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  1. The style of football that Lampard is looking to drill into the squad Mount just seems a better fit, Mount brings energy and surprisingly possesses better technical ability too. I can see Barkley getting a few starts in the cup games however I think Lampard will look to switch between 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 so we wont get many like for like subs like Sarri used to make. I can see Mount being hooked for Kova to provide solidity to the midfield and Barkley's minutes will probably be further limited once RLC is back.
  2. There has been a lot of noise around the integration of youth with pundits and fans alike talking about Frank Playing too many youngsters especially in the game against United however I havent seen any youngster let us down so far. Against United & Leicester we missed big chances and shouldve been out of site on both occasions in the first half however individual mistakes cost us, the mistakes by Azpi and Zouma were the sort of errors you shouldn't be witnessing from players playing at this level. For all the limitations of Zouma you would probably expect an error from which which involved him getting caught on the ball whilst getting pressed but you wouldnt expect him to attempt a reckless tackle as he did with decent cover around him & Azpi seems to be going through a dip in form too, it could be that the efforts of the last few seasons are catching up & he could do with some rotation this season. Against Leicester we conceded due to Zonal marking but mainly I think we dropped 2 points due to poor game management (Which is to be expected with it being Lampards 1st season in the PL), I think playing 120Minz midweek did play a part however I think we couldve switched the personnel in Midfield and gone with Kova-Jorginho & Kante early on in the 2nd half to wrestle back some control & momentum. I dont think its a coincidence that in the last few games we've started like a house on fire and gradually declined as the games have gone on, the injection of youth into the starting 11 offers us that spring at the start of games however as games develop whether that involves going a goal up or going a goal down the players tend to become unsure whether to stick or twist. This is mainly down to lack of experience, we have a young CB pairing, 2 attacking midfielders playing there 1st season in the PL and a young Manager. I think the 2 players who will make a massive difference to our team are RLC & Rudiger, Both offer our team pace, physicality & presence therefore I think due to the return of Rudi and RLC alongside the team getting more experience through game time I think we will get stronger as the season progresses. I hope we dont drop too many points during the integration phase and are still in with a shout at the top 4 come Christmas as I seriously think we will get stronger whilst some of our rivals with thinner squads may start to get weaker.
  3. I think its a personnel issue at the minute, the consensus seems to be that without Hazard we are going to struggle to score goals this season. Therefore Lampard has sacrificed one of the Central Midfielders to play an attacking mid, one of the reasons for that is Jorginho, Kante & Kova will not give you much in the attacking third of the pitch. The issue with this seems to be that players are taking time adjusting to 4-2-3-1 from 4-3-3 which we played majority of last season, players are getting caught out of position creating huge gaps in midfield and this is understandable. I personally believe if we had the transfer window available we may not have signed Kova and gone after a Central Midfielder who may have been able to offer a little more going forward. I think one of the biggest problems for us has been the injury to RLC as I see him being the missing piece to the way that Lampard wants to play, he allows us to play 4-3-3 and offer us balance between attack and defense. I think once RLC is up to speed Lampard will revert to 4-3-3 as his go to formation to create that balance but for the mean time itll be 4-2-3-1 against teams outside the top 6 and potentially 4-3-3 against the top teams with the usual 3 in Midfield. I think we should continue to play 4-2-3-1 however Lampard needs to sacrifice a attacking mid especially if we are a goal up and we are losing control in midfield similar to the Leicester game. We lost our momentum in the 2nd half and found it incredibly difficult to wrestle it back I just felt at the time that Pedro shouldve been replaced by Kova a lot earlier to gain control again.
  4. Firstly I am thankful that the Refs have stopped going over to the sidelines to watch the enitire game again before making a call, however like a few have mentioned VAR should only intervene on clear and obvious errors & maybe let each team have 1 review per half for a decision which they believe may have gone against them. At the moment there just seems to be this lack of clarity around the involvement of VAR on a game. Play should be allowed to continue and the Ref should make the decision and unless it is obviously incorrect the decision should stand. In the City & Spurs game it seemed fairly obvious that the Ref was happy with the goal and even the Spurs players had accepted the decision and than VAR got involved which seemed absolutely ludicrous.
