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  1. Alonso in a back 4 is never a good idea, he's on bakayoko vs Watford level right now.
  2. Unlucky Brighton, i really like Trossard! @Krc-fan warned us .
  3. I hope its Ngolo who gives him a lift to cobham in his mini.
  4. I kind of feel bad for Giroud, save our ass last season and can’t even get game time so far.
  5. We played like this against City and people we very happy the way we played that night .
  6. I dont think we have been that bad to be honest, this Liverpool team has been playing together for 3 years now and they are the defending champions . We had a few chances on the counter and they havent really created much as well. Like someone said its a work in progress.
  7. If Kepa doesnt go for the ball people would have moan anyway, Kepa had no choice there did nothing bad for me
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