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  1. I totally agree that we need a player that is willing to sit deeper and plug the back four when needed, but I'm worried that everything I've seen suggests to me Declan Rice is not that kind of player and Ethan Ampadu definitely is
  2. I cannot believe Senegal has produced a world-class generation of players since 2010 and we got Papy
  3. I don't see too many people on this forum slagging CHO at all, but there are many here who are disappointed and concerned he isn't making the most of his limited opportunity
  4. The GK doesn't count for those situations - if you're one-on-one with the GK or past them, it's meant to be interpreted as a 'clear goalscoring opportunity'. Same reason why Christensen's was a red card even though Kepa may have cleared/covered
  5. I hate to get into politics in this side of the forum but you're telling me that despite having access to concrete evidence of financial corruption by the rich and influential, the best the media can do is point at the unethical but legal dealings of an oligarch? "Yes the rich might be milking society but THAT GUY IS RUINING SPORTSBALL"
  6. So do many others who think he does his role perfectly well. I'm trying to understand what exactly it is he's doing wrong.
  7. What is your evidence that he is not contributing?
  8. Pretty much my thoughts too. Kepa's brainfart aside, Liverpool actually didn't create a great opportunity until Mane's one-on-one for the red card. In fact, Firmino was having a bit of a mare until that point, not coping with the pressure from Kante or Mount, and his mistakes could and should have been costly. It was really good to see us press and win balls in midfield, something that was distinctly missing against Brighton.
  9. That's not true at all. Have you see Adama Traore or Usain Bolt, or a male gymnast? You actually need fast-twitch muscle to be agile. You need them to push and pull bodyweight in a fraction of a second.
  10. A few thoughts: Brighton's structure and organisation made things really difficult. It's difficult to put much stock in formations in modern football, as roles are so fluid, but 3-5-2 is a formation that conveys a numerical advantage against lone-striker systems like 4-2-3-1, especially when Brighton were great at holding possession. The bank of 5 in midfield is excellent at congesting and denying space to turn in midfield Chelsea were unable to hold possession in the midfield so that appeared to make James and Alonso much more hesitant to move forward, which in
  11. I'm not sure where this chart is from but it's misleading. Unfortunately my provider blocks screenshots but even from minutes 5-10 you can clearly see that Chelsea's formation is 4-2-3-1 Was this actually the case, or is it more a of a post-hoc justification? Havertz didn't make many passes in the final third because he saw so little of the ball, and he saw so little of the ball because he would often take up unfamiliar positions (to the rest of the team). Watching the game on replay it was extremely weird that both Jorginho/Kante and Christensen/Zouma looked for the left-s
  12. Just 22, wow. At the same age, Cristiano Ronaldo was an inconsistent stepover merchant and his own fans were still crying that Chelsea signed Robben over them.
  13. You can write anything you want into a contract. Chelsea takes the initial 'risk' of developing the player as its own asset. There's no reason why Chelsea cannot write a buy-back + first-preference + sell-on clause in all departing youth player contracts and it's mutually beneficial for most clubs; because Chelsea is a top EPL club, there will also always be a good % of players wanting to return at their peak, unlike 'traditional' youth development clubs (eg Ajax or Sporting Lisbon)
  14. Yes, but that is why we won 3-1 and Brighton didn't. Our players are so much better than Brighton's they can win a game without being match fit. Match fitness is not an excuse, but it is a better explanation than the nonsense 'tactical analysis' and overreactions that are popular on social media these days.
  15. I am not worried about the hype affects him because the idea of him as Germany's next great hope has rested on his shoulders since the age of 15. I am worried about how the hype affects his relationship with the club and its fans. Amongst the cesspit that is social media, we saw early last year how fans wrote off a far more developed player in Pulisic (and potentially Hudson-Odoi this year etc.)
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