  5. I really liked the energy he brought to the team on the right wing, personally think he wasnt given enough minutes especially against teams with a more defensive setup.
  6. Social Media seems to be the biggest culprit in breeding hate, anger, bullying & racism, it offers people a platform to unveil the worst within them & I am unsure as to why that is the case, maybe the thought of being invisible behind a digital presence. I dont think its just new troll accounts but even genuine people who seem to use the platform to vent any personal frustrations. I had completely given up expressing any views using any of the main Social Media platforms and I got a slight taste last week to what I may be missing out on when putting forward a view on City's disallowed goal. The comments included myself not understanding Football due to my ethnic background or the Country I am from (The Country being England). It's highly unlikely some of those people would say the same things had it been a normal conversation within a office environment for example, so I dont get why they believe they have the license to say such things on an online platform.
  7. The only World Class player in our team at the minute, was flabbergasted with some people suggesting during pre-season to drop him and play Jorginho and Kova as the Midfield 2. He would be my first name on the Team Sheet regardless of opposition.
  8. The biggest difference for me was actually the attitude of the players towards the Ref, there didnt seem to be this constant running over and moaning at each and every decision. Not sure if it was due to a female Ref or a lack of clear and obvious errors however you get players moaning even at the correct decisions in the league so who knows.
  9. I think this game will probably tell us a lot more about our team than the previous 2 games, majority of teams will most likely defend deep against us and look to hit us on the counter and Vardy is arguably the best forward in the league for leading a counter attack and finding space in between the lines. I think the key defensively would be the communication between Kova & Kante & how they manage Vardy as I dont think Jorginho has the pace to cover those runs. I would make a slight change to the team that faced Liverpool and bring in Zappa in the place of Dave & Willian for Pedro.
  10. I've been really impressed with the lad, I had my reservations during pre-season whether he'll be able to adjust to the step up from Championship to the top end of the PL but he doesnt seemed too fazed by the challenge. My only concern around Mount is in reference to his position in the team, we have quite a few players competing for the attacking mid role & once everyone is fit he may drop down the pecking order. In a system of 4-2-3-1 I can see him playing Centrally and competing with Barkley however I think the long term solution for Lampard will most likely be 4-3-3 which makes things difficult for Mount. Hopefully we have a congested season coming up with the squad doing well across all competitions in order to give everyone decent game time, I think one of Lampards main challenge is going to be rotating the squad well and keeping the key members of the squad happy & not just the first team. This was probably Mourinho's biggest failings as a Manager he built his success mainly around a core group of players and everyone outside that circle felt ostracized and felt they had to look for game time elsewhere.
  11. I think we as fans just need to enjoy this season for what it is, its a transition year and we need to cherish the small things within games such as the development of our squad & our style of play. Victories will most likely mean a lot more as they will be a little less frequent than before however at the same time the pressure to win will most likely be eased too. I look forward to the performances of RLC as I think he will be someone (Once he is fit) to come out as being a leader and give us that balance between technique and power in the middle of the park, alongside RLC I also look forward to CHO cementing his place in the team over a couple of experienced members. Basically I would much rather finish 7th-10th and have a season where we've seen youth get a true shot & we know where we stand when it comes to youth integration in terms of who will form a part of our squad for the future and who is not good enough as opposed to finishing top 6 with a starting 11 of the usual suspects.
  12. I must admit that I am a fan of Zouma and back him to turn things around, I did feel for the lad as you could clearly see that he completely lost his confidence after giving away the Pen. The best thing to do for the teams sake was probably take him off at half time as he clearly was struggling to get his head straight however unfortunately we didnt have a suitable replacement on the bench. But having stayed on the pitch I think it was an invaluable experience for him and hopefully he can learn from this and come back stronger.
  13. I really like Dybala & I think he will thrive in a team where he is the main man, just think that he struggles playing with Ronaldo and Messi within a supporting role. Considering we've tried a few over the hill strikers I wouldn't mind taking a risk with Dybala as I don't think we will lose much £££ if it doesn't work out, he is a big name and fairly young & we should be able to resell at a similar fee hence limiting the risk somewhat.

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