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  1. I'd love to see this guy involved if and when he recovers, he was fantastic for PSV prior to his injury. At 27 we can still have some good years out of him.
  2. Cheeky bid for Harry Kane in the summer?
  3. They are better off null and voiding the season, just a total reset and stick with the same teams and leagues. There may need to be a financial package for some teams who gambled on getting promotion, but other than that I cannot see how this season can be finished.
  4. I hope the club has told him what self isolating means, he posted a vid on Insta with his nephew doing kick ups.
  5. Not for me, we have a better squad and if we can up our recent run of form we will be fine. I remember last season when they went on a run of 14 games the media kept going on about them being back, but then results dropped off a cliff after that. I believe they will have further blips going forward so as long as we match or beat their results we will be fine.
  6. Cancel. Regardless of whether you want to go the main point is avoiding travelling to places that have the Corona virus. If you were to get it in London you can self isolate at home.
  7. As it currently stands I would keep Barkley playing with Gilmour and Mount as the midfield three, I think they deserve to continue together due to their form in the last two games. Prior to that Kovacic would have been my choice over Barkley, but as it stands both him and Jorginho will have to wait until the performance drops for the three above.
  8. I think Tammy needs to start banging in the goals again upon his return, he should also look at how Giroud links up with the players around him and learn from that. In the early days of the season Tammy was doing that and more, but for a while he hasn't been very effective and has missed some gilt edged chances.
  9. You can see more confidence in the team which is great and that leads to what we've seen over the last few games. That Mount goal was very Frank in style, loved it. Pedro has been amazing, the guy has covered so much grass as well been at a higher level quality wise. Happy for Ross as well, I thought he was a great player in his breakthrough days, so this may kick off his career with us going forward.
  10. If it is played behind closed doors then so be it. It is strange when there is no handshake at the start of the match yet there is contact during the game, as well as after the result. I think if we play the same team we've had in the last two games we might be able to give Bayern a game in the 2and leg, we have nothing to lose. Remember Napoli back in 2012, anything is possible.
  11. Pedro has been pretty faultless these last few games, his work rate has been top notch and he took his goal well today.
  12. Kepa was immense, coming out to claim more and showing more bravery. The break did him the world of good.
  13. Frank will have a headache in terms of team selection, we've looked so much better without them.

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