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  1. Story doing the rounds that Real are willing to offer him to us or Spurs for £50m Don't know what to make of this as I really enjoyed watching him play last season but this season he seems to have lost all confidence in himself, I would actually prefer Martinez or Werner as this would allow us to play either of those 2 alongside Abraham whereas with Jovic it'll have to be Abraham or Jovic. If Real are willing to offer him to us with a similar agreement as the one we had with Kovacic I wouldnt mind this at all, don't want another Morata situation arising.
  2. A wake up call for the global leaders to start investing in the global healthcare infrastructure
  3. I doubt the season is over, it would be over if any other team apart from Liverpool (Or United) were about to win the league. I think they will continue and play out the season and delay the start of the next season and manage the game congestion by scrapping some of the other cup competitions.
  4. Hope the premier league Refs were watching on how to officiate a high profile game without f**king it up.
  5. So who gets Champions League if the season is halted? The Current top 4?
  6. I disagree with the notion of selling Kante & Jorginho due to the emergence of Billy and Barkley finding his form again. Billy is only 18 and I dont think we should be expecting him to play week in week out in such a physical league, it could have a hugely detrimental impact on his development as a player. He should be an integral member of the squad but certainly not expected to start more than 20 games next season, in reference to Barkley I would consider him a valuable member of the squad after a he strings a few consistent performances together. He cant be a 8/9 out of 10 for a couple of games and revert to being a liability for a few, I am not expecting another performance similar to the one he had against Everton but a few more solid games would do him a world of good, he needs to be consistent. We have incredible midfield options who offer us tactical variety dependent upon our opponents, for example Kante offers us solidity against better opposition, Jorginho offers us leadership, experience and is the perfect mentor for Billy and Kova is a combination of both players. If you add to that the youth of Mount, Billy alongside the inconsistent Barkley we've got arguably the best midfield options in the league and that is what you need to challenge at all fronts at the top level & I would certainly be against selling any of the options.
  7. I Personally think this standoff between Willian & Chelsea with the 2/3 year negotiation is a way of Willian to make a move to Arsenal on a free to link up with Luiz, they are good friends and business partners. It is widely established that AFC is a very laid back environment in comparison to Chelsea and Willian will probably get the 3 years he is after in addition to a signing bonus and a salary upgrade. This would also keep him on good terms with the Chelsea fan-base as he will place the blame on the board not bowing down to his request and he keeps his family in London, there is no downside for Willian in this scenario. Also Luiz would have found a way to get back at Lampard and Chelsea by convincing him to change allegiances.
  8. The one thing which Barkley has really improved in his game is playing between the lines and finding space, he is not the greatest when being pressed however this season he is not playing too far forward that he doesnt get the opportunity to turn and get his head up and neither is he playing too far back that his first touch is scrutinized by the first wave of the opposition press. He is finding space on the pitch and giving himself the best opportunity to run with the ball and really hurt opposition, I am absolute certain Lampard has had a lot to do with the positional change as he was the best when it came to finding space from midfield to allow him to utilise his attacking attributes. I remember (Not sure which Manager) wanted Lampard to play as a number 10 and shift him from Central Midfield to further up the pitch and Lampard really struggled as he just wasnt getting the time on the ball to get his head up and assess the situation, he spent a lot of the time with his back to goal. He transformed his form once he started playing deeper again, think that experience must've allowed him to assist Ross in his positional development.
  9. You can change all the rules in the world but if you have incompetent Application of those rules nothing will work, this seems like giving the refs another tool to impact games based upon subjective inclinations. Maybe implement programs to get more youngsters and retired players to take up officiating to replace the dross we have currently.
  10. OGS really is a genius Play 7 defensive minded outfield players and 3 speedsters, amazing tactics
  11. So true For that chance not sure why he was stretching for it, it was on a plate for him.
  12. Guardiola should've taken Sterling off at half time, he has been terrible

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