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  1. I think we have just been unlucky in our losses to any of the top sides in the league. I think we just have to stick with how we are playing and the results will come against those teams, the only thing we lack is maybe experience to see those games out but we have an abundance of talent, ambition and drive that will see us through those games eventually. I also look at where Liverpool and City finished in their first season under Klopp and Guardiola and so far we are better than they ever were under a new manager and a refreshed youthful squad.
  2. I would play Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic to be really solid in the middle, then Mount, Abraham and Willian as the attacking trio. The back four I would choose is Dave, Tomori, Zouma and James.
  3. With our current squad we are more than capable of beating City, they aren't miles better than us. As for Jorginho he should play, that 6-0 defeat was one of those freaky games that happen now and then plus we have far more threat going forward compared to the previous few years where we relied on Hazard far too much. City are rocking defensively and with the players we have we should easily exploit that like Liverpool did.
  4. I'd love for our young lads to get a victory over City, it would be a huge confidence booster getting a result over a top 4 team. I feel we have been unlucky so far in recent top 4 games.
  5. If Hazard would have scored those goals we wouldn't of stopped hearing how world class he is. Pulisic is a lot more direct and that's a good thing.
  6. I just love the options we have throughout the team, the subs were superb.
  7. For a big guy Andy Carroll isn't that effective in the air to be honest, as for Newcastle we have more than enough to sweep them aside pretty comfortably.
  8. I would go for Luka Jovic if it doesn't work out for him at Madrid, he was quality for Frankfurt last season. Young and talented, he could easily rotate with Tammy and I think our style of play would suit him more. I do hope that Bats does well though, he can score goals but he just needs that consistency to his play.
  9. And why does he compare him to Drogba when he could say Costa, JFH, Anelka, TAF, Gudjohnsen etc. Tammy is a player in his own right anyway who has his own style. We are going to chant for any striker who bangs in the goals either way.
  10. CHO for Willian and that's a quality starting XI, I'm not sure if Rudiger is available though.
  11. I tell you what, with how we are playing we could easily cause an upset next week. Stick with the 3-4-3 Frank, it suits us so much more.
  12. With time the team will get used to the new tactics we are playing, and we do have lots of players who can cause trouble to the opposition. Just because Hazard left hasn't meant the goals have dried up, it's just that stupid defensive errors have let teams back in.
  13. I would drop Zouma personally, take him out of the limelight for a few matches as he has made the mistakes. I am confident in our ability to win games, we just need to stop the mistakes at the back.

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