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  1. He let Luton back into the game but he also kept them out with that crucial save. Certainly not good enough for us but I’m past criticising him, it’s clear he got big issues mentally. A loan would do him the world of good.
  2. Goals? Okay, from your perspective Drogba must be a really sh*t striker too. He scored more than 20 goals only twice out of 9 seasons. Werner is already on 9 goals. You’re talking sh*t.
  3. Werner certainly. Havertz is just a write off for me this season, hopefully we’ll see the best of him next season.
  4. One thing I love about Timo is that he works so hard, no matter how much sh*tty luck he’s getting.
  5. Yeah he has to be ahead of Pulisic.
  6. I know this sounds absolutely mental because he is quite clearly our best player but I’m unsure I’d want him in the double pivot. Gilmour was a breath of fresh air in midfield, spraying balls to attacking players with his neat 1 or 2 touch football, and Mount can contribute too, taking the ball up or starting an attack. What can Kante do? Attacking wise of course, he’s miles ahead of Mount and Gilmour defensively but then, we’d be weaker offensively. I can’t see Kante doing some of the passes Gilmour did today. Nice problem to have though.
  7. Thought it was one of Werner’s better performances for us actually, he’s been a constant distraction for the opposition when Tammy comes deep to get the ball. It’s worked really well and I reckon after a few more weeks it could be very good. After a few games we could start seeing more of the Pulisic chance, when Timo did a great dummy.
  8. Really positive signs from Lampard today. He quite clearly told the team to try get the ball into box without crossing and as a result we looked pretty dangerous. Sure it was Luton but it’s still positive to see. He’s got to build on this performance, Gilmour keep the spot, Werner behind striker. I’m not going to worry about the defence, we had Christensen, Emerson and Kepa! If it wasn’t for Kepa and Zouma we would have kept a clean sheet. I’m very happy with the performance today and I hope we build on it.
  9. Bloody fantastic, oozes class. We need a song for him!
  10. I think Gilmour has done plenty, not sure how you’d expect more from him
  11. Much better today, we are trying something different than constant crossing. Its really good to see we are trying new things now, especially after Morecambe a league 2 team, all we did was cross. Another 2 or 3 goals would be nice! Take Pulisic or Ziyech off for Hudson Odoi please Frank.
  12. Definitely a day for us to remember. A Chelsea academy player leading the team out in FA Cup game! Very proud of him, fully deserved!
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