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  1. He just doesn't have it in him. The more I watch other players in his position, the more I see that Jorginho - while exceptional technically - just lacks a little of the same mentality as the top players in his position. Watched Modric have a quiet game in the first half vs a fired-up Inter. Wasn't at his best but everything about him - his touch, his mobility, is still class above any other deep-lying playmaker. The thing that strikes me about him is his mastery of tempo; in the first half he was adept at playing quick balls and combining at speed to support Real's quick counter-attacks
  2. There is no such thing as a good clinical striker. It is one of the most misleading things in football. The best strikers in the world average over 4 shots per game and have a conversion rate of around 20%. Shots per game is a far better predictor of a striker's ability to score consistently. This should come to no surprise to Chelsea fans who've watched the likes of Torres, Remy, Ba, Costa and Morata lose their scoring touch.
  3. Thing is, players are actually more likely to incur muscle/joint injuries in training than in games. That's what makes injury management in football so difficult, versus sports like basketball or baseball where the athletes train less but play more often and therefore 'minutes management' is a thing. Pulisic is still really young and injury prone. It's going to take some years before things settle down and there is the risk of serious, career-affecting injury (such as ACL or Achilles tear) that he needs to avoid. Arjen Robben had glass ankles and paper hamstrings, but he managed to have a
  4. It's well known that Frank Lampard bases his transfer decisions on social media clips and bromances. This is why he was inseparable from his cousin, Jamie Redknapp and they played together at so many clubs
  5. Conte is capable of being a great manager and coach but like Mourinho his greatest strength - himself - invariably becomes his greatest weakness. Supposing he did get his way though, how much better off would we be? *Maybe* we get one more major trophy, but on the flip side the likes of Mount, James, Tomori etc would be nowhere near the team. Would that be worth just one more cup? I'm not so sure.
  6. DRS for the most part has helped in some areas and been controversial in others. It is a mixed bag, same as any assistive technology. There has been plenty of DRS controversy with the same issues raised as VAR in the last 18 months, let alone the last 5-6 years. I too prefer the 'challenge' approach but it would be difficult to implement practically in football, given that a Captain can be any player in any position on the pitch and therefore can't observe the game fully. But, it doesn't fully eradicate controversy. It never will until VAR is infallible - and as long as humans make
  7. Anyone familiar with my post history on this forum will know that I have been anti-VAR from the very beginning. Growing up in Australia I have been surrounded by sports that embrace video refeering (cricket, rugby and AFL) who have all had many, many video referee controveries over the decades. The same arguments, concerns and outrage plays out across the various sports with the same tired allegations of corruption, unfairness, bias and incompetency. Yet these are the sorts of debates that VAR was supposed to 'solve'. There is a mathematical problem with any video review system known as t
  8. It's still a relevant example because Real Madrid still sold him on the cheap despite him being one of best players in the league. However Robben found both form and fitness and ended up playing at the top level into his mid-30s.
  9. To pull it off you need players with a reputation for being unstoppably quick. We stopped because we eventually lacked the players to pull it off. With Drogba required in the box for defensive duty, our 'quicker' player options were Shevchenko, Malouda and Kalou. Any team who did their homework knew they could gamble against that. A lot of current set-piece strategy is based around blocking the keeper and exploiting uncertainty, so getting more opposition players away from the penalty area is a great outcome. However, the strategy is completely vulnerable to the short corner, which is a v
  10. Absolutely. Much has been said about Liverpool and City's CB troubles but both sides are seriously screwed if they lost their first-choice RB for a length of time. Azpilicueta also offers us tactical flexibility. He's still one of the best in the world on the right-hand side of a back three.
  11. It is actually not a contractual thing - FIFA regulations stipulate that eligible players must be released from their clubs for international duties. Clubs who do not release players can be suspended, have points deductions etc. However as @bisright1 might be happy to know, FIFA amended their regulations on Oct 1 to state that this no longer applies where there is a requirement for mandatory quarantine, lockdown or travel ban. As pointed out there are 20 Brazillian players in the EPL right now. The UK Government and the Premier League would be incredibly stupid to allow any of these
  12. So how about that Everton? I love Don Carlo and everything he did at Chelsea, but he really must hate October/November.
  13. No, that doesn't make any sense. I specifically said that Kante turns with the ball faster than Jorginho. A team generally has 5-7 seconds to transition from defense to attack so every touch is crucial. Watch some of Jorginho's good games from the last run. Jorginho's unwillingness to do this quickly negates his own superior passing ability because it means he has to pass through a more organised defense. Even if Jorginho completes the pass it is to a player who has less space to work with than if the pass is played sooner.
  14. No, he hasn't. There's one specific thing that Jorginho does very poorly and that is move the ball quickly. Yes, he hits all the right numbers on paper but he does so at a speed where his actions are almost inconsequential. Something that Kante and Mount did much better last game was turning with the ball while in possession in a single touch - something that Jorginho either doesn't do or takes 2-3 touches to do.
  15. Giroud was scratching out goals in the second tier of French football at the same age as Tammy. Abraham has a long way to go, but he has both the attitude and work ethic
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