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  1. There was a moment early on where he was shouting at the ref because he got blocked off coming out for a cross. I think, as he progresses, he'll either start winning free kicks here or just clearing players out. Either way, it's a positive. If the defence know he's coming for those balls, they'll be in a better position to win any loose second balls. Too often we see Kepa glued to his line when a cross comes in deep, we then half clear it and have one defender completely out of position and playing everyone onside.
  2. I thought he was our best player yesterday, by quite a distance. I think when we're pressing very aggressively as a team, he always has a good game. He just starts looking particularly bad when we drop off because he's very easily done for pace. I honestly couldn't tell you who we should be playing in midfield at this stage. I think our only player capable of playing in a midfield 2 is Kante, and I don't think we have a suitable player to play there with him. I'm coming around to the idea that Sarri's midfield 3, with Jorginho at the base, Kane one side, and another box to box the o
  3. Long-time lurker -- felt compelled to post considering the trashing Lamps is getting from some posters. I think he'll need a lot more time this season before we can fully judge him. I'm not sure if it's a fitness thing, but we seem to be playing a bit more pragmatically this season without seeing any defensive improvement, which is a concern. Yesterday, we really struggled to play the ball into either Giroud or Mount. I'm hoping (and expecting) another dimension to the attack once Ziyech and Pulisic are back. Despite all the money spent, the midfield looks very unbalanced. Mount, Kante, J
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