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  1. He did take some corners against the spammers, to be fair, and I believe in other games as well.
  2. Me too, Wednesday is going to be so nerve racking, and I hate the 17:55 kick off games...
  3. Yes, I didn't check who was saying what to be honest, and I haven't any data regarding the performance of Courtois regarding punching the ball or coming out of the line in a cross. So it is all my feeling, which obviously is not a fact. But I was (and still am) of the opinion that he was not that safe and he often punched the ball to a danger area. He was not strong and could not punch a ball out of the box, thus I didn't feel too confident. And the fact that two-three seasons ago we were discussing this, means that many in here were not that confident at all with him. Now, that does not mean that Kepa is better in dealing with crosses (obviously is no improvement in that department so far), I'm just saying that we should not think of the past as being all rosy with Courtois and crosses into the box.
  4. I didn't remember this been a strong point of his and remembered him punching the ball into danger areas quite often. And I've gone to Courtois' topic on this forum and searched "punch" to check if I remembered correctly, and most of the comments are how he always punches the ball to opponents within the box or coming out of his line with no purpose, Villa, Stoke, PSG are some of the matches being mentioned as conceding goals because Courtois punched the ball to an opponent. So, some revisionism of Courtois going on.
  5. Loved the atmosphere tonight. Met some Villa supporters at St Pancras and had a lot of fun with them on my way to the Bridge. But the best moment has to be when Mount scored and we got back at them with “Jack Grealish is a sh*t Mount” song. It came to bite back at them...
  6. We deserved a draw, we didn’t deserve to lose. The spammers did nothing other than score. We weren’t good but we were better than them. This is a game we should have never lost. And it’s the f**king pikeys for gods sake! A draw was fair but we could not score if it went in for 3 days.
  7. Why is var taking so long? It looked clear offside and now is not by a toenail. So so lucky we've been!
  8. The new rules do not consider whether a handball is deliberate or not, if the ball hits the arm inside the box and the arm is in an unnatural position, it is penalty. It was the case today, no doubt it was a penalty. But these f**kers get all the decisions for them.
  9. Though I think we can beat these c**ts, the refs and var would stop us.
  10. What do you mean never mind the ref and var, if it wasn't because of them cheating they'd never be 2-0 up today, and they'd have lost some points already this season. The refs and Var are playing their part in helping them.
  11. Mike Dean was the same c**t that yesterday showed us all the yellow cards and let get away the Palace player with all the cynical fouls they kept doing around their box. They deserved more yellow cards than us and that twat did nothing.
  12. Clear offside and Liverscum get away with it thanks to var. I hope this makes it clear how corrupt the FA is towards that scum of a team.
  13. Am I the only one thinking that we should have done better against Ajax at home with no supporters? I thought we were bordering the embarrassment with the goals we let in. 5 shots and 4 goals... We would’ve never have got back if they’d not gone down to 9, though deservedly. And they are a young side too. Hopefully we learn from this but these midweek games are not going very well.
  14. Unless you're Hudson-Odoi, in which case you get a yellow, even when there's an arm pushing you from behind.

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