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  1. Kepa padding up his save to goal ratio by saving that rocket
  2. Zouma has been immense didn't let Deeney get a sniff. I couldn't see Antonio bullying him like he did Rudiger and Christensen
  3. Why all the doom and gloom, Leicester have United and Spurs yet to play. I think they are the ones to miss out, I reckon we'll finish 4th as Leicester look in terrible form.
  4. I am not the biggest fan of Kepa but that position is mainly down to Rudigers inability to show Yarmolenko out wide. As someone who has played in goal during my teenage years I would expect my defender to show the attacker out wide and therefore I would have to protect my near post, Rudiger letting him get on his stronger foot on the inside was just brainless and unexpected. Had Kepa not gone to the near post and Rudiger ushered Yarmalenko out wide and Kepa got caught out at his near post that wouldve been his fault but questioning his position in that scenario doesnt make a good argument, the first goal on the other hand is just horrendous.
  5. Quite frankly last night was an absolute sh*t show and a few players need to be dropped for them to realise how bad that performance actually was. Both CB's need to be benched as its embarrassing that they literally lost every battle against Antonio in the 2nd half, the lad was incredible in winning all the hoiks towards him keeping in mind these were not fabregas esque passes coming towards him but just ugly hoiks from the back. If Tomori is not quite ready I would transition Azpi into Central defence and partner him with Zouma, having someone with a brain in Central Defence may actually work. Abraham may also need some time to reflect as he was terrible and Girouds presence at set pieces will be crucial if we drop both CB's.
  6. Rudiger has all the attributes to be a world class CB yet some of his decision making is so brainless, how can you let Yarmalenko turn onto his left foot.
  7. The passing has been so poor tonight, think it might be time to reintroduce Jorginho into the team
  8. RLC still seems a step away from 100% match sharpness,
  9. Abraham seems to be struggling, needs to be replaced with Giroud
  10. Watching United against Brighton and also having watched Liverpool extensively this season it is absolutely baffling at the number of 50/50 decisions which go in their favour. All other clubs tend to be held to a different level of officiating in comparison.

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