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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/SiPhillipsSport/status/1291384095243735042
  2. He was first choice CB for City alongside Laporte towards the end of season, and he doesn’t want to extend his contract with City, with one year remaining. We should be doing everything we can to sign him, as a first choice CB or squad player.
  3. City have signed Torres for 24m, who is apparently the next big thing in Spain. There will be better wingers for same price imo.
  4. I reckon Willian is looking to retire in 3 years time, whereas he feels 2 years is too soon. What can he do if we aren’t willing to offer him that, makes sense to move to Arsenal and not having to move and start a whole new life abroad. I can completely understand him, not sure why some people are calling him a snake.
  5. Yeah, it must be the Dadaism movement.
  6. It’s ok, we’ll just sign Sancho instead.
  7. I think Alonso is criminally underrated. He’s one of the world’s best wing backs. I can’t think of a wing back I would take over Alonso. A left back though, that’s a different story.
  8. I think people can see the class in Kovacic and want him to do more. However to expect him to turn into a Lampard/Fabregas hybrid is a much to ask for I think.
  9. Give it a week or so and we’ll see if any of this is true.
  10. I’m not going to change my views on Sancho just because he’s not coming here anymore, that’s knee jerk reaction. Sancho is a huge talent and he’d definitely take our attack to another level. It makes me laugh how some people are starting to point out his attitude issues or the potential of him being a flop, why didn’t they say any of that when we were linked to him? I’d love to have Sancho, United are very lucky to have him. He’s just not what we require anymore, after recent signings.
  11. No chance we’re getting him, certainly not a priority anymore.
  12. Wouldn’t surprise me if we still signed him, I really doubt it would be 80m. Maybe 40m. We might end up selling Alonso and Emerson, get Chilwell and that Spanish left back in.
  13. How can you even compare Willian to Courtois?! The way Courtois treated us was disgusting. Refused to play and forced his way out.
  14. Think Willian is happily settled in London with the missus and kids, it’s completely understandable really.

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