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  1. RMH

    Thibaut Courtois

    Three goals in tonight, and 15 minutes to play yet. The madridistas must be happy with this "lovely guy" (don't want to annoy the political correct or lose my job), although not entirely his fault.
  2. RMH

    That Sterling Incident

    I agree with you in that is a lot worse, but I have brought a banana from time to time to midweek matches. I normally bring some baguette and a piece of fruit, many times a banana, to keep me going until I get back home after midnight. I eat it and put it in the bin, like a normal person. Being Mediterranean I see normal that someone took a banana to have some fruit to eat at half time. Now, throwing it to the players, that is bad and I think it is worse than shouting abuse.
  3. RMH

    That Sterling Incident

    I guess that getting excited about 22 men/women in shorts kicking a ball to put it inside a goal and wasting work time discussing about it on internet is also not something to be proud of if you are a grown up... If one thing differentiates football in Europe from other sports, is that the banter, rivalries, excitement, etc makes it more than what I just said.
  4. RMH

    That Sterling Incident

    Are we seriously having a thread about lip-reading? After watching it I thought they were shouting "w**ker", but hey, who am I to contradict Prof Rio Ferdinand, who has a PhD in lip-reading racist abuse at Stamford Bridge. Why not open one about mind-reading what really Jenna's thinks of us "rent boys", which of course we heard a couple of weeks ago at Wembley and nothing was made of it?
  5. Nope, we had our moments. You can't say the opener match against Burnley or Bournemouth were dull. We can lose against Wolves and then go on and beat City. And I'm dreading the trip to Brighton on Sunday... But always fun following the Chels!
  6. Never a dull season with Chelsea, mate.
  7. That is a trick of his teeth...
  8. Back from the game. What a disgusting performance, and I'm sorry about the strong words, but losing with such a lack of intent to this bunch of won-fcuk-all w**kers deserves the adjective. What the hell was going inside the players heads tonight? Or is it that with every effing international break we will endure such performances. The worse is that there's no evidence of a game changing plan, and we've seen that against Everton and tonight. Didn't get the substitutions, and they helped nothing at all. Basically, we were very bad tonight and they wanted more to beat us.
  9. RMH

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    What is this lack of rotation many are talking about? We've seen the complete defensive line changed in the Cups, also the midfield has been rotated in midweek's games, and only one of the wingers has played most of the last few games (William), and will probably be rotated this Thursday. Giroud and Morata have been also rotating, although Morata has played most of the last few games as he is scoring. Fair enough that the starting line up has been mostly the same for the Premier League games, and we will see during the Christmas period if he rotates or not but so far, many of the players have been rested during the week.
  10. To be fair, CHO was the second player to start warming up so I thought he was going to play. A couple of minutes and a few danger situations later, he went back to the bench and Pedro, Azpi and David Luiz were the ones warming up. I think Sarri thought he would be able to give CHO some minutes, but our mistakes and Derby's good game made him change his idea. We had to bring on some starters to try to gain control of the ball. For me the subs were correct, except that I would have kept Christensen and substituted Cahill and kept RLC and substituted William (to keep him rested for Sunday, to be honest). Unfortunate for CHO, but correct decision given how the second half was being played.
  11. RMH

    Super Frank's Derby County

    Derby played very well last night. Very nice to see that Lampard and Jody are doing a great job and I hope they take Derby to the PL next season.
  12. Yep, William has days and days...
  13. RMH


    If your mate gets you the tickets, he uses your membership to get the ticket for you and you get the points. So you must have more than 5 points. If you only have 5, then you haven't gone to the Bridge that often and the chances are low.
  14. RMH


    They will sell the tickets based on loyalty points, so if you haven't been to a match before you've got even less chances of getting one than a snowball to make it in hell. Unless you go for the matchday packages or the ticket exchange at a later stage.
  15. RMH

    Jose Mourinho thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/23/jose-mourinho-juventus-different-level-quality-manchester-united-champions-league Mourinho wanting more money and having a dig in disguise at his players?