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  1. What a goal , we can still win this ! We started well just need to keep going
  2. i had no idea that Ashley Barnes was from Austria
  3. Big test for CHO today ! im really surprised to see him starts once again.
  4. The thing is we buy certain players for certain managers but we sacked them 6 months later and we hire someone with the absolute opposite pilosophy, Morata and Bakayoko are doing quite fine at Atletico and Milian and im pretty sure Drinkwater would be doing just fine if he was at a Everton or West Ham. When you hire a direct of football it usually comes with an identity and you have you stick with that indentity if thru hard times wich is a risk the board is not willing to take i think. Im actually really curious to see whats gonna happen with the ban because it could be major blow to our future if it stays on.
  5. Two penalties may have cost City the PL (the one against Liverpool) and the champions league (aguero). Quite incredible ! Laporte cost City the tie, he was at fault for 2 goals and was awful all game.
  6. Wow Ajax !!! Knocked out Madrid and Juve ! Incredible accomplishment!!! And Juve just spend 100 million to win another Serie A title haha !
  7. Agreed but we did pay alot of money for Morata not long ago , maybe we should have spent the Pulisic money on a center foward instead
  8. I dont think we have been poor , obviously Liverpool are the better team and had the best chances. we get out of their pressing pretty good and we have been flirting with their box just need someone to attack the goal. Hudson Odoi seems a bit nervous ,hasnt attacked his defender at all and hes been a bit clumsy with his feet. I wouldnt mind seeing giroud at some point

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