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  1. I agree with you. Liverpool wining the league is a terrible prospect and thankfully I don't think they will. But City wining it now might not be a problem but I also suspect that they will be soon enough be the most hated side as they pretty much clean up everything in a Celtic like manor for years to come. And on top of that, I can't believe that I am the only person who gets so riled by City playing One Step Beyond every time they beat us up there. It just reinforces my opinion that they're quite a nasty little club with a huge chip on their shoulder. Just look how they still jeer the Champions League music as if they're the only club that Uefa has ever done anything to upset. And finally, living amongst many of them here in Stockport, I'm starting to miss the old days with the smug gobsh*te reds being the top dogs. City fans have this weird humble/patronising thing they do. And because they've been sh*t in recent times they have an attitude of being better more 'real fans' than those of other top sides and that due to their amazing football they pay to watch they are by extension more knowledgeable on football than fans of other clubs.
  2. I’d certainly agree with that. Unfortunately of recent times grabbing a win despite a mediocre or less type of performance isn’t an occasional thing but more the norm. I did enjoy the West Ham game. Hazard aside it wasn’t amazing but it was a lot more pleasurable to watch than the majority of our games this season.
  3. Yep, his most significant contribution seems to be simply pointing.
  4. In response to both, I guess it depends on what you want out of watching your team. If it's merely success for the reflected glory of supporting the wining team then tonight was a good night. If you watch your team as a source of entertainment whilst hoping that they are successful then tonight and most of this season (and quite a lot of the last couple of seasons) has left a feeling of disappointment and been severely lacking in entertainment. For me personally I'm increasingly feeling cold watching us. I've never felt so little attachment to so many of our players and rarely felt so much as if watching us play is something I feel obliged to do through loyalty rather than through excitement and pleasure. We certainly all have our own feelings about how and why we watch our team. It's good to know that there are people who do enjoy what they're watching still.
  5. Utter gash as usual but hey ho, we’re through to the semi final. Sarriballl becomes clearer. It’s a system of doing sort of alright through terrible mediocrity. Such lofty aspirations at the club now.
  6. You could swap Slavia for a whole host of teams we’ve played this season in that season. Even games we’ve managed to win have been uncomfortable. I think that’s possibly what Sarriball is.
  7. It’s weird watching a game where one team has all the game but is struggling to break down a team that have 10 men clogging up the box and where we’re the team with 10 centre backs. Lord save us from this horrendous football but, at the moment it looks like Hazard is the most likely to escape this grim footballing future.
  8. City will turn this round at home for sure. Can't believe the papers are so carried away this morning. You'd have thought Spurs had a 6 goal advantage, not just one.
  9. Is that just a general thought or does it relate to a specific event?
  10. We can’t. We’re deep in the sh*t when he leaves.
  11. Certainly better again in as much as we look more interested in going forward with the recent player changes. Absolutely no idea what Jorginho is for though. He’s done nothing except a couple of passes to Rudiger and pointed a lot. Even his team mates seem to be bypassing him. And then Higuain. Good Lord. He’s come to make Morata and Torres look less disappointing. God help us after Hazard has gone. He negates the other two I mentioned by being worth three players.
  12. I'm fully expecting a win tonight. As woeful as we are, ultimately we are picking up sufficient points to cling on to the hope of a top four finish. And I believe that Brighton are one the few sides that we can can beat without too much trouble. Not saying we'll thrash them, not even that we'll play well, and certainly not that we'll be remotely entertaining, just simply that we will win tonight.
  13. Haven't they been pulling in those kind of numbers while at Wembley these last few seasons? Doesn't seem that they are that deterred by winning f**k all. I guess it's the eternal hope that keeps them coming. I did wonder at times where we thought we were going to get 60 odd thousand from beyond the big six matches. Especially as we already have a small army of day trippers at the Bridge and I think that in the interest of an atmosphere, the last thing we need is a few thousand more mobile phone wielding tourists. I wonder if Spurs have a large number of tourists at their games. Being a London club it would seem quite possible, but without the trophy haul we've had in the last ten or so years and big stars like Drogba and Hazard, perhaps they haven't attracted as much interest.
  14. Yeah, every time a Spurs fan goes to their new state of the art 62'000 seater stadium I'm sure they'll be thinking "but only if it was as good as that artists impression Chelsea had". They're probably still reeling from the model of the proposed new stadium that Ken Bates had built in the late seventies - especially as we even built one side of that one!

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