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  1. Kai is amazing, I don't understand how he hit the bar twice and then when his shot that went low against Courtois got saved well that was a bit too much, he could have had a hattrick... too many misses but everything else was just a joy to watch.
  2. So after all is said and done, Kante is still the best... I have said so many times that he needs the freedom, needs the space and a man behind him and then you can just watch him taking over the game and this is how Tuchel is playing him and there is no surprise that he's that amazing. This is simply the main reason why we didn't feel the absence of Kovacic as well, Kante is indestructible he's up there taking the ball and running into the opposition box at minute 85', there is no player that does what he does better than him.
  3. OK sorry. I never posted this thinking about Kante so I hope you're aware of that, I was comparing those two to Jorginho and Kovacic, never mentioned Kante.
  4. Are you a fan of the German media or are you a fan of Chelsea FC?
  5. I was so frustrated when he was offside but he was at the right place at the right time later on and fully redeemed himself. On top of that goal he fully deserved an assist but Kante's shot was blocked.
  6. Thomas is the first manager in history to reach the CL/European Cup final with 2 different teams in 2 consecutive seasons. Thomas is the first manager in history to face Zinedine Zidane's Real Madrid for more than 5 times without any defeat and he did it with 3 different clubs. Thomas is a special man.
  7. Whoever has something to say about Frankie should remember that Mason Mount is here because of him, that Kai Havertz is here because of him. Lampard set the corner stone for the future and it's already paying off.
  8. Real Madrid had black socks and we all know just like good conquers evil so do the white socks overcome the blackness as well.
  9. I have said it I think even before we signed him, Mount+Kai will destroy the league!
  10. You can't say that Kai isn't special. He's only 21 and he casually tried to chip Courtois you have to be almost a crazy genius in order to be that cold, he has something in him that no coach can teach and he's only going to get better from this point on.
  11. Feels good to see him and T.Silva giving their all. Some said that Jorginho doesn't fit and that a team with him won't ever reach any significant height but here we are in the CL final...
  12. I don't feel sad for Courtois. But I do feel sad for Hazard, I can't imagine how he really feels deep inside knowing that he left the club he loves in order to do exactly what his loved club just did, so soon after leaving.
  13. Words can't describe how happy am I for this special squad. Our Bridge is once again our Blue Fortress and not even Real Madrid could break it. T.Silva praying before the start and after the end of the match, what a legend he gave his all.
  14. Maaaaasssooooooon yeeeees 3rd CL final Mason has done ittgggxkkfkdjsk
  15. 70' played if we took our chances Timo would had 2 goal and an assist, Kai 2 goals, Kante and Mount a goal each and even an assist from Jorginho... Cmon just finish them off already!!!
  16. Courtois is keeping them in the game this is crazy how many good saved he made...
  17. True but judging from the first hour we can only blame ourselves...
  18. So after 60 minutes do you still think that this particular version of Real is so epic? We are clearly better...
  19. Kai missing again he should stop hanging out with Timo so much lol
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