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  1. It's sort of a basic requirement for a midfielder who is supposed to be a regista or whatever If we're also going to praise Jorginho for 'not losing the ball in our half' let's give Chalobah player of the year for tying his shoelaces correctly.
  2. I thought it was poor, certainly more intent but his execution was appalling. Had all the time and space on the ball and consistently failed to hit good passes to the forwards making runs.
  3. My favourite part about it is that his shot didn't even make the goal line. I think that letting go of De Bruyne was a horrible mistake but Salah was genuinely rubbish for us. He also deserves a lot of credit for going to Serie A and working his arse off to be something other than Egypt's Gronkjaer, because he could have coasted there on promise alone. Of course he absolutely nails one of those shots for Liverpool when he plays against us
  4. Me too, but regardless Colwill will always have more senior experience than Mbuyamba. Barring severe loss of form or injuries, it's hard to see Mbuyamba getting to the first team anywhere ahead of Colwill.
  5. Did anyone watch the full game against Macedonia? He missed two easy chances, scored two more difficult ones and yet was pretty average all around against a C-grade team that would struggle in League 1. I'd dearly love him to succeed but he just doesn't have the mental tools to be consistent at the top level. Batshuayi in a different shirt.
  6. He's also competing against Levi Colwill, who is younger and already one of the breakout stars of this Championship season. By the time both are in line for first team selection Colwill is likely to have 40-50 games more senior experience, and at a higher level that Mbuyamba.
  7. I think Havertz is the best suited player to complement Lukaku actually. Lukaku says himself he dislikes playing as a central striker as his preferred move is to attack from the right-hand side. Havertz is at his best when he has space to attack the centre. We saw glimpses of how this should work against Arsenal with Lukaku dragging the CBs out of position and allowing Havertz to attack the space or get in behind the CBs. I think that ultimately we need to start looking away from the 3-atb system and start looking at moving to a 4-3-3 with Havertz as the central forward. Our defence is nothing to write home about this season despite the miserly goal count - we are overperforming our Expected Goals Against (xGA) which suggests we are conceding chances from 'good' shooting positions. That's due to some great individual performances from our defenders and keeper rather than the system. Understat's xG model predicts that we should have conceded 8 goals from our 7 games this season - we have only conceded 3! For comparison, our defence was so strong last season that the same xG model predicted we should have only conceded 11 goals from Tuchel's 18 games. It's times like these that great coaches make winning changes, so over to Tuchel.
  8. I 100% agree, but remember what Salah was doing for Chelsea at the same age: Not every player makes the jump from promising star to actual champion, however. I think there are some glaring weaknesses in his ability - such as unwillingness/inability to beat a player - that need to be ironed out if he is to be a top player. Right now his skill set seems to be completely but only suited to a false-9, deep striker role but you can't wed yourself to a niche position/role at the age of 22 and hope to have a long and successful career.
  9. Not a bad plan. Unlike City, Chelsea or PSG, Newcastle are starting from rock bottom and do not have the allure of a world city to entice younger players. Post-Brexit work permit laws will prevent them adopting a Sevilla/Dortmund/RB Leipzig approach of collecting young talent and top 4 is probably beyond them this season. That restricts them to young British players carrying a premium, or established players that won't mind playing in Europa. There are plenty of players out there who will fit that bill - Barcelona, Madrid and Juve execs will be thanking their lucky stars.
  10. Both is the correct answer. Kante is the best presser and tackler in the team, but it means nothing if he is the only one doing it. We saw this under both Sarri and Lampard. Arguably the biggest tactical change Tuchel brought was actual organisation to the press, something that both Sarri and Lampard unfortunately failed at. Kante was repeatedly criticised for ball-chasing and being out of position. With no structure to the press, however, it was doomed to fail regardless of what he did. A Kante who isn't winning the ball upfield is a neutered Kante. Getting that effective press back has to be Tuchel's priority. We're playing way too deep a defensive line which gives the opposition too much space on the counter-attack. Our xG against has suffered this year despite our amazing defensive record - more a testament to the quality/confidence of our individuals in defence rather than the team's organisation as before. In attack, Lukaku is receiving the ball too deep to be effective and there are few runners close to him to receive his layoffs when he does hold the ball up. Werner is receiving the ball and running at defenders instead of attacking the space behind. The net result is that few players are able to break the opponent's lines/shape and it's all too easy to defend. In saying that if Ziyech was in top form and hitting those deep crosses he is capable of we'd be laughing but it seems silly for a team to hang their fortunes on an inconsistent player.
  11. What a dick Anyway on an unrelated note: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47131088#:~:text=Ex-Manchester United boss José,separate fine of €2m.
  12. Which is exactly what we did for 90 minutes and lost
  13. I mean Kane is the perfect deep-lying forward, offers anything Firmino does with the ability to score 20+ goals a season. Lukaku is also capable of this kind of player but needs to be receiving the ball out wide on the right.
  14. I don't agree in general about your stance on Lukaku but I do think this is a great post, in particular challenging the idea that a clinical Lukaku is a better outcome overall than an effective attacking unit. Lukaku was bought because we had a great attacking system that created a lot of chance, that needed a clinical finisher. We've stopped creating chances, the chances we do create are even lesser quality, and we are relying on a single 'clinical' player to produce. This is a risky proposition because when Lukaku fails, we all fail. Just two weeks ago Tuchel and Chelsea were being feted for having 15 different goal scorers in 14 games. If you were to review the squad after the last two games that seems like a distant memory. There does need to be a bit of perspective here and we can't draw conclusions from just two games to assume that our tactics in "big games" are broken. Yes, Chelsea beat City three times but of those three occasions only the CL final was the most comprehensive and even then, City had great chances to take control of the game. It's difficult to read too much into that. Game state is an important thing we should never discount. I agree 100% about the "false 9", and not just in the forward position but all around the pitch. A good pressing, well-organised defensive team causes an opposition to regress to a 4-6 block; 4 attackers, 6 defenders that remain rigid in their positions and patterns of play. This allows the defensive team to 'control' the attacking team, shepherding them into unfavourable situtations where they lose the ball. And for a perfect example of that we need only to watch the Champions League final where Man City were forced into hoping their wide players could beat Chilwell/James 1v1. One of the problems we have at Chelsea is that if you press us effectively and in an organised manner, we will fall into the trap of not just a 4-6 block but a 2-8. This is because we have so few players in any given teamsheet that are able to break the lines that an organised press effectively results in us playing 2-8 or 1-9 - think of Werner/Lukaku vs City. We need players to break the lines and that's where the 'false' nature of having Mount and Havertz in the starting line-up is so crucial. Mount, Havertz and Kante are the only three players we have who routinely break through lines with their running and are a plausible goal threat. Kovacic, Pulisic, Jorginho, Alonso etc are all good at one thing or another but are so poor in other aspects that it can be exploited. Saul Niguez should 100% be that player but is a long way away from being consistent. Basically we need Conor Gallagher back
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