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  1. I hear David Luiz is Available on a free at the end of the season...... 🙃
  2. Yh Liverpool and United get 2 penalties in that game, the foul on Kai and the handball.
  3. If that was us the ref would've blown for FT before we even took the corner.
  4. Every 50|50 call in this game has gone Liverpool way.
  5. City don't really sit back when they go a goal down they tend to continue to play the same way, most other prem teams drop back into a low block after going a goal up and we just cannot penetrate the low block.
  6. f**k football, I am going to start following Beach Volleyball. Can anyone recommend any decent teams.
  7. In my view if fit Pulisic should start all games, yes he might have off days like he did against Arsenal but he is the only player who can drop deep and take a few players on in tight areas.
  8. How can Oliver give the handball in the first half when the ball is hit on Silvas hand point blank yet miss the one by Perez, absolute disgraceful officiating in the final once again.
  9. The prick couldn't wait to blow the whistle.
  10. Time wasting is going to be off the charts here.
  11. We are f**kubg cursed in FA CUP finals, blatant handball not given.
  12. We don't have anyone in that lineup who can beat their man and create space. We need to make the most of the space in behind their wingbacks as I believe those are the areas we will get joy today.
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