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  1. Just watched that and was thinking the same thing. That pass is a thing of beauty. Azpi's pass from it was so frustrating. Would have been an excellent goal that.
  2. Some reports say Kepa has remainder of the season to prove his worth. I like that approach. If we need to sign someone else we will. We will take a big hit moneywise. I am guessing though we could get 50-60m of him. Still a young lad.
  3. Well to be fair they will give us a sh*t load of money. That is the exact opposite of for example Danny Drinkwater or Tiemoye Bakayoko. Interesting or not they will help us run the club.
  4. They say we have bid accepted for highly rated youngster by the name of Nowan Atal for 60m [emoji23]
  5. Prem has two Prem clubs: Liverpool and City. Then comes Leicester, Chelsea, Tottenham, ManU, Wolves and Arsenal. At this rate the old top 6 is not so visible. We have chance of a lifetime to catch Leicester and keep our distance to the chasing pack... There is as big of a chance to drop down to 7th if form goes extra-bad... What a series this is...
  6. I think we should buy Ake and go on with the season. He can cover for CB and LB and do a good job there. Don't panicbuy a Cavani or similar. I think this transfer window is not helping Frank one bit. Hone the system, train players right. Have a good spirit. Get some wins and try to finish fourth. Would be a massive achievement to be fair.
  7. We are 4th in the league, in FA Cup and progressed from a tricky CL group. I think we've done all right considering Frank is a first season Prem manager and we have new young faces in the squad. I expect us to have some solidity latter part of next season or at least in the season following that. This all depends on signings of course. Personally it is so hard to see us losing. Eats your insides a bit. Just have to be more patient I guess.
  8. We seem not to like a good opportunity. We just don't. Every time this season we have a chance to just score, just win, just hold on to a ball, just be solid we just can't do that. Arsenal down to 10 men and one goal up we don't win, Newcastle away with massive injury worries we lose after 80% possession, many 'easy' games at home and we either lose or draw. On the flip side we have beaten good sides with good football. Seems a mental thing this.
  9. evissy


    I feel we need to do better than Cavani. Let's buy Werner and loan him back for the rest of the season and make do with Tammy, Bats, Giroud.
  10. evissy


    Cavani might be smart piece of business but man is that unexciting and so Chelsea.
  11. Ruben is working hard. Check his Insta - story. Can't be too far from playing for reserves.
  12. evissy


    Last time we didn't miss buying an older player we got Eto'o. We've had Sheva, Torres, Falcao, Huguain to name some.
  13. I feel we need a couple of tanks to handle opposing players. Kepa is unable to handle anything in the box.

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