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  1. Lukaku is premium price player. Not a good choice in terms of style and strenghts. Not for us I think. Very similar to Morata who we already own.
  2. We finish sixth and win the EL and Sarri stays. We finish 5th and lose in the EL final Sarri stays. We finish 4th and lose to Frankfurt. Sarri stays. We finish 6th and don't win EL and Sarri goes. This is my prediction.
  3. Sarri is gone? Is that official?
  4. Do you honestly think we will use Tammy? I feel he is miles away from being utilized even as a backup. He doesn't know Sarri's system and as we have seen with CHO and Ruben Sarri is not the adventurous type. Plus he doesn't look like the striker Sarri wants. He is more of a Giroud than Higuain 5 years ago.
  5. Hope we come out winners here naturally. I think the worst case is we get the ban but it starts after this summers window.
  6. A reporter said to Giroud: "You are quite happy to be on the sidelines." Giroud was naturally angered because he thinks himself being ambitious. He said he needs to play more or to move on. He said he will talk to Marina. Personally I think he is in such a good place he will stay and will be happy with any role we give him. I think we should keep him. Excellent in the EL all season. Prem is a bit too much to him strenght and pace-wise.
  7. Do we need the transfer ban to be lifted? Why are we creaming over a player who we actually can't sign...
  8. We need a new striker. Lukaku apparently is available but we need a striker who can play the ball with his feet. Aguero would be perfect. Someone like him. However we also need the ban to be lifted.
  9. Who has told you we will make it. Some excellent teams here. Weird how people think we just walk into this final.
  10. What the hell do you have against Slavia?! They eliminated Villareal which in Spain currently is Chelsea (tablewise anyway)
  11. We 'won' the game in the first half. Came out laughing and dropped the tempo. Slavia scores 2 brilliant goals and finds new life. Sarri can't do much there.

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