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  1. That's a joke, a clear dive by a cheating c**t. Unbelievable that var sustained the decision, maybe too believable giving the FA wants Lolpool to win.
  2. And we continue our love affair with the posts... almost Jorginho!
  3. Every corner or set piece we concede, why not wise up and mark the man? Ffs!
  4. That was a great game to be at the Bridge, especially in the second half. But, how on earth do we let a Grimsby player get behind our defenders and score? Great goal for them, but can’t we get a clean sheet against a lower division team? Other than that, I was impressed by the youngsters. James, Gilmour, Guehi, Maatsen, Anjorin were very good. CHO was good as well but I was expecting s bit more from him, given all the hype about the contract. great game and first victory for Lamps at the Bridge. Let’s hope we can get a continuation this weekend against Nrighton. Can we play some more youth?
  5. Very poor tonight against PSG, not long until the Madrid supporters start complaining and booing him if he doesn't get back to form soon.
  6. Hazard missing, much like Real Madrid, but I was hoping that he had more of an impact on this poor team.
  7. Valencia are in crisis with the owner having sacked the coach this week and the players are not happy with the decision. Let's see if we can beat next week this Valencia in turmoil, we could really do with a win in Europe. https://www.marca.com/en/football/spanish-football/2019/09/11/5d7959b422601d967b8b4570.html
  8. I agree, I t is stupid to hunt Lampard's scalp as you say it. But let's not kid ourselves, yesterday was a let down and disappointment for many in the ground. I did not expect to go back to the errors of the past like letting a goal in the first minute of the second half, or subs that no one really understood. Still, up the Chels, of course!
  9. We can complain all we want about the defence, which looks awful, but a main issue is how we lose control of the midfield. Sheffield Utd, ffs, did dominate it the second half, a promoted team dominated us at home! For f**k sake! We know we are weak defensively, let's not lose control of the midfield!
  10. Azpilicueta before Zouma any day. As some have argued before, bring on a Reece and put Azpilicueta as CRB. Otherwise, happy with your ranking, but Tomori will become better than Christensen (imo).
  11. After our performances in the PL, I don't hold my breath. I will travel with the team, but don't expect to get through to the next stage. We have a young team to grow up and massive defensive problems. It will be a great experience for the likes of Mount and Abraham.
  12. But he's contributed massively to our attack. Maybe we shouldn't ask from him to focus on the attacking front.
  13. Tell that to Frank. I was really frustrated when I saw the lineup.
  14. Nah, it's great to see a 2 goals lead go away against a promoted team, what are we doing in the shed paying £50 for the game? Being idiots for that second half. (Never heard today booing, contrary to what happened with Sarri). By the way, I am all for Frank and don't want him get under pressure, as I supported Sarri or Conte.

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