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  1. For me Frank needs to change our tactics and formation. I miss the old swash buckling counter attacking style we had, this slow possession based football has put me off watching games at times. We need to keep playing Havertz & Werner until it works.
  2. What a crock of sh*t, sort it out Frank. 2-0 down to this shower of dribble.
  3. I really hope we stuff this lot, I just want a nice convincing win rather than us making it hardwork at times.
  4. Can we just give him time rather than getting on his back, he will come good.
  5. It isn't poor when he sets up Pulisic to make it 3-1.
  6. People forget he's only recently started playing again after isolating. It has been stop start this season so far.
  7. He wasn't poor though, he just wasn't clinical enough with his chances.
  8. Timo is always a threat and puts himself in dangerous positions, love it. He never lets his head drop.
  9. Werner played on the left side of attack with RB Leipzig so he's hardly a stranger to it, plus Pulisic needs his injuries managed so I'd rather he wasn't starting anyway.
  10. Oli should be starting up top every game, he will bring so much more to players around him. They guy is getting better with age and is a class act, I like Tammy but he still has plenty to do in that main striker role for me.
  11. Giroud showed last season why he was picked over Tammy, overall he is far more consistent and clinical.
  12. Bloody hell, plenty of negativity on here against a regimented Spurs team. Yes we should have done better at times, and I would have started Oli over Tammy.
  13. We didn't pay over 100 million for Pulisic though and he has years left in him.
  14. Callum managed poorly, I don't think so. Frank will play the players who have the right qualities and attitudes, and he has already stated that Callum needs to show more than he has.
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