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  1. We really need a midfielder who can be a threat outside the box, we are so predictable with Kovacic Jorginho and Kanté.
  2. I get what you are trying to say but lets say we replace Werner by Fernandes, i'm pretty sure we wouldnt be in a battle for top 4 and we wouldnt have to make our system based around him. and i was talking about Lukaku and how i was impressed by his progession under Conte, not sure where your opinion of him being a stats padder came from because since he joined Inter he's been their best player and one of the best in Seria A.
  3. Ugh ok ? we have difficulty scoring goals against anyone, at least he scores goals. 22 goals and 16 assists in 38 games, you dont want that ?
  4. You clearly didnt watch him for the past two seasons at Inter if thats your opinion. And i would take Fernandes stats padding at Chelsea.
  5. Lukaku under Conte is something else, can't believe we went for Morata !!! 😩
  6. BATTLE FOR 4TH West Ham next 6 games - @City, Leeds, @ManU, Arsenal, @Wolves, Leicester Liverpool next 6 games - @SheffieldUtd, Chelsea, Fulham, @Wolves, @Arsenal, Villa Everton next 6 games - Southampton, @WestBrom, @Chelsea, Burnley, Crystal Palace, @Brighton CHELSEA next 6 games - United, @Liverpool, Everton, @Leeds, WestBrom, @Palace Toughest run of fixtures by points ; West Ham - Chelsea - Liverpool - Everton Looks to me that Everton could really be in front of us by the end of these fixtures, with West Ham dropping a bit. Liverpol should be a
  7. Ampadu did not look great there on Fulhams goal, Sheffield united have been awful as a team.
  8. Loftus Cheek having a great game so far, dribbling around everyone and finding the spaces, happy for him !
  9. Let's not forget that CHO was in Tuchel's arms almost after every game since he joined us, they seems to get along really well. In my view, Tuchel trust in Callum might be why Tuchel was so mad at his perfomance, because he knows and saw what CHO can do and was really counting on him to turn the game around, was there other players that could have gone out ? Sure, i thought Giroud should have gone in for Werner who was awful or maybe take out one of the central defenders but by doing that you take the chance of leaving our defence exposed, i get why he kept Alonso, he might not had a great gam
  10. I thought they were going to do like in the NBA, look at it during the week and sends warning or yellow cards but they havent done that at all.
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