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  1. I must have them all on ignore. Noone whose opinion I respect could doubt his ability and his importance to our squad.
  2. Don't worry Andy absolutely everybody else understood what you were saying. The smiley below was developed by Gem for Yorkley years ago when his senility first started kicking in.
  3. Yes Nibs it is mystifying how poor we are at defending. I've seen Christensen live a few times for Denmark and he looks decent. It is difficult to say how much of the poor defending can be attributed to the likelihood that the defence has no faith whatsoever in the goalkeeper. Clearly, despite the enormous cost and embarrassment, it is vital that we replace Kepa.
  4. Time to earn your corn Frank. Substitutions will define this game.
  5. A mixed bag of a season for sure but an end result that we would all have taken had it been offered. Some ratings below and as usual I’ve left a few for you to do. This week’s bonus is an assessment of the Occupation of Optimal Predicted Suitability (OOOPS) or what the players might have worked at had they not been overpaid, pampered footballers. It is possible this has been done before, perhaps even by me, maybe on this site, conceivably recently. I genuinely can’t remember. I would have written that last sentence in white text back in the glory days. Kepa – 3 – All three point
  6. Yes, a difficult read at times but the best football autobiography by some distance. I played golf with him about 8 years ago and we talked Chelsea most of the way around.
  7. Paul McGrath for me, even though he couldn't run and was permanently drunk by the time the Premier League started. Followed by JT.
  8. This is the happiest I've ever been as a Chelsea supporter. To have so much homegrown talent managed by an absolute legend, the supporters buzzing and the whole club projecting class, it's dreamland at the moment.
  9. I'm going to stick my neck out here Davey and say that the side will be unchanged for Tuesday, fitness allowing.
  10. Most job contracts come with a 6-month probation period where the potential of candidates is assessed and their achievements and mistakes are measured. Following that review the contract is made permanent, the probation period is extended or ties are cut. I will attempt to assess Frank's first 6 months. I should at this point declare my hand. The three things that have given me the most pleasure in my life are: 1. Frank Lampard 2. Barbara Windsor ringing the church bells in Carry on Dick 3. The birth of my daughter. It is pretty close between Barbara and my daughter b
  11. Ooooh Strider, you are awful, but I like you.
  12. To an extent its about confidence. We have a goalkeeper that the defence has no confidence in when it comes to commanding his area and coming for balls. Consequently there is anxiety whenever the ball comes into the box whether that be from a cross or a set piece. This is it exactly. It's the elephant in the room unfortunately.
  13. I was incommunicado all day but when I saw the result I logged on here to celebrate.
  14. I still see plenty to like in young Callum. Also the fact that Loz doesn't rate him is a massive plus in his favour.
  15. Can you please write that again in your native language?
  16. He plays with his head up, has strength, balance and pace. All things that can't be coached. What he lacks he can learn. We should give him time.
  17. I was happy for is to sell him to Bayern when they bid before. I fail to see what it is that make people think he is either a valuable asset now or has genuine potential to develop into one. I just see him as a very average part time winger who puts in very limited effort. I have seen enough to know that he is a real talent. We definitely need to be patient with him and give him time to develop - exactly what we didn't do with Salah and De Bruyne.
  18. Just the best manager we've ever had. At least so far He's always been a mean-spirited bitter little man. The only thing that's changed is our perspective.
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