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  1. 3 villa players against 2 of our defenders on the box when that cross came in.
  2. Could have lost, could have won comfortably. Horrendous defending, worse refereeing. At least we didn't lose.
  3. I'm gonna have a heart attack before this is over
  4. Not sure if it's been mentioned already, but this ref is a f**king joke.
  5. Kepa!!! Great save. Still a bullsh*t call. Where was the var check on it? Now that the ref has given them a penalty can he start reffing this properly now?
  6. That's a foul on jorginho. Whats he given?
  7. How the f**k was that a foul against kante? If anything he was fouled. Ref is bottling it since the goal
  8. Don't think my heart could take it if we lost from here
  9. Doesn't matter. Any handball that subsequently leads to a goal will be disallowed
  10. There is. Refs have been instructed not to use it and to just follow whatever the guys running var tell them to do.
  11. Not in England. Idiots running the game here don't want them doing it.
  12. This is a f**king joke. How the f**k is that a penalty? English refs are absolutely sh*te
  13. This is absolutely delicious. Leicester got 9, we want 10!
  14. Good performance and a fantastic result. A couple of nervy moments here and there but on the whole a job very well done.
  15. Ajax 3 up away to Valencia. Tough double header coming up for us.

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