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  1. Yeah, no nonsense, decisive and no trying to be the centre of attention
  2. Champions of Europe, you'll never sing that!! Get the f**k in boys! Great performance!
  3. Mendy has been good, but it wasn't gonna take much to be an upgrade on Kepa. But it is nice to go into games not worrying about what f**k up the keeper is gonna make. I was unsure about signing Silva, given his age, but what a player. Imagine if we could have signed him 10 years ago. Chilwell has had a solid first season. Bit of a dip mid season but I think long term he'll prove to be a fantastic signing. Ziyech - meh. There's a reason he was playing in the dutch league at 27. Havertz and Werner strike me as lads that need to rebuild their confidence and get back into a rhythm. I've a feeling if they are going to flourish it'll be elsewhere (may have to be elsewhere for it to happen). But from our point of view we need another striker. We can't afford to be f**king around again for a few years with a mis-firing expensive striker like we did with Torres, hoping he'll come good. With a proper striker we would have won the league in 13/14, and would have avoided the last day drama getting into the top 4 this year.
  4. Yeah that's a fair point. Considering the resources of the teams they're competing with its an achievement in itself to be up there in contention on the last day. Must be fairly gutting to see slip away like that 2 years in a row. As for us, yeah it's somewhat fizzled out considering how positive everything looked a few weeks ago. But as I said earlier I'm far more confident heading into the city game than I would be against the likes of villa. We've performed much better in the underdog role under tuchel compared to the games we've been expected to win.
  5. Oh no! I made a spelling mistake! So sorry teacher! If missing out on top 4 the way they have 2 seasons in a row doesn't count as bottling it I don't know what does.
  6. Well that was sh*te but thankfully leciester are bigger bottlers than we are. We need a summer of 2014 type transfer window this summer, get a proper midfielder and a proper striker in. But I'm still oddly confident we can beat City next week. We're far better against those type teams than the smaller teams like villa and arsenal
  7. Brain dead from azpi but it's a further example of how pathetic this sport is now that something like that is a red card. And it'll probably carry a violent conduct charge with it
  8. Most relevant thing spurs have done in decades
  9. You have to laugh, Timo finally stays onside to score and someone else is off
  10. The inability to beat this shower of sh*te is baffling
  11. And they're both..........um wearing blue
  12. Like I said kantes ball wasn't great but werner wasn't running at speed. He was along with him and then practically stopped as kante was passing. Had he actually made a run he might have got to it. Outstanding finish from bemzema there. Pity we couldn't keep the clean sheet but long way to go yet
  13. Last 2 passes to werner may have been overhit but he didn't help with the runs he was making. He was nearly standing still when kante hit the last one.
  14. Regardless of it benefitting us, that's a ridiculous decision. Absolute f**king nonsense the sh*t that gets deemed a red card nowadays.
  15. Couple of nasty tackles going in from spurs. Kane the dirty c**t with a late hit there. And now lamella finally sees red
  16. And every time he plays another few million gets knocked off the price tag. One of the most frustrating players I've ever seen
  17. Entertaining half anyway. Between the missed chances by Dembele and that peanlty miss Barcelona could/should have had 3 or 4 in that half.
  18. Getting the Premier League gig was a mystery itself.
  19. Barca have squandered a load of chances this half, most of them falling to Dembele. Griezmann looks a shadow of the player he was at Atletico. Cheating c**t he may be but letting Suarez go was madness.
  20. He took it well anyway so fair play to havertz. I would have ruled it a handball but hard to tell from the angles we saw. This needless f**king around with the handball law leads to things like this
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