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  1. We are looking to open talks with Alaba's representatives in Jan according to Christian Falk
  2. I wouldn't waste too much time reading articles from random "Journalists" who quite clearly don't have a clue about how we play and how Lampard has changed our whole style of play in the space of 10 games. I bet any average poster on this site has more knowledge about our squad, formation & Lampards pattern of play then Mr. Alex Keble. You don't need to do much investigative journalism to see that we are much better on the counter attack than last season, in fact I don't believe we've conceded any goals on a genuine counter attack this season: Against Brighton we conceded from a
  3. I am not too concerned about Werner, I can't remember the last time we had a Winger who practically plays like a second striker and consistently gets in the box in goal scoring positions. Hazard enjoyed coming deep and building the play and playing Willian felt like playing a Wingback as a winger. The funny thing is Pulisic offers something similar to Werner on the left where he is incredibly direct and arriving in the box from that left side is a big strength of his.
  4. The interesting thing for me in this game is whether Lampard continues with our tried and tested formation of 4-3-3 or look to switch to a 3-4-3 which is the formation we played in both games against Spurs and not to forget we did the double over them. The games finished 2-0 and 2-1 but we battered them in both games and sadly the scoreline didnt really reflect that dominance. The benefit of playing 3 at the back is that we blunt the main weapon Spurs have in creating goals and that is Kane coming deep to create holes which Son & co exploit. Kane dropping deep can result in 2 things h
  5. Looking at the state Man City find themselves in has got me questioning Pep's Managerial prowess, he has experienced great success at the 3 clubs he has managed however he has not really had to build those teams. These were teams which he inherited and not taking anything away from him but he did an excellent job in achieving success with those teams however this is the first time he is being tasked with building a team and I've got to say he is failing miserably. If we look at the team he inherited at City, the starting 11 was as follows: Hart, Clichy, Kompany, Otamendi, Zabaleta, KDB, F
  6. I doubt very much going with a front 3 who have never played together for such a big game would be a good idea. I think CHO deserves a start against Sevilla but for Spurs Frank has to go with the Tried and tested front 3 of Tammy, Werner & Ziyech.
  7. Didn't realize Liverpool had so many injuries, not heard anything from the media about it. I think they are the first club in history to ever have a world class player injured who is going to miss the whole season.
  8. RIP Maradona An absolute legend on & off the pitch, Football has lost one of its best ever.
  9. If we look at the City team which Spurs beat I would say KDB, Walker and maybe Laporte are the only 3 I would say may have a shout to get into our team, in all other positions we have superior players. Obviously this does not mean we are better than City as they did not have Sterling, Aguero, Fernandinho starting and you certainly cannot discount the impact of an experienced Manager but at this moment in time we are a much tougher test for Spurs than City. If they sit back like they did against City against us especially without Toby Alderweireld I can see us overwhelming them, personally
  10. My point was more towards our strongest starting 11 and I personally would have Kova over Kai against the better opposition, lack of creativity from our midfield last season was a serious issue but with a front 3 with Werner, Abraham & Ziyech alongside our full backs I don't think creativity is that much of an issue this season. However against majority of the teams in the league Kante provides sufficient cover on the counter and we can afford to play Kai over Kova. But like you've stated we have ample game time to distribute amongst our midfielders.
  11. I think he has worked his way into our first 11 and unless his performances drop or Kai does outstandingly well in his limited appearances Kova should be the preferred Right Sided Central Midfielder. The way that we play we are suspect on the counter attack and having someone like Kova who is a superior defensive Midfielder to Kai should help in providing some defensive cover on the right side especially with Ziyech and James having the tendency to push high.
  12. Not really surprising he has been struggling for form since the International break, Germany got an absolute battering and since he has been travelling and playing football without any real downtime. The next 4 days should do him a world of good and help him get into a better frame of mind and I am hoping Pulisic will be fit enough to give him a break at the 60 minute mark on the weekend.
  13. Chilwells passing has been all over the place so far
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