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  1. Your team mates from last season called, they said you still are Werner has made a career out of blasting shots past the keeper yet this current version seems to have him overthink, mish*tting piddling shots that are easy saves. It almost certainly is a confidence thing but I genuinely think the solution is Lamps putting his arm around him and saying "when you get a chance, blast it and don't worry about the consequences". Werner's form reminds me a little of Drogba 04-05, who later admitted he was so mentally bogged down by the tactical role Mourinho had set him he couldn't focus
  2. Tonight was the first game I've been impressed by Jorginho in a long time, which is probably a bit strange to say given he was somewhat wasteful with his passing. Mistakes aside, it was the first time in a long time I saw him turn with the ball in possession, play passes to wide players and form a back three with Zouma/Silva in possession. Three basic things, but crucial elements to a deep-lying playmaker's role that seemed to have deserted Jorginho over the last 12 months or so. I still think he's a misfit in midfield and I don't think he has the quality to be a starter long-term,
  3. One of the worst things to happen in the last 10 years has been the proliferation of 'tactical analysis' thinkpieces in both traditional and social media. This analysis is typically based on a circular post-hoc assumption - that which happened was planned to happen, because it did happen. The analysis is usually further characterised by overly simplistic statistical discussion and a tendency to make strong statements of apparent fact that actually have little basis in the data that it is supposed to be based on. We're told that Carlo Ancellotti 'tactically outclassed' Frank Lampard, and s
  4. I think the kindest thing that can be said is that it was an incredible goal line clearance! Werner misses plenty. He'll also score plenty. The best and most effective forwards in world football for the last 20 years have been 'inefficient' players who take 4-5 shots a game and score just 1. The reason is that a player who creates chances for themselves is much harder to shut down than someone who relies on finishing the few chances they have. At the moment Werner is being a little too cute with his sidefoots and gentle placement, and really needs to get back to blasting them in lik
  5. It's not just with Lampard - Alonso refused to watch the game with the team, so Lampard discplined him. That sort of behaviour is a red-rag to a bull for high-level ex-players who know what it takes to maintain team culture. Alonso at the time was a senior player and should have been expected to set the standard on the pitch and off it. The West Brom game surely sealed his fate. I'm sure that if Alonso got his head down and worked he'd be back in the squad but it seems like he has made a bed for himself.
  6. It's a good site! It's amateur, but it's lot easier to read than Whoscored. I couldn't see where you got your numbers from though? This is where we disagree - not only can I neglect the fact that Giroud currently has a far superior goals-to-minutes, I'm saying that a valid statistical analysis must neglect this, because it doesn't account for the inevitable regression to the mean. As above it is based on an assumption that Giroud's scoring rate will continue, which is statistically unlikely based on career evidence. The second assumption is that more clinical = more effective. We
  7. Statistically, that's actually not a good comparison, because it relies on an untested assumption that Giroud and Abraham will continue to maintain the same scoring rates regardless of minutes played. Regression to the mean is a powerful mistress. Abraham (0.54) and Giroud (0.58) actually have very similar career goals/90 mins stats, albeit Abraham comes with a much smaller sample size, but in context it still means it is more likely that Giroud's scoring rate will regress over a period of time to be similar to Abraham's. In fact, if we restrict it to goal contributions last season alone,
  8. I'm interested to see these numbers. What makes Giroud, statistically, our best forward?
  9. I mean even if there were 100 fans from on this forum who were anti-Giroud it would still not make him "underrated" given the majority of the football world publically rate him as a top-class performer for the last 3-4 years.
  10. Why is this sort of talk necessary? I seriously don't understand how one can slag off a guy who has been at Chelsea since he was a kid, because some other guy is scoring goals??
  11. I hate to break it to you but one guy on an internet forum having a different opinion to the majority of football media doesn't equal "underrated"
  12. Exactly who is underrating him? He has been on a tear since the World Cup and virtually every pundit in the media extols the virtue of his finishing and 'good touch for a big man'. They call him the best target man in the world. He's right where he should be, a late bloomer who is at a top club challenging for trophies.
  13. For those so quick to dismiss Abraham for having a lack of ability, I think it's important to remember that at Abraham's age, Giroud was f**king around in Ligue 2 for the mighty Tours and Montpellier. Abraham has a long way to go before he will be a world-class target man but he also has a lot of time to do it in.
  14. Unfortunately, not exactly an achievement these days. Tonali (and Jorginho, when he plays) sticks out like a sore thumb England have a much better squad than Italy in all areas except goalkeeper.
  15. It most likely is stat-padding although Tammy's defensive contribution should not be underestimated given how physically short our defence (bar Zouma) is. One of Abraham or Havertz is absolutely essential at the near-post role on corners.
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