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  1. We are still in front of Manchester and Arsenal, of course they are gonna catch us its the goddamn premier league, it wouldnt be fun if there were no competition. Leicester have a great coach who has a ton of experience and they have a much better defence than us thats the difference. Once we buy a few players of course i want to see improvement but right now its pretty much what i expected, working hard to create chances and to finish them and a mess at the back... Patience ! We have been pretty bad today though i ll give you that
  2. Only Liverpool and Leicester are not loosing to crap teams, what did you expect this season really ?
  3. I wonder when we are going to be good on set pieces again...
  4. lol i know and the owner said he want them all out , thats why i think we should able to get him at a resonable price
  5. Apparently he's not very happy at Napoli right now
  6. Richarlison should go play in La Liga with all his diving
  7. Ngolo is everywhere, how many tackles does he have today ?
  8. Great goal by Kova , now get behind the team ffs
  9. The game should still have been played, it was for a good cause but NEVER in those conditions.

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