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  1. I am much more shaken by the fact Pirlo takes over Juve than Sarri getting the sack. One of my all time favourite footballers. Weird to see him take over a massive club so soon. This trend is going on in every big club now but still. Never thought Pirlo would manage a team. He is such soft spoken man who's enjoys life that management doesn't fit the bill. Maybe he just wants to challenge himself. Anyway great to see him back in football. Sarri will find a good job. He is a top manager. Maybe not as big club as Juve but from a big league in a CL level team.
  2. Regulion €30m, Onana €30m and seal Havertz at €80m and we are set for the season. Get rid of deadwood.
  3. After 20mins in the game I was pretty much sold. Smart runs, volley with so much cool hits the bar, good passes and never in a hurry. He was clearly the most talented player in that game. Rangers is a sh*te team and the tie was pretty much won. Leverkusen is playing the football we are playing so also in that sense I understand we are in for Havertz. He can play AM, Right wing, CM and a striker. Leverkusen played him all these positions this season due to injuries and the fact he just owns every position he is put in.
  4. Great to see him face Conte's Inter in next week.
  5. Probably a bit rusty. Could have scored 3 here.
  6. Tapsoba looks good. Was thinking the same.
  7. German teams are so underrated below Bayern and maybe Dortmund. They can really play good football. They don't just kick the ball around they want to play good football. Leverkusen is one of them. Rangers look like a pub team and they are not a small club.
  8. Granted Gerrards Rangers look 2-3 levels below Leverkusen.
  9. Havertz just passes a Cesc pass to Diaby who blasts over.
  10. He is running behind the line so beautifully. He is like a ninja. Looks like he isn't doing anything half a second later he glides behind the line.
  11. Havertz through with a delightful run but just missed. His run is just beautiful.
  12. Leverkusen is apparently the best pressing team in Germany. Havertz is part of that. He should fit Chelsea nicely [emoji16]
  13. Nice shot to crossbar from Havertz.

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