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  1. I personally feel we have 3 players at the club who can fulfil that role but unfortunately all 3 are incredibly young and will take time to truly develop their creative potential. The players I am talking about are Billy, Mount & Kai.
  2. I understand we will never come to an agreement on this argument because we are arguing over 2 completely different perspectives. Your stance is it's protocol to get rid of Managers the moment a team hits a blip and it's the footballing protocol, no one is arguing that point. Everyone understands that sacking Managers is a footballing norm and the moment results don't go your way and performances start to slip the board have every right to fire you. The point which myself and the others are trying to make is that even if that is the footballing norm and we've done it in the past it doesn'
  3. So because they Fired others prematurely they have the right to fire Frank prematurely?
  4. The CV argument is flawed in my view because a CV is only taken into account at point of appointment, the board understood he didn't have the experience and gave him the job regardless, after this point they should trust their appointment. What were the board expecting from Frank that he will sail through the Managerial job without ever going through a bad slump?
  5. Just thought I'll add this here from the other thread:
  6. Another Week Another Matt Law appearance on London is Blue, Highlights as follows: Chelsea have an interest in Haaland, to be more precise Roman is interested in bringing Haaland to Chelsea. No discount from Dortmund and the total cost of bringing Haaland to Stamford Bridge will be in the region of £200m which includes agent fees. The transfer has a very Hazardesque feel to it because it involves once a decade opportunity to sign a truly elite player for whom the next move will be most likely the club he will spend majority of his career at due to the size of the move. Chelsea pa
  7. He can be our Kazuyoshi Miura, keep him for another 20 years.
  8. I am sorry mate but in my view Sheffield was a very shaky performance we had 3 shots on target and scored 2 and outperformed our xg which was 1.4 in that game, I don't remember any clear cut chances however we did control the game well once we went 2-1 ahead. In reference to a later post about people wanting to downplay opponents in order not to give Tuchel credit I think that is just a false narrative, it might happen after a game when we win and the game that comes to mind is probably Spurs because of Mourinho's tactics especially in the first half were bizarre. In majority of other cas
  9. Tuchel has done incredibly well since he has come in and my guess is that the board feel vindicated in their decision of letting Lampard go but as resolute as we have been defensively we certainly haven't been creating many chances with the exception of the Burnley game and the first half against Newcastle. Wolves we didn't create much at all, Southampton we struggled, Barnsley we were horrendous, Atletico Madrid is understandable considering they played with a back 6, Spurs we created a few half chances but not many clear cut chances & Sheffield Utd was a struggle too. This is
  10. Nothing to do with form but the point was towards how United are approaching games against the bigger teams in the league, they are extra cautious and getting men behind the ball and are difficult to break down. This obviously is resulting in them committing fewer players forward and hence blunting their attack somewhat, I think the game may be similar to our first game against them at Old Trafford unless we score early which may result in them looking to open up.
  11. I think it was more of a case of a poor first touch which pushed him wide, his first touch should've been to push the ball on the inside and run across the defender which couldve resulted in either a pen or allowed him into a position to either shoot or play a much simpler ball to Giroud or CHO.
  12. United have scored 1 goal against the traditional Top 6 in the league this season & that was (Surprise, Surprise) from the penalty spot against Spurs in the 6-1 thumping. United's results so far against the top 6: United 0 - 0 Chelsea United 0-1 Arsenal United 1-6 Spurs United 0-0 City United 0-0 Liverpool United 0-0 Arsenal
  13. Come on Tuchel please get it right against these pricks He has already played them twice this season so I guess he can save some time on the prep work.
  14. Christensen at his best is an absolute World Class CB, his ability has not ever been in question but his consistency especially against more physical teams certainly has. Hopefully he can build on this performance and give us more of the same in the next few games.
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