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  1. carrickblue

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    i really hope you're right
  2. carrickblue

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    being banned for 2 transfer windows could have big implications for the hunt for a new manager if we do ditch Sarri - maybe that's why Steve Holland is being rumoured today as a replacement. if there's any truth in that it could be that the club reckons he'll be happy to work with the resources we've got
  3. I think it helps to have bi-polar disorder when you follow Chelsea Hit rock bottom on Monday night but now we've beaten a bunch of relative nobodies from Sweden I think we are pretty much invincible We're going to rock the world on Sunday 2-0 Chelsea
  4. that's the first time Sarri has got a team through a European knock-out round..........
  5. a good win in the end although they ran out of steam in the second half we looked a bit more like ourselves second half - not sure Sarri had much to do with that but Kante in a more central position made a difference who knows which Chelsea will turn up on Sunday. I fear we'll be back to Sarri Plan A and sterile Jorginho but maybe someone's had a word in Sarri's ear and we will see something different come on Chelsea
  6. hopefully by the next round of the Europa League we'll be coming out of this bad spell and looking sharp and competitive again - Sarri or no Sarri
  7. a bit of pace on the counter and it's 1-0 with the players we've got, that's our game
  8. he seems to be trying very hard to win that accolade
  9. if he did that half the Shedend would be having a cardiac arrest
  10. pundits saying why are our guys not playing their hearts out for a place in the side on Sunday? there are 2 answers 1) everyone brought into the first XI tonight knows they've not got a cat's chance in hell of starting on Sunday and/or 2) these guys don't really want to be taken apart by City, they'd rather go shopping with their wives
  11. having been mad as hell after Monday, I was looking forward to this thinking that we'd get out there and show something. But really there's been no life to this performance so far, we just look dysfunctional I'm at a loss to understand what has gone wrong - start of the season our guys looked like they were enjoying their football, Sarriball looked like a an actual thing, at times we tore teams apart - that's all stopped we've no pace, few one touch passes, slow, laboured build up and a lack of inventiveness in attack. added to that every time the opposition attacks us our defence looks like a bunch of disorganised school kids
  12. nice from CHO there - come on Chels
  13. not great so far - we miss a creative player in midfield so much