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  1. It's so confusing, we look to be playing well most of the game, plenty of possession, some slick passing and yet manage to look about as threatening as a paraplegic coming at you with a sponge. And then we go full Fred Karno's at the back. I bet quietly Frank is absolutely itching to sign some players.
  2. They may have shown a tad more enthusiasm but in truth they’re still completely sh*t. We’ve just not been nearly good enough to beat a sh*t team. This defeat as was the West Ham one, completely on us.
  3. We really have overachieved so far this season and as a result I think many have come to believe we’re better than we are. I keep saying it, Kepa is not a good keeper. We need a new keeper for sure. We need a couple of new defenders and we need someone effective up front as well. Then we can start to to turn this into a good team.
  4. We love to over-pass the ball in the box don’t we.
  5. More than likely. New manager bounce was inevitable.
  6. Blimey, despite all the romanticism of Legend Lampard and the Academy/young players, we are looking increasingly bang average. We can’t defend and we can’t convert decent possession into quality chances. Becoming increasingly frustrating. Roll on being able to sign players. We seriously need some experience and quality in this squad.
  7. I guess it's my sh*tty broadband then as mine seems to be flipping between HD and grainy as f**k and even appears to have buffered once, and I've only been watching for 10 or 15 minutes. Also, I don't believe for a minute that the current cost would last five minutes if Amazon got rights to the majority of PL football.
  8. Serious reservations about our keeper. Great penalty save but, beyond that the usual mix of poor distribution, limp wrists and spectating. Their keeper did look very assured throughout (fortunately their strikers were anything but assured). Overall, an entertaining game of football but one that showed up a lot of areas where we need to improve hugely. Thought James was excellent for 80 minutes. Looks absolute top drawer.
  9. We really need to start looking for a new keeper. He’s absolutely hopeless. Good effort in the second half to hang on to the 2-1 anyway. Could easily have turned into a hammering.
  10. I’ve no idea what Frank can do here but since City woke up just before their equaliser we’re looking increasingly in danger of being on the wrong end of a thrashing. I really can’t see any way back into this. I guess it’s a simple case of them being quite a bit better than us. I wonder how many and what players we are short of being on their level. I think a keeper is certainly one.
  11. The thing Frank appears to have achieved is replacing the Hazard centric side with a real ‘team’. On that basis, most of the players suggested have been very good but in my eyes we’ve moved away from one best player. And that’s a truly wonderful thing.
  12. Score line good, entertainment good, technically terrible, from both teams. Our defending is very concerning. It's beyond bad most of the time. Another observation is that Hudson-Odoi is really not in this game at all today. Maybe worth pulling him soon if he doesn't start contributing asap.
  13. Played ok in the main. Enjoyable game to watch. Still so frustrating at how shockingly bad we are at the back, especially from set pieces. Fortunately Lille are as equally green as we are so the game is still there for the taking. Can’t call it but, if forced to, 1 each is a likely outcome.

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