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  1. Imagine how the benched players must feel? So much attacking talent and they're rotting on the bench because the manager is a massive pussy.
  2. Southgate is such a negative manager -- It's an unbelievably defensive line up. Doesn't even have the balls to play Reece James. Has to slot Spurs reject Trippier in because he knows he doesn't have the energy the get out of the defensive half. I'm calling 1-1 normal time, hopefully Foden/Mount/Grealish/Rashford can bail us out.
  3. This sounds about right. It's possible he prices himself out of a move this summer though, then gets the wages he's after once he's sold next year for half the price.
  4. Not a chance we make a profit on him. If he goes, it'll be €25 million with add-ons. Might make back what we bought him for if he performs. He's been pretty woeful for the most part. Not a particularly very likeable player either. Wouldn't be fussed if we sold him.
  5. What's extra special with Havertz is the option of adding physicality to his game. He's nowhere near is physical peak, and with a couple more season in the prem under his belt, he'd going to be a complete nightmare to play against. I would agree with everyone else that we need a more clinical goalscorer next season, but if we can't get someone top drawer in, I think we should be looking at a smaller wide forward that scores more goals. Havertz hold up play in the middle of the pitch is quality, and he always picks the right pass.
  6. Yeah, true that mate. I guess ultimately it comes down to individuals. Lots of good people, few nobheads - everyone supports someone!
  7. I was working on the assumption Werner will start and most likely be off by the time pens come around. If it goes that far, I imagine only Mount would play the full 120.
  8. I really feel it might go to pens. Who would take ours? I can imagine Jorginho, Mount, Ziyech (don't think he'll start, so imagine he'd be on by then), Havertz... not sure who'd be the fifth taker. Chilly/Reece/Rudi/Silver - take your pic. Would fancy Rudi tbh, good mentality.
  9. Two of my best friends are City fans (Dads born in Manchester), so we're gonna watch it together. They don't have any sense of entitlement, but the City fans I see on the web are definitely the worst of the lot. They have no/a terrible sense of humour, and a weird inferiority complex.
  10. Hmm. I'd like to see a forward line of Werner, Havertz, Mount. I have a funny feeling Ziyech will get picked; I have no faith in him at all, but he does have the most quality in the final third when he's on it. Kai for me is the best forward in tight areas. I really think City will be looking to completely squeeze the life out of this game, but we can definitely beat their press (FA Cup), and if we can get balls into the number 9 to stick, i think we can really expose their midfield.
  11. He's really stepped it up since Tuchel joined. Defensively, he's very strong, and he seems to be improving in attack. I don't think he's great in forward areas with the ball at his feet, but his driving runs with/off the ball are very good.
  12. Sorry, this was completely tongue-in-cheek. Although I do like the idea there is someone somewhere in the world who thinks this could disrupt their preparation for the final.
  13. The Sun have caught wind of a scandal: Pep's adult daughter caught kissing Dele "Pele" Alli on the lips. Perhaps the slice of luck we need. Surely this scuppers their plans? 5-1 Chelsea. Kepa off the bench to cap the game off with a solo run from deep.
  14. Would be great if we signed him but... call me soft, it'd be too cruel for Spurs fans (my Uncle's a Spurs fan). Assume he'll go to City and they'll probably win 2/3 next titles.
  15. Yeah, that's a definite hand ball. No idea why it wasn't mentioned or given.
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