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  1. I thought VAR was pretty good when it was used in the World Cup finals. To be honest I think now they've just tried to be too clever. Offside - the absolutist millimetre measurement has created a farce - football is a game of movement; question should be did the attacker clearly gain an advantage from being offside, not was his elbow a centimetre closer to goal than the defender Also think they've made a real mess of handball. But regardless of that, today's incident with Azpi should be what VAR is for - foul play, not picked up by the match officials
  2. It is Barca so I've no sympathy..... The turning point was a lengthy VAR decision for the Ramos penalty. Referee Juan Martínez Munuera did not spot Clement Lenglet's pull on Ramos' shirt but eventually gave a penalty after viewing it on the screen. Barca had two penalty appeals turned down - for a Raphael Varane challenge on Lionel Messi and a possible Varane handball. "I don't understand VAR, I think it is only used to make decisions against Barca," said Koeman, whose side have only picked up seven points from five games. "You always get shirt tugs like that in the area an
  3. commentators on my channel basically laughed at the idea Rashford should get a pen for that
  4. first half was a bit meh our midfield combination still doesn't look right imho
  5. actually surprised they didn't give Rashford a pen there - would have been typical after ignoring the foul on Azpi
  6. VAR absent on Azpi being manhandled at that corner
  7. some goal from Roofe at the end there ; another strong performance in terrible playing conditions WATP
  8. just discovered it was the first goal-less draw of the Lampard era - definitely progress!
  9. apart from not scoring, that half exceeded my expectations. we didn't concede, didn't get pulled apart much - not bad
  10. not sure what we'll witness this evening, you'd have to fancy Sevilla to score a couple of times
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