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  1. Yeah it wasn’t professional on Jody’s part. However Jose is probably hating the fact that Lampard is doing the business here, and could well be more loved by the fans than Jose himself, and he’s struggling to land a top job. I mean, he used to use his arrogance in swagger, to win over people with his charm but nowadays his arrogance isn’t justified anymore and he just comes across as a really negative and moody guy. It is sad to see how far he has fallen.
  2. 40m. What a complete waste of money, someone deserves sacking for making that happen.
  3. He’s a right c*nt. I can’t stand him, I hope we go nowhere near him!
  4. Really don’t see the need for him anymore. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Kovacic is just as good. If he keeps this up for rest of the year then there’s absolutely no need for us to sign that player. We’re already stacked with what we have now, and there’s Loftus Cheek coming back. Who knows how good Gilmour could be in few years time. I hope we leave it.
  5. Sorry but I think Zouma is more than good enough for us at the moment.
  6. I’d happily have Ake replace Christensen, sadly Christensen hasn’t grown as we thought he would. Showed so much promise under Sarri, and then he went back to his old self. I think it says a lot when Zouma and Tomori is preferred to Christensen at beginning of the season. Rudiger is becoming injury prone, so I think Ake would make an adequate back up to our CB pairing.
  7. I went to the Waldorf pub once, it’s not too far from the etihad. About 30 mins walk. The areas surrounding the etihad is a right dump.
  8. Saw this being shared on Real Madrid forums, oh come back home Eden! https://youtu.be/w4Jxew
  9. We’d probably get him for less than 120m. I imagine he’s thinking it’s time he moved back to England, and if he loves London, surely we are the only club? Tottenham are in a mess, and Arsenal, well they’re Arsenal.
  10. I’d be pissed off if we spent 120m on Moreno and Grealish. Grealish is on the same boat as Barkley at Everton, there’s no guarantee he’s going to become top player And Moreno, is he really any better than Abraham?
  11. Sarriball was so dull. It was like watching paint dry.
  12. Are you this guy? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/talksport.com/football/625890/frank-lampard-jose-mourinho-chelsea-stunning-talksport-call/amp/

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