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  1. Michael Owen talking nonsensical sh*te (even by his standards) about teams around Europe breathing a sigh of relief and how Atletico will talking amongst themselves about how good Liverpool are 🙄
  2. The greatest team in the history of football let a 2 goal lead slip in extra time on one of those special nights at Anfield.
  3. Disapponting but not surprising. Bayern are well above us. It'll be damage limitation in Munich
  4. Premier league take note, this is how to use var
  5. Nice of them to admit they f**ked up on the decision 🙄
  6. Horrific "challenge" but no surprise at the decision. VAR as a concept is good, but when the same incompetent dipsh*ts out in the pitch are the ones using it you're going to get sh*t like this. I've said it over and over, the standard of refereeing in this country is shockingly bad.
  7. We won the ball back 3 times and didn't kick it out
  8. Yeah he has indeed. Willian has been magnificent too.

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