic that might be on the left side and we switch the flank it's over for them because James can outrun and outmuscle anyone.
  6. Biggest question for the summer transfer window for sure.
  7. It's crucial to find another world class CB in the summer as well. T.Silva is pure class so at this point I have no idea who would be his ideal replacement.
  8. I don't think he should be embarrassed at all, under him we took City to penalties and finished top 4, we were just underperforming for a month. As much as this has been an amazing turnaround I do hope we win vs Man City for the 3rd time, I wouldn't want Tuchel to suddenly get a negative perception or aura about him after losing another CL final so the season is far from over. My guess is that Lampard is happy but also hoping that we finish it off now with some trophy!
  9. Nothing less than Haaland or Mbappe that's fine but the real problem is replacing T.Silva! We simply can't be as good defensively once we lose such a world class CB.
  10. Am I the only one that thinks that it's super cringe that Aguero officially apologized for his penalty miss? I mean wow, it's not like it hurts Pep more than it hurts him he's the one with the most pain LOL
  11. Great answer, not only did he address the fact that Sterling was lucky to be on the pitch but he also said we were unlucky for the small offside decision. We deserved the win.
  12. The fact that we managed to turn the game around shows a lot even if neither teams had their full first lineup playing. It's extremely hard to break down this Man City squad and in recent times we haven't really been able to win many games after being down at half time. Maybe we will be in an amazing situation where we would be able to rest most of our key players against Villa and then we would be 100% ready for the CL final just like Man City that will rest most of their players.
  13. Great manager that recognizes CHO's potential and that he really passionately wants to mentor him.
  14. The FA Cup team wasn't Pep's B team at all. Specially not when you compare who played in the Carabao Cup Final afterwards against Spurs, they were missing mainly Mahrez. Then this game how many did we miss in comparison to Pep that had his full defense while we didn't have T.Silva nor Chilwell?
  15. I take it as well, better an assist than nothing but I personally hope he'll become a really good player next season. I don't think this is the best he can do.
  16. He scored 2 out of his 5 goals this season against Man City, somehow he's able to do well against them. Not sure if he's happy with his role as a bench player most of the time, I think he thought that Lampard will be playing him in a 4-3-3, in that formation he shined for Ajax.
  17. I voted for James but Azpilicueta had a great game as well.
  18. Out of those 26 it's mainly assists so as soon as we see it a bit closer it's obvious that he hasn't been good enough overall despite his overall contributions. Nothing worked for him this game but he gets the assist and saves his overall bad performance so he must step up in the CL final.
  19. The whole narrative is just about the "penalty" and nothing else, really biased journalism.
  20. I think if anything Man City is now in delusion because of this so called penalty so they are convinced that they are still the best so we're in their heads from what I see, Pep is also saying that it's a penalty so it's pure delusion.
  21. The interview is with Sterling and the only question is about the penalty and not about his yellow card. HAHAHAHA
  22. James was wonderful, took the 1v1 situations really well and had great crosses and passes.
  23. Forgiven yes but he must stop making those blunders.
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