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  1. dansubrosa

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    The most crazy thing is we were being investigated for 92 players. 92!
  2. dansubrosa

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    BBC are saying next two transfer windows. Disaster if we can’t delay it.
  3. dansubrosa

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Yeah but he won’t. The only way we will see Hudson Odoi staying is if we sack Sarri, I reckon it’s going to be a long season for CHO.
  4. What’s the point in turning the season around when we are going to be in the same situation next year? Time to look at the bigger picture, fair enough the players can’t be arsed, tough sh*t. Let them do whatever they want, and then sell half the team and start again.
  5. F*cking hell, I’m on holiday at the moment but shocked to see Chelsea drawing at half time. Its Malmo ffs, you know we have serious problems. Tragic really and if we aren’t going to put Malmo out of their misery then I don’t seee how Sarri is going to improve us.
  6. dansubrosa

    Marcos Alonso

    5 year contract. F*cks sake.
  7. I thought Jorginho has been very good. It was a good performance from Chelsea, just the defence and complete lack of ideas in final third. F*cks sake this is depressing.
  8. Yeah why did he get banned? And, it’s such a pain in the arse that this game is on MONDAY. A FA Cup match between Chelsea and United, arguably the biggest game of this round and it gets shafted to Monday? F*cking SKY or whoever it was. 2 - 0 to Chelsea.
  9. dansubrosa

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Very uninspiring performance tonight but a win is a win. Can’t argue with that. I guess we’ll know a lot more about ourselves after this month. I mean, our defence are very prone to mistakes and when you make a mistake against a team like City, you’re f*cked. Aside from the City game I think we’re doing okay. A few shockers here and there but despite the shockers, we are still in the fight for top 4 and still in all competitions. I really hope Sarri’s persistence pays off.
  10. He’s furiously drawing cigarettes
  11. Thinking back to the season we won the europa, we were so much more exciting. I remember one game in particular, Torres got kicked/elbowed in the face, that set off a rocket up his arse and he was vintage Torres all night. And then he missed the penalty.
  12. We just seem to get worse and worse, and Sarri isn’t going to change anything. I can’t see where we can improve? Worrying.
  13. Arsenal lost to BATE. lol