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  1. Klopp saying he won’t be managing the return tie against Shrewsbury. Unprofessional and poor taste.
  2. I think we should just pay whatever they want. We clearly need reinforcements, for example if Madrid wanted 60m for Isco it’s worth every penny imo as he’d improve the first team. We have a lot of money surely we can afford to overspend a little on players that’d improve the first team, rather than penny pinching and end up with another dross player like Zappacosta.
  3. Certainly beginning to look like we’ll resort to panic signings. I expected us to have Cavani wrapped up by now if we wanted him. This club never will learn.
  4. Yessss! This beats whoever we sign this month!
  5. Nah, instead of getting first half of the season Costa, we’d have second half of the season of Costa instead. I loved him, a lot but he’s past it now.
  6. He’ll come here. PSG will reluctantly accept loan offer when they realise no one will buy him outright, with his ridiculous wages.
  7. Another stat. 16% - Chelsea have conceded goals from 16% of shots faced this season in the Premier League; no side have conceded a higher proportion in the competition during single season since detailed shot data was collected for the first time in 2003-04. Blue.
  8. And who knows, he could fire us to a top 4 finish. I’m losing patience with Abraham slowly, sick of seeing him not taking these chances. He’s scored a lot already, but we do create a lot of chances for him. It’s like he needs 3/4 chances to get a goal. Maybe he’s just on a bad run of form at the moment.
  9. Save % this season in PL: •Alisson- 86% •Henderson- 75% •Guaita,Fabiański- 74% •Schmeichel, Leno, Dúbravka- 73% •Gazzaniga- 72% •Ryan- 71% •Ramsdale- 70% •De Gea,McCarthy- 69% •Ederson,Foster- 68% •Rui Patrício, Heaton, Krul- 66% •Pope- 65% •Pickford- 64% •Kepa- 56% Probably even lower now after last night. He need to f*ck off.
  10. Lampard looking for a pay out? Jesus! Don’t think I have heard anything more daft!
  11. Embarrassing tbh. A goal up, playing against 10 men, and still they look more likely to score.
  12. I’ve tried the streams on that link but majority aren’t working, one stream works but keeps pausing and fast forwarding. Anyone got one that works well?

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