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  1. I think the set up with Frank still looks promising. We've had some decent performances, what's let us down is the worst Chelsea defence since WWII. Fix that with a seasoned pro at CB and a goalkeeper who's not psychologically damaged and we'll be in the mix.
  2. when we appointed Frank I thought - well respected England international, clean player, football family background surely now we'll start to get a more positive deal from the media and fairer game management from referees well that hasn't turned out to be the case..........
  3. you need a manager who can turn that disappointment into righteous anger and carry it into next season
  4. there'd be some post-match interview if Jose was still in charge
  5. I think losing Pulisic so early in the second half was the real turning point / the ref, unbelievable, the FA need to review this game
  6. 2-handed push on a Chelsea defender's back right in front of Taylor and he doesn't give it
  7. the priority is still to sort out the keeper and defence for next season
  8. Kova off now too - game over guys. Even Danny Murphy thinks the ref is sh*te.
  9. right Frank, sort that sh*t show out - it's supposed to be a bloody cup final

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