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  1. I tell you what, with how we are playing we could easily cause an upset next week. Stick with the 3-4-3 Frank, it suits us so much more.
  2. With time the team will get used to the new tactics we are playing, and we do have lots of players who can cause trouble to the opposition. Just because Hazard left hasn't meant the goals have dried up, it's just that stupid defensive errors have let teams back in.
  3. I would drop Zouma personally, take him out of the limelight for a few matches as he has made the mistakes. I am confident in our ability to win games, we just need to stop the mistakes at the back.
  4. What, like when we played them in the Super Cup. For me it's individuals making errors rather than being defensively terrible. I would drop Zouma personally and if Rudiger isn't fit bring back Christensen alongside Tomori. Azpi needs to dropped as soon as James is fit.
  5. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I doubt you would say that if Bats or Billy scored a winner etc. We are developing a squad alongside young players, things take time.
  6. For me FIFA has gotten progressively worse in the gameplay department, until EA change that I'll stick PES which gets better and better each year and plays a better game of footy.
  7. Probably not the best idea, you need three strikers at least to cover injuries, rotate etc.
  8. You could say that for most goals to be fair, unless they are an absolute worldie. Hitting a half volley from a cross is a difficult skill, and the long range shot took Krul by surprise. The more of that the better 🙂
  9. Looking forward to another professional display from us to secure the 3 points. I don't think defensively we are bad, we have just switch off in moments to concede. Pukki's goal really should have been saved by Kepa and Tammy was fouled which lead up to the first goal from Norwich. Zouma has come on a lot better since the United game and Emerson is also fairly regular compared to last year so we are playing half of a new back four really, so it was always going to take time to gel, especially with how we push our full backs so high up at times. Either way with Kovacic really excelling in his role, Kante to come back, Tammy finishing like a don and players like Rudiger, RLC, CHO and Reece James to return at some point we have enough quality to really be competitive this season. I'm really hoping we can use Bats more once he is ready as I think he would be the better option to bring on over Giroud later in games, pace matters in the Premier League.
  10. Both goals from Tammy reminded me of how Costa used to finish when he was at his best, that alongside Tammy having a better temperament stands us in good course hopefully.
  11. Personally we should give him the chance, I feel with how we play currently he would be great.
  12. I know people made this comparison last season with Sarri but comparing Lamps to Klopp and Pep first season is now really reaching, both came with a proven track record Well Pep should have won the league with that squad and Klopp coming 8th was pretty poor really, the Premier League is a different kettle of fish.
  13. I think we have to look at City and Liverpool when Guardiola and Klopp first came in, 3rd and 8th. Frank is working with a younger team which is learning a new style of play and getting the fitness levels up to what we need, that won't happen overnight, We are a work in progress and we need to be realistic about that. If we had of scored two or three during the first half in both games against Liverpool and Leicester it would have been well deserved. We will get there though once Frank's ideas are fully taken on board by the team.
  14. We definitely need to replace Willian and Pedro once our ban is over, but like stated above, we won't get much in regards to fees due to their age. Bakayoko + cash for a quality player would make sense, maybe Alonso + cash for a better fullback as well.
  15. Depending on how Luka Jovic does at Madrid, perhaps we could look to bring him in next season. I know it's early days but I can see Zidane sticking with Benzema as his No.1 striker and I can't see Jovic being happy about that. I know he's a pain but Icardi would also suit our play style to a tee, but if he's going to carry on with how he is then we should steer clear. Dybala, nah, not a fan as he doesn't get enough goals.

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