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  1. I'm surprised we haven't used him more, he was fantastic alongside Kante when Leicester won the league.
  2. I prefer that to, I'm just highlighting what some sections of the fanbase thought. Nothing wrong in seeing some passion though.
  3. It was more down to the manner of Sarri that people got fed up with him at times, sometimes he just looked like he didn't care or have any interest. I loved Conte in his first season, he was really passionate but he lost that in his second season because he didn't feel fully supported by the club. Hopefully Frank will bring that in spades because of his connection and status with the club and the fans will endear to him very quickly. I'd like to think most of the fan base would be realistic in their expectations and if we can progress the team using our youth players what a result that would be.
  4. Why are people mentioning we aren't adding to the squad because of the ban?? We are gaining players back from loan who will hopefully give us a much better squad next season alongside young players like Mount, James, Tomori etc.
  5. It will be interesting to see how he handles Ronaldo, but either way best of luck to him. I'm disappointed but I can understand the move from both Sarri and the club and if it paves the way for Frank and Jody then so be it.
  6. If we got the Jose from years back I would take him. Apparently his time away from football has allowed him to re-evaluate himself, so you never know. We had a pretty decent attacking team in his first stint, he just needs the players that'll fulfill that.
  7. If Sarri does leave I would bring in Frank & Jody. We have some fantastic youth players that will strengthen the side if the transfer ban sticks this season.
  8. No one can begrudge him the move to Madrid, he's been a fantastic player for us. I understand Madrid is his dream club but they aren't the Galactico's they once were. I just hope the fans don't turn on him when they realise he won't hit Ronaldo or Messi numbers in terms of goals. We will carry on without him just fine, just as we have done when other big players left. All the best Eden, good luck in your next challenge.
  9. The only reason Morata replaced Costa is because he was injured.
  10. @Bobbywoodhogan Just give Sarri another season, the football has been fine in patches but we just need the players who can play that way, we'll be better off for it. One season with a limited pre-season and inheriting a squad suited to 3-5-2 was never going to be easy. Sarri has had a better first season than Pep and Klopp.
  11. No thanks I'd rather we stuck with Sarri and his style. We had a difficult period in the new year for a few months but the start and the end of the season were strong. Remember Sarri mainly has an inherited squad, he was never going to have it all working how he wants in one season for christ sake.
  12. I'm actually bewildered by the Chelsea fans who want Sarri out, shame on you. I can see him staying, he's already said he enjoys the Premier League plus he is happy being the Chelsea manager, all the other stuff is media BS.
  13. If Sarri stays, we won't even make top 4 next season so I don't care if a new manager comes in and we don't make top 4. You really are full of it. We will make the top 4 with the squad we have, we finished 3rd this season. If we don't defer the transfer ban we have loads of talented youth players coming back that are more than capable of making an impact in the first team.
  14. Jorginho has been fantastic for us, why would you want him to go?? Sarri is staying, he's started good things with the team that can only get better. The second half in the EL shows what we are looking to play like.

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