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  1. Liam


    Of course the undisputed king of the wavy arms was Jimmy. Mind you I'm sure I read on here that his father was an Aircraft Marshall so it might just have been in the blood.
  2. The hardest thing to do is stick the ball in the net so for that reason it has to be Tammy.
  3. I like you. You're quirky. Do you ever refer to yourself in the third person?
  4. Another brilliant night in this fantastic season. I will say though that the players deserve better from the home crowd when the loudest sound in the first 60 minutes is the chorus of disapproval when someone makes a mistake.
  5. Another really fun game to watch. I'm just loving this season. Zouma dancing down the wing. Kovacic executing the most pointless flick in the history of football. A short corner routine that actually made me wish Willian just aimed for the first defender like he usually does. Tammy looking more and more like the real deal. It feels like Mason Mount has been playing for us for years.
  6. No there was one occasion - I'm sure of it. It was a number of years ago but I took notes at the time. I'll check through my archives and revert.
  7. Was about to write that word for word with the addition that he is 18 years old. I could not be more excited to watch this young man develop.
  8. I haven't been convinced by him at all since he's been here. However I've seen signs this season which have encouraged me. He looks like he could be a very important player for us in this transition period and I get the impression that he's a good guy to have around the changing room. I'm optimistic that he could turn out to be a proper player.
  9. Very good night tonight for Frank. Adventurous starting line up and shape. He's definitely not afraid to change things. In the second half good substitutions and clearly they had discussed at half time that when CHO comes on it was time to up the pace and go for it. Obviously he needs to address the zonal marking debacle which I fully expect him to do. On the match thread he has been criticised for stubborness. What are we - 11 games in or so? Stubborn? Have a word.
  10. Yes let's hope that is not his career derailed.
  11. Funny how the commentators, who would be members of the hate Chelsea axis of evil media, have been far more complimentary to the team than the members of this Chelsea fans' forum.
  12. Also great work from Abraham at the throw in in the lead up to the goal.

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