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  1. But, do we really care about a summer tournament that much? I hoped this game was taken as a preseason and am glad we didn’t end up with any injuries. Let’s have a rest and bring on the new season. Frank knows what we’re lacking and it will be an exciting new team. COYB!
  2. Do we really want to go through and win this preseason, summer, one match tournament?
  3. RMH


    How on earth could you first, mention Lampard and William in the same sentence and, second, forget Azpi! 😜
  4. RMH


    Matt Law has reported 3+1 year, so your assumption is just that, an assumption. We don’t know what the terms being discussed are. From a fan perspective I’m disgusted he’s joining a London rival and not accepting our club’s offer of two years’ contract, going beyond what club legends Lampard and Terry were offered. But, i don’t think he’s been as disrespectful as that snake we had on goal, and is just moving to Woolwich FC because they are offering more years. As simple as that, he is not a fan but an employee.
  5. Even more reason to play him the 90 minutes, whether he wants or not he is still a Chelsea player. Run him down and let him go to Woolwich FC with knocks.
  6. RMH


    As I said, Pepe has had a poor season and William will probably start for them. I don’t mind losing William but I don’t like selling to rival teams.
  7. RMH


    I think that he is better than Pepe, who has had a poor season. Though I agree that they are a mid table team and William alone will not make them much better, he will reinforce them and I don’t like reinforcing rival teams.
  8. RMH


    The main thing here is that William will be an upgrade on what Arsenal have In the attacking front, so it is annoying that he is going to reinforce them. Other than that, in my opinion, he is not giving Chelsea the respect I thought it would deserve given that he’s been here long and has been offered two years, breaking the club’s policy. I appreciate the work he does in the team, great experience and holds the ball in a way no other player in our team does, and this season he’s worked hard (unlike other seasons). But if he rather go to a rival team than stay two more years here, it shows what kind of feeling he has for the club (zero, nil, nada). On the Barsa rumours, there’s never been anything real, and it is demonstrated now that he could go there on a free. He’s never been a strong rumour in the Spanish press, just gossip from the agent.
  9. That ref is proving to be a f**king ARSEwhole, giving all to them. Mount has suffered several fouls and nothing, and he gets a yellow with that c**t Ceballos dive
  10. I find incredible that Azpi is second in number of asssits with 6, Kova has 3 (according to the PL webpage). Actually, Azpi is the first in number of tackles, interceptions and passes! Such a great player.
  11. 🤣 You’ve made me lol, it’s like a mother telling off her kid for doing the same sh*t all over again... And his reply like “but but I haven’t done anything...”. You’ve probably heard my laughter across the channel 🤣
  12. Mount, as simple as. He’s been the difference in many a game. Full of energy and crucial in Lampard’s high press tactics. Second close for me is Azpi, such a beast and so underrated because we all expect him to perform solidly. Kova has been very good in comparison to last season, but I don’t think he’s been as crucial and consistent as some in here say. But has been quite impressive after lockdown. But I’d place William above Kovacic this season.
  13. Where’s that bellend of MrPresident? I guess he’ll be waiting to come out if we don’t win the final...
  14. To tell you the truth I was feeling confident in the first half, but wouldn’t have been confident going into the second with a draw or just one goal advantage. It’s probably one of the poorest second halves for Wolves, which specialise I’m getting points in the second halves, but we were very very good in keeping the ball and pressing.

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