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  1. As a British Asian I remember it was that whole shirt fiasco that made me lose all respect for Liverpool as a club, what a terrible decision from the club. I can only imagine the uproar if it was CFC who decided to support a racist player, the media would go into absolute frenzy.
  2. Arsenal have been looking to play possession based football for a lot longer than we have and are always looking to play out from the back and have never looked convincing alternatively we have only recently started doing this mainly since Sarri took over last season and the difference between us and them is night and day. The main contributor to our successful adoption of the style is Jorginho, even when he is unable to receive the ball he is always communicating to everyone around him in order to create that movement into space. It is clear he has his limitations defensively but I wouldn't say that his limitations outweigh the positives he brings to the team. With the exception of the opening game of the season we have never really looked consistently in trouble from open play even against the European champions. Our defensive problems arise from set pieces due to a system adopted by the management team and even that has been tweaked and we've looked a lot better in that area.
  3. That result was long overdue they've been terrible all season.
  4. UEFA Rules 🤣🤣 Dont think the rules are worth the paper they are written on when money is involved
  5. Goal and assist so far, arguably best player on the pitch so far..... He is a decent player when given time on the ball pity he doesn't get that luxury often in the PL.
  6. Would prefer Sancho & Chillwel who would probably cost half as much
  7. I think rotation is going to be key once RLC is back and I am sure all the midfielders will get plenty of game time, with Lampard I think he will select the best 11 based upon the opposition. Against bigger more physical teams I can see RLC playing in midfield in order to give us a bit of muscle in the middle of the park & against more agile quicker teams I think Mount would get the nod, all in all its great having high quality options rather than a fixed starting 11. I think having RLC and Rudiger in the team would go a long way in sorting out our set piece problems, we would have Rudiger, RLC, Abraham, Zouma & possibly Alonso all of whom are absolute monsters in the air.
  8. The only thing he needs to improve are his goal celebrations, think he needs to be dropped in order for him to improve that aspect of his game Think we need to get Lingard in as our goal celebration coach I am sure he is looking at alternative career options
  9. I think it was also great to see that we didn't look as vulnerable from set pieces as we have been looking over the season however that may have been down to us being a more physical team than Southampton. At times we did seem to have a mix of Zonal and man for man marking which I think is a lot better than having a purely zonal system. On a separate note as someone who appreciates the talent that Southampton has provided to the global footballing community it is sad to see how poor Southampton appear, they are easily the worst side we've played this season and unless we see some dramatic changes they could be headed down to the championship, this is not purely based upon the game on the weekend but in general they have been well below par especially when they lost to a 10 man spurs team last weekend.
  10. Good weekend for us! solid win away from home and Leicester, United and Spurs dropping points.
  11. Wednesdays game pretty much sums up Willians time with us, incredibly sloppy in the first half broke down a couple of promising counters for us one of which led to the corner which we conceded from. At half time I believe Lampard may have had a chat and he was a lot better especially by pressing and offering support to James who was making his CL debut in a completely new position, he was eventually awarded with a goal. The quality is there for all to see and that part of Willians game shouldn't be up for debate but it shouldn't take a rocket at half time for you to up your performance.
  12. In my opinion I wouldn't put it on the Manager but on the individual themselves, Conte and Lampard are both former players and understand that errors are part and parcel of the game. I just think that how you deal with mistakes personally is down to how strong you are mentally, Christensen made the mistake and went off the boil for a while leading to further errors. Tomori was fortunate enough that the error didnt cost us therefore its not comparable to the Christensen scenario but it is imperative that he learns from this moving forward, there are times when we should be playing out from the back and other times when it is just best to clear your lines. He is young and I am sure he will make mistakes along the way but its essential he keeps improving and not let it impact his offensive game as at the moment with Tomori the sky is the limit.
  13. I think he owes Kepa one after a couple of incredible saves, cant imagine how much the errors would've hindered his development mentally and limit his footballing potential. A few posters drew parallels with the error Christensen made against Barca and how it has impacted his performances and confidence, I think he has regained the lost confidence however from a footballing perspective he plays it a lot safer than before. p.s. I still maintain that Courtois should've saved that dived to the left far too early.
  14. Felt a little sorry for him last night as he seemed a little lost in the WB role however he did improve as the game progressed, his biggest asset is his unpredictability when it comes to cutting inside or providing width on the outside however as a WB he seemed hesitant in his decision making as his role was mainly to provide width and a lot of the time he seemed halfhearted in his endeavors on the inside. Unlucky about the yellow as I think that was the main reason Lampard opted to take him off as opposed to Alonso, hoping we see him on the weekend in his preferred RB role in a back 4

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