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  1. These are the sort of games we truly miss Hazard, when the going got tough he always stepped up to the plate to make a difference.
  2. Imran_CFC

    Nathan Ake

    Dont think its a case of numbers offer strength to a squad, there needs to be some level of quality to the player that you are bringing in. If we bring in Ake I genuinely think he would have a strong case to be in the starting 11, I am not sold on Rudiger and Zouma together as they both seem very last ditch and tend to rely on pace to get out of questionable positions. Ake would be a better option on the left alongside one of them, he is someone who wont need a season or 2 to settle in and in addition the versatility is also a plus. I think his quality is being seriously underrated
  3. Imran_CFC

    Nathan Ake

    I think the case in favor of Ake is that we have a buyback clause and he is in major demand. We can easily bring him back and give him the opportunity to pair him up with Zouma or Rudiger and if it doesnt work out sell him on for a profit. He is versatile so therefore can play as a fullback or even in midfield and in addition to all this he also is a major goal threat from set pieces something our other CB's seem to be struggling with since the departure of Terry and Cahill. I personally think that he is an upgrade on Christensen especially considering the way that Lampard wants to play with the quick transition from defense to attack and would be a welcome addition to the squad also I think Tomori probably needs a couple of more years to mature and settle as a CB for a CL level team.
  4. I think he is a perfect squad player, yes he is inconsistent however the potential is there for all to see. Would love to see Chillwell and him fight it out for the first team place.
  5. I dont think his dip in form is anything to do with his physical injury but down to lack of confidence and form. I bet right from an early age he has been dominating games and been head and shoulders above his peers, for the first time in his career he is not getting time on the ball and he is not able to have his way, everything he does seems to be rushed which results in a lack of quality and end product. Its a shame we are out of the league cup however if we can give him a start against lower league opposition in the FA cup or if we can blow some teams away in the PL to give him some minutes in a low pressure scenario it could do him a world of good. At the moment he is coming on during the most intense phase of play in the game and the pressure just seems to be too much and therefore his performances seem to be hindered.
  6. Had a decent game last night but switched off for the goal, think at times our team is so focussed on getting in position for the counter attack that they tend to forget the defensive responsibilities. For the goal it seemed like Kova was side on expecting us to win the ball back so he could break through midfield, by the time he realized the cut back to Remy it was too late. Even after they pulled 1 back we were pushing for the third which seemed strange as we got caught out on a couple of occasions especially with the Remy effort late on, game management needs to be better however I think with experience Lampard and the team will improve in this aspect.
  7. Who is that prick on BT who said that's a fair yellow? Won't be surprised if its an ex official as that would explain the poor standard of officiating in the beautiful game globally.
  8. Half time came at a good time for them, we've been absolutely dominant since the 20th minute, Kepa should be coming out and taking the cross for that goal but Iam sure we will go on to win this 2-1.
  9. We have viable alternatives for positions all over the pitch with the only exception being Centre-Forward I am afraid if Tammy is out for any length of period during the season everything could go pear shaped fairly quickly, that is the only position I would want the Management to consider if the ban is overturned. Otherwise I am happy to wait it out until the summer to have a full review of Lampards requirements.
  10. I dont understand why we seem to be arguing over the fact which midfield option is the best as clearly all 3 players (Kante Jorg & Kova) are absolute quality, all 3 can be rotated without a significant drop in levels of play and which midfield is best suited would probably depend on the oppositions style of play and the health/fatigue levels of those available. I think Lampard knows his best 11 and truthfully all 3 would be included in that 11 however all 3 are not part of our most attacking 11 which is what is needed majority of the time in the league. I am just grateful that we've moved on from the arguments of who is the sh*ttest midfielder in our starting lineup Drinkwater or Bakayako.
  11. I may be in the minority here but I think Zaha will most likely flourish in our system and take his game to the next level, I can see Zaha improving in a similar manner to how Mane improved vastly once he joined Liverpool.
  12. I dont think its a case of we need to stick with a established 2 because we can offer sufficient game time to all 3 of them. I think all are operating at incredibly high levels and all bring a different attribute to the game and therefore selection will probably depend on who we are playing. Once RLC is back Mount and RLC can be rotated in a similar manner for the 3rd midfield position.
  13. Because its Mourinho I think its a lot more than purely New Manager Bounce and he has the ability and know how to continue that momentum for a lot longer than someone like Ole. Having said that I do agree that I think we will finish ahead of Spurs
  14. I think the key is momentum & unfortunately we dont have momentum with us in the current moment whereas Spurs seem supremely confident and Mourinho would not like anything more than finishing ahead of us. I still think we will finish top 4 but the whole mourinho situation has made things interesting
  15. Kante, Jorgingo and Kovacic will most likely play together against tougher oppositions however against majority of the teams I think those 3 will be rotating for 2 of the midfield spots and the final spot will most likely be alternated between RLC and Mount. Kante, Jorg and Kova dont have the goal threat needed from midfield against weaker oppositions

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