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  1. Lampard is starting to get it right defensively, great improvement. Now we have to start building on the attacking front, we have the players to be great in the attack. Come on Lamps!!! Fraaaanky Lampard! Fraaaanky Lampard!!! Oh Franky Lampard! Oh Franky Lampard scored two hundred against the ******!
  2. I take gladly the point, difficult ground and they’ve played well in the second half. We should have got a penalty and probably would have taken all points. Overall really chuffed with our defending for a change. We just now need to learn how to attack whilst defending well. COYB!!
  3. Utd are playing well to be honest. I hope with these changes we get back on top of them.
  4. Not sure I agree, I think it’s been a very defensively strong game, so little chance to shine for any attacking player
  5. Really? I thought he gave some slick passes. To be fair, none of our attacking three have had many chances to do much.
  6. At least the pundits at the Studio recognise that it was clear penalty for us but nothing on Rashford.
  7. So Rashford loosing the ball in the area is possibly a penalty but strangling Azpi In a corner is nothing to comment or review? Joke of refereeing and punditry.
  8. For the same reason that you can get Anthony Taylor as a ref...
  9. Maybe Lamps knows a bit more than everyone else in football regarding this Chelsea team. But obviously you haven’t seen all the aggro that Mount gets in here...
  10. Well it’s also raining down here too in Hertfordshire.
  11. Lampard is obviously giving the two fingers to the whining lot in this forum by not playing Mount! 😅
  12. Although there was some whining by the usual lot, most were mostly concerned with the price rather than Chilwell's quality. I preferred some one like Reguilon, which was cheaper and also has quality, but understood that a buy-back clause by Real Madrid was dangerous knowing that we needed a long-term fix for the LB. Good job from Marina to bring price down and getting Frank's first option. I never thought he would not be good, it was more the price tag.
  13. I think that Ian showing, we lack the energy that they show. They are all over, and as soon as they lose the ball they put three men within a metre of our player. We haven't go hat energy.
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