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  1. Thank goodness gol15 isn’t a footballer. With that mindset half of us on here would be dead by now.
  2. Yeah thats probably the best move.
  3. We need to get rid of him. The fact the model has gone to hospital - I imagine paramedics wouldn’t have taken her if they didn’t need to, so Hudson Odoi must have done serious damage. What the f*ck was he thinking. That’s his career down the drain now.
  4. What a f*cking idiot. I don’t know the full story but getting arrested is bad enough.
  5. Alex though. https://youtu.be/sJ9F-wGem8Q
  6. How is this still open for debate? Pathetic of them tbh, there’s no chance in hell the season could resume. They should have cancelled the season a long time ago, since we still have another three weeks of lockdown and I don’t think it’ll soften up by then.
  7. What’s going on with Willian? Reports coming out saying he doesn’t want to play for us anymore. Probably lazy journalism.
  8. It’s typical this happens just when we are nurturing youth players into first teamers. Now they’re losing valuable time and development due to coronavirus. It’s annoying, but I hope everything will be back to normal by next season but even then it’s looking like a big ask.
  9. Irritates the hell out of me that we can’t beat United. Fair enough when we lose to Liverpool, City, Bayern etc, top managers, top teams. But United are a joke at the moment with a clown as the manager. I really hate how we struggle to beat them. This has nothing to do with Lampard, just wanted to vent!
  10. Haha, the posts have aged well! I don’t think anyone ever saw this coming though. What a treat.
  11. Yup, reverse the roles United would be getting a lot of praise for doing it the ‘traditional United’ way. Remember how much buzz there were around Rashford?
  12. Williams is looking like a rookie, City took the piss out of him a couple of times.
  13. Look at Mike Dean’s face, f*cking clueless buffoon.

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