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  1. I reckon its more of a mental thing with Kepa which is a major issue, in majority of games which we dominate he usually has 1 or 2 saves to make and a lot of the time a keeper needs to be switched on for those moments and with him he just seems to have these mental lapses. Petr Cech was amazing in this regard where he would barely have anything to do all game yet when called upon he was always aware of any danger and his anticipation to shot placement was second to none. I dont think this is something that can be rectified or coached, Kepa might improve in this aspect based on experience but put him in a team where he will need to make consistent saves game after game and I am sure he will look a lot better but for a top team where you need your keeper to step up on a couple of occassions per game I dont think thats his forte.
  2. Is it too early for the Meme's?
  3. I say stick one of the outfield players in goal if we need a keeper with good distribution.
  4. Cavani does seem like the typical short term Mourinho striker & I wouldnt be surprised if he ended up at Spurs As been mentioned above he would be perfect for our requirements currently until we can obtain someone younger in the next window or two
  5. We as supporters need to exercise patience, we have a young inexperienced squad so therefore inconsistency was always going to be part of our season however at the same time we need to remember Lampard himself is a young Manager operating in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. So far I would say he has done well with the squad he has at his disposal, we are in the top 4 and that is with 4 players who were playing in the Championship Last season & they have have been getting substantial minutes in each game. This is also without Hazard who was our best attacking player last season and alongside RLC, Kante, & Rudiger missing large parts of the season due to injury. People have concerns about tactics but my view on this is that these are areas which Lampard will improve on through experience but what I think has most impressed me about him is his ability to be fluid with his ability to change tactics and formations if things are not going well. He changed things against Arsenal when we were being completely outplayed & he completely bamboozled Mourinho by changing our formation for the Spurs game. He just needs to identify his strongest 11 and get some continuity going so that players become more aware of what is expected of them when playing against highly organised defensive teams.
  6. I really dont see Kante as being the problem, he is easily the most consistent performer in our team the deficiencies are far wider than just simply it being a case of Jorginho & Kante can't play together. Our first real problem is that we have a very one dimensional attack, on the right we have James looking to overlap CHO however on the left Azpi doesnt carry the same threat going forward & Willian on the left always decides to cut in as opposed to being a little more unpredictable with his decision making. This makes our attack very one dimensional and easier to defend against as teams can protect the right side and allow Azpi and Willian space out wide yet prevent the cut back. Centrally as good as Jorginho is we lack someone who brings some level of creativity, Isco could potentially come in and offer us some creativity on the left by replacing Mount. Having said all that our main problem is that we are playing a very young team with majority of players playing there first competitive season at the top level and with youth you will get inconsistency, we need to keep our faith and with experience the team will learn to break down deep lying defenses.
  7. I understand our performance has been somewhat lacklustre but this has been a shameful performance from Newcastle.
  8. Agree however you never know which Barkley is going to turn up, the liability or the footballer.
  9. Kante playing like a 2nd striker, playing further up than all the other midfielders.
  10. What is Brucey doing to the Newcastle players in training, they are getting injured off the ball like anything.
  11. I dont think any transfer rests on the performances of CHO as I think Lampard and co understand that with youth you will always get inconsistency, I reckon any potential transfers may rest on Pedro's activity this window. If Pedro is moved along than the Management will definitely look to bring in reinforcements but if Pedro decides to wait until the Summer than I reckon they could make do with our current squad.
  12. If the options involved are Zaha Now or Sancho in the Summer than I'll happily wait until the Summer to get Sancho however if the option is Zaha now or someone of similar ilk in the Summer than I am more than happy for the club to go all out and get him. Getting someone like Zaha could be the difference in us getting CL or not, I think Zaha would certainly be part of Lampards core 14 players who alternate in the starting 11.

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