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  1. Never trust a man in a cap was my Dad's. Not sure why.
  2. Declan when he was a Paddy. Can't wait to see him belting out God Save the Queen. C
  3. I didn't know Kev had been banned. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer he became my "buddy" giving up a lot of his time to support me with brilliant advice and a shoulder to lean on. All because of this website. A true blue and a passionate, caring man. Perhaps at some stage he can be offered another chance assuming he wants one.
  4. Val I just wanted to say I love you.Mod Loz G4 Kev Just Moi Plok Goose DKW Bluebeard Scott Philip Coco and everyone else I love you. Hopefully get to see you all some day soon. Jane looking down ❤
  5. Now stop your funking moaning and get behind your team
  6. Relax folks. It's a great game we're doing well
  7. Timo playing great. Just has the yips in front of goal
  8. What a brilliant photo. It's a ridiculous skill he has taking pens.
  9. He is likeable, isnt he? If he does start scoring he will be a real fan favourite.
  10. I think we have a special prize for posters who quote themselves.
  11. Let's see if the whistle goes bang on the 5 mins
  12. I've been happy with him tonight. We've missed the sharpness of his passing.
  13. Very much a case of rinse and repeat at the moment
  14. Respect, Tommy. Respect.
  15. This is as good as it's ever been. Played them off the park in a Champions League semi final. Roman must be buzzing.
  16. Incredible game. Brilliantly entertaining. This is what being a fan is all about
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