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  1. Good performance and a fantastic result. A couple of nervy moments here and there but on the whole a job very well done.
  2. Ajax 3 up away to Valencia. Tough double header coming up for us.
  3. Yeah the last few years Henderson has been trying to develope this hard man image for himself. There's a clip of him with Costa from a few years back where I'm sure Costa nearly pissed himself......laughing at this dipsh*t. Jorginho wasn't having it yesterday. He's a lot feistier than I thought he was.
  4. Until we're on the end of a decision like an offside not given when we concede or an offside incorrectly given when we score, then we'll all be screaming for var. It's in now and he was offside. I don't see the problem.
  5. Well sh*t happens. Just about deserved a draw but what can you do. Long way to go yet.
  6. That's borderline comical. I was just thinking for his own sake he better not miss. Anyway I personally think it was a harsh penalty to give
  7. I can't believe how sh*t Willian has been. I mean I'm not his biggest fan by any means but this is unbelievable.
  8. Um, you're a year late celebrating the 15th anniversary
  9. We had the excuse of 4 suspended players, a central defence with with barely a decent hamstring between them, and we were up against a powerhouse in bayern Munich in their stadium. Whats the excuse for these c**ts?
  10. After watching 85 minutes of this sh*te it just re-enforces what a shame it is that Barcelona and particularly ajax sh*t the bed in the semis
  11. Disappointed for Frank. Also disappointed to have villa back in the pl, a club I've never liked. A dull dreary club just like their city

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