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  1. Big day for Sarri most of all. Impose your ideas and stubbbornly train the players in a cup final or go for a win. We will pretty quickly see which it is. I fear the former.
  2. evissy

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Maybe we can sign some of the players we already have at hand. 41 loanees I mean.
  3. This is it for me. Hope we progress.
  4. I don't believe him for a second. He also said he needs to feel he is here for a long time to carry on.
  5. To be fair the pressure is different at Chelsea. Napoli is an underdog and doesn't have an owber who sacks manager by habit.
  6. This is the charasteristic of a type of total football. It needs to work all the time in a highest level of skill or you crumble.
  7. We are super-dumb in attack. No idea, nothing.
  8. I know. It is awful for results WHEN players can't catch a simple pass. Old Chelsea could hack a bad ball here and there and still defend.
  9. CHO has been as shocking as everyone else.
  10. He needs to be. No other way around it.
  11. Look guys this is so simple: we need to break out passing on the floor. That is it. Not too hard. Every bit of positive thing come after that.
  12. This system is awful when players can't recieve a simple pass.
  13. He needs to. Otherwise Sarri can fly back to Italy.
  14. Confidence level out of 1-10 is 2.