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  1. I don't know how that happened but we've got the best situation of all 8 clubs going into the 2nd legs. Happy days !!
  2. unbelievable - come on Chelsea a classic European performance
  3. they're getting closer we've no control of this game at all - really worrying
  4. far from convincing but we're in front, an away goal - a clean sheet would be excellent
  5. bloody international break, we've completely lost our mojo
  6. Real decided 3-1 was enough and looked shaky in those last 15 minutes, I think if they'd been a bit more aggressive they could maybe have got a 4th. All to play for in both tonight's ties.
  7. I expected more from Liverpool tonight. I mean, it's not as if they're up against West Brom.....
  8. West Ham are the surprise package this season, they're looking very consistent and without the distraction of CL etc they are serious contenders for that 4th spot.
  9. WBA have scored 24 goals in the PL, 7 of those against us
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