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  1. Whether we spend £200 million or not, the pressure on the team was always going to be on. Frank was sacked for going through a dip and not challenging City for the PL. This season Abramovich will most likely expect Tuchel to challenge the PL title and have a good run on the cups (FA or CL), independently of how much we spend on new players. Even us fans will expect the team to do well in the PL with a preseason and being back to a more normal schedule of games.
  2. I think Rudiger marauded up the pitch because that's his nature. James is more disciplined and when he has played as the RCB with Azpi as RWB we haven't seen him pushing forward too much. But I am warming up to the option of landing Hakimi, especially if he is as versatile as some in here say. (And apparently Arsenal fans are fuming as Le Arse were interested until PSG and us got in the middle )
  3. For me the baffling thing is how this young player who has bags of potential has been benched by our two last coaches, Frank and Tuchel. And the latter had him starting games from day one until he decided for unknown reasons that he was going to be benched. The other thing I notice when CHO plays is that his effort is not comparable to James or Mount, nor even to Gilmour. But that’s just my feeling, I haven’t got any statistics to back it up.
  4. Yes, that is right, but I don't think that this fact invalidates @axman2526's comments. Azpi is not really a wingback, is he? Can Hakimi play as a FB? If not, we only have James there for cover. I guess Axman is worried that we are getting a specialist and not necessarily someone that could be played on a back 4.
  5. Is this happening in the next 48 hours or are we not at that point yet?
  6. The Daily Fail is running today the clone story as "An inside source at Chelsea..."
  7. We need a plan B, though, for teams that sit deep. A problem we’ve had is that we’ve created few chances against the likes of WBA, Wolves, Arsenal, Leeds or Villa. I’m not sure we can go with 3 at the back against that kind of mid/low table teams, and we need to go 4 at the back to set up a more attacking line up. And I am not sure either that a false 9 works well against defensive set ups, a striker like Cavani or Benzema that have that finishing instinct and quality would be ideal (it’s gained Utd a lot of points this season).
  8. Lukaku talking about Utd when he joined them. Big ego and he was not very keen on Chelsea when he got the choice. Plus I don’t rate him that much. He’s good but he didn’t set the PL on fire when he was here and I doubt that Serie A has the same intensity. But overall, I think that W e need to aim to get the best.
  9. Spurs top of the list because they are as obnoxious and nasty as it can get (the only time I've had any issue with another random fan on the train coming back from a game was a Spurs drunk that wanted to fight me...). They think they are this great Club and they've been mediocre for decades. Oh, and they have Son and Lamela. Liverpool for how entitled and nasty their fans are. Never their fault and so on... And being the media darlings also does not help. Leeds. I think this one is for me more of a tradition than real dislike of the team/club. Arsenal, not really hate them, they
  10. I hope he doesn't go to Spurs. I think he does not fit in that club as they will not spend a penny on transfers, and we know how Conte dislikes to be in a club that does not back him up with players. If they lose Kane and they are not willing to spend much, who are they promising to bring in for Conte? I'm not seeing it, really.
  11. Never seen him as RWB so I'll take your word for it, but we've got CHO that can be a back up to James and he is similarly an attacking player as Traoré. For me it would be a disappointing signing, especially for the quoted £50 million. I think that we should aim at getting top players not squad players, but that is just my opinion.
  12. Are we talking about Adama Traoré from Wolves? Because I don't think he is used as a RWB. He has played in the front 2 in 352 or as a RW in 4231. I don't recall seen him as a RWB as James or Azpi have been used, but then I haven't watched Wolves that much.
  13. I think that getting Traore would be underwhelming, to be honest. I'm not sure how he could play as a RWB? I'd rather we kept CHO for that.
  14. Really? I thought that Chelsea had just won the Champions League having beaten City in the final.
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