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  1. Not sure about the stats but we were bad for 60 or so minutes, we let them grow into the match and were never back in control. The first 20 minutes we were superb, just a shame we don't have a quality finisher because we should have been at least 2 up. After that, we almost fell to sleep at the Bridge.
  2. I did not hear the Bridge booing our players, but the Bridge stopped rocking after 20 minutes or so. Are we becoming the new Arsenal?
  3. Where did you get that impression from? We were very good for 20 minutes, had chances and scored just one. The rest of the match was for Leicester, who did not set the world on fire but were the better team.
  4. No excuses ffs, it’s f**king Leicester. We should have beaten them easily if the pool game was anything to go by. We were sh*t after our goal, no excuse. Maybe 4231 just does not work. If it Gad been any other top 6 team, we’d been done over several times today. Nevertheless great to see Monts goal and celebrating in front of me.
  5. So VAR works to disallow a goal for handball but it does not work when a clear penalty is committed in the sh*telane area. That's a joke of VAR use.
  6. I'm not sure why Guardiola has taken off Aguero when he is dangerous. Bring on Jesus for Sterling who has been slow this second half.
  7. And they equalise.... The luck this lot has is unending. Two attempt, two goals. 19 attempts by City. I don't see City winning this.
  8. Spuds have been so much poorer than us last season and still hanging on a 2-1. On another day City would have already put 5 or 6 past them and it is 5 minutes into the second. Way too lucky, plus the ref didn't give a clear penalty to City.
  9. She still did better than any male referee we've suffered lately, so happy that she jumped all the meritocrats. All those with the merits and medals would have done a worse job of it, as we see every week, so not sure what's your problem.
  10. And she did it much better than any male referee we've endured recently. Very good letting the football flow, not many errors (tough call on our penalty and wrong call allowing the penalty missed by Tammy), and very impartial. I was positively impressed and I hope we got more female referees in the PL and European cups.
  11. Well, I see its similarities with how we played the EL final or how we played City or Pool at the Bridge. That's how I understand Sarri wanted us to play, but during parts of last season the players were way too static for the ball to flow like yesterday. We'll see how fast we can play other teams that park the bus, which are the ones we struggled most with the flow.
  12. Not only that, weve played really well, like the first 60 minutes at OT, but our defending has been much better. Glad that Zouma has turned around and, except allowing the second goal, he's done well.
  13. Yeah, completely ignoring the fact that they played on Friday and us on Sunday late kick off.

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