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  1. Crazy really, pretty certain 90% of us would have said that team isn’t good enough before the season started! So far Abraham has completely proved me wrong. I didn’t think he was going to be good enough for us
  2. I imagine Giroud will start. H3 hasn’t featured recently. Caballero James Zouma Guehi Alonso Gilmour Kovacic Barkley Pulisic Giroud CHO
  3. Indeed, and lose to West Ham. Sorry but I’d expect more than 0 points at West Ham. The 4 - 0 was just a freak result, they scored on every chance they had. On a normal day it would have been 2 - 0 or even 1 - 0.
  4. Surely we should finish 4th. Apart from City and Liverpool, we look like we’re on same level as the rest. Tottenham, United and Arsenal aren’t really any better than us. I expected 6th before the season started, but after seeing their starts, anything below 4th would be disappointing imo. Unless one of the rivals go on a winning run.
  5. Breaking news on sky sports. Hudson Odoi agrees a new deal
  6. Going to this one, typical Mount would be injured. Mount is actually making such a positive impact on the team to the point where I think he’ll be sorely missed. My head says Liverpool will win but heart says Chelsea.
  7. Results like this always was coming. Let’s just enjoy the ride.
  8. Here’s the Chelsea players ratings. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2019/09/12/revealed--official-fifa-20-ratings-for-every-chelsea-player-?cardIndex=0-1 Loftus Cheek 79, Mount 75, Hudson Odoi 74. The squad seems to be criminally underrated. I would have had Loftus Cheek around 82/83, Hudson Odoi 78, Mount 79.
  9. You know we’re so unlucky with injuries when pretty much our best players is out. Kante, Rudiger, Hudson Odoi & Loftus Cheek. There’s Pedro too. But at least the injuries has given Mount the chance to keep his place in the team. He has been fantastic so far, today he wasn’t that great. Lampard really has to start winning games like today though. I can accept not beating the likes of Leicester, but Sheffield United, come on.
  10. I reckon we’ll beat Wolves, Liverpool, we gave them a good game the other week so I’m not too worried. When is Rudiger back?
  11. Disappointed with Lampard. Putting Gilmour on when it’s looking like Sheffield could score? Plus was there any need taking Barkley off early? I thought he looked better in 2nd half. Overall it’s a terrible performance from the players and the manager. Hopefully Rudiger will make a huge difference, and Reece James.

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