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  1. I would go with Rudiger at this point. Rudiger - Tomori looks good for the remainder of the season. Zouma and Christensen can be backup.
  2. That would work nicely I think. Although defending is a team effort and a balancing act.
  3. Christensen can't start this one. Too important game for that. I have no idea why Tomori isn't playing. Zouma-Tomori is our best functioning pair this season.
  4. Zaha would be an upgrade to Pedro but I am quite keen on seeing Pulisic and CHO play as much as they can.
  5. Buy him a haircut and I can consider.
  6. I don't completely agree with this. Situations where we put a long ball to Tammy he needs to fight off the opponent. Same goes to corners and freekicks. Size and strenght is still a big factor. What we see much less are sliding tackles. They cause most injuries I would think. Also a manager like Pep who is a trailblazer in many ways publically stated his teams won't tackle. This makes other skilled teams like ours want to play with zero tackles. Wheter it is good or not is up to everyone to decide. A beautiful tackle is a beautiful thing.
  7. Defending is an team effort. Pulisic needs to do his work for Christensen. It is not only one v one. If Pulisic runs at opposing keeper to make him shoot the ball in the stands it is good defending by Pulisic. However there are glaring problems with our defenders in basics. Someone like Van Dijk is just so effortless with his defending against a player. He is prefectly positioned in headers and he can move his opponent with his big frame. He is also excellent with his feet. Someone like Christensen is miles behind him and will be his entire career. That is something we can't fix with better teamplay. Liverpool basically went from 5-6th in the Prem to best team in Europe by buying Van Dijk and Alisson. There is no debate in that. That is what happened.
  8. If we are to use the entire 150m just buy 2 players. These days if you buy quality it is 70-80m a pop. Chilwell and Sancho would be that. Personally don't see us buying either though.
  9. Fit in Rudiger and Ruben and you got some muscle. Zouma is no pushover either. Kante, Tammy and Kovacic are pretty athletic also. Pulisic and Mount are pretty lightweight. If you look at Liverpool and City neither have particularly big team. What we lack probably is height in the team but again Rudiger and Ruben will help us there.
  10. I think Frank needs to drop Kepa. Some kind of message is in place... All in all we were unlucky to face them just after the sack. This is what happens when a quality team gets the energy boost.
  11. Kova's also made some crucial errors but it is very ubderstandable as he is so opportunistic with the ball.

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