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  1. seems a bit premature.... https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2019/6/25/18758493/ballack-studying-for-uefa-coaching-license-immediately-linked-with-lampards-chelsea
  2. Apologies if others have posted this - I haven't read the full thread. https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2019/6/16/18680642/abramovich-personally-assures-lampard-of-at-least-two-seasons-at-chelsea-report
  3. His farewell message is something else. Not the typical PR crap. Exceptional in this day and age
  4. Amazon's approach to showing the PL next season is interesting. On 2 mid-week match weeks they will simultaneously show all 10 fixtures. The first of these will be mid-December and the second on Boxing Day. Obviously a good idea to take a 30-day free Amazon Prime membership from the start of December!
  5. it's been confirmed now that Liverpool will play in the FIFA Club World Cup in December
  6. Liverpool have already decided not to take part in the FIFA World Club Championship. Rest assured they are serious about winning the title next year, they'll probably get knocked out of the League and FA cups as quickly as they can.
  7. You might have hit a nail on the head. Sarri hasn't got to grips with the PL, at times he's looked overwhelmed by the intensity of it and maybe there's part of him that feels his game is more suited elsewhere.
  8. Sportitalia also reporting he's been released by Chelsea and is in talks with Juve For what it's worth their story suggests we're considering Frank, Laurent Blanc or Max Allegri as his successor.
  9. we'd better win that. one trophy for them I can just about cope with but we do not want this to be the start of a succession of trophy wins - we need to snuff that out
  10. switched it off can't watch either of them actually lift the trophy

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