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  1. Avram and then Tuchel if things go south. What a f**king dire idea that is. Hopefully the team plays well and this duck is buried asap.
  2. We are making moves here. I would think Bayern and Liverpool are very luring destinations for him.
  3. Aah the old SLP. Farewell son, farewell.
  4. Glad to see. Will most probably never feature for us but a nightmare seems to be ending for Marco.
  5. I don't know about you but there is something comical about Avram. It is like he is some sort of cartoon character that Roman sometimes produces. 😂
  6. I watched pretty much everything there is to him following the saga during the summer. I am feeling very confident he is going to be a big player for us. As I started watching him on YouTube and for Leverkusen I thought early on he looks very effortless and non-explosive. After that I realized he is just very efficient which is natural for a German guy 😉. He doesn't huff and puff or battle which is something in England is widely loved. His playing many times looks too simple. Yet he racks up goals and assist in a rate only players like Ronaldo and Messi have done in his age. Now it doesn'
  7. https://twitter.com/angelomangiante/status/1349124986741682179?s=19
  8. He would be the vocal leader on the pitch. Havertz, Mount, Kante and Kovacic never open their mouth. Jorginho isn't the solution for us clearly. If we can buy him for 50-60m I think we should. I like him as a player and as a person.
  9. Not the biggest fan of Falk but he is pretty accurate on transfers... However I wouldn't worry. Teams usually have the backups lined up anyway. This conversation came about in the press after our horrible results.
  10. James - Silva - Rudiger - Chilwell Jorgiho - Kante Ziyech - Havertz - CHO Abraham I know Frank will not field 4-2-3-1, but here's hoping. He will go: James - Silva - Zouma - Chilwell Havertz - Kante - Mount Ziyech - Werner - Pukisic
  11. https://twitter.com/SiPhillipsSport/status/1348945672846925824?s=19
  12. I have no idea how Fulham even play. Have they changed their approach from that possession based football they played in the championship? Anyway we should be winning this game. No excuses really.
  13. AC Milan would ve brilliant if he gets to play that is.
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