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  1. @PloKoon13 is Mikel. I know this because I met him once. I remember him going up to the bar - 5 minutes later I got up for a piss and passed him on the way.
  2. Norwich are taking a big chance on Billy, what with his size and all. No way should we be sending this talent anywhere except out on the pitch.
  3. I hope the Covid doesn't hit Billy too hard because of his size.
  4. ...in two or three weeks time
  5. All this talk about potential I don't get. It is clear that this boy is ready and just needs to be sent out to play. Kudos to Clarke for putting him in to Scotland's biggest game for years. Time for Tommy to step up too
  6. Never trust a man in a cap was my Dad's. Not sure why.
  7. Declan when he was a Paddy. Can't wait to see him belting out God Save the Queen. C
  8. I didn't know Kev had been banned. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer he became my "buddy" giving up a lot of his time to support me with brilliant advice and a shoulder to lean on. All because of this website. A true blue and a passionate, caring man. Perhaps at some stage he can be offered another chance assuming he wants one.
  9. Val I just wanted to say I love you.Mod Loz G4 Kev Just Moi Plok Goose DKW Bluebeard Scott Philip Coco and everyone else I love you. Hopefully get to see you all some day soon. Jane looking down ❤
  10. Now stop your funking moaning and get behind your team
  11. Relax folks. It's a great game we're doing well
  12. Timo playing great. Just has the yips in front of goal
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