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  1. Loved the way he pointed to his side while Rashford was on the side of box. He totally knew Rashford would try to cut in, and James were able to get there to cover the space. His experience and class is brilliant, already my favourite centre back since Terry.
  2. I really doubt he’s injured. Looked fine to me.
  3. He has quite literally earned us a point tonight. Promising.
  4. Super Frank is going back to the basics and finally 2 clean sheets in row. Keep this coming, we can worry about sorting out the attack later on. I’ll take a 1-0 win for a few weeks while the defence is becoming settled for good.
  5. For f*cks sake, first a kick in the balls and now this. How does he get away with it every time, despite VAR.
  6. Yeah, I can’t believe he’s still in the team. The way he didn’t try to make up for his mistake says a lot about his attitude. This season his attitude has been awful, I hope he gets replaced soon. I’ve lost any respect i had for him after that.
  7. Don’t think we could have asked for more. 2 games, 2 clean sheets.
  8. I knew he’d be the signing who would make the biggest difference - Our attack was already decent, but my god the defence was awful. It’s such a shame he’s 36 because I would loved to have him in the team for a while. Top class center back.
  9. So it looks like we may have to put up with Pulisic on the right for another 20 mins or so.
  10. Yeah, Mount is starting to irritate me now. That’s down to Lampard for constantly playing him out of position, and judy playing him every single match. Give the lad a break Frank.
  11. Take Mount off and chuck in Kovacic, that’s what I would do. Need more bodies in midfield. Kai can do whatever he wants to, Pulisic and Werner up top.
  12. We haven’t had any chances, just half chances while Sevilla have dominated the game even though not creating many chances. Our defence looks solid but the rest is very poor.
  13. Yup, never nice to see a player out for that long. Regardless of who they play for.
  14. It’s fine, Mendy and Silva will be back next game. They improve our defence massively, Palace barely had a sniff. I’m not worried, the only thing I have against Lampard is playing Kepa.
  15. Can’t wait to see Ziyech. He’s so good that I’ll be really surprised if he doesn’t manage to bag an assist.
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