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  1. Couple of nasty tackles going in from spurs. Kane the dirty c**t with a late hit there. And now lamella finally sees red
  2. And every time he plays another few million gets knocked off the price tag. One of the most frustrating players I've ever seen
  3. Entertaining half anyway. Between the missed chances by Dembele and that peanlty miss Barcelona could/should have had 3 or 4 in that half.
  4. Getting the Premier League gig was a mystery itself.
  5. Barca have squandered a load of chances this half, most of them falling to Dembele. Griezmann looks a shadow of the player he was at Atletico. Cheating c**t he may be but letting Suarez go was madness.
  6. He took it well anyway so fair play to havertz. I would have ruled it a handball but hard to tell from the angles we saw. This needless f**king around with the handball law leads to things like this
  7. Imagine how many goals sterling would have if he was a somewhat reasonably clinical finisher? And with aguero being unreliable in terms of injuries, I can't believe city have never got a better backup than jesus.
  8. Can't believe that substitution. Actually they just showed him with strapping on his leg so maybe there's an injury
  9. sh*te match, painful viewing. Ziyech was very poor, kante sloppy in possession at times. On the positive side CHO has looked bright, and together with Mount the ost likely to make something happen.
  10. Didn't see the match, just the goals at the end. But what a glorious result.
  11. Always lovely to witness those horrible c**ts take a beating. City will stroll to the title from here
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