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  1. I see the pattern for the season. We play quite well, are a little unlucky and lose.
  2. He's got form for that though. It was one of those kamikaze charges that resulted in him wrecking his knee and being out for a year.
  3. I agree. It’s not simply that they’re wining games but they’re just rolling everyone over. It’s just like watching junior football where there’s always a team that have the best players and win 10 nil every week. To think that after last season and the season before that City wining 5-0 away in their opening game doesn’t mean they’ll win the league again is just delusional. Liverpool may hang on to their coat-tails for a while again but there’s only one winner in the end.
  4. Yep, f**ked that up. "the passing of" might have helped. That's what I meant anyway.
  5. I’ve long been lamenting the Hoddle/Gullit/Vialli period when we were more flash and gung ho, so it’s encouraging how these score-lines are a hint that those entertaining days may be returning.
  6. Welcome home Frank and best of luck! I pray this doesn't end in tears. An especially difficult time to take on this most poisoned of all chalices.
  7. I think the one person who voted 20th is more or less as likely to be right as the three who voted 1st. Let's just hope we can manage to successfully scrap for 3rd/4th and be in the CL when we are allowed to sign players again. Can't realistically hope for anything else given the circumstances. It's all a bit obvious in truth. We're about 30 points shy of Liverpool and City and they can strengthen their sides. We have no strikers and a random collection of geriatric wingers and unproven kids with Bakayoko and Drinkwater in the middle. However, even these misfits are still too talented to finish below at least 13 teams in the division, it's going to be a 3rd to 6th place finish. City win it again, Liverpool miss out again.
  8. Woke up to the news he's actually gone (near as damn it). I'd be lying if I said I was gutted as I like many was often frustrated by many things he did, the weirdly predictable subs, not giving a couple of the young players a decent chance (until after a bucket load of criticism he suddenly did), the going nowhere ponderous over playing of the ball etc. However, given that he did ultimately over achieve with what he had last season and that there is nobody to take over (other than a huge gamble of Lampard), we seem to have plunged further into self destruction. We often say that the club doesn't have a clear plan, well it sure seems to now. Everything we're doing seems very much aimed at securing 7th to 5th placed mediocrity within the next few years.
  9. I’d take Allardyce now rather than f**k about until the eve of the first match and appoint Lampard or Holland. All three of them will get sacked by Christmas or walk out next summer, so we might as well have the advantage of a manager spending preseason with the squad. Whatever we do, we’re sure as eggs going to completely cock it up and somehow end up with the League Cup despite being utter sh*te and sacking two managers by Easter. Still, whilst City are still being funded/run by the UAE, then it’s all a bit futile anyway.
  10. It’s happened and we’re beyond f**ked next season without him.
  11. Absolutely gutted that this is actually happening. It was an honour to have had a player that special and it's safe to say that we'll never see a player of that talent at Chelsea ever again. It's rather rained on our parade a bit. Twice what Eden cost now gets us a Dortmund substitute.
  12. Pretty miffed at half time but a much improved second half and a ridiculously easy win in the end. Crazy thing is that I feel flat as a pancake after listening to Eden’s interview. Knew he was going but hearing it from the horses mouth has hit home. Gutted. We’ve lost big players before but I don’t think any will be felt as much on the pitch. Felt indifferent about Sarri all season but feeling so happy for the guy now. That’s a monkey off his back.
  13. Massively underwhelming all round really. Hazard’s great farewell isn't happening (maybe he’s staying?) Have we seriously given Giroud a new contract? He’s a donkey. Kovacic? Hmmm. Hopefully he does go to Madrid Kepa? Blimey, he’ll be older than Cech before he improves to ‘worlds most expensive goalkeeper’ standard. And we’ve got the atmosphere of one of those weird preseason games in the States or Far East. Still, whilst Arsenal match us in mediocrity we’re still on with a shout of s trophy. Please let’s have an entertaining second half and a win!!
  14. This is worse than the Championship play off in both quality and intensity. How far we’ve fallen - and Arsenal too. Baku was too close to play this, they should have played it on Mars where nobody would have to see it.
  15. Hope I’m wrong but I suspect they’ll have an edge by virtue of having a couple of decent strikers. And if Kante starts I fear it’ll be minutes before he limps off the park. Big ask for us tonight with all the injuries and inept strikers. Fingers crossed we find something in our locker (Eden Hazard) and win this.

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