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  1. City wins the two games against Liverpool and we are on again
  2. ManU playing a 6-3-1 at home , if Jose was the manager he would get killed
  3. I don't think we are a crap team, neither are Arsenal or Leicester. They have been fortunate on a lot of calls but thats nothing new. You get 3 points by winning games not by playing the best football.
  4. Liverpool not looking the same when one the their front 3 is not playing
  5. Its the ref in the VAR room that ask the ref on the pitch that they are reviewing something...lets not make this a Liverpool lovefest from the referees argument
  6. Poor defending there from Van Djik and Matip , not much in the challenge from Linderlof imo...game on !
  7. Its still insane to me that this is ManU starting XI , so low on quality everywhere on the pitch.
  8. Eden just added another boy to his family ! Congrats to the Hazard family

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