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  1. It was certainly hot at the home of football yesterday in the wastelands of west Dublin. Drops of glistening sweat from the brow of Shay of Shay's Burgers were seasoning the limp patties. And there was Bakayoko channeling his inner Mikel. Playing against a bunch of unemployed electricians was his golden opportunity not to be the worst player on the pitch. He didn't take it. It is also unfortunate that with another year behind him Kurt looks like he is still learning how to kick a ball, furrowed brow and all. Bats was the big positive for me. Good movement good awareness good touch looks strong and hungry. St Pats keeper played out of his skin. Kovacic has a most impressive backside continuing our long tradition of big buttocked beauties. Super Frank showed a well honed ability to milk applause which, as we know, is a prerequisite for a successful Premier League manager. When his eyes met mine I nearly fainted but that could have been the burger. Overall a successful day out and no one got stabbed with a needle.
  2. Wicklow man me. Just got tickets for the match against St. Pats at the home of football on Saturday week.
  3. By Thursday. Or two rotations of the earth's axis relative to the sun. Or six consecutive eight-hour periods of time.
  4. In fact not one of our regular starters last season was under the age of 50. The criteria I have applied is the age they will be in 2049.
  5. Wouldn't touch him with a barge pole. Has won nothing.
  6. I'll start a thread later in the season when I see a match which suits me. We can set up a separate table for recovering alcoholics. Start saving now for G3.7's drinks.
  7. How the f**k can you write like that in a second language?
  8. Let's have a piss up next season. They were fantastic days.
  9. 19,936 posts and 3,495 likes, 1,237 of which were reacting to the "I'm off" post. You are the least popular forum poster in the history of the world wide internet. Oh and can you put back the forum description where you accused G3.7 of paedophilia? Great to see you back.
  10. In fairness I would say it had been at least 10 minutes since his last fag.
  11. Emerson - 6 - Emerson and his bag of trick. One trick, just one. A snappy foot over the ball feint that achieves absolutely nothing. There is some potential there though which, if achieved, could see him start regularly for, say, West Brom. All style, no substance. NOBS - Italian - All style, no substance.
  12. Reading that list has just irritated me. So many unhappy memories. For karma purposes I'm typing Osgood Dixon Costa Hasselbaink Drogba Zola
  13. Giroud - 6 - Bonus point for the likeable way he carries himself. At least he has the good grace to look disappointed every time he misses a sitter. I imagine he'll live a long, fulfilling, happy life. NOBS - French - Only they can pull off self-satisfied without looking smug.
  14. She is wonderful, utterly wonderful. My brothers regularly ask after her. ❤️

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