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  1. What with that and the Wigan administration, there’s little doubt, actually no doubt that football is no longer a sport and not for supporters, but just another corrupt business that makes a few people very wealthy at the expense of anything and anyone. And from reading about the Wigan situation, is there anything left that the Chinese don’t own, control and shaft for their financial gain?
  2. Utter f**king sh*te from a bunch of lazy arrogant and talentless twats. I’ve seen better from pissed up fat lads on council pitches on Sunday mornings. I’m going back into lockdown. These are depressing enough times without subjecting myself to watching that f**king dross. I miss when we were entertaining to watch. Oh to be able to travel back to watching Vialli and Poyet et al. We could lose and be entertaining then. Now we’re dull to watch even if we win.
  3. I hope you’re right. We definitely need an actual goalkeeper and two genuine centre backs. A quality midfielder over 5’3 and 65kg’s is essential. Hopefully the striker we’ve signed is a massive step up from Abraham, which shouldn’t be difficult. Throw in a full back or two and another creative and strong midfielder and we might start to look half decent. At present we are utter garbage. I wish they’d cancel the rest of the season.
  4. Yet again Liverpool fans acting in a way that has complete disregard for even their fellow supporters. There have been calls for an enquiry into the Atletico game going ahead due to the possible link to the high number of cases and deaths in the city, yet simultaneously they are happy to gather and spread it amongst themselves whilst trying to burn down one of their own most important buildings. And no matter how happy they are and how good they were, this is the worst title win in the history of the game. Three month break, no supporters, clinched it without even being on the pitch, blatantly obvious they'd won it in January, so absolutely zero drama or tension, no open top bus parade and against a backdrop of a pandemic with around 50'000 deaths in the U.K. alone and a looming jobs catastrophe. It's like a scratchcard win at a funeral.
  5. As for the league title, it’s just so Liverpool to win it in the year that we’re no longer allowed to hug our family, tens of thousands have died and millions face unemployment.
  6. We appear to be in the most severe lockdown seen in the last three months. It’s going to take more than Werner and someone beginning with Z to make us title contenders. Makes you wonder if it’s worth spending a fortune chasing the impossible. Just wait until something happens that ends City’s dominance and then get the cheque book out.
  7. Is there still a belief that this season will get finished? I'm amazed they're even bothering to try. I think the second bigger wave is only about two weeks off now, following the VE Day debacle and then the 'easing' that a good chunk of the population took as a "f**k it, I'm bored now and I don't actually care about anyone else or have the foresight to even care about myself beyond the next few days". With footballers inviting round prostitutes, having car crashes, haircuts etc, they'll be testing positive by the bucketful. I'm seriously doubtful there will be a next season, let alone an end to this one.
  8. As this incredibly contagious and lethal virus won't simply vanish all of a sudden, I am struggling to see what debate there really is about this season or even next season. At best, 21/22 is the next season that stands a chance of happening, and that will be dependent on some scientist somewhere finding a vaccine or cure for this thing and proving effective and safe over a year or more and then whomever being prepared to sell it worldwide. And it's unlikely it will be administered worldwide over a couple of weeks. Probably more like over a couple of years.
  9. I’m beginning to wonder whether this season will actually be finished. With the City v Arsenal game postponed because 1 guy possibly went near some Arsenal players a week or so ago, it would seem that as the virus spreads that this scenario will crop up time and again. Our trip to Germany could well be when we have players exposed, if it doesn’t happen before that in the UK.
  10. Jose is a has been for sure. He should have stuck to the TV work as he won’t even get offered that again at this rate.
  11. It’s difficult to say though isn’t it? He does make off selections and in game decisions at times, but for sure, he has by far and away the worst collection of players available to select from since the late about 1987. I struggle to see how so many think we just need a couple of years, a new keeper and a back up striker to be back at the typical Roman era level. I think we need about 10 very good signings at least.
  12. Absolutely nailed on City win CL -and ban is overturned.
  13. I'd agree with that. We need another 4 or 5 transfer windows to get the players in (2 or 3 per window) that can compete at this level.
  14. I think you’ll be disappointed as it’s going to be the same story rehashed.

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