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  1. evissy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I noticed the sarcasm, thanks. Kante is not the best in the world in this new position, far from it. He is one of the best in deeper role as we all know. However he is atm good enough to make us go forward. We don't lose or not win games because of Kante but because our new system needs more time as does Kante. People naturally talk about Kante because Sarri has done something people might find stupid. There is no natural role for Kante in this system. Kante would probably be better in Azpilicueta's right back role than in an advanced role. What Sarri is doing is he is fitting Kante to this new role because he thinks he can improve. The other solution would be to bench him or change his system. Both of the latter options are worse. Kante in the end is just one player. I think Kante needs to shoot more. That would be a good start. He should also try to make more decisive passes. In both he is very good he just doesn't do it often enough. Passing under pressure has been his downfall in some games. Having a better vision under heavy pressure is something Jorginho naturally possesses so Kante can't probably learn that. Or he is limited by it. However my point is we don't fall because of Kante.
  2. evissy

    César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Pep wants his team not to tackle at all. Cesar doesn't really care.
  3. Arsenal-game coming up. We have not been good away this season so that is a worry. In that game we need to be with the ball I think. And we need as deadly finishing as against City.
  4. evissy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I have done a silly thing all season and trust what Sarri says. Kante gets way too much exposure here and in the media. He does so because Sarri changed the position and role of one of the most decorated players in the world. Kante was his position and his role. But it is not important. What is important is we are in the middle of a period where we are implementing a modern system to our side. We are not there yet. Small tweaking and changing of personnel is needed to make things work better and to make us contenders. Most importantly we need time to do repetitions and to make this football natural. Sarri said we need to have the same motivation against smaller sides. I really don't think he lied. What has lowered our motivation is probably the fact we have hit a wall and players are questioning the system. Probably very natural. I'm glad we won City because it will lift the spirits. Hope it shows against Brighton.
  5. evissy

    That Sterling Incident

    I think it depends what he does.. Or did for work. If he was a big representative of his company I can see him getting sacked. Maybe he was already on a short lease and this was the last straw, don't know. On a first impression bases he is not a first time offender. What he is is an idiot. I'm glad he knows it himself.
  6. evissy

    That Sterling Incident

    The fact that we need to talk about something like this is really the stupid part.
  7. evissy

    That Sterling Incident

    Apparently lost his job... That is a bit overboard if you ask me. Depends on what his line of work is... Eurosport : Chelsea fan apologises, denies racially abusing Sterling - https://www.eurosport.com/football/football-news-chelsea-fan-apologises-denies-racially-abusing-raheem-sterling_sto7047513/story.shtml
  8. evissy

    Alvaro Morata

    Morata isn't even on the bench and we win the almost unbearable City. His head will drop even more.
  9. evissy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Too much is made of any tactical changes against City. Hazard at false nine was the biggest change. We were without the ball because City had it. They are much better at breaking out from their own half than us. In the second half when City was little bit tired and a goal down we broke out many times under their pressure starting from Kepa. I think we played Sarriball with a touch of Conte suffering-mode. Suffering was due to necessity. Sarri himself pressed that it was about motivation and application. Maybe next season we really can go head to head with City. Couple or new faces and much more honed machine.
  10. evissy

    That Sterling Incident

    I absolutely get this. Football-match is a great place to vent your energy by shouting. Probably does good somehow. What you shout is an other thing.
  11. evissy

    That Sterling Incident

    I know in criminal justice it means the world of difference if he says black or manc but a world where a 50+ yr old man feels the need to shout anything with the word c**t to a young footballer is not a good place. That man is just sad. I have no idea where in the world that is a good idea or something that he should be proud of. I'm hoping he doesn't teach this to his children.
  12. evissy

    That Sterling Incident

    Media has to take responsibility here as do those idiots who really don't get it. Why the f**k would you insult people in the first place? Let alone drag race here. These days everyone is well informed how to behave. I know emotions can take reigns in a heated game but come on.. Life long ban. Just so sad our club is involved with these things year in year out. 99.9% of the fans would never do such a thing.
  13. Yes. Aguero-type and Giroud. Morata doesn't offer anything. Could we lure Insigne?
  14. evissy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    That is absolutely right. You need guts to hold on the ball in your own area and make that short pass even though it is risky. When we have 3 seasons of that under our belts we will be very good at it and can win games like City. As you say the grass is greener when you go past their press. Same thing with Chelsea. In the second half we did that. Luiz said they had less oxygen which is probably due to energy and the fact that you are 1-0 down. I think in a bigger picture this victory could be really important. It shows we have travelled miles from that Community Shield loss against them and are much closer. City is the measuring stick for us in terms of our playing system.
  15. Just finished watching the game. I think we absolutely deserved the win. City wasn't even that dangerous. Our d-line minus Alonso were great. Hazard got 2 assists but otherwise he wasn't that good. He had a new role but he was robbed many times during the game and he made bad choices. He also looked uncharacteristically downbeat. Pedro and Kante were excellent. Pedro is the most natural player for Sarri which really isn't a surprise as he is Barca boy. Kante was lower the field which showcased his defensive brilliance. Kepa was also brilliant despite his last minute howler. We would be so much worse with Courtois. This game sure gave us confidence and that we should trust Sarri's system. Sarri said after the game that the players need to have the same drive and motivation against lower teams as well. He is 100% right about that. Our lads were clearly thinking of City in that sad Wolves game. We have Vidi away which is should be all second string players. CHO and Ampadu should lead the way there. Brighton away in the league which is a great test to motivation for our leading players. We shouldn't look anywhere else but finishing top 4. I think we are a top 3 team this term.