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  1. This is a bit like sweet and sour pork for me. I wish we'd done more to keep Sarri. Despite the ups and downs of the season, we've taken a football path i want to see developed. I was sad when the fans turned on him, and wished we'd been more patient. We've had dire games and we've had really good games (City at home and the two consecutive wins over Spuds at home, for example). And we played great in the Europa League final thrashing Le Arse and playing really good football. On the other hand is great that Lampard is coming back, if indeed he is to be appointed. The football will keep a similar path, maybe youth players coming up to the first team, and it is A Club legend. I'm not worried about the fans turning on him, it won't happen, but will be sad when the board sacks him if things don't work out. And the board will expect top 4, finals and maybe silverware as they've always done no matter what (transfer ban, Hazard gone, injuries...).
  2. No way with the current squad will we finish top 4. No Hazard, CHO and RLC injured and not coming back for the start of the season, no goalscorer and quite a lack of creativity up front when CHO and RLC are not playing, means that Pool, City, Spurs (reinforcing themselves this window), and Utd (who will probably improve their squad as well), will finish above us, and we'll fight with Arsenal for the EL position. And I'm not confident that Wolves will not be up there with us for 6th place. Not feeling very positive at the moment.
  3. He has played in several positions with France, but lately he's been played on the right in a 433 but also has played in a 4231 alongside Pogba.
  4. Yes, I mean, losing 3 - 0 at home to Bournemouth in January 2018 with Conte on the bench was not embarrasing. I'm not saying that this year's losses have not been dire performances (and I was at the City match), but here we go again with the overstatements because it is Sarri.
  5. Barca and Madrí can go and f**k themselves, Aúpa Athlétic! As I said before, can't wish Hazard good luck professionally as I hope Madrid flops, but if he comes to the Bridge I'll be applauding him at the beginning and end (and boo his snake colleague).
  6. Really gutted to see him going. Thanks and all, but not wishing him good luck at Real Madrid. Enjoy my great city but I wish you no good luck from the football perspective as that would mean Real Madrid won leagues, Champions and Cups and i'll never wish that in my entire life.
  7. Sorry, what i wrote has no relation whatsoever to the quote, I misread it.
  8. Just like Sarri did with Napoli and some in here use that to highlight that he had not won anything before! Conte's got no excuse, he got us winning the PL after finishing 10th. I was a defender of Conte even in the second season, but some of you need some consistency when criticising Sarri.
  9. Yes, reported in as.com that the deal is over 100 million € plus bonuses given simple achievements (not specified, though).
  10. Corrected that for you 😉
  11. The problem is that, with RLC and CHO with long-term injuries, we won't be able to compete with Spurs or Utd (I don't include Arsenal, who are in complete meltdown) if we don't bring in some new players. I agree, bring on Ampadu (who I believe can start getting minutes this season) and Abraham, maybe start to integrate Mount (though I'd give him another year on loan if we can keep Kovacic), but with Pedro, William and Giroud up front, and no upgrades in there, we are not good enough. We badly need to upgrade those positions now that Hazard is gone and Hudson-Odoi is injured.
  12. The Club already made a statement in March saying it had the intention to appeal, although I don't know when or why haven't they made the appeal yet. The club acted in accordance with the relevant regulations and has already notified FIFA of its intention to appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision and sanction. As a matter of procedural fairness and equality of treatment, and Swiss law, the Club’s right to an appeal process must be afforded, before any irremediable sanction takes effect. So far as the Club is aware, in all previous cases where a registration ban has been imposed by FIFA, a decision has also been made to suspend the sanction until the appeal process has been completed. In this case, Chelsea considers that it is being treated inconsistently in comparison with other European clubs. We will consider our next steps once we have received the written reasons for this decision from FIFA. The Club notes the Appeal Committee’s statement that it has the right to appeal to CAS. In the meantime the Club will continue to fully cooperate with the proceedings.
  13. Sarri's comments after last night's win (taken from Chelsea's website): ‘I have to speak to my club. The season finished one hour ago so tomorrow I will speak to the club, like every club at the end of the season. We need to know what the club can do for me, what I can do better for the club. In a couple of days we will decide, but I have a contract so at the moment we are talking about nothing. ‘I am lucky because I am at Chelsea, one of the best clubs in the best championship in the world. At the moment I am happy, but of course I want to know if the club is happy and if we can improve. I think I deserve to stay but it’s only my opinion.’ I don't think these are words from someone who is willing to go. I have always been behind Sarri and still want him to stay. I want to see us playing football like yesterday's second half, and we can become more consistent this season (though we are still some players behind City team, I think we can compete with Lolpool).

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