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  1. I mean these ones here on the side we have now the Like and the HaHa ♥️ 😅 doesn't matter you ruined it now!
  2. We need a new reaction-smiley called mind-blown I think @coco
  3. If we change the system next season and play with 2CBs we would have more space for a winger like CHO to get some minutes when Pulisic or Ziyech aren't playing, it's a long season. But if we buy someone like Sancho it's over for him...
  4. He covered the most distance and had the 2nd highest number of touches, this particular one is the split when he nutmegged Kroos:
  5. On top of that I think that the ref clearly didn't want to make any big decision, no red cards and no penalties, he maybe got told by Uefa to keep the game as simple as possible and he didn't even want to add any extra time before the first half ended.
  6. He looks like he doesn't run and as if he doesn't care but he's just a badass I think, all ice in his veins
  7. A preview of the CL final but the problem for us is that Man City will win the league before the last games and we will still be forced to play our best players till the last match, maybe Pep rests some and keeps an ace in his sleeve for the CL final, not sure if we can do it as well here.
  8. Yea that's a good explanation... So I guess it's reasonable to think that we do have some chance to get him, specially if Roman is making some calls.
  9. Haaland woud want to be a starter just like Werner and Tammy. The last thing Werner needs is Haaland as competition. The big thing in getting him is that Man City would be denied their priority signing but they can always find someone else...
  10. Giroud is leaving so Tammy should get more minutes. In reality we would be searching for a backup striker then, not like Man City is searching to replace Aguero even if he had a lot of injury problems he is their big player. Our attack is getting better and it's still a few young players there, Pulisic, Havertz, Mount, CHO can still develop and I believe that Werner can seriously improve his finishing next season. So what do we really need attack-wise if Pulisic, Mount, Havertz and Werner improve and if CHO and Tammy get some more minutes next season? If we get Haaland, Werner and T
  11. Man City are ready to move on from Aguero, we should be just as well. The one parallel is that once upon a time Lampard our best scorer went there so now they would be giving us their best scorer in return but it just doesn't feel like the best move. If we are to lose Tammy as well as Giroud we would really need a striker that doesn't have a big history of getting injured after his peak so realistically Aguero doesn't really fit for our needs, for example getting Giroud did fit very much and it was a brilliant move but I can't see Aguero in the same way it looks like an underwhelming move.
  12. You know what they say, big gloves....large, hands?
  13. This is brilliant I laughed so much and my wife doesn't understand why it's so funny but as soon as I try to explain the whole context of the game I start laughing... Also not sure if that's a secret twitter account of @Valerie 👀 but I guess not since the profile picture isn't some Italian guy with big gloves...
  14. So many pointed out the similarities of 2012-2021 but the one thing that bothers me is that the last time we played a final against a Manchester team we lost so it really looks like a 50-50 game.
  15. Not sure what you mean by Sarri trying to destroy him, Sarri was always saying that Kante can do a lot of things including in the final third and that's exactly what he has been doing, his involvment in both goals shows it.
  16. And Kroos that was first trashtalking but then blatantly took down Pulisic for a yellow card just because he was powerless
  17. He makes those arrogant players look like shyte, you know he's in their heads when all they can do is to kick him down, love the fact that he scored and assisted against Real Madrid.
  18. Yes thank you! This whole thing we're seeing now is because we're standing on the shoulders of giants no question about it. PS. Vote for Frankie and JT and if you're already at it for A.Cole for the PL Hall of fame, don't let some drunks like Tony Adams or whatever to be there ahead of these great names.
  19. Thank you for including that last bit of the gif I totally missed it after we scored, man T.Silva is so good...
  20. Well I agree. We should see how things turn out as there is some time till that match, technically Man City will win the league and they will play randoms while their key players will be rested for the final while we're fighting for the top 4 so we can't afford to rest most of our players which is a whole other issue... But that's a topic for another day!
  21. He failed to make a cross and Hazard was on the counter so his yellow card was fully justified and particularly so since he himself created that mess and then took the card for it. But nobody should doubt him anymore, he had a good game overall and he fully understands this game and his role.
  22. Are you already starting this again?
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