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  1. Snedger

    That Sterling Incident

    I wanted to keep out of this but I just can't help but be annoyed by the relative reaction to this incident compared to the banana throwing incident last week. Ok they both made the news and appeared on the back pages, but the huge amount of discussion and comment that has resulted when it has occurred at Stamford Bridge is notable. John Barnes on BBC breakfast, Stan Collymore in the Guardian and so on. Perhaps it's just down to our historic reputation and that most other supporters, press and pundits loathe us and everything we do. But then again, maybe it's even just somewhat ironically down to the fact that one victim is a high profile England international playing for the Premier league holders and the other was just some 'bloody foreigner'? Difficult to get my head around how reactions to similar types of event garner different levels of reaction at different times. Maybe that's a small part of why the blight of racism continues due to selective outrage at it. One thing does seem clear; if it involves Chelsea it's bigger news than Brexit and one way or the other, Chelsea FC in a curious way seem to do more to highlight and promote the work of Kick It Out than any other club in the country. Anyway, I think that if there is sufficient evidence to prove that the abuse was racial then they should obviously be punished with a severe ban. [Satire] Maybe an eight game ban like Suarez received from the FA for racially abusing Evra? Or just 4 games as handed out to JT? That should cure racism.
  2. I've only seen the three or four minutes of footage on MOTD, but I imagine that this thread was seething for 44 minutes and after 94 is actually believing we're going to walk the league. Seems to me that we had one of those days when we've raised our intensity level to 11 and produced what we know these players can produce, but we've seen this on many occasions and we know that these performances can be produced very often in isolation. So nothing really changes. Every knows we can beat City or Liverpool. Everybody knows we can beat or get battered by Spurs. And everyone knows we can lose to Wolves whilst appearing to not give a sh*t. So let's just wait and see if Sarri can somehow manage to get performances close to today's out of them against West Ham and Wolves as well as City and Liverpool. Maybe the most interesting thing is that it looks as though to get today's result even Sarri has had to acknowledge that his strikers aren't very good and playing Hazard out of position and risking further unsettling him was necessary. Will the strikers not start again this season? Or do we somehow calculate that three points gained against City count more than if three points had been taken against Wolves instead and play a useless centre forward against everyone outside the top two?
  3. Snedger

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    That's an interesting point. The question I would then ask is, would be be better off cashing in on Kante while he's still regarded as the best player in his (natural) position in the world and reinvest in a player that is better suited to where and how Kante is being asked to play now? I'm not criticising Kante in any way, just noting how I feel he's not producing the massive performances we've been used to from him. And in truth, he's bloody useless going forward. He's hardly renowned for his ability to split a defence with a throughball or whacking a 25 yarder into the top corner. I also agree with you that inviting pressure and trying to hit on the counter isn't particularly comfortable to watch and I agree that I'd rather not see that either, but so far I've not enjoyed an awful lot of what I've watched this season so far. It's not even that we're doing badly, because we aren't, but to my eyes we've hardly been a joy to watch this season so far. Perhaps that is just down to Sarri being well short of the players he needs for it to work as planned.
  4. Snedger

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I'm still struggling to get my head around why he plays Kante in a position/role that isn't the one that had made him cited as one of the best midfielders in the world. I just haven't seen Jorginho do anything that is so incredible that you can understand doing something that compromises Kante's game. I also can't help but feel that Sarri's style, tactics and selection is underestimating the physicality and pace of English league football. To get away without a physical presence in our game you pretty much need to be at City's level where you so seldom don't have the ball that winning it back is almost irrelevant. And anyway, if once in a blue moon you do lose it and concede, you can guarantee scoring 2 or 3 goals so again, it's no problem. I want a return to the Vialli days, an exciting powerful pacey and direct team that were great fun to watch. This current obsession with perfect football made up of vertical triangles starting with the keeper and other mathematical stuff all sounds fascinating, but so far it's not very entertaining and nor is it proving massively effective.
  5. It's concerning that rather than improving, we appear to have beeen regressing these last few weeks. Intensity being the biggest issue is worrying to. You might expect some technical issues with a mismatch between style and players but there's no excuse for lethargy. One thing is 100% certain: we've got two hopeless strikers - regardless of tactics or style. And I feel half way to being vindicated when I said that resting players tonight would be wrong as we could have won tonight. Unless there's an incredible shock result, we'll get our arses handed to us by City. In fact I'm right anyway. What's the point of three points against City at the expense of three against Wolves?
  6. Snedger

