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  1. Gabriel from LOSC to Chelsea. Some shady rumour of course.
  2. He is a very good and vastly underrated player. We will absolutely miss his quality when he is gone. He is also a pro. Doesn't moan or throw tantrums and by all the stories he trains very hard and sets a good example for the younger players. We might well see a void of experienced players here if Willian and Giroud move on as well.
  3. Apparently he is leaving Chelsea. Not official yet I think.
  4. https://theathletic.com/1680716/2020/03/18/drinkwater-danny-villa-leicester-chelsea-burnley-headbutt?source=shared-article Great read. Seems like a bit of a troubled person. Hope he gets his career back on track.
  5. I feel we have not seen our best formation or lineup for future seasons. If we are unable to utilise Kante something is wrong with us. We could be a force to recon with him at his best in the side. Put him at the bottom of the midfield with someone like Gilmour or Jorginho or Kovacic and we might start seeing results. I think Sarri started something Frank is now just continuing with. This means Kante's natural role. I know Kante CAN be a more advanced midfielder but he could also give time and space for others to roam around and do damage.
  6. I am watching a lot of old replays of games and season reviews. We've had some impressive squads. Even the backup/depth players have been very good. Those times are probably gone now. Looking at how well we do with these young boys it is very impressive. This is said a million times already here but just watch some of the old games and you see the names we've had.
  7. What a beautiful player N'Golo is. Can't wait to see Kante back.
  8. He's one of the hottest young prospects in British football. Now 14-year-old Leo Castledine has signed for Chelsea. This is his story [emoji117] https://t.co/n6udMBYe8u https://t.co/qXPxHcN0qo
  9. The season will be ended without a winner.
  10. Only Ruben brings that. Barkley is a bit of a pushover although he is muscular. Ruben is a beast... Against Liverpool Billy won couple of against the odds headers which for me was impressive. It is about timing and positioning to an extent.
  11. Gilmour is integral part of our buildup He keeps to pace high all the time. Pedro and Willian are so hungry going forward. Jorginho at his best have delivered same type of performance than young Billy here.
  12. I can't believe Everton is this bad. Hopefully we keep up the great tempo of passing next half as well. Billy again is just a joy to watch. Same goes to Mason. Giroud and Pedro also very good.

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