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  1. Couple of those chances go flying in and he might hit the form. For me his left foot is underused. Problem is his frailty. He is injured a lot. He came on late and had two shots just flying by the post.
  2. In the eve of facing to lose Rudiger who do we replace him with if it happens? For me he is in many ways irreplaceable at this form. Leadership, physicality, long ball passing, aerial prowess and general sh*thousery are his apparent strengths. Kounde is not a direct replacement. I feel in the Prem you need height and strength in a long season. Ampadu is years off, Guéhi we already lost. Tomori is a possibility but not a direct replacement. Chalobah is the closest replacement that I can think of but he is years off Rudigers level.
  3. Frank didn't see use for Jorginho or Rudiger who both are basically two top 10 players in the world right now.
  4. I think it really helps a side like Chelsea so I am glad it is there.
  5. I was just thinking of a bit of a wordplay on Kante's name and it ended up with The Kant-one. Sort of better Cantona but it rolls out wrong from the tongue 😂
  6. Although slight in build Jorginho is an absolute beast.
  7. The dominance in this game is total. Malmo has absolutely nothing on us.
  8. Sort of bittersweet Kai scored a goal like that. I would love him to enjoy some power in things he does. He misses a ton of chances opting to always go for an intelligent and cool finish.
  9. I like on-edge Rudiger back. He is a type of player/personality that would never be in Arsenal. Wenger must have hated they won with the likes of Adams and Vieira.
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