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  1. I don't even bother myself with the so called media reports and insider said this or that. I'm not claiming to be a football genius but I've played and watched the sport long enough to know it was the wrong appointment from the get go. I watched over 50% of his games as Derby manager not because of any affiliation with Derby but because of Frank. He was on to something but not quite there yet. And believe it or not, the way he wanted to play or approach games in my opinion was great. The problems I always had were two fold and they were (I) his inter personal skills real
  2. Well put and fair point Val. Not here to gloat but as anyone can tell from my posts, some don't allow other views to be freely expressed and railroad some posters along "the line" which just gets my blood boiling. Point taken, I'll let you (and others) grief or do whatever you want to help process the events like you say.
  3. That's my gripe with some on here Slojo. They want a manager out or in based on their affinity for him and not what he's capable of delivering. I don't care whose Ox is gored. Can he get the job done? Is he meeting and exceeding KPIs? If not, out with the old and in with the new. As many times as required. This isn't a chicken change industry. Billions are at stake. A man investing such billions has the right to sack a manager every month if he can afford it and thinks its the right thing to do to move his business forward.
  4. I haven't started saying Frank was the wrong one only 5 weeks ago but from day nunero uno. In that sense, the board are a lot better than me. It's not hard to resolve and I have offered this to you and others that like to criticise the board several times. Scrape your millions and get in there. Until then, you look after your heart interests whilst they look after their business interests.
  5. Oh do one please, I'm glory hunting because I prefer to see things from the perspective of the owner who ultimately to him Chelsea is a business and not a pastime or passion as it is for you?
  6. Only a stupid business man will see his business going down the toilet and not do what he can to rescue it, especially when the management in place have not shown the capability to get the business to thrive. Not from history, past performance or current performance. Anybody that honestly thought the appointment of Lampard was our attainment of managerial bliss is a joker and to all the old timers that feel betrayed, sickened, fed up, are done...... so many funny things I've read from you lot. From your downright condescending tones to other posters, challenging their credibility as
  7. You get a lot of respect from me for your current views. You know your football like a lot of others on here do and you were a fervent supporter of Lampard as manger. To change your view based on the facts at hand does not make you any less of a man but a bigger one. Fair play.
  8. As a broad concept, it extends beyond family to friends as well. Frank is a friendly face, to me as well as millions others who support, follow and love the club. As well as the inside business people within. Still don't mean he's right for the job. I'm just waiting till he's moved on now cause he will be. It's glaringly obvious he's not got it. Yet. He wasn't qualified for job when he got it and should have learned his trade a bit longer before getting the Chelsea role. Without our peculiar circumstances in the season he was appointed, there's no way in a rational business w
  9. You can't give what you don't have. Nepotism will get you only so far on the road to excellence. Now mix Nepotism with Mediocrity you won't even get that far. That's all.
  10. You can't give what you don't have. Nepotism will get you only so far on the road to excellence. That's all.
  11. Well done Lampard and boys. Beginning to see what I've been wanting to see which is lessons learnt from previous experiences. Mainly the transition between attacking and defending seems to be getting better balanced with every game. I think he can now push on to achieve his potential if current progression continues. Well done.
  12. JT.... True Legend of the club in the rel sense of the word. Left the club and stepped down a division rather than accept any Premier league offers and risk playing against Chelsea.
  13. You're right man. I even have said on these hallowed pages that I didn't even think they performed badly defensively after a game. I'll give credit where it is due and Frank is great in a lot of ways. Our attacking play, what he's doing with academy players, his media speak and stance. The problem I see which I won't hesitate to call out is that Frank will grow as a manager over the years and maybe would be a better fit for us then. The individual mistakes can be cut out if the defensive transition and positional play is worked on, and that comes from the training pitch. I wo
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