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  1. I worry about Tammy with this, too. His finishing is good (and improving), but time and time again he's a few yards off an easy finish and it hasn't changed for over a year. In the big games he might only get 1 or 2 chances, and at the moment I'm not confident he'd finish them. It almost feels like a lack of patience sometimes. He's occasionally too keen to get on the ball and gravitates to it when he should be finding space inside the box. Costa was excellent at this, he'd get himself involved in the build up, then as soon as we broke into space, he'd just find space inside the box and be rea
  2. I missed the build-up, so I'm not sure how BBC had us lining up, but it looked like a 4-4-2 to me. Maybe a 4-4-1-1, but basically a 4-4-2 to my eyes. I thought it really worked. Tammy dropped deep to pick up the ball, and found himself in space because Werner was getting in behind the CBs and keeping them occupied. Pulisic kept the width (with James), and Ziyech was dropping into midfield to pick up the ball.
  3. I'm hoping he comes good, but I think the "not playing to his strengths" is being overplayed. I'm sure we could tailor our game more specifically to each and every one of our players and see a slight improvement from them. Werner is getting the ball in good areas, and either his touch or decision making is letting him down. I'd say he's probably been given more opportunities than anyone else in the squad to play himself into form (people might mention Mount, but I personally think he's been our best player for a long time and that's based on form) and hasn't taken it. At this stage, I'd
  4. Really enjoyable game to watch. Kepa mistake aside, thought we were comfortable for most of it. Should have had a few more goals, but created a lot. The football we played was similar to what we say when at our best last season. I was happy to see us mix up the crossing, too, and tried the get to the byline for cut backs. Much less predictable. The formation was interesting, and I wonder if it's a sign of things to come? Difficult to take too much from a game against a lower league team, but Mount and Gilmour in midfield together looked about as good as I can remember from us this season
  5. And we're still above them 😅. That's always worth remembering -- at least we're not Arsenal fans.
  6. It's difficult so say whether or not the team he picked today was brave of stupid; it had a lot of attacking intent, but we were poor going forwards and badly exposed defensively. I'll be honest, without actively saying "Lampard Out" (which I will never say), I think I lost a little bit of faith in his ability after the West Brom and Southampton games. We picked up after that, but at the moment we just look absolutely clueless. I don't think it's as simple as the players not trying, either. Half of them really don't look like they know what they should be doing, there is no instinct in o
  7. I'd go 3-4-3 for this one. Mendy Azpi, Silva, Zouma James, Mount, Kane, Chilwell COH, Giroud, Pulisic I'm aware Puli's not been in great form, but I don't think Ziyech has been either. I'd go for pace on the counter, and balls into the box. I think if we try to dominate the ball too much, they'll kill us on the counter.
  8. I don't pay much attention to football outside of England, but he looks unbelievably good. Next-best-in-world levels good. If I've somehow missed sarcasm, apologies! It's Monday... oh lord, Monday always comes around.
  9. It's difficult to understand why we are so much worse that we have been previously under Lampard. We used to move forward really quickly in transition -- not so much now. Any idea if Ziyech can play as a number 10? In spite of his woeful finishing, Werner at least stretches the defence so I do think he's worth persisting with. I'd like to see him play from the left (with Giroud or Tammy up top) and either Ziyech of Havertz as a number 10, then have Kante and Mount box to box.
  10. I actually agree. He came on, competed physically, drew in a few players and managed to offload the ball. I actually think he looks good playing on the right at the moment. I would be interested to see Pulisic, Werner, Havertz (when James and Chillwell are fit).
  11. I worry about Werner, too. I wouldn't mind the missed sitters if he offered a lot else, but he doesn't really. His link up play it awful, his touch is awful, and he's half assed off of the ball. I couldn't imagine him playing as a CF against 90% of the teams in the league.
  12. Anjorin, Havertz, Chistensen, Kova having good games. Everyone else OK. Tammy is very wasteful, though. Did well to win the pen but don't think he's done enough in this game so far. Anjorin fed him a really nice ball that he was on his heels on, too. EDIT: how could I forget! Gilmour been MoM so far. He's looks quality as a number 8.
  13. They have to prove you're using it to watch live TV, which is almost impossible to do. You're allowed to have a TV without paying it.
  14. Just seen Alderweireld is out, which is a big loss for them. Anyone got any idea who might come in? I wouldn't be surprised to see Mourinho switch to a 5-3-2 now. Either way, I think our Full Back/Wings back are better than theirs, so this should play into our hands. It's going to be very interesting to see how this plays out, and if we've turned a corner. We will dominate the ball, so -- can we take our chances, and can we stop the counter? I'm always nervous in big games, but if I were to (attempt to!) remove my bias and back a winner, I'd go for us. Think it'll be tight but we'll
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