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  1. Is it the final and submits your answers or is it just a test as it says when you get in.
  2. Who's saying indefinitely? Surely two months of proper lockdown (unlike what we've had here) is not indefinitely. And no, science has not proven that vitamin D or boosting your immune system prevents getting Covid-19 or dying from it. And cancer patients have not been able to get their treatment because our NHS has been clogged up by Covid-19 patients, thanks to a late no-lockdown.
  3. Some regions of Spain (Madrid, Barcelona the ones that may be familiar to you) have not opened yet other than letting people go out with time restrictions. Other regions, with less prevalence of the virus have opened at 30% and travel restrictions within province (the equivalent of a county, unlike here where I can do to Cornwall from Hertfordshire if I want to have a stroll in the coast). It makes me laugh when here in the UK we complain about lockdown because we live in flats with no fresh air nor nice views. Nearly 70% of the population in Spain live in flats versus around 14% of the UK... 86% of the population here have a garden to have a decent lockdown, go out and enjoy the sunshine, have a bbq and walk around mowing the lawn. I do exercise in my garage and the garden (and I don't live in a huge house). But are we here that much more fragile than the Spaniards? Have they different adaptations that we are not capable of doing this simple thing of staying at home and enjoy our gardens to prevent people dying? It makes me laugh (not to cry) when I talk to my neighbours and they now feel the need to go out for a walk of 6 miles every day when they always, always used the f**king car to travel 2 miles to the high street. So sorry, it is not impossible to do it here in the UK either.
  4. It is not a bit longer to open up (as we are already open and at the same time as some regions of Spain), it has meant that more people have died in the UK. But yeah, mental health and that...
  5. The difference is that Italy and Spain have had proper lockdowns in place, where people were not allowed out of their homes except for essential shopping. The lockdown here has been as tough as when Spain decided to let people go for a walk last week. Also, these two countries have also started to easy up the lockdown with many less new cases per day than what we are seeing in the UK at present.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/51867944?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=5e6b68198d956f0669ae45e1%26Premier League suspended until 3 April%262020-03-13T11%3A01%3A46.359Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:d9e0d6c3-e949-425d-b909-f56bc01435ec&pinned_post_asset_id=5e6b68198d956f0669ae45e1&pinned_post_type=share PL suspended until 3rd of April, so I guess I won't be travelling tomorrow to Birmingham... Now, will we get the money back?
  7. Ok, it would have been typical to get a VAR call against us after our player had been fouled, but fair play to VVD. That's the thing with how it works, we don't get any indication in the stadium of why or what is being VAR'd.
  8. You weren't alone there, I was also screaming at him to pass the ball and then..... boooom! There was a very similar previous occasion few minutes before where Barkley was undecided to whether to take on his man, pass the ball to Pedro or shoot himself, and at the end none of the above happened and he lost the ball to a defender.
  9. He struggled big time the first 5 minutes, but as the game went on he was very good. But you can see why he is not the first choice now, whenever we tried playing the ball from the back, he struggled. At some points in the second, when we were trying to control the game and passed the ball around, he wasn't comfortable with it on his feet. But last night showed how we can also play with defenders that are actually good in defending but less so playing the ball.
  10. It was great how he received, held and played the ball to our wide players with our goal kicks, and that against one of the best CB in the PL. It was great to see a proper centre forward back in the team. What was that VAR check of red card in the first half? On the ground I could only see how, I thought, he was fouled by VVD but then, the ref gave them a free kick and the screen informed us that VAR was checking for a red card.
  11. He did not obstruct ade Gea's view at all. Did you see how De Gea followed the ball first with his head to his right and then to his left after the deflection? That is a clear sign that he was not obstructed in his view of the ball. Sorry, another cheating Manchester ref helping a Manchester team.
  12. Do you the impression that ManU players get away with anything? This f**king manure team is dirty as hell, but the refs allow them to be.
  13. Have we? Because they all play sh*t balls. If it wasn't for our midfield, we would never get the ball out of our third. And another reflection, some wanted back Ake, who had a mare in our first goal, though I haven't watched all game. He is not an answer to our horrible defending.
  14. City are a bunch of divers, no penalty (Sterling is already going down before there is any contact) and no red card (very light hand on shoulder). They will buy their way out of the ban mess they have found themselves in.
  15. RMH

    Mason Mount

    I agree with @abramovich, Mount was for me one of the best players on the pitch yesterday for us. I loved how he tried, pressed and positioned himself at times to close the passing angle and even forcing errors on Bayern defenders. It was just that Bayern was a much better team, but I don't think that he was as bad as people put him.

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