    Sarriball needs a plan a.1

    Very interesting video and explains it very clearly. Leaves me thinking that he's going to need two or three transfer windows before he's going to get it to work here. And of course that will depend a lot on whether the club wish to help him achieve it or whether they'll just crack on with their current transfer policy, whatever the hell that is. There certainly won't be a video available to explain it. The biggest issue Sarri seems to have right now is the bit about intensity. We seem about as intense as a heavily sedated sloth.
  7. Looking at the results above it certainly is a tricky one. They're due a win and it looks like they're suited to playing the better sides, especially as you can add a draw with City to those results against Spurs and Arsenal. Possibly not the time to be resting players. You could even argue a case where we'd be better off resting players against City.
  8. Snedger

    Sarriball needs a plan a.1

    Thanks for the answer, but it'd be a lie if I pretended to know what vertical and horizontal passing triangles are. Sounds very technical. So to try and get a reference, did Conte and Mourinho not play passing triangles, press or play from the back? What did they do in comparison?
  9. Snedger

    Sarriball needs a plan a.1

    Go easy here, but as my interest in football is generally diminishing with age, can someone please explain what exactly 'Sarriball' is? The reason I'm asking is that so far this season from what I have seen (and it's certainly not every game) it just looks largely like generic vanilla football. We pass the ball about, we sometimes go down the middle, sometimes the flanks. We appear to pass the ball from the back and sometimes lump a ball down the park. I haven't noticed any particular emphasis on sitting deep and counter attacking. Not really noticed a tikka takka thing happening and we I haven't really got the impression that we're going hell for leather in all out attack nor crashing about kicking lumps out of the opponent. From what I saw/listened to of yesterdays game we seemed incredibly lethargic. Largely in control of the game but not looking like we were up to a lot other than doing just enough to beat the bottom side. Is lulling the opposition into thinking that it's only a friendly part of the Sarriball philosophy? Ok, that last comment sounds like I'm having a dig, but I genuinely don't get what this Sarriball is. To the casual observer it doesn't look a whole lot different to what we've done under several previous managers.
  10. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    I don’t think anyone is being hypocritical. I’m sure most Chelsea fans accept that you need to spend big to be the best and we certainly did that in the early Roman days. I think it’s mainly frustration that City have had much more to spend and have in my opinion spent it much more wisely too. Our trophy haul has been incredible and even City have a long way to go to match it, but I’m sure they will. They’ve not only spent as well if not better on players, they’ve certainly not had the list of disastrous signings we’ve had. No Torres, Morata or Dilibojis I can think of. Maybe one or two below average centre backs a couple of years back. Plus they’ve spent amazingly on infrastructure. That’s going to pay dividends in the long term. I believe they have a far clearer vision than we ever had. So for me it’s frustrating that we spent an awful lot of money and yes we won a lot, but I don’t think we’ve future proofed ourselves nearly as well. Anyway, perhaps Iran will nuke the Saudis and Emirates or something. You never know what then future will bring, but right now City look well placed to dominate in England in a way we’ve never seen before, even under Ferguson’s reign at Old Trafford. We are run by a wealthy business man and they’re run by an oil rich tyrannical state with a taste for medival sensibilities and western decedance. No contest really.
  11. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    They said City made five changes today. When’s they read them out it was the strongest 5 switches I could imagine. It was not far short of like for like. And they’ve even got a couple out injured as well. Their second eleven would proabaly finish in the top four. The league was over a few weeks ago. And if those saying they’re not actually that good are right, with a 20 point margin last year and 5 points clear on December 1st this year, it would suggest us and all the other teams are absolutely terrible. They’ve got a plus 37 goal difference after 14 games. That’s just crazy. As someone said, it’s the beginning of a PSG/Celtic type era in England.
  12. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Never wishing to rain on ones own parade, but after a quick fact check, Wolves under Mick McCarthy did indeed make 10 changes to play United (including many players out of their natural positions) and it was in order to rest his side prior to playing fellow strugglers Burnley. However, McCarthy was somewhat justified because they actually beat Burnley 2-0 and went on to dodge relegation in the 09/10 season.
  13. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Wasn't it Mick McCarthy at Wolves a few seasons back who fielded a reserve team against a top side (United?) saying that he was resting his players for a winnable game against Burnley? I'm sure they then lost to Burnley.
  14. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    That's the problem isn't it. As much as I do think that teams appear to have given up before they've put their kit on, it's pretty much a given that if Huddersfield or Cardiff (or any of about 15 or 16 other teams) went for City they'd be on the wrong end of a 6-1 defeat. As annoying as it is, they are absolutely light years ahead of the rest of the Premier League and will most likely remain so for a few seasons. United are just beyond lucky under Mourinho and they're absolutely dismal to watch. If they weren't so fortunate they'd be nailed on mid table finishers.
  15. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    That's not a celebration. That is someone suffering mental health issues. Fascinating how it's being lauded by the press this morning. I suspect if he'd done it in pretty much any of his other managerial posts it wouldn't have been seen as such a great reaction.