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  1. Has anyone got the feeling that had we worn United red last night we would have got away with a scrappy 2-2 draw? I'm 99.999% certain that the penalty would have stood and Timo's goal would not have been offside because they would have drawn the line from Leicester player's elbow rather than shoulder (or wherever they decided to draw it from). I should add that it would have been unfair given our bad performance, but that's how Manure have got to the top of the league.
  2. That was a scrappy win but we were envying Manure for how they were grinding out lucky and scrappy wins. So first step towards recovery.
  3. but but but... he does not enough to be playing!!
  4. Red card for a Fulham player. I think it is red, to tell you the truth. Shocking dive to Azpi's shin
  5. So if Frank plays Havertz, people complain about it because he's been piss poor. When Frank doesn't play Havertz, people complain because he is the most expensive player and a great player to become. FFS can we just be consistent in the criticism?
  6. This is one of the away matches I enjoy most going to (with Leicester). Great atmosphere before the match and I think they’ve got a really nice ground. Today I miss going to football.
  7. Surprising resul this early kick off with Wolves losing to the Baggies. And Brighton one up at Leeds. I have to admit that I like the football that Graham Potter is making them play. With better players they’d be a really good team.
  8. Not if the interim manager is Avram, as the know it all media is guessing.
  9. City did a pretty good job with Manure as well, especially the second half, just saying. I don't complain much about City, they are a top team hitting top form, but the performance against Arsenal was disgraceful.
  10. I don’t think we are anywhere near to the situations we were when Hiddink took the interim jobs.
  11. Of course he has a vision of how he wants us to play, but he hasn't got the skillset yet to make it happen week after week or to make game changes according to how the match goes. He is learning. If we wanted the full coach with all the skills ready, we should not have given Frank the job, it is really absurd to expect him to have the experience of other coaches in the PL. For what is worth, im happy to give our legend time to learn and get the experience with us, just like I'm happy to give academy players the time to become good footballers with Chelsea first team.
  12. It doesn’t surprise me from someone that threw his CL medal to the ground and left his Porto players to celebrate by themselves. I’ll be thankful for the titles, which he won thanks to Chelsea too, but I’ve always thought of him an ungrateful, selfish tosser.
  13. You can not expect a coach with one season and a half at the top flight, and no more than another season at the championship to have a clear vision and know it all in tactics. I see how Lampard wants Chelsea to play, but I understand that it is going to take a while until he has the clear plan that works. It’s fair for fans not wanting to have patience and prefer to bring in the Mourinho of turn to win a trophy and F off to some other team afterwards. But I’d rather we gave him time to learn the trade with us. Just like I rather we gave Gilmour playing time to bring in other midfielder.
  14. BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website, apparently.
  15. Have to disagree. Maybe not knee level, but right to the shin and studs showing.
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