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  1. Liam

    Alvaro Morata

    I can forgive any striker anything if he puts the ball in the net - even Jimmy's big arse and wavy arms. But yesterday, when Morata tripped over the ball in the centre circle and then stood there sulking when Palace played a triangle of passes around him, before sticking the ball in the net for their equaliser, it showed up yet again that we are dealing with a fatally flawed character. I can think of very few top sportsmen with less backbone.
  2. I discerned a plan though watching Willian's signals. One finger means drive it into their keeper's hands and two fingers means float it into their keeper's hands. It was interesting seeing Barclay trying and failing to get the ball from Willian to take that set piece in the 85th minute. It would have been worth a try as set pieces looked like our best chance at scoring and we had enough of them. Ross looked on it when he came on.
  3. Liam

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Cardiff

    This is the first time I've missed Mikel. He would have got a vote.
  4. This reminds me of a poster called Loss, or something, back in the day when posters sent their submissions to this forum by fax, who reckoned that Mikel was brilliant because Alex Ferguson allegedly wanted him. Dreadful memory really.
  5. I had an off-the-scale sh*te week in work this week. I had a few last year too only to watch Chelsea surrender at the weekend. It looks as if this season will be different. Even if we hadn't nicked it I would still have really enjoyed the match today. So as The Brit said earlier, bring it on! II liked Sarri anyhow just knowing he smokes. Smokers are always more interesting than non-smokers, being in touch with your death wish does that. We have a problem with Luiz obviously. The one thing you can't be as a defender is casual and he is the most casual player I ever seen. Morata is gone too unfortunately. But most of the rest look good with the highlights being Hazard, Kovacic, Pedro and the gorgeous Jorginho. I'd prefer not to see Kante get multiple nosebleeds every time he gets the ball in the attacking space and would much prefer a role reversal with him and Jorginho. Overall a stomping, rampaging , riotous game of football. Loved it.
  6. Liam

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    Luckily you're here to point it out. Big arse, wavy arms for me.
  7. Liam


    Maybe we're all wrong and the app is right, have you thought of that? Could be worth starting a new thread.
  8. Liam


    So what you're saying is in order to perceive the "half space" it must be viewed through a beard. In any case I like being down with the kids and I have no record of any convictions.
  9. Liam


    What does this mean?
  10. Liam


    Greetings from Eire. The black stuff was flowing tonight in The Emerald Isle, to be sure, Nice of you to take a break from making a total bollocks of Brexit to send over a couple of teams from The Mainland. First half we weren't bad at all. Hudson-Odoi looked top class, would really like to see more of him. Defensively we looked comfortable enough and in general we always looked a lot more dangerous than them. On one or two occasions we got a glimpse of how Maurizioball might work. Jorginho was worth the (incredibly over priced) price of admission - what a gorgeous footballer he looks. The second half was disjointed due to the number of changes. I don't get to see the team live much anymore which is just as well as watching Morata was depressing. If I wasn't feeling so sorry for myself I might have even felt sorry for him. We've seen this before with Torres - when you're gone, you're gone. I do miss Conte but when you don't have the good sense to go bald gracefully, like say, Yorkleyblue, and when you look taller than you actually are, then things were always going to end badly. Overall I'm encouraged for the season as it looks as if we will at least try and play football.
  11. Liam

    WC 2018

    Referee was excellent.
  12. Luckily we were up against a poor team and a beaten-docket of a manager today because we are way short of where we need to be in terms of players. Everytime the ball goes to Alonso or Moses you expect nothing and get nothing. Everytime it goes to Fabregas you expect something 20% of the time and you get something 20% of the time. Everytime it goes to Giroud you expect at least something and you get at least something. Everytime the ball goes to Bakayoko or Morata you expect complete, utter, unadulterated garbage and you get complete, utter, unadulterated garbage. When it goes to Hazard you expect and get brilliance. Conte dodged a major bullet today taking off our only player with extra time still a very live prospect. From the post-match interviews the players clearly want him gone and I imagine he will grow old (although not bald) elsewhere.
  13. I think Alonso has the potential to be a man. He's not quite there yet but the signs are good.
  14. I'd rather we lose 3-0 having a go, with decent possession, pass completion, a good number of attempts and looking like we can play football, than 1-0 sitting back playing like Sheffield United.