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  1. ICARDI! What a f**king finisher!
  2. Inter woeful so far. Perfect description of them on the BT goals show; the Spurs of Italy.
  3. It's a result that'll merely paper over the cracks at United. 2 down after 8 minutes against one of the worst teams in the league (they're probably level with Cardiff in the sh*tness stakes), and it should have been more with the chances Newcastle had. Even after one their goals (can't remember was it the first or second), Diame missed a sitter from a corner. Against a better side United would have been hammered today. All the positivity from this result isn't going to change the fact that their backline and central midfield are sh*te.
  4. In addition to that they've actually lost 5 of their last 6 games in the competition.
  5. Ronaldo in tears after getting sent off. Talk about an over-reaction, and a petty one at that. It's the first group game not the f**king final. Can't really see anything in the replays that was worthy of red card though.
  6. Leicester looked good, especially in the first half, but didn't create enough really. That said a better striker than Iheanacho would have made more of some of the opportunities that came his way. United got the win and that's all they're gonna care about.
  7. TJB

    WC 2018

    Regardless of being on the "easier" side of the draw, it's been a much improved tournament performance from England. England teams of more recent tournaments would have struggled more in the group before being disptached by Colombia or Sweden. As posted above this team is young with other young players looking to get in, so there is reason to be confident going forward. That's not to say, however, that there aren't negatives or concerns. First off the backline. Walker is not a centre back, and he sure as sh*t is no Azpilicueta. He's a liability there. Stones is a liability full stop. I like Maguire and I think he'll improve. Also central midfield is a problem. Henderson (and Dier) are only making up the numbers and contributing nothing. And while there is some good attacking talent, Southgate didn't really get the best out of any of them and most of the goals were from set pieces. But anyway, on the whole England did well and they can return home with their heads held high.
  8. TJB

    WC 2018

    Most of the last 5 minutes have been wasted in the England half with the defenders passing amongst themselves. Croatia are showing more urgency on the ball when they have it.
  9. TJB

    WC 2018

    Why are Belgium having Chadli take corners instead of KDB? He hasn't put 1 decent ball in so far.
  10. TJB

    WC 2018

    4 superb penalties, 1 sh*te penalty from the only 1 that dicked about instead and putting the ball down and getting on with it. Deserved win for England, the better team overall (20 minute spell at the end of the 90 and early in extra time aside)
  11. TJB

    WC 2018

    Outstanding Pickford
  12. TJB

    WC 2018

    I knew the second I saw him walk up he'd miss.
  13. TJB

    WC 2018

    So here we go again. Just saw a replay of the Pickford save from behind the goal. Incredible save. Pity it was in vain in the end.