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  1. Pep playing 3 ATB with Walker the right side CB and Ferran Torres as the RWB. I can see Pep opting for 3 ATB in the final with Dias, Stones and Walker as the 3 CB's.
  2. I can't believe there were United fans saying Fred is better then Kante earlier in the season.
  3. I think over the last few weeks a number of fans (Including Myself) started getting comfortable with the idea of maybe not bringing in a striker and persevering with Kai and Werner even if Tammy and Giroud were to leave. I think last night's result indicates the importance of having a good striker in the squad especially against a team setup with a low-block, the striker doesn't necessarily have to be World Class but someone who has natural instincts of putting the ball in the back of the net. For example Danny Ings would most likely put the first chance away which Kai missed and would al
  4. So we've conceded 4 against Arsenal this season, 1. Soft Penalty 2. World Class Freekick 3. Unintential Freak lob & 4. Jorginho Brain fart. So disappointing.
  5. Story of the game: they made a mistake and we failed to capitalise and we made a mistake and they made us pay.
  6. I hope TT was saving Billy for the final and that was the reason he took him off at HT.
  7. Arsenal's fullbacks taking time wasting to some elite level.
  8. If Tierney is injured get him the f**k off, takes an hour getting up every time he goes down.
  9. How is that not a free kick, I remember United getting a shot off and it getting called back for a free kick.
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