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  1. Whatever about the rights and wrongs of the decisions made by VAR over the past two weeks there is no doubt that the way it is administered is dreadful. Everything happening in secret, no inclusion of the fans at all, it creates an unreal atmosphere. The way that technology is used in cricket and rugby, as well as ensuring decisions are correct, actually adds to the drama. Why can't the football authorities trust the fans the way those sports do?
  2. I'm a happy bunny. Obviously there are issues but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Frank will need to be given time, but if he is, I'd say he could build a team of which we could all be really, properly proud.
  3. If your man goes down that's a second yellow for Jorginho. Not too clever from him.
  4. I don't care what happens in the rest of the game. This is exactly what I always hoped to see. Young, homegrown players playing sparkling football after all those years of hoary old foreign types grinding out attritional graceless victories.
  5. Can some nice young person please post a thing I just have to click on so I can watch this match.
  6. You're an absolute legend Mod. Thanks for all the work you on our behalf.
  7. We could always have the piss up here in Dublin, in what is called "Europe". At that stage your pound sterling should be worth about 50 cent.
  8. Indeed it could go either way. I enjoyed his use of "ad hominem" which made me think he might not be completely brain dead but then you're/your reared its ugly head. Very encouraged by last night's performance. Frank's arrival has re-energised my love for the club after last year's misery fest.
  9. I think the main issue is how uncomfortable he is with the ball at his feet. Given how we want to play centre halfs are expected to take the ball in tight areas with their backs to the play. He simply can't do this and it affected his general composure and led to the overall poorness of his play. That's not going to improve so either we return to hoofing the ball or we retire him to the reserves.
  10. Seems like the only thing Zouma learnt from JT is how to pull your socks up over the knee.
  11. It was certainly hot at the home of football yesterday in the wastelands of west Dublin. Drops of glistening sweat from the brow of Shay of Shay's Burgers were seasoning the limp patties. And there was Bakayoko channeling his inner Mikel. Playing against a bunch of unemployed electricians was his golden opportunity not to be the worst player on the pitch. He didn't take it. It is also unfortunate that with another year behind him Kurt looks like he is still learning how to kick a ball, furrowed brow and all. Bats was the big positive for me. Good movement good awareness good touch looks strong and hungry. St Pats keeper played out of his skin. Kovacic has a most impressive backside continuing our long tradition of big buttocked beauties. Super Frank showed a well honed ability to milk applause which, as we know, is a prerequisite for a successful Premier League manager. When his eyes met mine I nearly fainted but that could have been the burger. Overall a successful day out and no one got stabbed with a needle.
  12. Wicklow man me. Just got tickets for the match against St. Pats at the home of football on Saturday week.
  13. By Thursday. Or two rotations of the earth's axis relative to the sun. Or six consecutive eight-hour periods of time.

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