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  1. He’s a bloody quality player, I’m excited to see more of him. Lethal shots, decent all rounder midfielder. Only experience will improve him. Give him more games and perhaps he will stop fading so much.
  2. He’ll do for this season but I agree he isn’t good enough, sadly. I wouldn’t mind him staying to be a squad player beyond this season though.
  3. Kovacic gave a sh*t and tried his best. Willian on the other hand, misplacing a pass, chucks his hands up in air, Leicester go on counter attack, he doesn’t even bother running back. Just that alone has infuriated me. Awful attitude.
  4. A lot of thinking for Lampard. When we’re on top we look f*cking incredible... But we can’t keep it up for long. Hopefully Lampard will find a way around it.
  5. I’m not even angry. I knew we’d have games like this, people have to lower their expectations. Frank Lampard has only been managing for just over a year, plus a lot of our players are really young. The team and manager will learn as the season goes on. Pretty sure if we had Hazard today we’d have won the game. Give the players time, although I agree Willian deserves all the sh*t he’s getting for his attitude today. Terrible.
  6. A draw isn’t the worst result in the world, Leicester is a quality team. Clearly the performance wasn’t good enough but Lampard is learning on the job. I hope he does something to make us more stable in defence, Leicester cut us open far too many times. Also hopefully he won’t leave the changes too late next time. Evidently the game midweek against Liverpool didn’t help, we looked knackered! Dont get me started on Willian.
  7. Anyone got a link for stream please? The one I usually use is closed down.
  8. Ah I didn’t realise he was out. I looked out for him when I was watching Real Madrid game highlights. Kept wondering where the hell he was because he’s a massive talent, I’m so used to seeing him being the main man. F*ck everyone who’s calling him a burger boy, Hazard is a top pro and man. I’m heart broken but still wish him the best, honestly it’d make me happy to see him become a huge success, despite playing for an absolute w**kstain of a club.
  9. Yeah it was gutting to lose the game on penalties, but hey we’ve held our own against Liverpool, easily one of the top 3 teams in the world currently. I honestly expected us to get destroyed, especially after United game! I agree about the football too, this is only game 2, imagine game 20. We’re going to play some really cool stuff.
  10. F*cking hell, that was a quick recovery by CHO!
  11. Yeah he did well, he didn’t miss a penalty for them. In fact he never taken one!
  12. The Spanish league hasn’t even started yet ffs.
  13. 200m on Eden Hazard Dont care about anyone else
  14. Easier said than done. I bet you there will be a new global superstar striker this time next year - And we probably don’t even know who he is now.

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