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  1. incredible game - one where the real story and the twists and turns betters anything you could make up what a team we had then - so sad it went a bit pear shaped after that, but that's what it's like following Chelsea
  2. Here's a link to the full game. I'll be watching tomorrow night from 8pm
  3. the season should just be declared void; no champions, no relegation, next season's European places given to the teams that qualified for Europe from the 2018/19 season.
  4. The Dutch will not allow crowds at sports events until a vaccine is available. https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/soccer/no-fans-in-dutch-stadiums-until-a-vaccine-is-developed-1.4247554 If other countries follow suit, sports we have enjoyed for years are going to struggle to survive. Really not sure what sort of experience watching football or rugby would be with no crowd. When I have seen a televised "behind closed doors" game, it's been the most depressing thing ever.
  5. This sort of evidence could impact whether sports can return. Training facilities, dressing rooms etc all a risk. https://eu.detroitnews.com/story/life/wellness/2020/04/27/coronavirus-airborne-particles-aerosols-research/111629814/
  6. i'd certainly write off the Scottish season
  7. the Deputy Chief Medical Officer said today that it'll be 6 months before the UK is likely to be operating normally (that's if we don't have future waves of this thing) - That'd suggest a season starting in October! That would mean missing 6/7 fixtures compared to an August start. Maybe an answer would be to scrap European competitions and play the PL fixtures in those mid-week slots. I guess wherever the money will be made will dictate what happens.
  8. when I found the copy of it I posted last night I watch it from just after Bayern had scored until we equalised - it was like reliving it, I was so on edge - brilliant stuff (and what a team we had)
  9. yeah @Munkworth won't be everyone's cup of tea but if even 3 or 4 of us enjoy it it'd be worthwhile stay safe
  10. if it was on a streaming platform, we could organise a Shed End re-live 19 May 2012 night get everyone to press play at the same time and then you could "match chat" in the Shed End as though it was live EDIT: found it
  11. Mikel Arteta tests positive for Covid19 - this season is dying before our eyes
  12. Leicester and Man City have players self-isolating due to virus risk - I can't see this season being completed.
  13. just wait 'til the Premier League cancels the 2019/20 season because of Covid19

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