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  1. This looks to be pretty much done. Zouma or no Zouma... But Zouma will probably go anyway. Maybe WHU as he wouldn't have to move house. At WHU he would be their main CB I think. Not a bad end result for him either I would think.
  2. I think Grealish brings them goal contributions and a ton of freekicks. If he manages to bring that number up for them they are a much better side. Maybe they also need a proper DM and maybe a new striker. If you left out the price from this equation Grealish is a good coup. They have the money as we all know.
  3. https://chelseafc.onelink.me/1WUW/54c8b9de Here's a link from The 5th Stand, Chelsea FC's official app: Loftus-Cheek feeling fitter than ever Some positive words from Rubes. I also feel he might be a part of this season as the club is bringing him up all the time. I feel they wouldn't if they knew he is most likely departing. In that friendly he looked that powerful and pacy Ruben we remember from Sarri's time. He really was one of our best players back then. I was wondering how Tuchel sees him. Jorginho's role in the midfield is unique but our other midfielders are more versatile. Everyone can advance and make interceptions. If we are after Rice I don't know what it means for Ruben. I think for sure Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic all are staying put...
  4. We have walked the route of buying fringe players. Not saying Danny Ings is that but he has a history of failing in a big club. He had zero chance in Liverpool although he was at a perfect age. Look at Lingaard. No show in ManU and ripping it at WHU. These are all separate cases but if you look at buying a sort of has been striker Anelka was one but he had a history of being absolute elite. Then again Sheva failed. Eto'o was very good. Torres was painful. Falcao, Pato and Huguain all failed to show up. Why not put eggs in that Haaland basket, if it fails trust Tammy or even Broja to lead the line and suffer the consequences. We could even just play Timo up front. We haven't really tried that either.
  5. He wouldn't have to move. Probably a good thing...
  6. If the reports are anyway correct (I doubt them) Zouma is wanted by West Ham. We could get a good deal out if it...
  7. This deal seems to be in some sort of mud now. Reports (not Fabrizio) are saying Zouma might be going to West Ham. If so we lose that bargaining chip. Same reports say we are offering Emerson in stead. I would believe that is the end of that deal then...Naturally we can always just pay up. They are saying it could be up to 70-80m Euros.....
  8. He would be deadly with a masterful freekick taker in a team. He falls over so ofter you get 3-5 freekicks per game with him. Anyway Grealish is a great talent. Any top team would be happy to have him. I just don't think we are after him.
  9. I am still not convinced of Lukaku. He is certainly improved but the difference of level in the Prem and Serie A is a big one. If we have to pay over 100m of someone I only trust Haaland. Kane is an impossibility anyway and even for him it is a ton. He is close to being 30. If you buy big, make it in an investment.
  10. Very objective (subjective) view. No Chelsea bias what so ever 😂. Anyway Varane is a top CB. Konate's athleticism will also help him in the Prem. But top post anyway.
  11. Lightweight ^😁 Anyway now that I've seen Broja play in a friendly for 30 mins I am conceived we don't need Haaland. Broja is the Armenian Haaland. I think this is the week we need to start bidding if we want to make a deal. For me this is 20-80 at the moment. Anyway if we don't get Haaland we need to buy some other big name and that takes time as well. This is the week we make moves or we don't. So I'll give it 48 hours.
  12. Maybe we just sell Tammy to Arsenal. Broja takes his spot. This assessment was made after 12 minutes of exhibition football
  13. Diego Armando Brojadona looks pretty decent.
  14. Baba Rahman with a brilliant delivery
  15. Players really awkward around the field. No wonder really
  16. Good ol Baba coming on. And Zappa. And Ike Turner.. No Ugbo.
  17. Gallagher's biggest problem on display. Lack of pace.
  18. Couple minutes on and Ruben looks a different player. He looks the lean mean monster he was. I am excited.
  19. I like the new kit. Sorry lads, I like it.
  20. Some things don't change like Alonso being the biggest defensive liability. Double-D was very good. Is his personal life or something else preventing him from landing a good club? CHO was good also. Sterling looks strong however his downside seems to be his ball playing skills. Good pace though. Gallagher looks okay but nothing special. Really would love to see Tammy scores. Maybe too late for that now. Pace of this game is very impressive.
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