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  1. Two former Chelsea players did the draw last year and we won it. Two former Chelsea players doing the draw this year. I'm just saying...
  2. You forgot to include Chelsea's, nay, the Premier League's greatest number 9 ever... Khalid Boulahrouz 😅
  3. I am so grateful for Spurs I really hope they manage to put decent pressure on next year's Conference League winners.
  4. Does the ref have to take out his red card every time he wants to hand a yellow? Almost gave me a heart attack
  5. People talk about Chelsea fans but it is Laporte who really saved football. Spuds win f**k all again!
  6. Thiago Silva MOTM, worked harder than anyone on the pitch 😄
  7. I have been lurking on this forum for many years. Emotions are high today so I felt the need to rant out some thoughts to whoever is interested in reading them. I was undecided when Frank was first appointed, kind of a ‘heart says yes mind says no’ situation. Mind said no because of the lack of experience and the dread of reaching the point we have reached today. Heart said yes, well, cause it’s Frank Lampard, what Chelsea fan wouldn’t want him at the helm? I would have been happy with any position over the relegation zone last season because of many factors that we all know (transfer ban, young team, loss of the league’s best player), and yet Frank overachieved and got us a top four finish. This is when the trouble started in my opinion. The board’s expectations were always going to be high for this season, especially after the huge financial backing. It is very hard, from a business perspective, to justify regressing after spending so much. Would Frank have been able to take us out of this slump? Probably, but sadly there were no signs of that. I’d take ugly football with good results, I’d take bad results with beautiful football. Sadly, we had neither. I don’t believe the whole ‘Frank threw his players under the bus’ narrative. We all know the type of player Frank was, impeccable work ethics and always giving his all for the badge. He maybe thought, due to lack of experience, that all players would have the same ethics, and was confused when he saw that some players couldn’t be bothered sometimes. Instead of trying to motivate them to do better, he assumed that motivation is just there naturally, and kept trying to coach his game plan (not saying that this is what actually happened, just my impression). I’m very sad about the sacking, but feel like it’s the best way to go, sort of the same feeling I had when he was first appointed but in reverse. I hope he takes a break, then takes a job with a lower profile, and who knows, maybe one day he will be back. Maybe it will be JT, who seems to be taking a more cautious approach by leaning the trade before diving into the hot seat. Until then, we keep going, onward and upwards!
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