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  1. I was wondering where the f*ck Gundogan were then realised he plays for Germany. Genuinely thought he was Turkish the whole time
  2. 520k is bloody too much though… Not even Messi at his peak justifies that sort of wages. That’s 1 million after two weeks! Holy sh*t.
  3. Yup, Matt Law and Fabrizio are the most reliable sources for me. Then you have Simon Phillips, DiMarzio, Forjoft etc who are also reliable but not top tier for me.
  4. One of the best advice I’ve got from old man - Never trust anyone that doesn’t drink beer.
  5. Napoli want Emerson, already made an offer. Think it’s around 15m but at least we can use that to our advantage. Inter are desperate for money too so I guess that’s that, wait until end of month and they will crumble, realising they’ve f*cked up after Emerson joined Napoli and having to accept our offer or PSG. I think the ball is in our court on this one, just got to be patient.
  6. My reaction when I heard that our interest in Haaland is confirmed
  7. If we get him and Haaland, our team is going to be absolutely insane. Mount Haaland Havertz Chilwell Kante Kovacic Hakimi Rudiger Silva James Mendy Plus there’s Werner, Ziyech, Hudson Odoi and Pulisic. Mad.
  8. Di Marzio saying we’ve made an offer!
  9. Is it just me or is that look on Giroud’s face says ‘I want to penetrate you tonight’
  10. At least if Kepa is still as bad as he was, after these two months we know he’s gone in summer.
  11. Bayern clearly see something in him and that makes me think we should hold on to him. If you ask me would I sell him after what I’ve seen, yeah I would. But the fact that Bayern have been after him for 3 years running, makes you think Bayern think he’s got it in him. I’d give him a few more seasons before we even think about selling him. I can understand why now could be a good time though, in case he never reaches his potential.
  12. Honestly, I will let Tuchel sleep with my wife if he gets the best out of RLC
  13. Of course I’d take him, regardless of the price and wages. He’s one of these talents you only see every now and then, like Mbappe, Neymar etc. I’m not going to put him in the same bracket as Ronaldo & Messi but he certainly has the potential. My point is that you simply don’t let these opportunities pass, if we stand a chance, it has to be done. What if we have a bad season and fail to finish top 4? Would Haaland still be interested when he’s got offers from the best clubs? This summer is our biggest chance and we need to do whatever it takes.
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