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  1. Dortmund's business model is pretty clear to see. Buy young talent, nurture it and make profit. On top if that they manage to be a top side as well. Have give props to them. They are the German Ajax. If they sell Haaland for 150m and Sancho for 85m they have some budget to buy this young talent in....
  2. Looking at my Twitter-feed this thing is heating up. By no means it says we will land Haaland but it seems we are really trying.
  3. Dortmund saying they want to keep Haaland for a season is just f**king bullsh*t. They want to keep a player of that caliber for sure but they know they have a chance to double the release clause which is ridiculously low. The will let him go for 150m with absolute certainty. The are just playing hardball.
  4. I trust the board to make a right decision about salaries and transfer fees. #kepa
  5. Anyone else think we have a good chance of making Haaland stop his scoring streak if he signed? 😂
  6. This kind of fine doesn't sit well with me. If Champions League rules don't have this written in I think it is illegal. I wouldn't pay it. The sum is not big for Chelsea but the reason it is given for is these 8 clubs 'scared' everyone in the football world. In the end nothing happened. We just scared them. Is there a such fine? One of the reasons someone like UEFA and FIFA need a proper scare. They just make rules as they go and feel is good for them and their business.
  7. I like your optimism but Sky is one of the worst if they are not quoting a reputable source. Here is DiMarzio who is reputable. You should also follow Matt Law and especially Fabritzio Romano who is brilliant. He has great contacts in clubs to know what is going on.
  8. So is he replacing CHO, Reece or Azpilicueta?
  9. Rice is: West Ham's best player. WHU finished 2 points behind us in 6th place. He is the leader of the team and the captain in most games. He is 22 He is part of the core of Team England. He seems to be a very likeable and approachable person. A team mate everyone love to have. What he lacks is goal contributions. Apart from penalties he doesn't really make goals. We have much of this quality in our midfield as it is.
  10. I think he tried too much in many cases. Thought Prem defenders are faster and so on. He stole for no reason in many cases. He was also massively unlucky many times.
  11. His work is impressive but to call it against all odds is.. Well just wrong. Just look at our squad and manager. A bit surprising yes but against all odds. Not buying it.
  12. 15 goals disallowed due to offsides and other VAR decisions this season. Improve there first.
  13. Although I would love to see a player like Haaland at Chelsea, should we splash 130m on him? I am thinking players like Werner and Havertz are more used to Prem. Pulisic and Ziyech as well. Should expect more goals from them now... Anyway if we are going to the route of splashing either 70m or 130m to a top class striker I would go for the latter. Depending naturally who they are and what their profile is. Haaland carries so much promise on top of his ridiculous scoring stats at the age of 20.
  14. Haaland could see us interesting after such a brilliant CL run.
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