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  1. They are owned by the same company that my employer is owned by, Hutchison Group (Chinese owners basically). I quite like the transparent version of the logo on the shirt.
  2. Because we need to inject some quality into the side. We aren't going to be able to sign the likes of Werner, Sancho etc at this moment in time. Most of the quality players are too important to their current clubs. Most clubs will wait until after the Euro's to sell anyone as you can potentially sell a lot higher if players perform well to.
  3. I would say we are more desirable as a club than United at the moment, plus we are still in the Champions League.
  4. Because Cavani is miles better as a striker than Bats. Bats needs to be sold as he clearly doesn't fit in with what we need.
  5. Cavani is a better goalscorer and far more mobile.
  6. Malcolm9

    Timo Werner

    Unless one of Mane, Salah or Firmino leave I can't see him joining Liverpool.
  7. We always seem to lose to teams that are desperate for 3 points, it is almost like a mentality thing now. I'm not going to have a go but I think Frank needs to stick with the Kovacic - Jorginho midfield, Kante at the moment doesn't warrant his place in the team, and as much I love the little guy he doesn't really suit our current style. It's 100% clear we need far more consistency performance wise and we need more of a killer instinct. We need players who can score from range, especially against teams that sit back and watch us pass it to death around their box. If that result doesn't give us means to strengthen I don't know what will!.
  8. What's the point in buying a squad player from Real? No thanks.
  9. My bad, I was thinking of Gedson Fernandes who has recently gone to Spurs on loan......doh!
  10. But he doesn't score many goals going by his stats. They are better off trying to get Pogba back to full fitness.
  11. Why though? Is there anything special about him. We don't need to panic buy, which I feel like some of you want.
  12. We didn't struggle, Burnley had little spells but never really looked dangerous. As for signings I can't see any decent players moving in this window, you know, players that will actually strengthen us.
  13. Ings, no thank you. He's just going through a purple patch but he is in no way the calibre we require.
  14. I know Jorginho is quite vocal on the pitch but overall we need a natural leader. It's no coincidence that VVD made the biggest difference to Liverpool, as without him I'd seriously doubt they would be so far ahead on points. We need players of that ilk, who can really strengthen what we currently have. I'm actually pretty excited as we really have the potential to win trophies in the next few years for a long period. Watch Real or Barca when they start sniffing round for Mane and Salah, we all know what that is like with Hazard. Anyway, a fantastic 3 points yesterday against a potential bogey team with a clean sheet to boot.

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