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  1. Frank looked pretty upset when someone asked about him looking for a new defensive coach. He just said no in disgust. I think JT is looking to take the next step which is to be a head coach. For me the dynamic is not right betqeen the two.
  2. Champions League is back! Easily the best thing in football. I love the games. It is whole different football and even without crowds the atmosphere is a bit different. Players really love the competition and it shows in the football.
  3. Starting for Palace. Interesting to see how he performes.
  4. He looks much more comfortable in a low pressure situation he is now with Fulham. It looks likely he has a pretty free role in midfield. He doesn't really track back and make recoveries but he positions well. He is quite fast runner. I think he is in a right track here. Still some way to find his form.
  5. We had last season's backline with Kepa. What can you expect. Didn't see the game but our new German boys did the goals and our well known weak spots were just that. What I learned from it we can't field our weak players against good sides. Soton is a good side.
  6. Not to remind you about Liverpool too much they have a similar system and they shipped in goals before they gelled and brought in the world's best keeper and CB...
  7. How is it every time we have something good going we are hit with injuries. Mendy and Silva were the players that would solidify the back and now neither of them play. We are basically back to Christensen - Kepa against Danny Ings. We really need to outscore then today because a clean sheet in not on the cards. Glad Pulisic is back. Ziyech might play 20-30mins.
  8. Havertz is so good. In everything he does. Such a joy watching him play.
  9. Werner with a sweet assist to Gnabry. The finishing is sublime to be fair.
  10. The Swiss score with some absolutely idiotic defending (or lack of any effort) from our man..... Sigh.
  11. A goal for Germany. A bit special this man.
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