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  1. the combination of these players and Sarri's leadership is one of the worst sides we've seen at Chelsea in the last 20 years
  2. not even a free kick for that foul on Pedro - WTF
  3. thanks - it feels so long since someone met a corner kick with a thunderous header into the net that I thought I might have alzheimers
  4. trying to remember when we last scored from a corner kick - seems not to be part of our game at all
  5. I so hope we don't play like the living dead in the second half again
  6. F sake - our defending is atrocious. We never pick anyone up in the box
  7. Sky doing their best to help Liverpool. They get 5 days between today and Huddersfield on Friday night and a 5 day gap before Barca the following Wednesday. Just the way it's been for English clubs every year - not.
  8. it's been very slow to pick up new posts at times - hope that can be sorted
  9. everything going for Everton today - United look dire, they're on their holidays already

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