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  1. I think it's fairly obvious from our previous 4 games that we need natural wingers to offer us width, Lampard has been playing the likes of Mount & Havertz in the front 3 whose game is more Centrally biased. The plan is clearly for the fullbacks to offer us width which is leaving huge gaps for our CB's to cover every time we lose the ball and the fullbacks are caught high up the pitch. Lampard needs to revert back to basics and play CHO and Werner (until Pulisic is fit) wide to stretch defences and not have the fullbacks commit themselves too far forward.
  2. The part which really irritated me was the fact that the ref blew the whistle dot on 95 even though West Brom made a sub, we scored and there was a VAR check, now compare that to the United game where they played an additional 10 minutes.
  3. With no natural width Reece has clearly been instructed to get forward and offer us that hence he keeps getting caught upfield.
  4. Defensively we are all over the place lucky not to be 2 down Reece got caught far upfield again.
  5. Tammy you've got to at least hit the target there
  6. Lampard will be thinking of taking Alonso off here, getting out paced by the full back after a 5 yard head start.
  7. I reckon the reliance is on the full backs to give us width, against organised defences it becomes a recipe for disaster.
  8. I think Frank has the Spurs game in his head in terms of selection, I am pretty sure he would've risked Zouma & Chilwell had we not had the midweek game.
  9. On a positive note the win keeps OGS in the job that much longer and will ease the pressure for further signings. Give this team to a semi competent manager and they will be right up there challenging.
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