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MOTM vs Liverpool (A) (PL)

MOTM vs the bin dippers   

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  1. 1. MOTM vs Liverpool (A) (PL)

    • Mendy
    • Azpilicueta (c)
    • Christensen
    • Rüdiger
    • James
    • Jorginho
    • Kanté
    • Chilwell
    • Ziyech
    • Mount
    • Werner
    • Pulisic (sub)
    • Kovačić (sub)
    • Havertz (sub)

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6 minutes ago, IliyaKrostin said:

Mount, Christensen, Kante or Rudiger.

Guys help me!

I wouldn't have included Rudiger myself, and that's not saying he played poorly, but very hard to split the other three you 've named.

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Great performance and nice that so many played their part.

Christensen, Kante, Jorginho, Werner and Mount all did really well.  Christensen was pretty much faultless but still go for Mount who was just EVERYWHERE. Won so many 50/50 balls, caused Liverpool constant problems and scored the all important goal to clinch the 3 points.

Proud of them all tonight. (well nearly all. Ziyech was again really poor).


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Christensen for me, now you can see why Zouma will struggle to get back in this side, tuchel wants and it was,  picked by the excellent sky commentator, "Every Chelsea player is comfortable on the ball", it was obvious to me Zouma cant pass like AC, or Rudi, he was excellent, the trigger for playing out...loving it atm

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Voted Christensen but honestly doesn't think that in this rare occasion there is one player possibly to single out. Jorginho for example played superb as well, defensively and attacking, and that's somebody who even gets rarely mentioned. Werner was great and could have scored 2 goals rather "easily" as well and so on. Not to mention Mount, Kanté etc

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Great Team performance, so many that you could vote man of the Match, Mount, Christensen, Kante, Rudiger all stood out for me.

Id like to mention Timo as he's had a lot of stick from various Quarters lately, Yes predominantly his job is to score goals, but ive seen better strikers than him over the years have similar Baron spells.

He cant buy a goal at the moment but he still works his socks off in any position that he's asked to play, I think he's a great addition to the club and has that one asset that will always guarantee goals. PACE.

Ive no worries about him, he will get that bit of luck that has deserted him sooner or later.

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