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  1. Yeah. I wonder why Mount isn't being criticised for his awful decision making rather than Lukaku. Lukaku played the ball out wide to him and he should have pulled it back for Havertz (on a plate) but took a shot he scoffed anyway. Even if that wasn't a scoffed shot, a cut back pass was the better option as Havertz would have tapped in to an empty goal. Two or three opportunities in the game would have been buried if the right passing lanes had been chosen. I said this last season even during Lampard's tenure. We need our mids to see the game better than they currently do, we create chances but great chances get turned into half chances, because they make wrong choices. The 2nd half tactic was all about defending which was right choice becuase pool on a normal day 11 v 11 can run rings around any team and we certainly wouldn't have stood a chance if we didn't opt for that system. Lukaku wasn't very effective not because of his play but others around him, the team never played to his strengths ie direct long balls over the Liverpool press or put him on the run down the sides to stretch pool defenders legs a bit. Not sure if it was instructions but they tried to play the ball out of defence and lost it a lot of times, all credit due Liverpool's great pressing but in such situations the goal we should have scored on the break, was created by Lukaku after outsmarting VVD. If that ball was laid on to Mount or Alonso rather than Kovacic, then we would have had a smash and grab win, with the winner assisted by Lukaku. I think we are being unfairly critical of him here.
  2. And that's fair enough. Football is a results business and if we look at his stats, it shows he produces results. Still won't convince everyone though. Football is not a one man game and where some say a particular player fails on the big stage, my view is others should pick up the slack especially if that player has contributed in other instances. Pressure is a funny thing and manifests in different ways in different people. Everyone ready to give Werner a pass after fluffing his lines repeatedly and on the biggest stage of all last season, someone else turned up. It's not talked about of course I understand because we won and he wasn't the biggest expense for us. As for Kane as second choice, hmmmm, I think he's even more unattainable than Haaland. For a combination of factors but the main 2 for me, he won't switch to a London rival and ditto Levy wouldn't sanction a sale to a rival.
  3. And so he should too. I have love for the young man. Met his dad before through his dad's pal I used to work with and seem to be a decent humble family but that stunt (some would say sh*t) Tammy pulled through his gf was totally reprehensible and though she said the truth, very disrespectful to the gaffer and players selected. Those are the kind of truths you knock your manager's door and say to him face to face (which he could well have done), and not through a WAG on social media.
  4. When I hear people croon about why settle for 2nd choice because Haaland is unavailable, I laugh. Isn't that what life and affordability is all about? You want something but cannot afford it, you cut coat according to size and get what you can afford. Haalands ridiculous munbers are only as ridiculous as the fact that people want their club to buy him no matter what financial impact it will have. If there haven't been heavy investments recently you could say okay.... Yes we had a transfer ban and saved up some money but last season we saw the better part of quarter of £1b spent. Geez Same people shirk and cry jealousy when accused of buying up league titles and inflating markets (which I don't agree with). Its insane money for a player proven at Norwegian, Austrian and German football level. Some transfers are not just worth the disruption they are likely to cause to the squad balance ultimately.
  5. I think it's Fifa that has devalued money. Fans are very unrealistic in most aspects and this is unfortunately now the case for transfers too. Arsenal signed a "nobody" for £50m in terms of his recognition on the global, and some might even argue British footballing stage so whilst the fee for Lukaku is high, it is still well worth it for what his stats say he is and what he has done on the global stage. Haaland however, the fee will be in excess of £200m (Dortmund at least 150m, Raiola 36m, Papa Haaland 10m, Haaland sign on 10-20m) apart from his wages, which as had been noted will absolutely smash the ceiling of our wage structure. Not financially healthy for the squad, and the club in the long term, even if the boss has the Rubles to facilitate it. It will be a nightmare for Economic and forecasting analysts within the club and its no wonder there's been nothing official from us yet.
  6. It never is or was for me Lampard in or out. Just argued for the case of not being partial which is hard to do when it's a Legend in charge; and not his fault for calling on all that equity and goodwill he had built up. Like I want with players, managers should be good enough for Chelsea quality. Wasn't his fault he was appointed but it was 100% not out of merit. I never even argued for a winner or "top" manager, just someone qualified at that level. There should be no gloating or any joy in it, at the end of the day we all want the same thing. Chelsea's success. By nature we all have sentiments and they all differ so not surprised some preferred stability and managerial longevity at the risk of short term failure but hey ho, soldiers come soldiers go, the barrack is alway there.
