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  1. The top-class footballers when you were a wee lad played one game a week, at a much slower pace, and weren't multi-million dollar business assets. Athletes today are required to operate at the limits of human endurance and yet because of "science bollox" they are able to do so into their late 30s.
  2. I'm making that particular comparison to explain that we weren't just looking for a decent young talent, a good player or even a great player; the word specifically used by media reporting at the time was "generational". We signed Havertz for £70m because we had done almost half a decade of diligence to conclude he was "a generational talent" who would be an icon of his playing cohort. The board spent that money in the middle of a pandemic and where there was no great need in his position (having prior signed Ziyech and Werner and needing to wrap up Mendy and Rice) because they felt we would b
  3. Yeah 100% agree, I realise we are actually arguing the same point but perhaps splitting hairs. I just think Serie A is on the same level, because the defensive quality has absolutely nosedived compared to even a few years ago. A lot of the smaller teams are now playing far more open, attacking football (Napoli, Roma, Atalanta etc) which is great for the entertainment stakes but doesn't necessarily reflect quality. Serie A has been averaging over 3 goals/game for the last couple of years, just like the Bundesliga, with Ligue Un being relatively miserly in comparison! I wonder if this is a
  4. There's no shame in this. As good as he has been recently, it is still very early days and by and large he has been a disappointment if we strip away the emotion. We've seen his floor before his ceiling so it's healthy to be sceptical. It's also worthwhile remembering that we bought Havertz because we think he can be the next Messi/Ronaldo - not the next Neymar or the next Suarez, the tier below. Even at his absolute best this season we haven't seen the consistency needed to show he is even potentially capable of that level, a bonafide solo match winner. It is still a long and potent
  5. Havertz got in on the act too, after Nacho's theatrics he just started nutmegging him for fun
  6. Honestly I just assumed you'd be able to hold your liquor by now anyway who f**king caressssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
  7. I gotta say I think Jorginho has been our weak link. He's getting blown away by Modric on the ball and off it, he's been okay but sloppy.
  8. I didn't really know where to post this and I don't like starting new threads for sh*tty hot takes so it's going here, but... I'm not convinced Tuchel has us sorted tactically just set. I think we have a glaring weakness that teams have exploited in part, but any average Joe video analyst will be banging down the door about. Teams often make two mistakes - pressing us too hard/early, or sitting back and conceding possession. Both are tempting fate, but there is a middle ground. I was reminded of my coach yelling at me for pressing too high up the pitch (and me wondering why that was
  9. Because the big teams (Juve and the Milans) are actually pretty good defensively by any standard, but they are light-years ahead of the rest of their league. Their problem in Europe is their attack and midfield are well-below the standards of the other top clubs. Werner and Havertz's struggles are showing that the defensive gap between the top-tier (EPL, La Liga) and the second tier is growing larger. La Liga and EPL have a genuinely formidable middle-tier that are competitive in their own right without ever having a realistic shot at the title, whereas the second-tier in other leagues is
  10. The World Cup has prestige and recognition sure, but the actual quality of football is way below the standard of the big leagues let alone the Champions League. This is primarily because club teams can utilise the transfer market to sort their weaknesses, whereas international football teams don't have that luxury. Secondly, the top managers (and thereby tactical nous) are all at club level, and have more opportunity to craft systems and ideas. This hasn't always been the case, but it has exploded in the last 20 or so years as more and more money has entered club football.
  11. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/24/guardiola-warned-citys-hierarchy-over-doomed-european-super-league Okay, this sounds like someone is telling porkies. While the EPL clubs are playing dumb and furiously backtracking to say they were pushed into a bad idea at the last minute, this article suggests that Guardiola had a frank discussion with the City board well in advance of City's exit.
  12. Tielemans would be a great signing. He's proven that his stint at Monaco was an aberration. He really does offer the best of both Jorginho and Kovacic with more actual end product than either and 23 his best years are still to come. Ndidi is also a very good player but his injury record is a bit worrying especially for his age. He doesn't offer as much in attack as Kante currently does but who better to learn from?
  13. This is not the revolution I had hoped for. UEFA and FIFA are corrupt organisations with deplorable records in dealing with racism, homophobia and sexism, and are themselves parasites that leech the finances of clubs around the world, but this is not the way forward. Football completes its transition from sport, where the guiding principle is competition, to mere entertainment. In doing so football will learn a very harsh economic lesson; "entertainment" is fickle and ever-shifting in its standards. In today's world an entertainment product that is almost entirely geared to male tast
  14. Havertz had a good game but some are getting excruciatingly carried away. We're not buying Havertz to have the odd game here and there, we're buying him to be a superstar. I'll cheer more when he puts together a run of games like this
  15. You get the impression that Abraham is just not a "coach's player", the guy who goes on and does exactly as you asked whether he plays 9mins or 90. When the other young players are Mount, James, Gilmour etc that stands out like a sore thumb.
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