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  1. I really hope you are right. There are about 12 managers in the market who have tried at Chelsea. To none of them we have such tight ties with like Frank.
  2. Btw everybody is saying Lampard will give the youth a chance... Where does this come from? I'm pretty sure he will assess every player first and makes his decisions based on that.
  3. Do you really think this is a beginning of an era? I think this is a stopgap solution. Frank might well survive the first season because without transfers the expectations can't be that high. Come the following season and we have our answers. Why would you think Frank ends player power? He is very young manager. I would think someone like Conte can control that much better and end of the day he couldn't. However I'm not sure if something like that excist in Chelsea. Anyway I'm excited about next season. Hope Petr comes back as well.
  4. I think he will survive the first days. First months even...
  5. In Sarri's system the idea is to keep hold of the ball. This is his way of defending. If you can't keep hold of the ball you are very exposed to leaking in goals no matter who your defenders are. In the world of football at the very prime not many managers are brave enough to play like that. Sarri is one of them. Now if Frank comes in who is a product of Jose's football which is reactive and not proactive I'm pretty sure Kante would sit deeper. Didn't see any of Derby's games and I could be horribly wrong but I don't think he played Derby with a proactive system.
  6. 2-3 assists from those in the video were assists you should score. 10 or so offsides. Offside is as much Jorg's 'fault' as it is strikers. 10 or so were not very good passes. The diffrence between Cesc's assists and Jorginho's passes is Cesc's passes are perfectly timed and perfectly weighted. Jorginho has a good vision but his passes are usually too Light or illtimed or in another words not good enough. Cesc is a surgeon, Jorginho is the nurse. This is not Jorginho's main asset so don't worry about it. His job is to position, time, rhythm and release his teammates to go forward.
  7. Sarri out, Frank in. Well, if something it is never boring in Chelsea. In the end sports is a form of entertainment. For the first time in the Roman era I feel we are not very close of being top of the pile in the Prem. 3rd is maximum and 6th is very close to being reality. Anyway if it is Frank and Petr comes back we can't really moan. Two legends in major roles.
  8. I think anyone could have done what Ole did first month. Players were released from Jose shackles. Funny about Ole is as he signed the deal to take over Utd for good, they started losing immediately. Maybe the players weren't that impressed about that move...
  9. As far as I understand the situation 1. We get banned for registering new players for summer 19 and January 20 breaching the rules of signing under age players by FIFA. 2. We appeal to FIFA. 3. FIFA says No. 4. We appeal to CAS to completely banish the ban but wont appeal to freeze it for summer 19. Confirmed today by Matt Law. 5. We wait for CAS to reply. As of now the ban is in effect and we can't register anyone. 6. We are anxious.
  10. I'm this close on starting to blame Kenyon!
  11. I don't we will hand it to Rafa. Isn’t he supposed to be the new king of Newcastle anyway. Media is trying to make us mad once again.
  12. Do we want Higuain for free?
  13. Where the hell would they get that I formation?
  14. He doesn't look like the leader we need. He is one of the most intelligent players on the pitch we have seen in the Prem but he is more of an assistant coach type. You could ask him for detailed information about breaking defense but he doesn't seem like the type who leads us to a certain direction. He lacks of determination in my eyes. If he was surrounded by the brightest assistant coaches around he could we guide us. He is a lovable type and positive results would lift him massively.
  15. For me it is either Kovacic, Bakayoko or Mount. I don't even count in Danny Drinker. In reality Kovacic is the only option who knows how we play and has experience. Although he was as useful as a tupee he is an able backup. He was also pretty good in the EL final. With the ban I think we are forced to buy him. Which is sad.

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