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  1. The VAR and red were before the end of the first 45 minutes (I can’t remember the Sterling incident you mention), so maybe he should just have given 5 minutes of added time and not 3 in the first half? Why say it’s 3 and then let the game on for 5?
  2. I think it was more credit to Leeds defending than to City’s lack of chances. They had quite a few shots from inside the box that Leeds defended very well by putting players close together to close the shot space. Think West Brom second goal when we had three defenders closing the shooting spaces and we just let that one in as they were all over the place. Leeds defenders closed their space well, unlike us. But I see City going for a striker, I just don’t think Kane suits their style and they’ll probably go for Haaland.
  3. He did let the first half go on for 5 minutes when the added time was 3 as well...
  4. And that's how you play with 10 men and beat the leader of the PL.
  5. I don’t think anyone is saying here that Tammy is a world class striker, but given the rotation that Tuchel is doing and that Werner in the last few games has been a shadow, Tammy should be given the nod so that Werner can get a well-deserved rest. I sincerely prefer Werner, he always puts a shift and does not hide, plus he offers more to the attacking front. But, I think that Tammy needs to get games given that Werner is at the moment not even capable of being involved in the attack and Tammy has always got a goal in him.
  6. That would be if Tuchel wanted to play as Sarri, but this isn’t the case. Jorginho does not fit system, in fact, I’d argue the team is so unbalanced that that’s why we struggle. We have a fast front line that would thrive with fast fluid forward passes, and a sluggish tiki-taka midfield. Jorginho would probably not flourish either at Pep’s City, he’s too soft to cover as Fernandinho and not an attacking threat as Gundogan, nor even a similar player to Rodri or Bernardo Silva. I just don’t see in for us unless we change the whole system and set of players to build the team around him.
  7. For me it’s not about getting top 4 v CL, it’s about rotating players with a balance and without getting battered by dross like West Brom or putting in bad performances like Leda or Sheffield Utd. You can’t rotate 7 players at once, get a balance to start with and then make apchanges earlier if the game is going well.
  8. The problem with that reasoning is that he plays well when opposition doesn’t press him or man mark him, when the press is intense he is not capable of getting rid of the pressure. Even Kepa is great when the opposition does not shoot or cross the ball, when the pressure is on the box, he’s not that good. And I’m not against Jorginho, I think he’s the kind of player required for a type of football and he’s good at what he does, but we are moving away from that style of play.
  9. Agree, he’s the type of striker we need as we are playing, but he needs to be stronger, rougher and score with head, left and right, as well as being able to bully defences and create his own chances. We need a Drogba, a Costa, and Tammy is so far the incomplete version of these. That’s why I would like him to get more playing time to see if Tammy can grow into the position, and given the competition he’s got, he should be a nailed on starter, to be honest. Can he do it? I hope so, but we need to see him on the pitch more often.
  10. I have no doubt that Tuchel will rest players for Tuesday as he's done so far, but I hope that he has learnt by now the lesson and does not change 7-8 players as his usual rotation. Another thrashing this time by CP and I can see fans rioting.
  11. This is Pulisic's injury history at Chelsea according to https://www.transfermarkt.com/christian-pulisic/verletzungen/spieler/315779. If the problem was the tear in the abductor, then he had 6 months recovery time (I guess that also included the lockdown period), which I'm no expert, but given they are provided with the best doctors and recovery techniques, it should be long enough (again, a poster here is saying 3 months of no football would help and he had 6). Maybe as some here mention he did not recover well and all the following strains and hamstring and muscle injuries are a result of th
  12. With the big difference that Alonso deserved the treatment for disrespecting the team and coach and afaik Tammy has not done that. I'm not a great fan of Tammy, I think that he is not the striker we need, but I realise that he is young and he needs minutes to show if he's capable or not of doing it at Chelsea. Furthermore, he is so far our highest scorer of the strikers we've got. So he should be getting playing time in the rotations Tuchel does. I thought he was injured and Tuchel was being cautious, but if what has been reported is true, Tuchel has not made himself any favour or indeed
  13. The decision was checked by VAR and David Coote was in charge...
  14. Yes, I agree. But I think the problem lies in the board's culture of hire-sack-hire of coaches. That's why I was so against the sacking of Lampard and I would not want the Club to sack Tuchel before the end of next season (and even keep him a second complete season). If the board keeps changing coaches with different mentalities and styles, we end up with the present team, where we have a midfield that partly fits Sarri/Pep style and a new shiny forward line that fits better the more fluid, fast style Lampard wanted to play (or even Conte's). I think that Tuchel is trying so far to balance thi
  15. I wouldn't give up on him just yet. He puts in a shift every game, he tries (and fails) and is providing assists. He needs to be rested, I agree, but I still think that he can become a good striker for us. For me the concern is not him missing, but our midfield being so sluggish and creating zero chances, not being able to put passes through to Werner on a regular basis when he makes the move to run behind the defenders. He did carry danger against Liverpool because we played that way, and if it wasn't for a stupid VAR decision, he would have had a goal. He needs to get a rest but overall we n
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