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  1. I can't see Arsenal having Petr in goal for the EL Final now, can you imagine the salt if he was and we won...... Regardless I'm very happy that the club is bringing him back and hopefully he does really well in the role.
  2. Real will continue to play second fiddle to Barcelona until Messi retires, the only reason they were able to win trophies the last few years was purely down to Ronaldo.
  3. Not really, it makes sense to keep him as he gives us a different option with his play.
  4. Higuain has been ok for half a season, I'd extend his stay for next season personally as you can see the clever movement and finishing he has. The team overall needs better technical players who fit Sarri's style of football to help support the attack.
  5. I'd only take Sane from that list.
  6. We can trigger his loan extension if we want to keep him for a further season.
  7. That was my point........
  8. So Sarri has finished higher than both Klopp and Pep in his first season compared to their first seasons, this despite having a squad suited to the 352 system under Conte. Hopefully we can sign players next season and let the revival happen. The one thing we need is a team with more goalscorers, when you the look at the GD City & Liverpool have compared to the rest no wonder they are both that many points clear. As for finishing in the top 4, it's not because Arsenal & Spurs choked, as we choked many times to let them into it. In the end we scored more points and deserve our top 4 place.
  9. We are still the most attractive London based team to move to so that's an advantage. Sane would be a great addition if he was looking to move.
  10. We constantly went down the wings and done sod all in the second half. I would have stuck Giroud up top with Higuain to give their defenders more trouble, instead we just became predictable tapping it around the 18 yard box.
  11. In my opinion we are still the biggest London based team, so that's always an attraction to players. I think we'll be fine if we can look to get a pause on this transfer ban. If not look to bring in the likes of Mount, Abraham to support the squad going forward.
  12. I'd take Jovic or Piatek for next season. Higuain was never going to be a permanent signing and he's struggled. We need a strong battle ready striker in the mould of Drogba / Costa, not a striker who needs loads of support constantly ie Morata.
  13. Who do you bring in though if Sarri is sacked?
  14. We really need the 3 points today, this is a massive statement of intent to the teams above us. I don't doubt it will be a tough game, Wolves are the best of the rest.
  15. Higuain will stay longer if needed as the possible loan extension agreement was in place before the ban.
  16. If there is one game that Sarri needs to get us back as fans it's this one. We need to see a change that will benefit the team as a whole. If we go with the same players and formation I just can't see us getting anything out of this game. Pep will take the game seriously, let's not kid ourselves about that.
  17. I think Jorginho is being made a scapegoat for our recent run of poor performances. Yes he has struggled at times but he is an important player in Sarri's system but it makes it harder if other players aren't working well within that system. I guarantee if you put him in City's team he would purr alongside what they have. Booing our own player is nothing short of disgusting and lacks class.
  18. It's hard to support Sarri when he's wheeling the same team, same formation, same subs each game. I get that he wants to play his style but it clearly isn't working currently.
  19. Watch Sanchez come on to score the third. We look so bloody clueless.
  20. Jovic is a fantastic potential transfer, hopefully this goes ahead. Next season we would hopefully have the trio of Higuain, Jovic and Abraham.
  21. The board and the players. The board should give the manager the players he needs to make his system work. Conte never had the support after winning the league, and now it's happening with Sarri. Some of the players just don't fit the style and work ethic needed to make Sarri's vision for the team a reality. We need to sell players like Alonso, Willian who just slow down the play, I would even sell Hazard if it meant we had better team unity going forward. No player is bigger than the team.
  22. Honestly who cares who wins the title, we need the 3 points regardless. If we want to attract the best players we need to be in the Champions League. If we lose today it will make that objective a lot tougher, meaning we will have to win the Europa League to guarantee a spot.
  23. 3 points to help us finish in the top four is more important. I'll take winning both personally
  24. Let them worry about us, not the other way around.

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