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  1. We had the excuse of 4 suspended players, a central defence with with barely a decent hamstring between them, and we were up against a powerhouse in bayern Munich in their stadium. Whats the excuse for these c**ts?
  2. After watching 85 minutes of this sh*te it just re-enforces what a shame it is that Barcelona and particularly ajax sh*t the bed in the semis
  3. Disappointed for Frank. Also disappointed to have villa back in the pl, a club I've never liked. A dull dreary club just like their city
  4. Outstanding finish, especially in the circumstances.
  5. Replay on sky there shows it was much closer than I thought
  6. Great finish. Delighted. Who's crying now ya dirty bastards?
  7. I think that's the worse part of this whole nightmare, is listening to those twats droning on about special nights at Anfield. Credit where its due, they were very good tonight and deserved to go through. But the arse licking of this team that's gone on this season will only intensify over the next few weeks. f**ks sake if they were that great a team they wouldn't have been 3 nil down in the first place, and it should have been worse. If spurs pull something similar off tomorrow night... I don't even want to think about it
  8. Don't get your hopes up. The only thing rafa will be worried about on Sunday will be making sure the scousers can see him when he waves up at them. I still remember the day Suarez bit Ivanovic and all that fat f**k cared about after the game was the nice reception he got from the Liverpool fans. Anyway, enjoyable enough couple of evenings in the CL. Even though both Liverpool & Spurs should have been beaten by more.
  9. What a f**king hit. 3-0. That'll do. That'll do.
  10. Those last 30 seconds or so just sums us up. Dicking around with it at the edge of the box, slowing it down until nothing comes of it. With them facing a dodgy keeper who had just made a howler you'd think one of them would be a little quicker on the ball, make some space and take a shot at him.
  11. Win today and that should be top 4 done and dusted. United are sh*te. Come on Chelsea, get the f**king job done.
  12. It would be typical of this shower of sh*te, on a night when literally noone, not even their own fans, wants them to win, to pull a performance out of their arses and get a result.

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