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  1. evissy

    Timo Werner

    Absolutely. We are miles behind Liverpool and City. The leap from Leipzig to Chelsea isn't a huge one in terms of football. Clubwise naturally we are one of the few giants but in terms of football we are not there. 3-4 seasons and it will be different.
  2. Just a lovely 7 minute rant [emoji3]. I remember being hurt after that result. After all, those years you have to appreciate a good rant by Jose.
  3. evissy

    Timo Werner

    Hehe. The casual nature of the headline. Timo wants to come to Premier league to just test him. This test would cost 68m to the club.
  4. He is a special talent no doubt about it. He would fit Liverpool so seamlessly. Dortmund play Klopp-football no matter who their manager is. Super-quick passing and always forward... Thankfully Frank's football is very close to that so he would fit our system as well pretty nicely... I have always felt he is going to somewhere else than Chelsea.
  5. f**king hell I forgot some very obvious ones... [emoji16]
  6. 11/22....need to school myself I guess. Names are hard for me, faces I know.
  7. Hope it was fake news as our friend Donny would say.
  8. I still lean towards: don't buy.
  9. evissy

    Timo Werner

    This dude is pretty pacy.
  10. Awful first half performance by Leverkusen. No chance for Havertz to show anything. One good header from him though just over the bar.
  11. Playing as I write. Really indifferent start by Leverkusen and he has no help from his mates.
  12. Did absolutely nothing. Dortmund was toothless against professional Bayern.
  13. Just watching Dortmund v Bayern Munchen. So much more quality on those two teams than for us example. Passing, teamwork, defending 1v1 and as a unit. No shame in that but we got some way to go. Looking someone like Zouma you'd never see him start for either of these teams.
  14. Starts second half in Der KLASSIKER right now.

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