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  1. Dry pasta has a very long shelf life, is very cheap, only requires simmering for about 10 minutes and is a source of carbs that can be mixed with meat and or veg and even just a splash of olive oil. Maybe not inspiring, but if trapped in your third floor flat for 4 months with no friends or family to rely on, you’re talking about something that might keep you going a bit longer. I’m appalled by panic buying, but dry pasta and tinned baked beans make a lot of sense if you think you need to hold out for a few weeks. This is not a time for foie gras and caviar. Although that may be what I’m eating as there is bugger all else left in my local super markets. Meanwhile, it appears the biggest issue facing the United Kingdom (or the BBC at least) is that Liverpool MUST be crowned league champions, even if we’re all dead.
  2. Well I’m glad that we’re safe for the Champions League next season. That’s such a relief. Now I can stop worrying about that pressing matter and I can worry about less important things like whether my parents will still be alive in a few months or whether I’ll still have a job and can keep up my mortgage repayments. I assume many on here are under 15 years old and don’t like their grandparents or they’re just f**kwits.
  3. I’m beginning to wonder whether this season will actually be finished. With the City v Arsenal game postponed because 1 guy possibly went near some Arsenal players a week or so ago, it would seem that as the virus spreads that this scenario will crop up time and again. Our trip to Germany could well be when we have players exposed, if it doesn’t happen before that in the UK.
  4. Jose is a has been for sure. He should have stuck to the TV work as he won’t even get offered that again at this rate.
  5. It’s difficult to say though isn’t it? He does make off selections and in game decisions at times, but for sure, he has by far and away the worst collection of players available to select from since the late about 1987. I struggle to see how so many think we just need a couple of years, a new keeper and a back up striker to be back at the typical Roman era level. I think we need about 10 very good signings at least.
  6. Absolutely nailed on City win CL -and ban is overturned.
  7. I'd agree with that. We need another 4 or 5 transfer windows to get the players in (2 or 3 per window) that can compete at this level.
  8. I think you’ll be disappointed as it’s going to be the same story rehashed.
  9. I think you’ll be disappointed as it’s going to be the same story rehashed.
  10. The officiating is infuriating but by God, we are sh*t. Really sh*t.
  11. Well that’s alright then. Maybe they can change the rules so you get half a goal for having chances.
  12. This United team is awful, truly awful. Their worst team and manager for the best part of 30 years, and hardly a player I’ve heard of or can recognise. That same description isn’t a million miles off describing us too. And our home games are like a spot the difference competition. Enjoy decent possession, create a few half chances that we waste and then go behind.
  13. I agree regards Tammy, he misses plenty of those for sure and I myself still have reservations about him. But I can’t agree that me pointing out how terrible Bats is on here makes any difference to his game. He needs more than some insincere typed support on a forum to make him a good striker.
  14. Did you really mean that? Unlucky? It was absolutely terrible and there was no bad luck about it.
  15. The team fills me with absolutely no confidence, but in truth, bar a couple of injuries, it’s pretty much as good as it gets anyway. We haven’t got much of a squad any more so what exactly can Lamps do? A battle of who is least worse tonight.

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