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  1. Had to follow that on the radio sounds like we were really hanging on second half at least we’re out of the relegation places; it’ll get better
  2. yeah but the way the rules are working, defenders are allowed an accidental handball where attackers are not - crazy
  3. on yesterday's VAR, I thought the discussion on MOTD was (for once) quite helpful. it's the rule change that's the problem, where an accidental handball by the attacking side will mean a resulting goal is ruled out. it is fair in one way, being applied to both teams but it seems unfair because defenders can get the benefit of the doubt where attackers do not. MOTD could not understand why City weren't awarded a pen in the first half - me neither I still don't like VAR so far in the PL
  4. seems to be working nice and smoothly, the upload for posts is a lot faster thanks
  5. I agree with that, if there's no intent or evidence of a deliberate movement of the arm or hand to the ball it shouldn't stop play. Even what we've seen in recent years about "his arm is in an unnatural position" isn't clear cut - ever tried jumping, falling or sliding without moving your arms for balance?
  6. I thought VAR was meant to be for clear and obvious errors, not for the barely discernible contact even in super-slow motion I think in situations like that, the ref on the pitch should be asked to review the images and make a call, the way they've done it in FIFA tournaments. If you don't do that, the ref on the pitch basically loses his authority and that'll be bad for the game. But as many have said about VAR, it'll not remove inconsistencies in decision making, we've just got a couple of anonymous people now making critical decisions instead of the referee in charge of the game. I'm not a fan of how it's been applied so far.
  7. another good performance tonight, Legia Warsaw might be a bit more of a challenge
  8. thought Dave might have taken the 5th - there;s a lot of pressure on that one

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