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  1. Snedger

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Usually these things come to nothing, so let's hope that is how this pans out. We'd be seriously screwed if hit with a two year ban starting from this summer. Especially if we were to lose Eden.
  2. I think the improvement on last year has been more than most expected and as a result has raised expectations artificially high. In cold truth, we’re three to five players away from threatening City. That’s how it is. Plus, as much as I like Sarri, he himself still has a lot to prove. So far he is a nearly man. Very likeable and with a good approach to the game, but he’s yet to show he can lead a team to trophies. I fancy he will, maybe even this year, but it will definitely not be the Premiership. This year is primarily a fight for Champions League qualification. Fourth will surfice, third a bonus
  3. As sad as that was, he can have the benefit of the doubt as it’s a one off to date. Mard arse strikers on the other hand.
  4. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    The way Abu Dhabi City have conducted themselves is the ultimate reflection of how we might as well be supporting Google, Microsoft or BP instead of football clubs now. We've spent years getting ripped for having bought everything with dodgy Russian money, but City seem to be escaping the same abuse even in light of these allegations. At least our money has been from a single benefactor who has spent his personal wealth and operated largely within the rules. They're basically a front for the Abu Dhabi tourist board, business institute and propaganda ministry - along with the half a dozen other franchises they have around the world. They really are the football equivalent of McDonalds if it was owned by Philip Green.
  5. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    That's the thing, we might be unbeaten but it's City that are above us. And given the way that teams are playing them after throwing in the towel before they've got off the team bus, it's hard to see them dropping enough points to let anyone get above them.
  6. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    I think that's 19 goals in the last five games for City with just 2 conceded. I don't care how early in the season it is, there's only one team going to win the title this year and they must be in with as good a chance as they'll ever get to win the CL.
  7. Snedger

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I see the BBC are running another article about how RLC (and now Mount) need to leave to save their careers. How about they carry on as they are? If they work hard enough and have the ability they will get their chance and take it. Then they'll be at a club where they will at least be in with a shout of winning a trophy or two. Or they could just panic and play regularly for a Watford or Palace. Why is it exclusive to Chelsea that youth talent has to move? How are City's or United's youth players doing? Are their first elevens brimming with home grown youth prospects? I've not seen an article on how it's imperative that Foden leaves City. Seemingly not playing for Pep is a good career move. sh*t stirring press as ever.
  8. I’ll give you that, it’s definitely better than his heading.
  9. That excuse is really wearing thin for Morata. He’s a hopeless waste of space milksop.
  10. I just noticed that that Spanish fairy is still drifting around the pitch. He must have thought not being as bad as usual at Burnley was enough for another couple of months.
  11. Christensen has looked shocking tonight. Cahill hasn’t been good but he’s getting on and his best days are behind him. I’m really starting to think that the young Dane can kiss goodbye to a career at Chelsea. Weird game overall but really poor from us. Nine or ten players doing a sound job of ensuring they stay out the first eleven.
  12. I'm not ready to exclaim 1-0 yet. About another ten minutes celebrating to do yet. Here goes another lap of the estate with my retro scarf.
  13. Poor old Fabregas is looking a tad off the pace now. Guess his age and lack of football is starting to have an effect.
  14. Anyone know who in the stand is sat between Alonso and Luiz?
  15. Snedger

    Alvaro Morata

    Given that there are only a couple of people left that still think Morata is a good striker (I think even his mum has lost faith), is there any option out there that could realistically be brought to the Bridge in the winter transfer window? Is Dzeko a possibility or will he be too expensive, cup tied in Europe or simply not for sale. We really must try and do something about this ludicrous striker situation. It'll certainly be easier trying to sign a centre forward with a spine and an eye for goal than it would be trying to sign a midfielder who is as good or better than what we already have but can also contribute a Lampard-esque goal tally.