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  1. Love it, he looked so happy to see the guys again, almost like he couldn't have cared less about Madrid. There was even a chap who came out to take him away from the pitch ha ha.
  2. Already seeing City fans saying they want to play Real as they are more of a Champions League team. I'd love to win it all, and I like us being the underdogs to.
  3. I think Rudiger is back tonight, so to have him at the back will be a boost, he's been immense under TT. Now what front three does TT play? Might be unpopular but I'd like to see Havertz play over Pulisic.
  4. I think Pep would prefer to face Real over us, I think our style is harder for them to play against. Roll on tonight, huge game! Credit to Frank and TT for getting us here.
  5. I'd love Aguero for a few seasons, the guy is still good enough in my view. Long term I'd love to get Mbappe, and Tommy has worked with him before.
  6. Yeah I don't think we can judge Tammy on yesterday's involvement, you need games to get that match sharpness. I'm hoping he's still the player that was so good at the start of last season, he looked and played so good.
  7. I'd play a front 3 of Pulisic, Werner and Havertz against Madrid, they will provide plenty of movement and penetration.
  8. Lukaku upfront with Timo on the left, Ziyech on the right. He's just not high on confidence and is thinking too much rather than letting it happen with his natural instincts and ability. Werner last season would have lashed that chance in. I still think we may go for Aguero next season as an experienced striker and then sell Giroud. Maybe bring Lukaku in hopefully (proven in the PL) as Haaland will be crazy money.
  9. In reality he should become our Mane/Salah type player once he gets his confidence back.
  10. Werner will come good, he can be prolific. Confidence is huge in football and with the league the way it is there is no room to breathe, the pressure is constant. Looking to sell him is the most ridiculous thing we could do, when it's clear when he can play off a competent striker he will do much better. The potential is there and it will happen, I am pretty confident of that. We also lack creativity in midfield which doesn't help.
  11. Too many players having an off day unfortunately, I'm confident we can come back if Mount is involved early.
  12. Not a lot he could of done there as the ball was past him, Mendy shouldn't have been that far off his line. Jorginho and Kova have been sh*te, so sloppy.
  13. Is it just me who hates Hoddle on commentary duty, thinking he is the fountain of football knowledge.
  14. Ship him out?? Are some of you mad!
  15. Dybala is a no for me, we need players with more physical presence and mobility. Haaland is the first choice for me, but I'd gladly take Lukaku to bully defences and the guy is proven in the Premier League.
  16. True but Tuchel will want more flexibility than that.
  17. Pulisic can't even take a man on these days, sad to see.
  18. Bring them all on with how solid we are right now!. We just need it to click up top.
  19. So useless he scored the winner against Liverpool.
  20. Tammy is hardly banging them in and looks like Bambi on Ice most of the time.
  21. Pickford was the difference in keeping the scoreline at 2-0. Fantastic result, well played all over.
  22. Just no, Timo keeps going without throwing a strop.
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