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  1. I don’t think City gave us any chance to play with ambition and on the very rare occasion we did get forward with any purpose we cocked it up. We might have beaten them in Porto, but a league season is the true measure and I have no doubt they remain ahead of us in that respect.
  2. I’m not so sure this is all about being too negative from the start. I think it’s more simply that they are better than we are and for the first time for a while they’ve proven that.
  3. We’ll of course it is. They’re murdering us!!!
  4. That’s another reason footballers disgust me. Utter utter cowardice. If you want to physically assault someone do it face to face and use your fists. Kicking someone from behind is utterly pathetic. Whoever that is they’re a sh*thouse and a w**ker.
  5. But not everyone’s first game in the Prem is so poor. Limiting his game time is a sensible approach. As he hasn’t taken to it like a duck to water, then ease him in and see if he finds his feet. I felt either Tuchel made an error of judgement about Saul’s readiness that he realised at half time or he had underestimated Villa when considering Tuesday’s game against Zenit.
  6. Hard to argue with that. I do hope Saul finds his feet though. Perhaps a little early to lose all hope there.
  7. Thank goodness for Mendy. Great ‘backs to the wall’ first half. Let’s just hope we can hang on for another 45 minutes and steal a home win.
  8. Arsenal may well be woeful, and United might have Ronaldo, Liverpool Van Dijk back and we’ve got Lukaku, but I still reckon City will win the league.
  9. Totally agree. I feel strongly that this is a three defeats and you’re out kind of season.
  10. I appreciate after less than a single round of fixtures it is bold to predict anything, but I fancy it’s a season where the winners can’t afford to lose more than three games tops.
  11. Probably worth a tenner on us signing Oyarzabal.
  12. Werner is the most useless striker I’ve ever seen at this level. I’d take any of Robert Fleck, Cascarino, Sutton, Furlong, Kezman over him any day. I couldn’t afford to be as bad at my job because I would not keep it.
  13. I never thought of that, buts it’s so true isn’t it. Are they now the most smug and entitled club in English football’s history? And I’m not forgetting United and Liverpool when saying that. Btw, just in case anyone has missed all of the dozens of articles and interviews published this week, but Noel Gallagher is a huge City fan and best mates with Guardiola. He has no doubt they’ll win and says they deserve it.
  14. The BBC are running bloody articles romanticising City’s rise from third tier to possible Kings of Europe. Other than a recent slump, they are no different to us, a persistently underachieving club of good size that suddenly had a huge amount of cash spent on trying to be very successful. It’s never damn romanticised when told as Chelsea’s story.
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