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  1. Score line good, entertainment good, technically terrible, from both teams. Our defending is very concerning. It's beyond bad most of the time. Another observation is that Hudson-Odoi is really not in this game at all today. Maybe worth pulling him soon if he doesn't start contributing asap.
  2. Played ok in the main. Enjoyable game to watch. Still so frustrating at how shockingly bad we are at the back, especially from set pieces. Fortunately Lille are as equally green as we are so the game is still there for the taking. Can’t call it but, if forced to, 1 each is a likely outcome.
  3. Not at all convinced by our youth prospects then? Bit of a press the reset button and pick all the ageing bit part journey men we’ve often relied on? We’re not even close to wining the thing no matter who we pick, so why drop the young players who are performing so well? Or was this an attempt at a humorous selection or just a wind up selection? If so, why not Willy in goal?
  4. Yes he can. It’s either racist or it is not. You can’t make weak excuses because you’re on the same payroll. He’s a hypocrite, end of.
  5. I’m still waiting to celebrate the goal. How long has to pass before a goal can be disallowed now days?
  6. Why are keepers allowed to jump leading with their knee? If an outfield player does that going for a header it’s s free kick and at least a booking.
  7. Unfortunately he and rest of the defence certainly can when a dead ball is sent into our box.
  8. Red card or not, doesn't really help as he'll likely be out for weeks with ligament damage after that. Gutted for him. We're doing ok but by crikey we look a bit toothless bar a couple of individual moments from Willian. Big step up from Wolves, that's for sure.
  9. Still here. A closely fought win against relegation favourites Norwich was not enough to persuade me that all will be rosy this season. We've now thrown away a two goal lead against another relegation favourite. It's such a difficult transition season for fans as it's great having a legend in charge and having home grown talent playing - feels more 'Chelsea' but, only those so blinded by loyalty can possibly think that a rookie manager leading a team of unproven kids that is augmented by a few ageing squad players is going to result in anything other than a long hard struggle. This notion that Rudiger coming back is going to be the difference between struggling and cruising to third is laughable. Sure, it'll help when he's back but even Hazard would have struggled to get this lot in the top four. It's an exciting new era, but it isn't going to be like the early Roman days or even close. I'm all for this new (old) Chelsea but, I find some of the naivety or delusion being posted is weird. It reminds me of the Black Knight from Monty Pythons Holy Grail.
  10. I see the pattern for the season. We play quite well, are a little unlucky and lose.
  11. He's got form for that though. It was one of those kamikaze charges that resulted in him wrecking his knee and being out for a year.
  12. I agree. It’s not simply that they’re wining games but they’re just rolling everyone over. It’s just like watching junior football where there’s always a team that have the best players and win 10 nil every week. To think that after last season and the season before that City wining 5-0 away in their opening game doesn’t mean they’ll win the league again is just delusional. Liverpool may hang on to their coat-tails for a while again but there’s only one winner in the end.
  13. Yep, f**ked that up. "the passing of" might have helped. That's what I meant anyway.

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