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  1. I don’t expect to see much of Pulisic playing for anyone. Tragically he appears to be on course to remembered alongside the likes of Arjen Robben, Darren Anderson, Micheal Owen, Jonathon Woodgate and Andy Carroll. Unbelievably frustrating.
  2. He’s becoming a Micheal Owen. A real shame as he is so talented. What could have been hey?
  3. Oh well, at least we didn’t lose and even managed a clean sheet, but Christ, 250 million quids worth of new attacking talent and absolutely nothing to show for it. I hope playing for 0-0 isn’t Frank’s answer to our defensive problems. Verdict: underwhelmed.
  4. Which ever defender or keeper you choose to blame is missing the point that they are all not very good. One or two might be ok if part of a an otherwise high quality defence, but there is simply no combination of the players available that can form a decent defence. I have serious concerns about Frank’s ability as a coach, but organising our options into a solid defence must be like trying to herd cats. The other angle where Frank cannot escape without questioning is given how terrible we were at the back last year he seemed to play his part in spending 95% of our summer investment o
  5. Sorry, my sarcasm was lost. I actually have no doubt that Frank has to shoulder his share of the blame for both recruitment that has completely ignored an absolutely shocking collection of defensive players and for showing no ability to even make them a little bit organised. What was the plan - to win 5-4 every game? That’s so often worked (sarcasm)
  6. Wow, over 300 million on young injury prone attacking players and a midget keeper whilst having this defence. I'm sure it's got absolutely nothing at all to do with Frank, but who the hell is behind this player recruitment strategy? Still, it certainly put Barnsley in their place!
  7. Having read all the press and the thoughts and opinions expressed in it over the last few weeks I must admit I had high expectations of our ‘football ruining 200 million plus’ spending spree. Imagine my confusion when I saw we had just two new young players in the pitch. No idea why having these two in the team had upped the stakes so much for Lampard it got Klopp so bothered. Half time verdict: Pretty boring to watch.
  8. Afraid I’m predicting a fourth place finish, but third would be no surprise. As essential as it is, there is still more to improving than simply buying young attacking talent. Time is one of those other things. And I also think that this feckin virus will play a role in the season again and for me I fully expect another season that will carry an asterisk regardless of where we finish and whoever wins it.
  9. We’ve made some great signings and we really should be more potent up front this season. Still a bit concerned about the defence letting things down though. What is really encouraging though is the online reaction from supporters of other clubs. They’re apoplectic with rage over our spending and this says to me they are worried. So much concern about our academy players being tossed aside. It’s sweet that they care so much about Tammy etc.
  10. That’s fair, but after a full season of it, why doesn’t he pick some youth players or some strikers and play them there? How the hell have the club reached a point where we have a collection of defenders so bad that they cannot even be coached in how to defend? How have they blagged their way from the playground to first team at Chelsea on 100 grand a week when they have so little football ability they don’t know even the basics of being a defender. I bloody hope this kind of situation can’t happen with Surgeons or aircraft pilots.
  11. It’s no mean feat on this site, but your post puts you in prime position for minister of propaganda.
  12. This team/squad is absolutely atrocious. I keep saying it but we’re at least 7 very expensive signings from a half decent side. And I know it’s sacrilegious to say, but does Frank have even the foggiest idea about organising a defence? As bad as they are, they’ve all somehow made it to Premier/International level football and yet Frank seems incapable of being able to explain where they should stand. Under 9’s can often have that explained to them with some degree of success.
  13. sh*t performance and a sh*t referee. But really, who gives a sh*t when there’s been a massive gap in the season and nobody is at the games, no proper presentations. This is the season that never was. One thing is for sure, if the world ever recovers from this disaster and proper football can ever resume, we need absolutely massive improvement in our squad. And I’m not blaming him, but Frank has a lot of work to do himself if he is going to keep this job long term. Some very odd and naive stuff despite the obvious challenges of working with largely Championship level players.
  14. The commentator is w**king himself off over their keeper and without any mention of him catching the ball halfway up the park.
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