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  1. evissy

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Jose should take 2 years off and reinvent himself as a manager. He should go to school. Study what modern coaches do and implement his own knowledge to that. He is still young enough to do that. I think he could rise to a new level. He should also surround himself with modern coaches and specialists. Now his method is to buy the best players with big money and force them to show character and force them to win and so on. Youngsters today really don't seem to respond to that. They see what Pep is doing and saying we want that. Pogba would love to play for Pep. I bet he dreams about it.
  2. 0-0. Pathetic game from us.
  3. Why would you ever boo anyone? I think it is childish.
  4. So the circumstances wipe off 8 years of loyal football.
  5. The way we started this game a draw is maximum. Can't start that slow.
  6. Were you unaware that Everton is a club based in Liverpool? Yes I knew it. Must be something in the water there.
  7. Pedro's done nothing so far.
  8. I hope we hold on to that.
  9. I thought Everton fans have some class. I was wrong.
  10. Barkley on. Now something special please.
  11. Morata should be booked.