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  1. It turns out he wasn't spot on, look at Abraham and Azpilicueta's tweets. No way would Azpilicueta lie about that if the reports were true.
  2. Why would Azpilicueta lie about it? If he truly stood up for Lampards honour and got heated with Rudiger, the last thing he's going to do is post a picture like that and claim the rumours are nonsense after Rudiger just got the manager sacked.
  3. If anything, this just proves our players are in on the conspiracy!
  4. f**king hell that was quick
  5. Just look at a few comments in the matchday thread.
  6. Keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed.
  7. We should see a massive improvement in the side, if not that's disappointing. Top 4 has to be the target though, we aren't that far behind, Franks sacking can definitely be seen as premature. That's why I specifically said "Nip it in the bud", because I think it was destined to get worse, the players stopped playing for him, game by game it looked worse and worse. I'll be surprised if we don't see an improvement in the first few weeks under Tuchel (should he be the boss, high chance he is).
  8. Absolutely 100% But you also have to accept the fact that Frank did a bad job this season, regardless of how many excuses people want to put down. We should be above the likes of West Ham and Southampton.
  9. And I think clinging onto Lampard would've only kept us at this stage for longer. I still believe we've made some good signings, plenty more to come, we've got some good players, some better midfielders and a good CB and I think we're a big problem.
  10. Even if that's true, Rudiger is rubbish, everyone knows this. The PSG players however, Verratti, Neymar, M'bappe, Icardi, Parades etc. Those players you can't leave out of the starting lineup or you're f**ked, we could have 5 defenders injured and we wouldn't need Rudiger.
  11. It could be that Tuchel recognises that this is a good move for him and he shouldn't really bargain with his position if he wants to manage top clubs. Particularly after his recent downfall with PSG.
  12. This is actually a good move from the club, it's a cheap option with a potential big reward. Either Tuchel becomes a great manager, in which case we give him a new contract, or if he's rubbish and can't seem to get going at all it won't take much to release him. Let's see what he can do.
  13. Possible but I doubt it, if you just had a bust up with someone like Costa, I doubt you want to give them the satisfaction and start lying. And if you've made up with him, you wouldn't really want to start a lie about it either would you? I think it's more believable that Matt Law's source is wrong.
  14. I actually really enjoyed the first season under Frank for a lot of those reasons you listed, but it soon came crashing down, it's inevitable.
  15. I think people will be surprised, I can see Mount, James and Abraham still starting a lot of games. Abraham not as much due to the competition in that place but he won't be completely sidelined.
  16. Yep, exactly what I just said and how I remember it. I was depressed from a football perspective and when we hired Conte I wasn't exactly thrilled either, especially with all the match fixing in Italy. But f**k me did I enjoy that season, what a ride that was, shame the one after was so sh*t but he did win a trophy out of it still. It might seem absolutely grim now, but this time next year, you could be on the edge of your seat.
  17. I can't speak for you right now but I've felt like sh*t after a few manager sackings, Jose both times, Carlo (probably the worst one for me, loved him) and Di Matteo. I felt after Jose part 2, that was the club going to plummet. The cycle continued, we couldn't get long term success, the players rebelled against our greatest manager ever, a club legend at that. Awful feelings at the time... But then next season it all changed, it was actually amazing under Conte, football is very fickle.
  18. Never meant it personally or literally, just a bit of banter. Apologies if offended by it, wasn't my intention.
  19. At this point you're going to be offing yourself around June considering how depressing this year will be for you.
  20. You'll get over it as soon as things are on the up again and we're winning things.
  21. I want long term success as much as anybody, it just doesn't seem to work out. Mourinho disasterous 3rd season (I still would've backed him mind), Conte 2nd season went all kinds of wrong starting from that awful transfer window, and now this. One that always bugged me was Carlo, I hated that sacking with every inch of my being, I would've kept that man around for another season at the very LEAST. We all know it goes deeper than the manager here, as much as I agreed with the decision today.
  22. Take Kova off the list! Granted he's not having a good season but he's a quality player when he's in form! Everyone else though I agree, we could do with all those players gone asap. I believe we've still got Moses and Zappacosta on the books also...
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