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  1. You'd have been shocked if my reaction was being filmed during the West Ham & Crystal Palace games 😄
  2. United are due a few bad results, lets not forget OGS had them on a winning streak last season before the wheels came off. Fernandes has been a massive influence on their run of form though.
  3. So frustrating that we seem to be the only team that gives perfect opportunities to players who haven't scored in ages, geez.
  4. World class players will still make mistakes, we seem to have this fascination that we are the only team that has it happen but it is because we put our own team under the magnifying glass more. Ross is guilty of making making the wrong decision in moments of play, but then he has gone on to provide the assist or score to correct that.
  5. One off game against Leicester and two moments as a late sub against Watford doesn't suddenly banish him from the team, geez.
  6. Why would Gilmour get over run? I don't understand this criticism when he's been pretty good for most of the games he has been involved in.
  7. If we go with the same XI (bar Kante, if injured) then I think we'll be fine.
  8. Mount explaining how he had to put more fizz on the ball leading up to the first goal is precisely why he is important in the team. We need quick decisive passing to break down teams looking to set up the low block, long may it continue.
  9. I think he will stick with Zouma now at least, he looks far more solid than Rudiger.
  10. Literally only a couple of moments so let's calm down, we still have plenty of players needing match sharpness. Can we stop downplaying the result as well, we were comfortable because we played well enough to make it that way. Watford was easily a potential banana skin with our inconsistency against teams lower in the table. When teams play the low block we need the movement and creativity of goals 1 & 3 last night, rather than passing around the box and back to our half, this showed we easily have the capability. I want teams to fear playing us again, once you have that it gives you a massive edge in games. Pulisic is a machine, that boy still had pace to burn at the end of the game, fantastic player.
  11. They'll easily get one year as a minimum, i can't see it being two years though.
  12. Zouma was a rock, having Azpi as left back was much better than we've seen from Alonso recently.
  13. Our back line hasn't been great, but if we actually stuck 2/3 past teams when we are dominating it will make a huge difference. We look far too toothless at times.

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