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  1. RLC improving this second half driving the ball forward more, which is great to see.
  2. They’ve done f**k all and they score in their first chance this half, typical
  3. Fantastic cross by James and Werner scores a header!!! Come on Chels!!
  4. Exactly my beef with him tonight. No need to expand my view, you just summarised my view perfectly.
  5. Tidy is not what I expect from him, more like dominate the midfield and be creative. He’s not a newbie anymore and we were expecting a lot more from him. But he’s not doing things wrong, if that’s what you mean, he’s just too ordinary for what he was supposed to be.
  6. So far not good but Villa have offered f**k all. The only players so far that have impressed me are Chalobah and Kante. I was expecting more from CHO and Ziyech, but Ziyech at least is not missing. Saul and RLC have been meh and so on. But it’s the Carabao/Citeh Cup, so who cares.
  7. I wish he mixed up the tactics from time to time to take advantage of all the players we have. While 343 is working, when CHO and Ziyech play maybe he could try 433. After all, except Alonso, we haven’t got natural wingbacks in the team, which suggests that we could easily play a different formation.
  8. Saul asked Atleti to leave, it’s widely reported that he wasn’t happy playing for Simeone any more and had asked the club to let him leave.
  9. For me Saul Ñíguez was a good option given that Gilmour was sent on loan. What it was baffling for me was that we sent him on loan when it was clear as daylight that we were thin in the midfield and we had a gem that could make it at a Chelsea. Someone in the Club thought we were better off sending him on loan, and Norwich was a good option because of the football they play. However, if they’d been paying attention they’d know that we needed a fourth midfielder and that Gilmour was the better option while we could develop him at home. It’s just baffling.
  10. When a team comes with a 541 tactic against us, we struggle. Last season we would have drawn this game, with a proper centre forward we’ve beaten them without playing that great. But, the difference is now we are scoring more of those few chances we get, so big change from last season. I don’t think it was a bad game, it is just difficult and frustrating having to play through a f**king wall.
  11. It was always going to be a bit rusty and scrappy when they opponent plays 541. We just need to score one of the scrappy chances we get.
  12. 10 minutes and so far not much happening. We need to speed things up, but they are defending with 9, playing a 541, and we know how we suffer against those teams. well defended by James or we would be one down.
  13. Stamford Bridge applauding our players taking the knee, good one.
  14. There was a better club and he didn’t have to go on loan, it’s called CFC. We should have kept him to rotate. He’d have got a lot of game time and he’s bound to learn more from our WC midfield players. But, someone thought he’d learn more at Norwich…
  15. Did anyone uploaded the lineup? Strong one, which shows the depth we have (except maybe midfield).
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