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  1. I love how the media and pundits are hell bent on the 97 points and how the 2 goal line decisions decided the title yet completely overlook the fact City beat Liverpool and should've in all likelihood done the double over them. Looking back I think that was the main turning point in the title race
  2. I think looking to attract established names is somewhat overrated, signing players who have the hunger, potential and the correct mindset to succeed is far more important. This is where we have been failing so greatly, majority of foreign players who have done incredibly well in the Premier League have not really come in as established stars but have developed within a team. The likes of Henry, Drogba, Suarez etc. at the time of signing for each club none of them were the finished article and therefore the DOF position is far more important than any established player we may be able to sign. There does seem to be this fear around how we are going to replace Hazard but I think the loss of Hazard needs to be spread across the front 3, if we can get an upgrade in the strikers position (Not hard to upgrade on our current top 2) and we have Pulisic coming in and with Hudson-Odoi we potentially have a more potent front 3 than one which is completely reliant on Hazard.
  3. I reckon the players are a big part of the issue, we have a squad which is tailor made for Counter attacking football and we look our most dangerous when we win the ball deep in our half and break at pace. The problems we are encountering are pretty obvious, Sarri is looking to implement a complete overhaul of our footballing style and this change will take longer than 1 season. The board (and the fans to a certain extent) have a decision to make here, either we back our Manager and have patience & trust within the process. The drawback to this is that we have a Manager who doesn't have trophies on his CV but he has experience of building a formidable team playing possession based football. The alternative to this is to stick with the brand of football we are suited to which is fast counter attacking football with a strong backline protected by Kante, we are likely to get far more success (especially short term) adopting this method, the drawback to this solution would be the danger of being left behind whilst the footballing world moves on to a different footballing philosophy. I personally do not mind the counter attacking football especially against the stronger teams in the league but we need to get a Manager in who may be a little more flexible in there ideas especially during the transitional phase.
  4. Personally I would say I enjoyed the clinical finish by Trippier far more than any dubious goal we could've scored If only it was the decisive goal as opposed to a rubber stamping of the inevitable
  5. What I find strange in this whole episode is that the reason Hudson-Odoi doesn't get more minutes is because he is defensively naive (Due to his young age) but Luiz keeps Christensen out due to his attacking abilities, so we dont play 1 attacking youngster because of his lack of defensive abilities and we dont play a defensive youngster due to his lack of creative abilities. Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me
  6. I think we should pass the ball about in midfield a little more in the 2nd half
  7. Why is Alonso always surprised when someone puts him through on the Wing
  8. I reckon with the recent form of Jorginho the best midfield we can potentially play is Kante, Kovacic & RLC, I think this combination offers us energy, press resistance and power. I really hope to see this combination on a more regular basis as the persistence with Jorginho is just not working, it would be beneficial even for Jorginho to just take him out of the limelight in order for him to regather himself. I think Sarri may be concerned with RLC starting games due to his fitness levels but realistically if we can get 60 minutes out of him that should be good enough for Jorginho to come in for the last 1/3rd of the game where usually the opposition press is not as prolific and he may get a little more time on the ball.
  9. I think Ampadu is at that stage of his career where he needs to make a decision whether he wants to play CB or CDM, I believe he has the potential to do well and become a top class player in either role but he must himself come to that decision as to where he feels most comfortable. Don't want to see him waste his talent by becoming a jack of all trades as I truly believe if he applies himself to a particular skill he will really grow into that particular position.
  10. Its a Win-Win game for me, we get past this game and are still in the 4th spot that is a huge stride in ensuring Champions League qualification however if we lose its keeps City on the tails of Liverpool who seem to be cracking under pressure. Surprisingly a draw would be a pretty bad results for all parties involved.
  11. As much as I would've loved to see CHO destroy Bellerin, it's a difficult call to drop Pedro or Willian after both scored last weekend, I will be more annoyed if both are below par today and CHO doesn't start next week.
  12. Looks like Higuain on loan until the end of the season

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