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  1. I agree pretty much with @Boyne and @Chelsbear on this. He's a decent goal scorer and he is maturing but if he was to just become a squad filler at Chelsea, I'd rather he stayed with Rangers.
  2. it's usual for TV that "atmosphere" mics are weighted towards the away fans to balance out the imbalance of support in any ground and give a better "TV atmosphere" - seems to me Sky don't do that at Anfield
  3. we are further away from the team in 5th place than we are from Liverpool..... it ain't over
  4. just noticed Leicester's Christmas is away to City and home to Liverpool.....tough
  5. it's clear these 2 clubs and 2 sets of players really don't like each other
  6. I'm telling you Scott, we're going to nick it from them on the last day of the season
  7. and there's a statement from the Premier League on every VAR decision? stinks of an attempted cover up because they know they got this wrong. it was a very big call even at this stage of the season - I wouldn't be surprised if behind the scenes City put some pressure on the Premier League, they have a financial muscle
  8. does feel as though VAR in England has not helped deal with poor decisions. when you see it used in international tournaments it seems to work pretty well so maybe the real problem is the calibre of the referees. I've often felt it's a pity refs aren't organised across the major European leagues so, for example, this game could maybe have a team of German refs who wouldn't be on first name terms with players and managers
  9. yeah probably have been ruled out for wearing a blue shirt
  10. oh how we'll laugh when Chelsea stop Liverpool from winning the title yet again.... an 8 point lead - no problem
  11. Mike Dean was too busy celebrating to press the rewind button
  12. maybe too early but if the present top 4 can keep their form going to Christmas they could all be out of sight of the rest. a 9 point gap after one third of the season - it's a big gap
  13. enjoy the rest of the weekend guys (come on City.......)
  14. it's turned out that after losing Hazard and bringing in our young talent we are actually a better team

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