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  1. In fact @Just will argue that it was Jimmy's 24 goals in 34 appearances that got Atletico relagated.
  2. Timo's far short of the finished article for sure but there is something very likeable about him.
  3. The more this shambles of a loan continues the more irritated I become. When he plays for a half-decent side like Scotland he is man of the match again. Surely he would learn more on our training pitch than Norwich's. If he was still here I would argue that it would be very useful to see if he could find Lukaku and Werner with the early ball that we are so lacking.
  4. Did poor wee Billy sit on you as a child? That is nowhere near the concensus on that forum and I assume you know that. Those comments are in a thread titled "Drop Gilmour". I've been on that forum since the start of the season and the concensus is that Billy needs to be played in a midfield with a proper defensive structure in order to thrive.
  5. Apart from a couple of good passes early on under Lampard, and a good first 5 minutes tonight, he has given us absolutely f**k all.
  6. That was embarrassing today. I was prouder of the team in the 6-0 loss under Sarri than that capitulation. In fairness Tuchel's assessment was fairly accurate.
  7. Just is a polemicist not a wind-up merchant and is by far the best poster this website has ever had.
  8. It is a little unfair to compare him to 4 of the greatest centre halfs of all time. While he might not fit their suits he would be allowed to lace their boots which may be as good as it gets at the moment. One thing that has really impressed me over the past 9 months is his burning desire not to concede a goal. His also imposing himself on thye opposition which is what you want from your centre half.
  9. This is also spot on. Playing in a poor midfield with weak partners is doing nothing for him at all. No questions at all for me we should have kept him. I realise that it is incredibly early days for Saul but my worry with him was not as sh*te as he was, it was how casual he was. Would much rather we had kept Billy and let him learn his trade surounded by world class talent.
  10. The match thread on Red and White Kop forum is about 50% posts on how Taylor f**ks Liverpool everytime.
  11. Farewell Kurt, I will miss your furrowed brow.
  12. When he is pants he really is pants.
  13. For his sake I hope he gets a move soon and he can use the signing bonus to buy a new face.
  14. Despite the overwhelming weight of evidence to the contrary, I still had an irrational hope that Timo might come good this season. But that pass to no one yesterday would appear to suggest that his "yips" are still fully intact.
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