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  1. He's the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake. Unfortunately we have a rancid cake and a thin layer of icing at the moment. Until we address the weakness in the spine of our team all these adornments we have bought recently will struggle.
  2. The main reason I have very high hopes for this young man is that you don't rate him. How the hell are you anyhow? Hope all is good despite the current sh*tshow.
  3. We've done it again. Having precipitously sacked a promising young manager, with huge potential and an understanding of the club. we have gone back to what we know - an egomaniacal, "Look at Me Everybody" merchant. We'd better hope he knows his chips because we are in for another round of the club being all about the manager. Can't blame him for Azpi and Mendy just finishing a bout of Ring-ring-a-Rosie when Southampton broke but the constant posturing and the grandstanding substitution does not bode well. Also, he must have been told he has to play Werner because he has to have seen
  4. For 3 months. Elite tennis player would you believe
  5. Can a kind soul please post a working stream? Thank you
  6. He reminds me of Bobby Fischer. As Geralt would say, 'Not Good'
  7. I completely agree. I'm not from London, not even English, but supporting Chelsea is not a decision I made. I support Chelsea because as a 6-year-old in 1970, when I kicked a ball with my mates, in my head I was wearing blue and called Peter! It is a visceral thing. In the 80s when I would get the bus to the ferry, and then the train from Holyhead, then the bus to the ground, to see us beaten 1-4 by Oxford, it was still the best day of the year just to get a chance to stand with other supporters and sing myself hoarse. Then Abromovich arrived and everything changed. We started winni
  8. There is no doubt we were abject last night. There is clearly a lot of work that needs to be done and Frank will hopefully get the time to show that he is the man to do it. I agree with Yorkley - let him see out his contract. If he fails, at least he was given the time. At the moment my overwhelming feeling is one of sadness. A successful Chelsea with Frank at the helm would be a dream.
  9. Here I am again requesting a working stream for the godson in Spain. Thank you
  10. Thanks a million lads for posting the links it is for my godson who is in Spain and is made up now to be able to watch the blues
  11. Can some kind soul please post a working link
  12. The first 30 minutes of the second half last night was an absolute master class in defending. The first 10 yards are in this guy's head. Unbelievable.
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