  7. They got banned as I did for observing and noting the manner it was done seemed improper. Wonder why or when my ban was lifted. Just tried it one day and it worked. I like to talk about Chelsea with fellow fans. Getting older now, it's one of the last few passions from the childhood days that still fill me with almost the same fire. Not scared of bans though. I welcome intelligent even though controversial viewpoints. We dont have to agree about things, I and Slojo didn't most times, but they brought a lot to the table in terms of discourse. The bans at the time I felt were harsh. I still hold that view.
  8. Personally feel Tomori did very well for us when he featured under the previous manager, with plenty of qualities that if coached and developed well would certainly put him in the mold of a very solid and reliable first team defender for most top 10 teams in the league. I wonder what scale of a fall out or disagreement he had with the previous manager that saw him go out of favour. If I were Milan, he's the type of player to go into debt for as £25m is not a lot of money for the defender they're going to get out of him. He's still ridiculously low mileage for that position and the effect he's had in the team is really good. I think he's gone, except there's another reason apart from football to come back to England. Playing for a Milan giant (though not what they once were) and helping in their rebuild would be very appealing to most. Plus it's a sure thing at the moment, as opposed to coming back to Chelsea unsure of where he stands.
  9. It's not just us being spoilt by the quality of passers in team previously ie Lamps, Ballack, Essien, Joe Cole and of course Fabrepass himself because lower quality players from lower teams look for such runs and pass the ball. Sometimes wonder if the overall team instruction is to move forward with the ball at feet rather than pass forward though I wonder why the coaching team will adopt such when we have legs upfront.
  10. I have seen enough of Werner and our midfield to say without doubt the midfield is very complicit in our attack not working as it should. Shocking the number of times Werner or any other player makes a run and the midfielder fails to even try to play him through with a quick pass. That's how you unlock defences especially when you have pace. Otherwise it's a case of every man beating the man he comes up against. What are the odds of that happening and scoring goals. That's our problem. And the few occasions they pass they rarely give a good pass.
  11. Some good points. Hopefully things will fall into place soon. I believe the system is currently working in terms of giving us game points. As the system starts to get more success and the team believes in itself, then perhaps they will loosen up more and start to find that killer pass, see that run from the attacker quicker, release the ball a bit sooner and do the things that currently aren't done to give us that attacking edge. It's certainly good to see that the defensive structure and solidity long associated with a Chelsea team but slowly disappearing over the last few years is now slowly bring built again. Once upon a time, Atletico and Chelsea defence would be described in similar terms and we would all have known the winner of the game would more than likely have capitalised on a mistake by the other in the defensive phase to win, rather than sheer brilliance of the team and attacking set up. Its a bit satisfying to see the game pan out that way with the added plus of a very confident and controlled Chelsea performance apart from the opening minutes as some have pointed out.
  12. Saw someone belittling Tuchel's gains thus far on another thread here and the stated assumption that Lampard could have won all the games that Tuchel has played. I'm not blowing Tuchel's trumpet nor had any kind of affiliation or leaning towards him before his appointment but the difference between the teams; night and day. It's not even about the wins, which of course are great, but the structure, organisation, tactical acumen, management that's clear for all but the severely biased to see. Example, compare a Lampard team pressing (mount running all over the place and one or two joining) and Tuchel's team pressing. It's so coordinated and precise, it's not hard to notice the difference. We can allow for the new manager effect and all pulling together to stake a claim for a place in the team but I think it's more something brought on from training sessions. That's what Lampard couldn't give because he didn't have it, not that he didn't want to. Experience is key in this game. It's why managers like his uncle and their fellow british managers have achieved longevity and still getting jobs even though, they will be considered failures in management on a certain level. They know the league, they have a bit of "guile and smarts" built over years that can help them out of tight spots. Though I'll add the caveat, even that juice seems to be running out now.
  13. Argo it was because the reason they were Sarri out was so Frank could come in. Why would they hold him to the, pardon the pun, frankly ridiculous standards and accusations they lobbed Sarri's way. A manager that worked his way up from the trenches of football management to achieve global fame and status, and who after all said and done delivered a trophy as well as 4th place. Not given a chance but a pup in football management with no stripes is good enough. Yeah right, try another one.
  14. You are right. It's not just Tuchel. I believe this started the moment Lamps got the Derby gig. We started strongly with Sarri, when we hit a bad patch as can happen to most teams it was Sarri out. The fan base agitated by the fuel poured on Sarri by the media. It was pretty much all with the end game of getting Lamps in I believe. It wasn't surprising at all Sarri walked. Juve was a job he maybe couldn't turn down but better treatment by the fans wouldn't have had him being so distant from us and maybe not just walk the way he did.
  15. Agreed. I think he could make a successful manager cause he is intelligent and talks a good game but you need significant experience. Years on the grind for it to fall in place. On the pig headedness I feel his history with football, basically been in it his whole life and vety successful might have brought that on. A by-product.
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