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  1. Ooooh Strider, you are awful, but I like you.
  2. To an extent its about confidence. We have a goalkeeper that the defence has no confidence in when it comes to commanding his area and coming for balls. Consequently there is anxiety whenever the ball comes into the box whether that be from a cross or a set piece. This is it exactly. It's the elephant in the room unfortunately.
  3. I was incommunicado all day but when I saw the result I logged on here to celebrate.
  4. I still see plenty to like in young Callum. Also the fact that Loz doesn't rate him is a massive plus in his favour.
  5. Can you please write that again in your native language?
  6. He plays with his head up, has strength, balance and pace. All things that can't be coached. What he lacks he can learn. We should give him time.
  7. I was happy for is to sell him to Bayern when they bid before. I fail to see what it is that make people think he is either a valuable asset now or has genuine potential to develop into one. I just see him as a very average part time winger who puts in very limited effort. I have seen enough to know that he is a real talent. We definitely need to be patient with him and give him time to develop - exactly what we didn't do with Salah and De Bruyne.
  8. Just the best manager we've ever had. At least so far He's always been a mean-spirited bitter little man. The only thing that's changed is our perspective.
  9. Whoever Everton go for it won't be Big Dunc. There's a touch of the Phil Browns about him - never a good sign.
  10. Liam

    Next window

    That explains the weak wrists.
  11. Kante's yellow card made me want to stop watching football. Add VAR to the ridiculous refereeing of tackles and the modern game is being really badly managed.
  12. Liam


    Of course the undisputed king of the wavy arms was Jimmy. Mind you I'm sure I read on here that his father was an Aircraft Marshall so it might just have been in the blood.
  13. The hardest thing to do is stick the ball in the net so for that reason it has to be Tammy.

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