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  1. Don’t think it’s a handball either. I f**king hate that lot, but City’s approach to the match were dreadful defending. Having said that, I’d rather had a City quadruple than the lots from sh*te lane winning anything. And supporting Athletic Bilbao, I despise Llorente too.
  2. Porto dominating and have had 13 attempts and 4 shots on target for none of lol. But the quality in finishing will eliminate the Dragoes.
  3. And only last year they attacked and trashed ManCity's coach when arriving to their ground and gets forgotten. The red smoke bombs is also nothing new, I've seen them at the Bridge and they also got fined in their match against City for flares. But nothing sticks to them, poor old scum never their fault, only that of a "never ending" few.
  4. Going forward we have wasted a couple mostly due to William's uneffectiveness in the last decision.
  5. At least we are making them run and work hard now so that they are tired for Porto. And I hope the dragoes give them hell
  6. The thing is that the false 9 has worked well the first half, we were in the game. It is the first minutes of the second half when we forget to defend.
  7. Salah seems to have been watching too much of Spurs with all his diving and cheating. I'm starting to dislike him as much as allí the rat or diving Kane.
  8. Getting back from the Bridge. Nice second half but I thought that the first half was way too slow. From the MHU, where I was seating, and the repetition on the screens, it looked like Giroud’s goal was own goal, but can’t really tell. Better second half but slow at some points. We still don’t counter when we get them with the wrong foot. I thought that Hazard and RLC’s goals were a sample of what Sarri wants, one touch passes and goal. CHO was good, especially in the first half, and RLC was also great. They should both start against the Spammers. Azpi was better attacking than Emerson, which did not impress me much. And Jorginho had a great game with some neat passes too. This is something we can build on surely.
  9. What those statistics tell me is that no matter what coach we have or what type of football we are playing, the players are still performing at the same level. The variable is the coach, the players are the constant. I agree that I would like to see more of CHO, but sacking Conte did not change a thing and sacking Sarri will not change it either. We need new players to become competitive again, and I prefer to back the coach we now have rather than keeping changing the coach because it changes nothing.
  10. You could say the same last season, many in here were happy to not get CL if we changed to a more attacking football philosophy. Were they the TRUE fans, not glory hunters, that now want Sarri sacked? I can't be bothered to go and look back to the "Conte out" posts. For what is worth, I was happy to have let Conte go on another season if backed, and now I am happy to give Sarri some slack. I think the glory hunters are those that as soon as things go wrong and we don't fight for trophies ask for the head of the coach, and it's always under the excuse of "I'd be happy to end 8 or 9 if... ". The reality is that if we played the youth and go trashed by Bournemouth or City they would be asking for the coach's head anyway. Sometimes I wish we could sack some fans rather than the coaches.
  11. He is wrong, it was against Spurs that the players asked to defender deeper in the second half as they were tired. And by the way, we've beaten Spurs twice this season, and have been superior to them in three of our four matches.

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