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  1. I would imagine we would sell Tammy to Villa or a similar club.
  2. No service from the midfield to be fair, I feel for them.
  3. I still think we play better in a 4-3-3. Maybe play Reece in midfield with Mason and Kai in future games? Reece, Silva and Mendy our stand out players today. Zouma had me on edge when he was on the ball at times.
  4. We did ok and I'm happy with the clean sheet, but we just don't look dangerous enough so far. I still feel we should be using Giroud over Tammy as he brings others into the game more. Bit pissed off that sloppy passing from Zouma and Kante broke our possession at times. We just don't dominate in that midfield area at all.
  5. When you want one match where it all comes together, today is that day........I hope and pray. I would love to smash this lot, they are the team I can't stand the most.
  6. Allegri rumoured to come in if we don't get results this season. Personally it is way too early to even think about changing anything, we just need more time to gel. In January we definitely need to add more steel in our midfield though, far too lightweight at times.
  7. Yeah because you should go gung ho against Liverpool with 10 men. I have a feeling we will get the better of them in our next league match, especially with our best players fit and fighting (fingers crossed).
  8. I would drop Tammy and play Werner up top with Pulisic starting. The rest can stay the same.
  9. Our attacking trio will be Pulisic, Werner and Ziyech (when fit). Then have Mount and Havertz with one of either Jorginho/Kante/Kovacic sitting deeper. Werner is wasted out wide unless we play a counter attacking style, which we don't.
  10. I love how he just glides about, decent strength to. When Ziyech and Pulisic play either side of Werner, then with Havertz in the 10 role behind them, that is when we will see the damage they can cause.
  11. Huh? Leicester fans said he was a weak link??
  12. Great win, good performance all round. I also hated the commentators, constantly being negative about us yet Palace just sat so deep. Winning 4-0 was well deserved for our patience and effort.
  13. He is the designated penalty taker though, nothing selfish about it.
  14. Pulisic on for Tammy if it stays the same 10 mins into the second half.
  15. True, but it would be good to have a settled side and formation for consistency purposes, because we clearly lack that at this moment in time. I am confident with Pulisic and Ziyech coming into the squad, Werner up top and Havertz playing behind the him that we can be a pretty potent team.
  16. If Van Ginkel is fit i would give him a chance, he was great at PSV prior is injury. Poor guy can't catch a break. As for Ross, not surprised, he'll do well at Villa.
  17. We need to start showing what we are capable of, we really are our own worse enemy at times.
  18. We do not miss Willian at all, CHO showed against WBA a lot more attacking intent and he scored as well. Mendy to start, give all the new boys a decent run as well.
  19. Having a consistent starting XI will help with that, we will get there eventually.
  20. Werner mainly played as a left sided striker for Leipzig, so he would be fantastic playing there with Tammy up top.
  21. Always a fan of Barkley and I think he will be even better with the added quality in the team. I think he is massively underrated at times on here.
  22. Can we get off CHO's back, the boy needs minutes. Well done Kai, always a fan of Barkley as well.
  23. He scored against Brighton in our friendly match, the problem we had yesterday was Kova, Jorginho and Kante in midfield who for me aren't the most creative these days, that is why we need Havertz in there alongside Pulisic and Ziyech in the team.
  24. I'm literally avoiding twitter, social media, here even at times due to the constant negativity, it is frustrating to see or read.
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