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  1. We can’t complain buddy, we played at home last round while they had to fly twice
  2. I really enjoy watching Octivia, a really tidy and neat player.
  3. I don’t actually remember a single thing Havertz and Werner did in 1st half? I thought we’ve been comfortable enough but if the attackers were more involved we could have had more goals, or chances at least.
  4. Tuchel to change the formation completely and we annihilate Porto 6 - 1. Mendy James Silva Christensen Chilwell Gilmour Mount Havertz Odoi Giroud Werner
  5. I guess perhaps Tuchel realised that he can’t do what he did in Paris, put out a weakened team and still get 3 points comfortably. Premier League is full of twists and potential banana skins, no matter who we face.
  6. Maguire gets away with another one. How the f*co does he do it.
  7. I don’t blame him in the slightest for the two yellows, he was put in that situation by Jorginho who was absolutely shocking and reckless.
  8. Think we need Havertz today, Werner isn’t really doing a good job holding the ball up. Jorginho get the f*ck out of here. Put Gilmour on.
  9. I’m surprised he’s even considering Barca and Madrid. They’ve been dogsh*t for a good few years and they’re not in a good situation either.
  10. He scored 28 in 34 games last season. Clearly he has it in him, I think he’s a streaky sort of player. Once he gets a few goals he’ll keep going. Not good seeing that miss last night though.
  11. Yeah I’m not a fan. Why fix what isn’t broken?
  12. Is it worth taking a gamble on Aguero? Sure he’s old and injured all the time but if he managed to stay fit for two years, he’d take this team to a new level. Top class striker.
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