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  1. We're still fourth, so I can only try and imagine how poor the Premier League has become. We've got an awful squad, worst since the 80's (and yet nowhere near as likeable as they were) and we've got a club legend at the helm who appears to have the managerial skills of a Sunday league coach, or John Hollins. But hey ho, they're all on a hundred grand a week and I've got to get up and go to work at 6:30 tomorrow.
  2. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Our terrible home form against a side that have enjoyed a few recent trips to the Bridge. Doesn’t bode well at all. Probably 2-1 to us now I’ve said that.
  3. That's why I have barely given this game a thought. Glad to read that CHO is playing well and James, but a bit surprised to read some getting a bit carried away here given the low level opponents. But on the other hand, yes, playing badly against a Nottingham Forest representative 11 is not a good look for any player. Poor old Michy. A very sad state the FA Cup finds itself in today. Second and even third string players representing so many sides.
  4. Aside looking more interested than usual with a new manager, Arsenal are still sh*te and we’re utter garbage again. I won’t list all the problems as they’re too many, but I will ask what it is that makes everyone rate Abraham so highly? It looks to me like he couldn’t hold up his trousers. I am sure we can find a better striker in January for a moderate fee. Not a high quality long term solution, just someone who can hold the ball up and give centre backs a workout.
  5. Nope, not what I was suggesting at all. What I was saying is that our squad lacks the kind of players that can deal with physically stronger experienced sides that defend in numbers and have the enough about them to still trouble our keeper a handful of times. We did absolutely squat again today and could even possibly have lost by one or two more. At their place they looked to play and we managed a win. Not spectacular but the game was open enough for us to win it. Spurs aside, the 'better' teams are open and let us play, but are better than us, so we tend to lose. The weaker sides are just physically stronger and well organised in large numbers in defence and we can't break them down. So that leaves us with weaker teams away from home to get most of our points. Out of interest, how many clean sheets have we kept this season?
  6. I don't think we are good enough to get results against these teams and the results are proving that. Regardless of formation and selection we have no strength, guile or creativity. And we've got the shakiest defence since the days of Mickey Droy.
  7. I'll tell you the solution, it's about 6 or 7 new signings costing over 400 million quid. Trying to turn this squad into a title winning side is akin to alchemy. It's only our bias and fantasies that make us think it's just a formation change or some confidence that is missing. It's top players we're well short of.
  8. We're more likely to lose by more than salvage a point. Its difficult to come to terms with and it's clouded by the academy players, but we're just not very good.
  9. For sure and it's getting infuriating. Abraham is particularly annoying with this. Sometimes he needs to control it and turn and shoot. Always trying flicks and deft layoffs.
  10. Well that was a shockingly poor 45 minutes. And like many, I'm not even slightly surprised by it.
  11. Which is about 12 of the teams we have to play. That's 24 matches where we struggle.
  12. Willian isn't great but I think he's our best player. He's the only one making any decent passes. Being let down by the rest badly. And Abraham has been garbage but is still benefitting from Academy status which means criticism is forbidden. And CHO, he couldn't open a can of Pepsi.
  13. Well, surprise surprise, it’s us who are getting the direct headlines as a result of an arrest. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50898486 An arrest reported elsewhere that was apparently thanks to Chelsea fans identifying a racist. Spurs fans on the other hand appear to have closed their ranks as happened at City. But what can you expect from a club who chant anti-semitism with pride?
  14. I have a strong feeling this is going to come back on us anyway. Spurs already say that their investigation alongside the Police, their state of the art cctv and lip readers has turned up no evidence. We’ll end up being accused of making false allegations. Isn’t that what happened with Mikel and that ref a few years back?
  15. They even manage to use racist language when supporting their own team. f**kwits!!

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