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  1. Don't think he won the header, rudiger did? I'll have to see the replay. And after that it's probably considered a different phase of play or something. I dunno, they've f**ked around with the offside law so much now I don't know what is or isn't
  2. Another steaming pile of sh*te of a game produced by these 2 teams. Question is, why the f**k did I watch it knowing what was coming? And why did I continue watching it to the end?
  3. Our midfield and defence may as well be holograms out there
  4. I don't know what's worse, that horrible f**king accent or the sh*te that spews from his mouth
  5. West ham need to send moysie back into quarantine by the looks of it
  6. Absolute horse sh*t penalty decision goes United's way...again Ha, missed
  7. They're living in cuckoo land if they think people are gonna pay 15 quid to watch 1 game on TV
  8. International breaks are a pain at the best of times (they usually come around just as we're building some momentum), but with the covid situation it's beyond f**king stupid that international friendlies are happening. Competitive matches (play offs for the euros espcially) I can sort of understand wanting to get them done. Saying that, if they had just had normal qualifying groups instead of the ridiculousy complicated and stupid nations league then all the qualifiers would have been done and dusted long before covid hit. I think more clubs should have followed RB Salzburg's lead and ref
  9. After finishing last season with caballero, I don't understand why he went back to kepa again, unless it's a message to the board to get the new keeper in sharpish. In the end the result is not all that surprising, Liverpool are still miles ahead of us, and I'd suspect city will be too. But for the race for best of the rest we still have the same major issue as last season, we concede far too many goals. We'll have a better idea where we stand in another month or 2 when we get all the new guys into the team.
  10. Ok so clearly I'm not up to date with the latest bollox interpretation of the offside law so can someone explain to me how that second PSG goal was not offside? When the pass to Mbappe is made, the lad who scored is a mile offside. 2 seconds later Mbappe squares it and he scores. Surely he's gained an advantage by being offside or does that not matter?
  11. Take a drink every time the commentators say terrible defending by Chelsea. You'll be pissed out of your skull by half time
  12. Job done. Good solid performance. Top it off with an fa cup and I'll be ecstatic with how things turned out. Put bayern to the sword and become Kings of Europe again is probably asking too much 😋
  13. You'll have a hard time finding a worse piece of defending than what we just witnessed from Rudiger. Absolutely outrageous.
  14. Of the 3 people standing at that free kick Barkley was the one you'd least want to take it. Alonso and Willian have scored multiple free kicks. Barkley should have been told to f**k off, as he should have been when he decided he was taking the penalty against Valencia.
  15. Michael Owen talking nonsensical sh*te (even by his standards) about teams around Europe breathing a sigh of relief and how Atletico will talking amongst themselves about how good Liverpool are 🙄
  16. The greatest team in the history of football let a 2 goal lead slip in extra time on one of those special nights at Anfield.
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