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  1. Mount is going to be a great player of his generation. But he’s not a patch on Fodden - apparently.
  2. I feel like I’ve been saying this each of the last 5 years or so, but this is the worst collection of players we’ve had in the Abramovic era, and even a few years prior. They’re both technically and mentally not very good. It’s staggering how when this drawer was made that so many people were discussing semi final opponents as if this would be a walk in the park.
  3. I felt similarly. After that debacle, and many more performances (irrespective of result) I found myself asking why I keep enduring this twice a week. My dad took me to watch Chelsea at the Bridge in April 1983 and because of that I’ve been Chelsea through and through, regardless of what has been served up. If my dad had played a Cliff Richards LP to me in April 1983, I can say with absolute certainty that I would not still be listening to his music twice a week 35 years later. It’s funny how the religious like quality of being a football fan makes us endure utter sh*t as entertainment so reg
  4. Too right. I really wish he was at Villa Park and not wasting everyone’s time at Stamford Bridge.
  5. Even with the advantage of being a yard offside Werner managed to miss a good opportunity. It’s not good that he couldn’t even manage any contact at all.
  6. Never heard of him, but I agree all the same. A dead parrot would probably be preferable to all of them.
  7. We shouldn’t go near Aguero. We missed that bus about 12 years ago. We need to somehow find our next Drogba as we’ve already got backup options in Werner and Tammy. Actually, scratch Werner, he’s not even good enough to be a backup. We could get Michy back for that.
  8. Good performance, very controlled and comfortable. The only negative is that we played well enough to have had a 4 nil win without any flattery, except that our forwards are absolutely woeful when it matters. Havertz looks to be showing a bit of what we expected, Zyiech was better tonight but still not sure what to make of him and Werner, bloody useless.
  9. I know this will likely be rubbished, but I’m absolutely convinced that we’ve burnt huge sums on disastrous signings. Most of them sure looked ok on paper, but for what ever the reason, here and now, Werner, Pulisic, Havertz and Ziyech are absolutely f**king useless and there’s no remote sign that any of them will ever do anything for us. It says a lot when there’s very few players in the whole damn squad that the vast majority agree is a great player for us. Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic divide so much opinion that you can only conclude that they’re ok at best. And there’s 100% no con
  10. Our finishing is shocking, regardless of who is playing. We’ve spent an absolute fortune on attacking talent and have so many to chose from and they’re all useless. Whether Tuchel made unnecessary changes or if we’d still had Frank in charge, the BIG problem we have is that we’ve wasted an absolute fortune on below average attacking players. Pulisic, Werner, Zyiech and Havertz are all sh*t and are not going to suddenly turn into 60, 70 million pound footballers. Hudson Odoi and Abraham aren’t up to it either and Giroud is well past it. No coach on Earth, past future or present is getting
  11. Maybe we should make a cheeky offer for Dembele. Instead of our usual tactic of buying a prolific striker and watching him suddenly become useless, maybe we buy someone useless and perhaps he’ll become prolific? Also, I see that twat Pep is whinging about not getting VAR decision in their favour for four and a half years. They win nearly every game about 5-0 and have the title well and truly sown up and he’s still complaining about something. Knobhead.
  12. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I want to see entertaining football first and foremost. That’s what it is meant to be to me. Simply wining by any means necessary, no matter how dull is pointless. I don’t need the reflected glory of very rich kids half my age. I need some entertainment, especially in a time when life if absolutely dire. I’d much rather have seen a four all draw than what we were served today.
  13. Does anyone remember when football was entertaining to watch? Seriously, has spontaneity and individual brilliance completely disappeared from the game? Football has tactically disappeared up its own arse.
  14. I was at Barnsley for the 1989 FA Cup game when we got a 4 nil hiding. My strongest memory of that day was on the way home, in slow moving traffic out of the town, some young lads were giving the Chelsea fans in their cars some light hearted grief and suddenly, the gold Ford Cortina in front of us stopped and all four door swung open. The young lads on the pavement sh*t themselves and I remember them getting jammed in the doorway as they all tried to get into a newsagents to escape. I remember the guys getting back into their car laughing and waving at me and my dad. So Barnsley have had
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