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  1. We have to give Frank and his managing team credit. It seems to me most of the players are really committed to Chelsea. The story of the youth is told many times over but players like Jorginho and Willian are really commiting themselves. Frank is intelligent so he knows how to handle people and different personas. He talked about Jorginhos leadership skills and have said Willian is one of his most important players. He knows the youth are excited to feature for us making debuts and he is giving the older players new statures. Sarri for example was blind to everything but his system. It remains to be seen how Frank can balance things.
  2. Just listen to it. Brilliant young man. Future captain perhaps.
  3. Abraham is a great striker. Best we've had since Costa. He runs, is a good target and he scores goals.
  4. CHO [emoji117]Willlian [emoji117][emoji460]

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