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  1. No complaints about the penalty, but what a w**ker Dean is the way he pointed to the spot. Attention seeking twat
  2. Carragher just said we've turned into Arsenal under Sarri and it's a fair point to make tbh
  3. Had to jinx it didn't you, you prat
  4. What the f**k has happened to City? I've not really been paying attention to the game but this turnaround is ridiculous. With United looking at defeat at home to Burnley, it's gonna be real interesting to see their reaction to this. This is the first proper test for Solskjaer.
  5. TJB

    Alvaro Morata

    Could turn out worse yet. This is only a loan with an option to buy. Come the summer he could be back with us again, and worth a lot less than he is now.
  6. If that's a foul and a yellow then I just give up with modern football
  7. Burton not out of this, so long as they can escape with this in single figures. Just need to keep it tight.
  8. ICARDI! What a f**king finisher!
  9. Inter woeful so far. Perfect description of them on the BT goals show; the Spurs of Italy.
  10. It's a result that'll merely paper over the cracks at United. 2 down after 8 minutes against one of the worst teams in the league (they're probably level with Cardiff in the sh*tness stakes), and it should have been more with the chances Newcastle had. Even after one their goals (can't remember was it the first or second), Diame missed a sitter from a corner. Against a better side United would have been hammered today. All the positivity from this result isn't going to change the fact that their backline and central midfield are sh*te.
  11. In addition to that they've actually lost 5 of their last 6 games in the competition.
  12. Ronaldo in tears after getting sent off. Talk about an over-reaction, and a petty one at that. It's the first group game not the f**king final. Can't really see anything in the replays that was worthy of red card though.