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  1. Werner is the most useless striker I’ve ever seen at this level. I’d take any of Robert Fleck, Cascarino, Sutton, Furlong, Kezman over him any day. I couldn’t afford to be as bad at my job because I would not keep it.
  2. I never thought of that, buts it’s so true isn’t it. Are they now the most smug and entitled club in English football’s history? And I’m not forgetting United and Liverpool when saying that. Btw, just in case anyone has missed all of the dozens of articles and interviews published this week, but Noel Gallagher is a huge City fan and best mates with Guardiola. He has no doubt they’ll win and says they deserve it.
  3. The BBC are running bloody articles romanticising City’s rise from third tier to possible Kings of Europe. Other than a recent slump, they are no different to us, a persistently underachieving club of good size that suddenly had a huge amount of cash spent on trying to be very successful. It’s never damn romanticised when told as Chelsea’s story.
  4. Whilst even then we were underdogs for sure, their stadium and not exactly our finest league season, injuries and suspensions and manager change mid season and all, but just look at the lineup that night... Petr Cech; Ashley Cole, David Luiz, Gary Cahill, Jose Bosingwa; Frank Lampard, John Obi Mikel; Ryan Bertrand, Juan Mata, Salomon Kalou; Didier Drogba and Essien on the bench. There was quality, experience and serious mental strength in that lot. You can't compare that side with the current bunch of milksops.
  5. Yep, if it was me we wouldn't have a team talk. I'd phone UEFA and say that the entire squad has caught the Indian variant and that we now can't make it. There's nothing worse in sport than a foregone conclusion (unless you're a City fan in this instance).
  6. Good point. But getting Werner sent off versus Silva sent off in this game is a big difference. Werner is almost like playing with 10 men anyway. A defender is vital in trying to contain their attacks, but our top scorer list suggests we don’t need Werner all that much. Zouma has as much chance of scoring for us.
  7. Snedger


    Werner. He won some penalties.
  8. To work out if we’re likely to sign him we’d need to establish that he meets our signing criteria. Is he a) overrated or b) quite good, but his best attributes would be wasted as we don’t play a system or formation that he can play in.
  9. Given that it’s going to be backs to the wall, would it be worth risking an early red card by trying to take DeBruyne out? Just seen his goal today on MOTD and he’s a different class. I am convinced the only way we will win this is via something that sees us vilified as either anti-football or cheats or given recent events, ironically benefitting from some controversial refereeing decisions.
  10. I’d add Jorginho and Kovacic to your list. I think that apart from a lot of very dodgy scouting, the other things that seem apparent are that we not the attraction we were earlier in the Roman era and we’ve not shown the same ambition as those earlier times. We’ve tried doing it on the cheap at times and last summer I have a suspicion that we signed a couple of young players we knew weren’t ready, but that despite actually spending bigger, we hoped to ultimately make a good profit on them. It’s business after all.
  11. After the sh*t we’ve witnessed the last few weeks it’s natural to see us having a very slim chance of winning. I guess the best source of hope is that we were a bit sh*t in 2012 yet won it. So you are right, anything can happen and the best team doesn’t always win. But by God, we’ll need a performance that is completely out of nowhere to get the better of them. All I can think of is Werner being offside all night and cocking up any chances we get. I’ve lost all faith in almost every player we have. Today was important and we had nothing.
  12. After the last four or five performances I am convinced we’re getting an absolute hiding next week. The biggest margin so far in an EC final has been four goals on four occasions. I suspect City might set a new record. The only way I see us winning it is by way of some unjust fluke. We simply haven’t got the players with either the ability or fortitude beat them on this stage.
  13. I wouldn’t even say we crawled over the line. More we were dragged kicking and screaming over the line by our worst enemy.
  14. Might be a blessing. We’ve wasted enough on expensive strikers to know we can’t spot a decent one. Maybe a random pick from the Vauxhall Conference might be a better bet.
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