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  1. so what are our goals for the season now? we're going out of the Champions League; we really need to finish 4th; FA Cup? - probably not good enough to win it anyway.....
  2. I'm reluctant to be too hard on Frank - he's working with a mixed bag some of whom just aren't delivering to the standard required. I think as this season goes on we are seeing the scale of the job needed to make us a really competitive outfit again. it's strange that so many clubs are in a similar state - sadly you could see Liverpool dominate this league for a few seasons until someone puts a decent team together
  3. we conceded 11 goals in the last 15 minutes of games; that's about focus, commitment and effort
  4. a centre forward will only help if we step up our attacking play. we are so predictable, the ball is rarely delivered early into the box
  5. the only reason we're still 4th is the rest of the league is sh*t too this season
  6. saved by an offside - we'd lost Lacazette completely there
  7. I felt we started the season quite brightly. We brought in the young players and we looked sharp but the longer this goes on the weaknesses in this squad are more obvious. And it's not all about experience or skill, we lack a killer instinct and we've too many players who lack confidence around the box. A few weeks ago I wasn't convinced that dabbling in this transfer window would be a good idea but now I think we should take a chance to freshen things up.
  8. we seem to think the game's over - need a bit of a shake at half time
  9. poor from us on that break with only Tammy getting into the box - if that was Liverpool they'd have flooded forward, that's something we need to do better

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