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  1. dansubrosa

    Alvaro Morata

    The funny thing is if you looked at his stats you wouldn’t have thought he was even that bad. So frustrating how 90% of strikers failed here. I don’t understand how we’ve always struggled while the likes of Liverpool never had trouble with strikers. Torres, Suarez, Firmino.
  2. dansubrosa

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Anyone noticed Sarri holding a trophy that looks quite similar to Chelsea badge? Its destiny!
  3. dansubrosa

    Elseid Hysaj

    I’ll admit I don’t really know his style, but I imagine he’ll be more suited to Sarri all than Azpi? Its clear some players are finding it difficult to adjust to new tactics, hopefully it will come in time for Dave but we definitely need big changes. New striker, new wingers and maybe a few defenders too. I’d say the midfield is the only place that is fine.
  4. dansubrosa

    Elseid Hysaj

    I’m all for it. While Azpi is a brilliant defender, Sarri’s football style doesn’t suit him to be brutally honest. Imagine having an attacking full back who knows Sarriball better than everybody? It could really make a huge difference. Azpi can play left back or centre half.
  5. That’s f*cking awesome. Hopefully the players will be like this tomorrow...
  6. dansubrosa

    Man of the Match - Wolves Vs Chelsea (PL 2018)

    RLC best out of a bad bunch.
  7. David Luiz can take his knee pads off now Aguero is ruled out.
  8. dansubrosa

    Eden Hazard

    That’s true. I’ve just checked his page after seeing your post, and his last post was 16th of August before today. Coincidence?
  9. dansubrosa

    Eden Hazard

    I’ll be devastated the day he goes. He is the only player that is keeping us a top team, I’m fearing as soon as he goes we’ll plummet to a 4th place contenders for a long time instead of going for trophies every 2 years. My god the team will look really grim without him. A huge summer for us.
  10. dansubrosa

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I liked Sarri’s comments after the game, refreshing honesty.
  11. Is Odoi on the bench?
  12. I wouldn’t worry about Alonso too much. Traore is going to play central of front three. I reckon a narrow win or draw for us, with Morata getting booked for dissent.
  13. dansubrosa

    Alvaro Morata

    Yes, but you also have to include the wages. I imagine Walker would have demanded 100k extra per week than Zappacosta would, same with Mahrez and Batshuayi. Morata is a one off because we had to replace Diego Costa, and he turned out to be a complete waste of money too. We can’t compete with City in the market so there’s no point comparing.
  14. dansubrosa

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Abit like Costa? I don’t think there is many strikers like Costa, maybe Icardi?
  15. dansubrosa

    1000th Premier League goal at SB

    The biggest surprise for me there is that Duff and Robben only scored 7 premier league goals at Stamford Bridge, especially Duff!