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  1. Tells you a lot about the standard of refereeing in the country
  2. 1 of the early replays from behind the goal clearly shows it hitting his arm and then his hip.
  3. Ajax guilty of overplaying it a bit at times. Cracking finish, pity about the offside.
  4. Just switched over to Juve-Ajax. Ajax playing some good football.
  5. This is happening too much the last 2 seasons where we just fall apart in the second half
  6. Or maybe someone needs to go check if the Chelsea team bus still has wheels
  7. What the f**k is operation anfield exercise?
  8. They brought the teams out on to the pitch early for this sh*t
  9. https://www.skysports.com/football/story-telling/11669/11689820/gerrard-the-story-of-the-slip
  10. Here's a shocking stat. In 5 CL games at Old Trafford this season, United have managed 1 goal. A late Fellaini goal against Young Boys. Obviously their away form is much better, so I wouldn't rule them out of this completely,. But I would expect Barcelona to be much better at home and pick United off much like they did to us last season.
  11. Yeah the kind of thing that'll cause him nightmares for a long time I'd imagine. We've all missed sitters in our own illustrious playing careers (my own nightmare being the time I hit the crossbar from 10 yards out with the goal open) but at least we can say we never missed from the goal line
  12. Kane tries to leave one on Delph, ends up hurting himself. Delightful.
  13. Absolutely everything I've heard from and read from Alan Green tells me he's a Livepool fan. Maybe this interview did happen and someone else will say they saw and/or provide proof, but I would be extremely sceptical about the possibility of him being a Chelsea fan.

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